Top 10 Characters With Super Speed

#10: The Powerpuff Girls “The Powerpuff Girls” (1998-2004)

Kicking off our list is the trio of Super powered youngsters, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. These kindergarten-aged kids were accidentally given a very wide assortment of powers by their scientist father, and as a result, can zip around the town of…uh…Townsville, to fight crime. Best of all, they do so while leaving rainbow colors in their wake!

#9: Neo “The Matrix” trilogy (1999-2003)

This one is unique from the others on the list. Neo’s powers exist within the computer world created by the machines. Once he overcomes his fears and masters his skills, he’s not just able to manipulate the word around him, but become a digital superman. That means being able to move fast in combat, perform bullet time, and fly at supersonic speeds. Keanu’s right, whoa indeed!

#8: The Mask “The Mask” (1994)

In this superhero comedy flick, Jim Carrey inherits the powers of the trickster god Loki… no not that Loki! Not just making Carrey’s Stanley Ipkiss some much-needed courage, with the side effect of of insanity, it gives him god powers. This means that among the more inventive powers is his ability to move around at super speeds reminiscent of a cartoon, bouncing around and even forming mini tornadoes! (Smokin’!)

#7: Dash “The Incredibles” (2004)

Next up is the 10-year-old member of the young Pixar superfamily with a name that’s spot on. This speedster isn’t just quick on his feet, but incredibly impulsive and reckless. While he is supposed to hide his powers from the outside world, he can’t help but excel at what he does best, which includes running on water. Thankfully, he’s got a super suit that is able to resist wear and tear.

#6: Speedy Gonzalez “Looney Tunes” (1953-)

This comedic caricature character is easily “the fastest mouse in all Mexico.” Exaggerated accent and Mexican stereotype aside, it was the 1950s after all, this tiny and overzealous rodent is like the animal world’s Flash. Able to become nothing but a blur he zips around anyone fooling enough to try to catch or eat him. Of course, while he’s remained speedy, his more offensive traits have been dialed back over the years.

#5: Quicksilver “X-Men” & “The Avengers” series (1964-)

The son of Magneto slash ex-member of the brotherhood of mutants turned Avenger, he earned his name from his very first appearance in 1964’s Uncanny X-Men #4. Marvel’s answer to the Flash, Pietro Maximoff is capable of running at the speed of sound, before he was later given a boost thanks to exposure to Isotope E that made him capable of reaching Mach 5. That means being able to create cyclones!

#4: Superman “Superman” series (1939-)

He’s not just invincible and able to leap buildings in a single bound, but can perform any feat at unbelievable speeds. In fact, he’s credited, with being able to travel at Mach 4, which is four times the speed of sound. We guess that must be enough to change the earth’s rotation and turn back time, this is, after all, much faster than a speeding bullet.

#3: Road Runner “Looney Tunes” (1949-)

Since the late 1940s, this bird, named after an actual species of bird, has been having a blast zipping up and down the highway. Incredibly good at both outrunning and outsmarting the Coyote, not even ACME brand gadgets can help his hungry foe catch up! I realize it’s a matter of principle at this point put the Coyote should stop ordering contraptions and call for pizza instead. Interestingly, in real life Roadrunners can run 20 miles per hour, but coyotes can do double that. And now you know.

#2: Sonic The Hedgehog Various (1991-)

While the actual animal is anything but speedy, Sega’s blue sneaker wearing gaming mascot burns up underneath his feet. On his quest to save the animals of the forest from Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, he gains enough speed to roll as a ball, zip up walls, and perform loops. All about being lightning fast, he’s brought similar excitement to the small screen and he can travel anywhere from the speed of sound, to the speed of light when powered up in gold form.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

#1: The Flash Various (1940-)

Was there any doubt? Coming in first on our list is the scarlet speedster whose been ripping up the page and the screen for 70 years. Inhabited by several characters over several continuities, but most famously by Barry Allen, the Flash has been the fastest hero on earth since his debut in 1940s Flash Comics #1. The quickest member of the Justice League, he’s able to travel at the speed of light, outrunning anything from Hedgehogs to Kryptonians.

