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This chapter is actually a chapter of the book Deeper knowledge, but was also added as one of the interconnected Illuminati families. The Illuminati have refined the art of deception far beyond what the common man could ever imagine. The life and liberty of humanity requires the unmasking of their deceptions. That is what this book is about. Honesty is a necessary for any society to function successfully ingredient. Deception has become a national pastime, starting with our business leaders and political leaders and cascading down to the base. Delusions of Illuminati mind-control may be hidden, but in their wake they are leaving tidal waves and waves of distrust that are destroying America. While the CIA pretend to have in mind the best interests of our nations, anyone who has seriously studied the consequences of deception on a society will tell you that deception will seriously damage any society until it collapses. Lies seriously damage a community, because trust and honesty are essential to communication and productivity. confidence, somehow, is a foundation upon which humans build relationships. When trust is broken, human institutions collapse. If a person distrusts the words of another person, it will have difficulty also trusting that the person he or she is treated fairly, they have your best interests at heart and to refrain from harm. With such fears is created an atmosphere of death will eventually work to destroy or wear down the cooperation that people need. The millions of victims of total mind-control are stripped of all trust, and quietly spread their fears and distrust on a subconscious level throughout society. One problem about lies is that one lie will call for another and then another. It is difficult to maintain a single lie. Seem to want to produce more of their kind to protect themselves. Soon the liar becomes a victim of his own lies, trapped in a dishonest web that demands lots of energy to protect his false fronts. This is the sad fate that the intelligence agencies have painted themselves. They must maintain groups that oversee the lies of his agents ensures double for the lies that they have disseminated do not contradict each other. Finally, they have put so much misinformation, that they lose track of reality. Far from saving this nation, the intelligence agencies have spread the cancer of deception into all walks of life, so that this cancer is contaminating and killing anything of value in the United States. Death soon happen to the sovereignty of this nation as well as the destruction of the moral values ​​of this country are the results of this cancer. People who have attended meetings of senior Illuminati levels have been instructed in how the Illuminati plan to bring the kingdom of NWO antichrist making everything look as if it has happened naturally. Illuminati have decided to camouflage their actions with the creation of normal to avoid any suspicion. An example of something which appears to have happened naturally is the OJ Simpson case, which was planned based on previous murder scenarios which had been successfully covered up. OJ Simpson was a slave mind-controlled CIA, and the entire Simpson case was cured in an effort designed to cause racial tensions. ‘s Mishpucka, the CIA, the Mafia and all the Illuminati have their dirty hands involved in this whole affair. This whole thing reeks of manipulation and planning. It is not the purpose of this paragraph into the case, but will only drop a couple of details. Joey Ippolito, Jr. is both the CUA and the Mafia. Ippolito, for a time, lived in Hallendale, Florida, a subdivision of dwellings in the mafia, which was protected by a police force run by the mafia. The drug has helped manage and wet for “the Combination” which interconnects with the Illuminati affairs. OJ Simpson’s friend, Cowlings worked for Joey Ippolito, as well as OJ Simpson. Simpson distributed cocaine for Joey Ippolito and the Combination. Simpson’s lawyer also is tied to the Illuminati, the CIA and the Mafia. One of his lawyers on TV said the trial reeked of government corruption. Nicole Simpson lived next door to Carl Colby (son of former CIA director Bill Colby). The wife and children of Colby have been subjected to mind-control. Colby’s wife testified in OJ Simpson’s trial, but was addressed as “Miss Boe” rather than using his name. OJ Simpson’s mother worked for the State Mental Hospital California at San Francisco for 30 years. Many State Mental Hospital workers have children who have been programmed. When one of the jurors in Simpson’s case, Tracy Hampton, was I broke her mind-control programming, she began staring for long periods at a TV in white and hearing voices. She had to be dismissed. During the Simpson trial, Judge Ito gave Joe McGinniss the best front-row seat that a journalist could have. Joe McGinnis was concealed author who wrote a book covering the case of drug smuggling McDonald-Fort Bragg. For Drug Smuggling McDonald-Fort Bragg involved the Illuminati drug smuggling operation within the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. The stench continues unabated. manipulation of history by those in power has been well disguised. An example of how it has been hidden mind control and its role in manipulation of events by the authors is an article written in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in the edition of September 11, 1967, Volume 201, Issue No. 11. The article, which was submitted to the magazine from three CIA doctors (Mark, Sweet, and Ervin) claims that riots are caused by brain disease. While the article is correct in point that only a small percentage of underprivileged urban dwellers participate in many of the riots, the article’s thesis is obviously a slip to prevent people understand that the small number of deviants who create riots might be under mind-control or might have some other motivation beyond simply being sick brain. Any deception, whether if it is an exaggeration or an understatement of the capabilities of the New World Order is considered a useful deception to be spread by Illuminati double-agents. The German battleship, the Bismarck was sunk due to a little lie sent to Germany by a double-agent which underestimated the range of British radar. Germans, thinking they were out of range of British radar made ​​some bad decisions that cost them the battleship.

Knowledge is power, and lies diminish the knowledge of deceived dupes, therefore, reduce the power of the deceived. Deception obscures the alternatives that people have. Clouds also several goals toward which people work. Some people leave out certain objectives due to their erroneous that the objective is undesirable or unattainable perceptions.

In programming, are used colors and directions. Be prepared to find out that sometimes developers use their creative, such as using the “octarine” color or direction “TURNWISE” or perhaps “WIDDERSHINS ‘imaginations.


During the most fundamental programming, which is carried out by means of LSD trips in sensory deprivation tank to lay the foundations of the Alpha, Beta, Delta, Ome and Theta programs, each souvenir program will be given a code . When taking place a program of popular delusion, where the programmer knows in advance in hour h, sequence their memory codes so that at that time, the fifth memory is coded as trip, using strenuous methods of raising memories of the first four trips to the mind of the victim will be told to forget the four trips it. Loso memory codes are deceptively designed to fool both the deprogrammer as the victim. Part of the reason the programmer does this is that they know that IF a therapist PERHAPS stumble in these first memories, the backup programming to protect these memories is so severe that the therapist would ruin the mind of the victim. programs reserves, such as atomic bombs and vegetable programming are locked into place to protect the fundamental programs.

