The year of the virgin (birth September) the Antichrist reign begin

etemenanki and et al
the virgin conception was in December around the 21th
In March after the 13 th to the 21th the first trimester a six month warning that the Antichrist reign is soon to begin

To confirm that 2015 has to do with the the conception the  royal baby was finally born on May 2nd at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, about a week after the supposed due date April 25th may is the month that has to do with motherhood. Both of these dates are multicontextually highly significant and were highlighted beforehand as key windows. (Read Lucifer’s Destiny for why we are paying a lot of attention to royal babies & William/Kate.)

No royal baby yet… But it’s obviously certain to arrive within days. It could come on the anniversary of the Royal Wedding (April 29). Or could it be as late as May 2-3? That would resonate with our pentagrammic time code anchored by the February 23 Orange/Golden Apple Alignment

…which coincided with not only the Oscars but also a“Torch” skyscraper fire which is the last trimester before the royal baby was born

Feb 20/21 Fire rips through Dubai’s “Torch” skyscraper
Feb 20/21 Fire breaks out at luxury Dubai skyscraper

…bringing to our mind the 2005 Windsor Tower fire in Madrid, Spain…

[Windsor Tower fire in Madrid
Feb 12-13, 2005]

…which points back to the imminent Windsor royal baby birth.

Windsor” also implies “solar wind“…

…resonating with another time code we’ve looked at recently based on the theme of solar doom, pinpointing…May 3rd, 2015:

So it will be interesting to see how all this will play out and we don’t have to wait long now.

UPDATE May 4: The April 27 Baltimore riots was also pinpointed by a related Knowing/solar doom time code, this one using the date of the actual solar “super flare” that destroys Earth in Knowing, October 19, 2009 as one of the anchor dates:

[End of update]

As for the April 25-27 window, which ended up coinciding with the apparent due date of the royal baby (Apr 25), the Nepal earthquake that killed more than 5,000 (April 25) and the Baltimore riot (April 27), I wrote on STRUG back on April 11:

It just so happens that there will be a Sun-Venus-Jupiter alignment right around that time:

The combination of Venus and Jupiter can imply “Lucifer“…

Venus when it’s seen in the morning is traditionally called the “Morning Star” which is the original meaning of “Lucifer” (“light bearer”).And Jupiter in the Monolith movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact explodes into a second sun dubbed (in the novel version) “Lucifer“. […]

But it won’t end there, because…

Venus and Jupiter will align again via the Sun on August 21-22, this time with the Sun in the middle. And it will coincide with Venus becoming the Morning Star (in the Northern Hemisphere) or Lucifer! (Until mid August Venus is the Evening Star.)

It will also closely coincide with a Sun-Regulus conjunction (heart of the lion) on ~August 23, sometimes said to signify the Birth of Horus

…and of course also resonating with Katy Perry’s Dark Horse which continues to be very relevant this year.

[Katy Perry in “Regulus position” in music video]

It’s likely that the events around April 25-26 and August 21-23 are designed to interact to form a bigger picture and give us deeper insights as to what’s happening under the surface of reality this year.

One thing I can add that connects all these events is the theme of “Mary”.

  • The royal baby was born at St. Mary‘s Hospital
  • The Baltimore riot happened in the state of Maryland
  • Nepal‘s motto is “Mother and Motherland are Greater than Heaven” (St. Mary is traditionally referred to as “Queen of Heaven”), and the Tibetan name for Mt. Everest (also heavily affected by the quake) is “Holy Mother”

(In this context Mother’s Day May 10th might be worth watching.)

when September come it will be birthing time and every thing  collide