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Top 10 Powerful Comic Book Characters

#10: The Hulk

Hulk smash. Now those are words to live by, and when you’re the Hulk – a mass of green- (or occasionally grey)-skinned muscle – you’ve got plenty of power for smashing. Overflowing with gamma radiation, the madder Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. The Mr. Hyde to Bruce Banner’s Dr. Jekyll, Hulk is one mean, green fighting machine.

#9: Thanos

Some aliens get up on the wrong side of the bed every morning. Take Thanos, for example. He used his special Infinity Gems to wipe out almost all life in the universe; and he still wasn’t satisfied. With his own power and those of the gems, his supreme intelligence and an ability to just take matter and energy and manipulate to his own purposes, he’s almost unstoppable. Almost.

#8: Thor

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, gets his massive strength from his parents: Odin, the father of the gods and Gaea, who’s basically the earth herself. He also has a magic hammer than controls the weather and a special belt that doubles his strength. If that’s not enough, Thor goes into this weird “Warrior’s Madness” trance that makes him 10 times as strong. Warning, though: it ain’t called “Warrior’s MADNESS” for nothing.

#7: Darkseid

The godlike ruler of the hellish world known as Apokolips, the granite-faced Darkseid is bent on ruling the universe. And he’s got the chops to do it, too: awesome strength, immortality, cunning and control over Omega Energy, which can cut down just about anything it comes in contact with. Darkseid also doesn’t waste his powers; he prefers to act more as a General and let others do his fighting, saving himself for the truly worthy opponents.

#6: Jean Grey/Phoenix

When Jean Grey first appeared as Marvel Girl, her powers were telepathy and telekinesis – cool, but not outstandingly powerful. However, when she accessed the Phoenix Force and became Phoenix, her abilities multiplied exponentially. As Phoenix, she basically has control over matter itself, as well as over electromagnetic and cosmic energies, making her one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel – or any other – universe. And she can resurrect herself and other people. God complex, anyone?

#5: Doomsday

Doomsday is the dude that killed Superman. Is it any wonder he makes this list? Created by one of those alien scientists that just shouldn’t be let near a test tube, he’s the embodiment of savagery, rage and hate. The guy practically wiped out the Justice League with one hand tied behind his back – literally. He also has the annoying ability to come back to life. If you see this killing machine, give him a wide berth.

#4: Apocalypse

The first mutant on Earth, Apocalypse is drunk with power. Guy is a stronger believer in survival of the fittest and thinks no one is fitter than he. Not gonna argue with him. Hey, he’s got super strength, flight, can grow or shrink, and is almost invulnerable and immortal. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s weaker when regenerating, he’d be unbeatable.

#3: Doctor Manhattan

Physicist Jon Osterman was disintegrated in an experiment gone wrong, but his atoms reassembled into the blue-skinned being known as Doctor Manhattan. This creature has immense strength, can create duplicates of himself, teleport items, control matter on a subatomic level and even has knowledge of future events. Doctor Manhattan eventually lost touch with his own humanity; now godlike, he departed Earth. Why? To go create life somewhere else, of course. Now that’s power.

#2: Superman

By Krypton, of course we included the Man of Steel on this list! He’s the guy who started it all, and he’s still about the most powerful being in comics. With his array of powers – super-strength, speed, flight, invulnerability, supervision and even, yes, super-breath – he’s pretty much got it all covered. Amazingly, he’s never tempted to use his powers for anything even slightly off base. Boy, what we couldn’t do with x-ray vision…

Before we unmask our top pick, we’re going to list a few honorable mentions (and hope they don’t beat us up for not including them on the list):


Captain Marvel,

Wonder Woman,

Green Lantern,


#1: Galactus

A godlike creature imbued with the Power Cosmic, Galactus goes around devouring – yes, devouring – entire planets literally for breakfast. The dude can do just about anything, including teleporting an entire galaxy from one side of the universe to another and creating pocket dimensions. With the ability to crush our meaningless little lives with a twitch of his pinky, do you think we’re going to tick him off by NOT naming him #1?

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