The “A Force” was MI-6’s group that carried out deception. They would make their double-agents spend FOODS CHICKEN (that’s how they call the secret information that can be released to the public) to establish the credentials of their double-agents. (Bona fide) as agents against the British. Now, there are many people in the New World Order that are really double-agents. they are distributing chicken feed to make people think they are legitimate. Incidentally, it is interesting to note, for those who give account how important carousels are to schedule these MI-6 (HO in Crux Bauxhall, England, with a central training at Fort Monckton, near Gosport, England) is nicknamed (really a cryptonym ) “Carousel” by the derivative organization Mossad (officially known as Central Intelligence Agency Recovery). An example of a double agent who is popular among Christians is an Illuminati witch named Gretchen Passantino, who travels around World leading Christian conferences belittling the idea of mind-control. Dr. Loreda Fox reports in The Spiritual and Clinical Dimensions of MPD that 74% of battered and abused women by SRA come from “Christian homes.” Christian churches are highly infiltrated.

In the Second Volume, some references were sleeper agents. The idea of placing someone somewhere in society and letting live a normal life for years without ever being used is designed to provide a legitimate smokescreen about what it is. The mind-controlled slaves make excellent sleepers. The concept of making sleeper agents is not a secret. The CIA has publicly admitted to having tried to find sleeper agents in low-range “Children” of Republican Spain who were the descendants of communist Spaniards who returned to Spain in the fifties. They have also admitted having tried to remove the sleepers reaching between Trebizondos Greeks who lived near the USSR in Turkey and returned to Greece in the fifties. Given that the CIA and the KGB were reflections of a same image in its Hegelian Dialectic mock dual (which was very real for the “little” person) you can well imagine that the CIA sent sleeper agents against the KGB.

Intelligence agencies have their own lingo for the types of disinformation agents they send against everyone else.


So again, we have named only double agents and sleeper agents. Here are some of his other disinformation agents:

  • AGENT OF INFLUENCE – These agents can be unwitting, under mind-control, or ideologically motivated to use their positions of influence to sway and influence the minds of others.Examples of Agents of Influence are anchor men on TV, journalists, labor leaders, TV commentators, academics quoted by the media and some politicians.
  • AGENTS OF CONFUSION – An agent whose job is to produce confusion by disseminating confusing information.
  • CONTRACT AGENT – These are rogue agents, such as the mob, who the CIA hires (under formal contract) to perform particular jobs.Their connections can be denied.
  • DEEP UNDERCOVER AGENT – A sleeper agent (often a person with multiple programming or mind control programming) who has been a long term sleeper agent.
  • Disinformation AGENT – This is an agent placed in a range something who spends disinformation to other governments.
  • SPECULATIVE OR IMAGINARY AGENT – A fictitious non-existent “agent” which is created with a real-looking identity to induce deception.
  • CHALLENGE AGENT – An agent sent to provoke and destabilize the target group to do foolish or absurd things.
  • BUCKET FEEDER AGENT – Someone who filtered legitimate information, this is often done to build a person’s credentials (bona fide).Many of the people who are pretending to expose the NWO are spoon-feeder agents who provide a little new information, tons of already known secrets and sparks in a measure of disinformation for added fun. Generally, these de-spoon-feeders increase their percentage of disinformation once gain respectability.

There are very few people who are actually exposing any important consequences about the New World Order . This author has suffered the loss of several of the really legitimate whistle-blowers who were friends having been killed since it began writing stating. 


What this means is that agents for groups that do mind-control may: have been sleepers for many years and are legitimately innocent, they may give good correct information to our side, they may say all the right things and try to that it will motivate us to do even more than we would like, they may talk about other friends who are giving them information who do not even exist. persons who are not on our side detector discernment is needed. Unfortunately, such discernment seems fundamentally lacking within the public at large. For example, I have seen people choose obvious agents of the New World Order on this author as a source of “information” (which is actually misinformation.) Most people have purchased so much misinformation throughout his life, perhaps not realistic to expect them to purge all that crap you have accepted as true.


Just as people in the world need to pull their worldly ideas, people in the church need to throw away all the indoctrination they have received numerous kinds of harlot churches. Currently, the system is configured so that the perpetrators of mind-control are in control of the credentialing process, so that they can provide to their followers / and agents with the best credentials. As the reader can see, the roots of power behind the mind control are very deep.

One trick (or variations of it) that has been used with suspects is to arrest them, place the suspect in a situation where the police are in two groups – one group looks like police, the other group looks like the group where the suspect has come. After the suspect arrives, the group acts as if he were arresting group members, dominates the police contingent and escapes to another place where another police group pretending to be even more of suspect group explains what it is, so that gives them the information they need first. executed may be variations of this script. British intelligence calls this script free CACKEBLADDER because chicken blood is used on actors who are police officers who are dominated, to make them look as if they were injured.


FOUR FACES refers to pretexts used by agents to get interviews. DANGLE (hang) and is the secret word to attract and a victim into a provocation. Such an operation would be an operation that hang provoke a group or an individual to a particular action. This was done with Elohim City and many other groups that the NWO is trying to establish as scapegoats.

Agents use TONE BOXES to tap telephones and in other instances to make phone calls without costs. A cabman is a device to remotely activate a telephone with a radio beam.
It can be used without entering the building where the telephone is located.

The use of masks in the occult world is ancient.
For centuries, the gypsies have used them for their hypnotic powers. Special healing masks for their people are kept secret and never shown to the public. The mask has a value of shock value and fascination. Gypsies and other occult groups have special rituals to create the masks, including using hair clippings to the person who will wear the mask. Gypsy healing masks are destroyed after the patient is cured. Illuminati programming masks may or may not be destroyed after use. The abilities of the Illuminati to make masks (as deprogrammed victims of their mind-control) are very high quality.Sometimes the programmers simply use masks Halloween cartoon characters that anyone can obtain, to fulfill their role in the script programming which are involved during that time.

