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For the Netherlands

Group Bontes/Van Klaveren
Abbreviation VNL
Leader Jan Roos [1]
Chairman Laurence Stassen
Secretary Joram van Klaveren
Treasurer Johan Driessen
Leader in the House of Representatives Louis Bontes
Founder Louis Bontes
Joram van Klaveren
Johan Driessen
Founded 28 May 2014
Split from Party for Freedom
Headquarters Het Plein 2
The Hague
Ideology Classical liberalism[2]
Liberal conservatism[3]
Political position Right-wing[3]
European affiliation Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe
International affiliation None
Colours Blue
0 / 75

House of Representatives
2 / 150

0 / 570

European Parliament
0 / 26


Group Bontes/Van Klaveren (Dutch: Groep Bontes/Van Klaveren) – For the Netherlands (Dutch: VoorNederlandVNL) is a parliamentary group in the House of Representatives of the Netherlands formed on 15 April 2014 by Louis Bontes and Joram van Klaveren, two Members of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands had left the Party for Freedom (PVV).[4][5]On 28 May 2014 Louis Bontes, Joram van Klaveren and Johan Driessen announced the formation of a new political party.


On May 28, 2014, the group officially founded a new political party, VoorNederland (VNL) (in English For the Netherlands or Pro-Netherlands), a classical liberal and Liberal conservatism[2] and Eurosceptic political party.[3]

On 13 November 2014, the party announced that it would cooperate with the UK Independence Party in the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe.[6][7]

In December 2014 and January 2015, VNL was joined by former PVV leader in the European Parliament Laurence Stassen[8] and, leading up to the 2015 provincial elections, two provincial PVV representatives from Groningen and Gelderland.[9] On 27 January 2015 it was announced that the members of the party Article 50 had voted to merge it into VoorNederland.[10]

On 21 April 2015 it was announced that jurist and former lawyer Bram Moszkowicz would become the party leader and lijsttrekker of VoorNederland at the next Dutch general election, planned for 2017,[11] but after nine months he was rejected by the party.[12]


VNL is a proponent of small government and supports the introduction of a low flat tax rate. Furthermore, it supports investment in the police and defence, seeks to limit the powers of the European Union to a free trade area, and wants a stricter immigration policy.[2]