Some beginners who have just started to explore the issue of World Order Illuminati why would use legitimate religious cover-ups.
Why the Illuminati wish to create a slave who is an evangelist? Why? Because those new converts will go to some establishment church where other programmed multiples in leadership positions will demand obedience. Because the evangelist or missionary and the bishop or pastor are controlled puppets, the convert will never come to understand the full truth, just enough to keep him working hard for their organization even if the convert “got God in my life “, the Illuminati never loose control over it. Christians will have so many vested interests to prevent the exposure of the Illuminati programmed multiples who are Christian ministers renowned driving Christendom, as the Illuminati. Imagine what would happen if the world found out that most of Christianity was run by the Illuminati who practice human sacrifice and taking slaves. This is one of the sad effects of the infiltration. Perhaps the issue of concealment could be explained from another angle. The reader knows that the elite like monopolies him. They play a real monopoly – for us it’s only a board game. To establish a monopoly, you find a good product that everyone wants or needs, and then you eliminate all the competition, either destroying them or you also having competition. In the U.S., the Illuminati can not have the monopoly of any one religion. In Russia, they had communism with Marx, and Lenin as the God Father and Gon the son figure. Communism had a monopoly on worship. In the U.S., they have established a monopoly by controlling all the various religious groups. (This author wrote an 800-page book, well documented. “Be Wise As Serpents to show the details of how it is done.) No matter what they teach, is a matter of control, so that the elite have a monopoly. And when you, as a mover and shaker in the world controls all these various religions via money, blackmail and programmed multiples under your leadership, etc.. What religion would you pick to emphasize the most? selling You choose the best, ie the best product. And What brand of Christianity will sell best? The televised charismatic brand will sell best. Cover-ups used by slaves to explain what they do in life are almost always “legitimate”. A missionary, a military officer, a salesperson, etc.. usually actually do their cover job most of the time. Their cover is their occupation, their service as a mind-controlled slave is almost an unwitting vocation. Organizations are used as facades disguise. The Illuminati use military fronts, cover social, intelligence, education, banking and other organizations. (See my book “Be Wise as Serpents” – Be Wise As Serpents for many of these). . Moriah’s front organizations, such as the CIA, in turn use other organizations Here’s an example of the facades of the CIA, to show the variety of fronts used:

  • The Asia Foundation is an organization created by the CIA.
  • The Bank Castle Bank and Trust Co. has been a bank in the Caribbean that is another CIA front.
  • Featrues World Forum has been another facade created by the CIA for propaganda purposes and based in London, England.
  • Geschicter Foundation for Medical Research (as well as the Josiah Macy Foundation) was used as an intelligence front to launder money used for mind control.
  • Air-Sea Forwarders, Inc. is the legal name of a company-CIA front in North Hollywood, California.The company participated in the movement of goods. In recent years, the company sued E-Systems, the company that builds the electronic systems of the New World Order and the CIA, such as communications satellites. In court, the company proved that it was a CIA front, despite denials by the CIA.

This chapter provides information about some of the Illuminati / intelligence connections to Hollywood offers, keep in mind that this CIA front was proven in court to be a CIA front in Hollywood.


A feat that rarely occurs.


For years I have heard many Americans say that something is terribly wrong in this country, and that things are “going to pot”, and yet Americans can not point out exactly what is wrong. When I began to receive reports from victims of Illuminati mind control, I kept an open ear, but I wanted some tangible proof. After investigating for myself, now there is no doubt in my mind that Disney (the man, the movies and entertainment parks) has been a major contributor to death in the United States, while still maintaining a very well constructed facade of purity. In this chapter, you will learn why Disney is one of the best deceptions of the Illuminati. This author has read a good portion of what is available to the public concerning Disney. This exhibition is undoubtedly the deepest on Disney that has ever been made. Perhaps part of my motivation is that I’ve tired of hearing Christians talk and act as if Disney was a candidate for canonization. Christians, who should have known better, are some of those who have swallowed the “anzuela, fishing line and lead” the enormous deception that entails Disney. They feed their children a steady diet of occultism and witchcraft because they have been programmed to think of Disney as purity and like everything that is good about America. Many writers, in the course of the years have tried to expose Disney, most have been stopped before they could publish their books. The few authors who have managed to face savage attacks on his character and integrity, have faced enormous struggles against public relations campaigns paid by Disney. ‘s power and the power of Disney behind them have frightened most people away from challenging it. But someone needs to speak on behalf of the victims. Whether or not someone listening. Victims will know if someone cared enough to get up and write the truth. Disney has not only left mind-control victims in its wake, but they have harassed land-owners, stolen employee ideas and left all the injured victims in their path. Disney has risen to become the undisputed largest conglomerate entertainment media worldwide, and has been ranked the company No. 48 of the top 500 companies by Forbes 500.

Notes on how to ILLUMINATI like to hide behind PERFECT FRONTS
There are numerous Illuminati homes, restaurants, wineries and other institutions that today held the same type of strict standards upon their employees that Walt Disney Studios maintained . While Hollywood was immersed in moral filth from the start, Walt Disney Studios have strict standards. During the thirties, Disney had a dress code that required men in ties and women in sober-colored skirts.If a man I looked lustfully at a woman in the Walt Disney Studios, risked being instantly fired. Walt was a shining example of the strictest legalism. Even during the fifties, if an employee were caught saying anything considered a word shovel as “hell” was instantly fired no matter who they were. Walt would not allow his male employees to have facial hair, even though the himself wore a mustache.He never allowed employees to have alcohol in the studios, (which might not be a noteworthy standard except that Walt himself drank large amounts of alcohol in his private office at work for decades).Initially, Walt was very reluctant to let their young artists, who were being trained by Don Graham, draw live nude models to, but eventually gave his approval. Again the motive was not to serve God , but make sure the Disney reputation was kept spotless . With the power of the establishment media behind Disney, Walt had nothing to worry about, news about the nude drawing classes and their detailed drawings never reached the light of day. Behind such strict fronts of moral legalistic, clean and sober, you will often find lots of guilt and high level satanic ritual. For instance, Hitler (who, incidentally, was a failed artist and who liked mechanical things more than people) obsessively washed his hands many times a day (out of guilt), and it also had Walt Disney. Walt obsessively washed his hands varis times every hour. Walt liked animals and their people train. This author has seen some alter who were forced to take another human life, and when revived the memory, the alters ( alter-ego ) then physically tried to wash the guilt of blood from his hands. Another example is that over the years this author has discovered that many of the exclusive restaurants that are meticulous in every detail are tied to criminal activity and mind-control of the elite. Dirty money is keeping the places clean seeing brightly. Walt Disney worked very hard while maintaining a great image for himself and his company.An example of this is how exploded in rage and wrote an angry memo when a Disney cartoon was placed in a beer ad (The memorandum referred to in “Walt Disney, an American Original” by Bob Thomas. Hyperion, 1994, Page 7 .) He had a personal image builder, Joe Reddy, who worked full time to build Walt’s image. Joe Reddy was a cigar-smoking Irishman who loved the football team of the Catholic University of Notre Dame. He also was a publicity agent for Shirley Temple. But the Disney deception entails far more than decades of image building by Joe Reddy, and Walt’s own abilities to create good images of himself. Just as with Billy Graham (see volume 2 about Billy Graham), the entire Illuminati threw their weight in promoting Walt Disney. Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney were good friends and both cut from the same cloth in many ways. Both men were high ranking Freemasons, both came from socialist backgrounds (Ronald’s mother was Eleanor Roosevelt’s best friend, and Walt’s father was a socialist leader), both were paid FBI informants, and both were heavily involved in abuse of mind control slaves. Walt always generously supported Reagan’s political campaigns, and in turn Reagan did political favors for Walt him as governor of California. For example, the Disney Park Mineral King Mountain needed a path through the park Sequoia, a time when there was much pressure from Congress to preserve the past it redwoods reservations. Gov. Reagan got his friend Disney his road through the park. Reagan served as the emcee for the opening day of Disneyland on July 17, 1990 (?? Could it be 1960?). He returned with Illuminati TV host, Art Linkletter for the 35th anniversary. Ronald Reagan and Art Linkletter, both inflated to Disney publicly. Another slave abuser that spent time with Disney was Bob Hope, who would spend time with Walt on the golf course. In the telecast’s opening day, the cameras showed Sammy Davis Jr. (a member of the Church of Satan ) and Frank Sinatra (one Slavehandler mind-control), leading the tiny ears painted on Utopia Disney trip. When Disney celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with a two-hour special, the May 20, 1991, the program included people like occultist Bill Campbell and was named “Best of Disney, 50 Years of Magic.”

For the silver anniversary of Disney World in October 1996, the Clintons were invited to help open 15 months of celebrations. ‘s theme anniversary celebrations was “Remember the Magic”. A Club for Girls and Boys sang “When you’re on a Star” (a popular song programming). Hillary Rodham Clinton (herself a Grand Dame Illuminati and programmer of mind control ) shared with the audience that she and Bill “was brought to his daughter Chelsea to the Magic Kingdom when she was four. ” Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt, told the public that Disney World “is the story of men and women who took a dream and never let go.” There is a double meaning to that. Many mind control victims of trauma-based cling to the illusions that were programmed into their mind secretly at Disney, and never let go.


Among the visitors to Disneyland have been all the Presidents of the United States, from Eisenhower to Clinton, over a dozen kings & queens, as well as Emperor Akihito of Japan, Anwar Sadat, and Robert Kennedy (who rode the Matterhorn with the astronaut John Glenn.) Both the kings of Denmark and Belgium, who are in the Illuminati visited the parks, as well as the dictators of Indonesia, the Shah of Iran and Ceausescu of Romania. (As a side note, Roy E. Disney was forewarned by Arab leader that the Shah was to be deposed). Organizations that have been actively working for a New World Order for many years gave big awards to Walt in his early, such as the B’nai B’rith (Man of the Year Award to Walt) and the Chamber of Commerce years. In 1936, Walt was given the annual award from the Chamber of Commerce as “Outstanding Young Man”. Property universities, Yale and Harvard gave him honorary degrees. biographer Walt Disney, Leonard Mosley , who researched Walt Disney for years (as well as writing books on DuPonts, the Dulles brothers, and Hirohito) wrote in his book , Walt Disney,

“Rack in the movie colony, as usual, machines have gone out of their way to try to persuade me, as a writer, for a powerful influential British newspaper, that this is a city of lawless gods and goddesses, . lively-clean star neat “It was more than a deodorized world at the Walt Disney Studios, where advertising men insisted their boss was faultless – never drank too much, never used a rude word, never lost patience, never quarreled with his wife or family, never let a friend. And woe to anyone who tried to suggest otherwise!


Resident members of the foreign press and local press risked their jobs if they dared to write stories inferring that Walt Disney could be domineering, implacable, inexorable (as was the case, for example, before, during and after the strike of the study 1941). quacks Disney were capable of exerting heavy pressure on editors and proprietors or, through the advertising pages, against anyone who deducted that Walt Disney was not the epitome of perfection, well-washed and benevolent. ”

(Mosley, Leonard Disney World, New York:. Stein and Day, p 10)

Disney is perhaps the epitome of Illuminati abilities to create images. They have created great images for things Disney, including Walt Disney, Disney movies and Disney Amusement Parks.Sometimes, these things have been overrated, in other instances the sinister side to them has been carefully hidden. In order to make movies that contain the typical dye Hollywood, sex and violence, Disney did a hand movement, creating subsidiaries that Disney owns and operates, allowing them to maintain their good image. They also never showed the public porn hard core that was made ​​for years in secrecy for him elite. Behind the Lies ringside Disney is hardcore pornography, movies massacres and murder, white slavery, Illuminati mind control and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft. Disney’s involvement in these types of things will be explained in this chapter. Nobody has sold so well witchcraft of America as the Disney brothers. Movie after movie has cleverly brought the occult into the wrap and woof of American thought, all under the guise of entertainment. For instance, it was Disney who brought us cannibalism and told us that it was a “triumph of the human spirit” (a direct quote from producer Touchtone Disney, Robert Watts on a Disney movie “Alive” starring survivors of plane crash that became cannibalism.) Under the disguise of entertainment and showing us how “triumphant” the human spirit was, they subtly promoted cannibalism. Mickey Mouse plays a leading role in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”) And yet when this author has suggested that Disney movies are not wholesome, many Christian parents separated and angry with this author. The deceptive image that Disney movies are sound and wholesome is a triumph in Illuminati deception. Parents would be surprised what slips into cartoons. In the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”, the castles are made ​​of male sex organs. In one cartoon Mighty Mouse is shown without comment clearly snorting cocaine. The President of Walt Disney Studios, Joe Roth is in charge of Walt Disney as well as Touchtone, Miramax, and Hollywood Pictures subsidiaries, which were created to camouflage the Disney production of adult films. Disney operates in a clandestine manner regarding promotion, distribution and rating of the films produced by their subsidiaries.

Roth oversaw the film production subsidiary of Disney, Hollywood Pictures, Evita. Evita’s main kick off the “Material Girl” Madonna. Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous pornographic / and ritual porn movies.


(This author has an underground catalog from a porn business, that has recently changed its location of business. Catalog offered a film of Madonna performing an actual blood sacrifice.) She was the main actress in Disney’s Dick Tracy, which reportedly is used for mind-control. During a show of Arsenio Hall, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked up by the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring. Disney controls the products that are associated with the movies of their subsidiaries. For Evita, no hats, and other items of marketing and a countless campaigns over consumer generated artificially. In the interview with Ruth Stein Madonna, Madonna appeared bored connecting with Disney Consumer Products. Asked about the tango dresses and hats inspired by Evita, which appeared in stores after the film, Madonna said,

“Believe me, I have nothing to do with it. Disney is pushing it. ”

(San Francisco Chronicle, 12/29/96, Datebook section).

In an interview, Madonna says she wants her daughter to grow up knowing Catholicism, but did not think it would be good for her daughter if Madonna married the father of her daughter Lourdes, Carlos Leon. In another interview, Madonna says,

“Actually, I’m a very good role model because I say, ‘Look, these are my standards’ …”

Then goes on to plug homosexuality, same-sex marriages and single parent families or unmarried / a mother in the interview.
Walt Disney said it plans to release an album by DANZIG a heavy metal band whose songs contain “dark themes”. The Disney press releases announcements about this in his line “Mickey Mouse is going heavy metal.” Disney’s album “BLACK ACID DEVIL” should hit stores music on October 30, 1996, during the time of Halloween. According to Disney this music has no satanic references, but have overtones “dark, Gothic and sexual”.
Glenn Danzig denies being a Satanist.


Disneyland and Disneyworld are world famous and the pride of America. centers also are extremely important to the Illuminati, to create totally mind-controlled slaves. Disneyland is also involved with providing a place for rituals, porn and other satanic activities. In terms of deception, Disney movies and Amusement Parks Disney are rated as the best deceptions. According to deprogrammed slaves, ex-Illuminati, the Illuminati in the sixties needed to change its programming outside military bases, irradiated at military bases . His goal was to have a place where people from all over the world could come without raising any suspicions, and a place that would be the perfect cover for many of their criminal activities. According to a witness, the Illuminati Programmers were overjoyed to use Disneyland as a Illuminati important base for their criminal activities. Under the guise of global entertainment, conducted milled money, milled child slavery and mind-control. They nicknamed Disneyland “the little syndicate of mind-control.” When kidnapped a 3 or 4 years, they could torture the child and then put it into a walk as a ferris wheel or carousel, who first created dissociation pain, and then continue with some scripting programming fairytale. An abducted child while waiting to be picked up by a guardian Illuminati non-parent or another could be kept happy and distracted while waiting to be picked up. For years, Disneyland was an Illuminati center for many of its activities worldwide. Now Disney has created other sites around the world, as EuroDisneyland 20 miles east of Paris and Tokyo Disneyland.Tokyo Disneyland in 1991 had the support of 16 million people. With such huge crowds, it does not take much imagination to think how the Illuminati have been able to make astute criminal activities right in front of people, and the public never sees it, in the midst of all the activity. EuroDisney has been a money losing affair, but the Saudis who benefit from its mind-control gave Disney the money to keep it financially in business. Recordings Walt Disney is the largest disk label for children in the world. Disney through their movies, books, toys, records, etc.. has made ​​a tremendous impact on the world’s children. His film “Return From Witch Mountain” was one of the most powerful witchcraft promotions ever made. Dovetails having detonators deliberate Monarch mind-control written into the script is also broadcast in Poland and the former Soviet Union. since the days of the Roman Empire (at least, if not before), leadership oligarchy, which has been in control of both the Mystery Religions and European aristocracy, have known about BREAD and CIRCUS. Bread and Circus refers the concept that IF the masses of people are given entertainment and food staples, THEN it is easy to control.Films of Walt Disney have played a key role in providing entertainment for the masses to insure Illuminati control. Walt Disney’s friend the Masonic prophet HG Wells in his book, A Modern Utopia, says there will be lots of shows in the New World Order. The World Future Society in a book review in their publication Future Survey Annual, 1993 (edition Michael Marien, Bethesda, MD: World Future Society, p 91) describes Disney:

“The control of products [such as entertainment] and access to products translates into control over people. ‘The postmodern U.S. is a massive rush of disconnected products, each seeking a moment of our attention. ”
“The world of products is our soma, and entertainment is the current form of public discourse.’s World Walt Disney was spread over 27,400 acres of marsh in central and bushes Florida,” is the most ideologically important piece of land in the . U.S. “What’s going on here is the quintessence of the American way. It is visited by over 30 million people a year – not just a middle-class-important center of pilgrimage in the United States, but for now the most important center of entertainment in the world.’s clearly Oz, utopia as a marketing tool. ”

Two Disney, Walt (Walter Elias) and Roy O. Disney brothers have been at the center of the creation of amusement parks and popular Disney films. In more recent times, two other men, Eisner and Katzenberg have been notable at Disney. Eisner and Katzenberg, as well as others will be discussed later. One of the Disney directors, Victor Salva was convicted of molesting a boy and filming one of the sexual abuse. Recently Disney Director Salva produced the Disney movie “Powder” (Powder). Sexual abuse of Victor Salva and his conviction was covered by newspaper articles such as Robert W. Welkos Los Angeles Times, in newspapers such as The Oregonian, Wednesday October 25, 1995, a cult.) The impact of Disney brothers is monumental. Mickey Mouse t-shirts may have been carried by Native worldwide. Disney World and Disneyland are the quest for a large segment of humanity, who often feel that these parties are the highlight of his life. That which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God , according to the Word of God . The Bible arbitrarily makes this claim, but unfortunately research of this author over the years proves that a close examination of Disney and esteem mankind to things “Disney” justify the biblical expectation. In other words, as readers of this article will realize that behind the appearance of integrity and purity of the Disney brothers and their creations abominations lie -. Few of the most grotesque aspects of generational occultism the world has ever seen The Kingdom Disney Magic has become an American Institution that impacts people all over the world, from the cradle to the grave.


In the large book The Art of Walt Disney from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom by Christopher Finch (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1975) on page 11 an interesting and revealing statement is made:

“By definition, public figures are known to everyone, however, even after talking with some of Disney’s closest associates, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that nobody really knew him. Always there was some aspect of his personality that was just out of reach. ”

Those who got to know Walt too closely complained that he was “self-satisfied, intractable, and arrogant.” He could do a lot to mourn or angry artists in seconds. Finch is not the only author who has tried to warn his readers that public image of Walt Disney was just that -. Misrepresent only Mosley also writes in his biography of Walt Disney,

“Since Disney is regarded by millions of people, particularly in the United States, perhaps the most brilliant and creative animation onscreen successful, I think I should stop immediately, one thing clear. I share the general admiration of a man whose cinematic achievements were always so happily inspired and inspiring. But – and this is where I differ from non-critical idolaters -. I have first to know all the facts, no matter how unpleasant they are, as well as the romantic myths about any great man or woman I admire many of the myths that have created by his publicists about Walt Disney are hard to believe, incredible and unsatisfactory, due to much of the real Walt Disney has been deliberately concealed … Walt Disney … had grave flaws in his character. “(The World of Disney, by Mosley, Page 9)

Years ago, an Illuminati Grand Master and programmer stated,

“If the world only had the eyes to see the fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they fill tar and feather cover, and drag him through the streets. If they only knew what the main objectives of Disney. ”
Walt had black hair with a black mustache, and bright quick eyes. He was about 6 feet tall. He used his own facial features to suggest artists how to draw Mickey Mouse’s features. I especially liked the brown cigarettes smoked up to 70 a day. Took smoking in the military. He loved expensive Scotch Whiskey, red sunsets sunshine and horses. He had a vacation home in Palm Springs, California called the Smoke Tree Ranch (Smoke Tree Ranch). He often used the acronym of the name of your Rancho, STR pattern on his tie. He played lots of golf with Bob Hope and Ed Sullivan at the ST Ranch. Their main home was an estate in Holmy Hills. The Holmy Hills estate was located in a plush area where many families lived rich entertainment business. It was located between Bel-Air (an occult word for Satan) and Beverly Hills. Walt spent many of his nights at the Disney Studios, and later had his own private quarters at the center of Disneyland. He had recurrent episodes of insomnia. (For his nerves and insomnia drank alcohol and tranquilizers.) The spent endless weeks without setting foot on the Holmby Hills estate and seeing his family. The main theme of the study staff during different time periods was strange behavior of Walt -. was the never available until late afternoon, when he left the underground maze of tunnels, where supposedly he spent “chatting with the maintenance engineers” everyday value of their property when he died was 35 million, of which his wife, Lilian, inherited half. In his later years, when Disney took a vacation and went to Paris for 3 weeks and spent 3 weeks at the Hotel du Cap, in Antibes, and then cruised on Fritz Loew’s yacht with Ron and Diane Disney. In England, Walt spent time with the British Royal family and met privately with masonic prophet HG Wells. In Rome, he had a private visit with the Pope and the dictator Mussolini. In 1966, Walt Disney died.

Before his death he had investigated cryogenics ( CryoGenesis ) – the freezing process of bodies, and some believe that his body is frozen somewhere in California, while others claim he was cremated.

According to one source, the inspiration for Walt to create Mickey Mouse came when he was unemployed and saw a mouse in the gutter. There are not very few stories in circulation about where the idea came from. Ub Iwerks claimed he came up the character of Mickey up at a meeting of animators in Hollywood. Walt once said,

“Lots of a mouse in me.”
(biographical article written by Elting E. Morison, p 131)

Certainly, Ub Iwerks said the character of Mickey Mouse Walt,

“Looks exactly like you – same nose, same face, same whiskers, same gestures and expressions. All he needs now is your voice. ”

Walt often served as the voice of Mickey.
A book published by the Walt Disney Company in 1988 reveals that Walt Disney told Ward Kimball,

“Frankly, I prefer animals before people.”

Walt used to be the voice behind Mickey Mouse, (even though he was not the artist). His mother was cold for years about the work Walt did. Around the forties, after much pleading, he finally made ​​her put to see Mickey Mouse. His mother did not support him (of whom more later, after a few years I knew it was not his biological mother) told him she did not like the voice of Mickey Mouse, to which he said it was his voice , and then she responded that he had a horrible voice. The “cold towel” she threw on Mickey Mouse helped him convince Walt to quit making cartoons of Mickey Mouse after that, and the next cartoon, one feature-length animated cartoon, Fantasia, had Mickey mostly silent. Walt’s idea for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was based on some of his own ideas. Walt had a dream, which was used for Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice of having “complete control of the land and the elements.” Disneyland and Disneyworld were partial fulfillments of that dream control pet project of Walt end, just before his death was the meticulously restored version of the witchcraft film “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”. (Disney Magazine, Winter 96-97, published by Disney, page 96 mentions this.) As a programming device, Mickey Mouse works well because it plays with the subconscious genetically transmitted fear, mice, as do women. Mickey’s image can help create a love-hate relationship, which is so valued during the traumatization and programming of slaves mind-controlled . Sources said that the love of Walt for animals came from the time when her family had a farm near Marcelino, Missouri. Walt started his school in Marcelino, but after eight years continue in the Benton School in Kansas City, MO. Walt’s father had a serious gambling problem and conveyed the spirit for betting his son Walt. Walt never graduated from high school. He had a natural love and a flair for art work, although (contrary to his public image) he never became expert at it. He joined the army in World War I as an ambulance driver, was lying about his age. During the war, the driver was also dignitaries. He also did some things that are very revealing. He enjoyed drinking and gambling (betting) while in service, and he ran a scam where Germans manipulated artifacts collected on the battlefield to sell to people. War relics were tampered with to put them in good shape and get the maximum possible money from them. Walt took the souvenirs of battle – and coated, for example, by coating the insides of helmets with grease, and blood Cabella, putting holes in them to make them souvenirsexpensive. This shows that Walt was willing to build illusions if it paid. He could be deceptive if he saw an advantage in them. From traces of things Walt said to people, it appears that as a child, he saw the dark side of life (for example, his father had a habit of beating him in the basement) and had some interest or exposure to magic as a child.

Bob Thomas writes,

“Walt took a childish pleasure play tricks on his parents. He was fascinated with magic tricks … ”

(Walt Disney, An American Original, p 35.)

After the military, Walt hoped to have a career as an artist. applied to the advertising agency of Pesman-Rubin. Roy, his brother, said Pesman-Rubin hired Walt as a personal favor to Roy who handled the agency’s bank account at the bank where he worked. Walter lasted a month until the advertising agency let him go due to the “singular lack of drawing ability” Walt. ” According to the current 1952 biography, in 1923, Walt and Roy had together $ 290. They borrowed $ 500 from another Disney, one of their uncles named Robert Disney and began to make cartoons. Robert Disney had always been close to Walt’s father Elias, and helped Walt and Roy when they came to California. Walt loved to study Charlie Chaplin (a member of the Collins family). ‘s scribbled notes on his body language, facial features and his trenchant methods. He also read everything he could about animation and cartoons. He worked out of his uncle’s garage in Hollywood, California. It was a family able to make a good animated drawing Steamboot Willie in 1928, which became an instant hit.

As with many things in life, the cartoon was not only good, but Walt finally had the right “connections”. The November 18, 1928, Steamboat Willie was shown in a small independent theater without any advance promotion or advertising. But surprisingly (!), The New York Times, Variety, and Exhibitor’s Herald ran rave reviews of the cartoon the next day. Was this an accident? Did it happen that journalists from all these prestigious journals were to happen to this tiny independent theater? No. Were connections. The reason the elite decided to promote Walt Disney after Steamboat Willie came out as the new “wonder boy” of Hollywood was to divert the enormous bitterness that had been generated by the collapse of the stock market financial to financial Jews. Hollywood, even in its first two decades, was known as “Babylon” and “Sin City.” The movie industry was well-known to be run by Jews, and many people blamed the fall of the bag to the moral degradation that Hollywood had introduced to this nation. It called on the government regulatory groups to stop porn movies of Hollywood. Edgar Magnin , the spiritual leader of the major movie makers who were part of the B’nai B’rithof Los Angeles called on those of Mishpucka and others who were B’nai B’rith movie makers that Hollywood needed to protect itself by putting Walt Disney in the limelight as a Christian “white knight with family values”. (By the way, Edgar Magnin was nicknamed “Rabbi to the Stars” because he was “the Hollywood rabbi”. chain department stores E. Magnin’s grandfather was one of the most important accounts of the Bank of Italy and Edgar Magnin had continued the close attention of his family with the Bank of Italy. The closeness also came from the close ties of the Bank of Italy to the B’nai B’rith and ADL. In 1930, the movie industry made ​​a code production, which stated that the industry must make a special effort to make movies appropriate for children. Hollywood directly praised Disney in that code as an exemplary model of what the movie industry wanted to do. Through the power of the B’nai B’rith and ADL behind him, Walt began sailing to fame. Movie studios that had been turning in scandals, with lots of sex and violence all jumped on the bandwagon to show cartoons of Walt clean and healthy. Walt was the facelift Hollywood needed after the Depression caused Americans to think about the morality of the United States. Many of the regular movie makers were so corrupt they were out of touch with moral issues, but Walt Disney knew distinguish black from white. Jewish movie makers “pushed the man [Walt], whom they considered their best hope, towards front of the pack”, and was presented as a fundamentalist Christian (albeit a “Christian” Masonic who rarely set foot in a church -. quotation Hollywood film from Walt Disney, Prince of Darkness, p 50) Strangely, the biographies indicate that Walt really stopped making drawings in 1927, and devoted himself entirely to business development caricatures and cartoons, such as raising money. In other words, the image of Walt Disney being the artist who created the Disney cartoon is inaccurate. The Disney brothers actually hired many other artists to do the art work. If Walt quit drawing in 1927, and their first marketable cartoon drawings were in 1928, that clearly shows that Walt did not really cartoons. ‘s continued to oversee the work, entering and inspecting what rigidly hacienda was, that is adequate to their own intuitive tastes. Actually the genius cartoon artist (animator) who made ​​Walt Disney a success was Ub Iwerks, about whom Walter, on several occasions said was “the best animator in the world.” Without Ub Iwerks to take the ideas of Walt , and turn them into reality, Walt would never have been famous for. Ub was an incredible genius who had a sense of line, a sense of humor, patience, organization and a great sense of what Walt wanted. Walt treated him cruelly at times, interrupting him, cheating and not being totally honest with your payment, but he stayed with Walt over the years h made ​​Walt the success Walt became. (The books Disney’s World and Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life have information on the little known genius Ub Iwerks.) Another little known artist was Floyd Gottfredson .

Floyd Gottfredson drew all the Mickey Mouse cartoons from 1932 until October 1975 – which is a period of 45 ½ years. Floyd Gottfredson was a Mormon born in a railway station in 1905, and raised in a tiny Mormon town, Suggurd, about 180 miles from Salt Lake City. In 1931, before Floyd totally took the Mickey Mouse drawings, he would take suggestions from Walt on what to draw. For instance, Walt puzzled him insisting he do a cartoon series of Mickey Mouse committing suicide. Floyd had said, ” Walt, you’re kidding! “But Walt thought that a series on suicide would be funny. Over the years, Walt Disney products never mentioned Floyd’s name. Most of the fans were led to believe Walt did it himself Mickey Mouse animations. (See the book Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse in Color. Publication publisher Bruce Hamilton, the Walt Disney Company, 1988.) Fred Moore was involved in the creation of Pluto and other characters from the cartoon. The idea for Pluto was Walt’s and it was Norm Ferguson’s genius at drawing that took the idea and created the images. Walt Disney was awarded 32 personal academy awards for the work that was being done for their studies. The Walt Disney famous signature was actually designed by someone else, and was taught to Walt. (Schickel, The Disney Version Richard. Life, Time, Art and Commerce of Walt Disney, NY, 1968, p 34). Walt could only make a crude Disney signature, so he delegated the writing of the signature several artists including Bob Moore, the Disney artist advertising. Later, after much practice he learned to sign well enough to do for publicity. Many people who wrote letters asking for his actual signature, and who is really doing his signature thought they had received forgeries by his staff, for the famous Disney signature was so crude. The ones that looked best were fakes. A cartoon animator who joined Disney in 1940 recalled that Walt told him the first day,

“You’re new here, and I want you to understand one thing. What we’re selling here is the name Walt Disney. If you can swallow that and always remember, you’ll be happy here. But if you have any ideas about seeing the name Ken Anderson [his name] up there is better for you that I go away. ”
Walt grew up fascinated with the occult and in an abusive home situation. He was fascinated with cartoons, nature and children. He had an intuitive quality cartoons that would appeal to children sense.At some point, the syndicate got into debt with them. At that point he was their man. He was indebted to them a debt they had on him. In secret, Walt became a porn king. A victim remembers that he was sadistic and enjoyed enjoy porn movies. His interest in children was far from altruistic. The Hapsburgs lineage 13 Illuminati had a salon sex in Vienna, where he worked a porn photographer named Felix Salten. Felix Salten wrote a book Bambi, which was then translated into English by the communist infamous, Whittaker Chambers. ‘s elite was beginning to form the roots of the environmental movement today. The book appealed to Disney, because Disney liked animals more than the people. In the book, tame animals view humans as gods, while the wild and free animals see humans as demons, and simply called “Him.” The book begins with animals, both free and domesticated viewing humans as having right of dominion over them. In the end, the animals view all humans as simply being on the same level as animals, a vicious animal, only being able to be killed. Disney instructed his animators to make the animals “were human.” I want people to forget they are watching animals. “Bambi was to receive a Christ-style birth in a manger, with the animals hailing him as a” prince. ” Due to his sexual problems, Walt at one point, was allowed to be subjected to the packing of his genitals in ice for hours at a time. (Elliot, The Dark Prince [Dark Prince] Walt Disney, page 83.) Children were instructed to call Walt “Uncle Walt.” An example of this were the Musketeers. For those who know how to mind-control programmers have traditionally liked to be called “uncle” by their child victims, the insistence by Walt to be known as “uncle” is distasteful.


From what this author has learned from some sources about non-public life of Walt as a hidden sadistic porn king, questions about other parts of your life arise. , for example Kenneth Anger , Hollywood, in his book Babylon II, p 192,

“Some animators stated that the boss [Walt Disney] seemed to have fallen in love with the boy. Could be some truth in this … ”

The boy who fell in love Walt was a neat little boy actor named Bobby Driscoll who signed in 1946 with Disney. He acted in Song of the South, Treasure Island, and his voice was used in Peter Pan


Bobby Driscoll was very intelligent and attractive.

  • Did Disney helped him or abused him?
  • If Disney was such a healthy and constructive atmosphere, & this child actor had everything walking for him, why did Bobby became at 17 years addicted to methamphetamine and died in the span of just a few years?
  • Why his talent and not his early career led to something positive in his life?

From those who knew Walt personally one learns that he had an obsession with the buttock part of anatomy. He enjoyed jokes about this part of the anatomy, which quite often told his team.


The team trimmed many of his crude posterior jokes about the anatomical part of his cartoon scripts. Two examples are the editors went through a Christmas special where a little boy is unable to button the button under his pajamas. The problem of small in maintaining his modesty is the running scathing cartoon. At the end, Santa gives him a pot of champers.


The second example is the paddling machine used on the wolf in The Three Little Pigs. Many cartoons feature buttocks of characters provocatively twitching.

After World War II, Walt Disney was called upon by Hollywood to testify in their defense at the hearings un-American, which were being carried out by congressmen who were concerned about the heavy communist influence within Hollywood. Walt downplayed any communist influence in Hollywood to Congress. Interestingly, Walt’s father was an outspoken Socialist Party leader in the United States who advocated a socialist New World Order. He regularly voted for socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs. One of his first drawings Walt did as a young boy was to duplicate the socialist political cartoons he found in a socialist newspaper, Appeal to Reason, to which his father was subscribed. When Walt asked in the 1930s what was your father of socialism’s successes, his father Elias said,

“Today, everything I fought for in those early days has been absorbed into the platforms of both major parties. Now I feel pretty good about it. ”

(Thomas, Bob. Walt Disney, An American Original, p 147-148)

Walt’s film, Alice Eggplant (1925) was pure communist doctrine where the red hen (communist) leads the working chickens on a strike against Julius the farm manager (representing capitalists.) The strike at Disney and unionization of Disney in 1940, soured Walt about Communism. Workers at Disney publicly made ​​personal verbal attacks on Walt, and he never forgot the humiliation. In spite of his public distaste for communism, his Magic Empire (his castle where he was king) was run like a socialist dictatorship, similar to what you plan the New World Order. Employees at Disney did not have titles, but was faceless egalitarianism with an all powerful dictator Disney at the top. It was racially elitist too. The only African-American full-time during the lifetime of Walt Disney was a black shoe shine man.

Walt was a socialist? National Socialist variety (Nazi)? Arthur Babbitt claims,

“On more than one occasion I observed Walt Disney and Gunther Lessing there [at Nazi meetings], along with many other prominent Hollywood personalities affected by Nazism. Disney was going to meetings all the time. ”

Lessing was mobster Willie Bioff buddy. Bioff had spent his earlier days running a whorehouse, before coming to Holllywood for the mafia. In the final panel of the Mickey Mouse comic strip of 6/19/40, a swastika appeared. Some people have wondered what “secret signals” was in this and other work of Disney. Disney was not Illuminati. The powerful elite are very skilled at controlling people that rub shoulders with them, those who are beginning to become independently wealthy. For instance, they destroyed Robert Morris, the great financier of the American Revolution. simply used Hegelian dialectic in Walt Disney. Their Unions and the Mob made ​​Disney’s studio one of their prime targets. Walt, to be able to protect himself unions, which he perceived as the communist, Walt got help from the FBI and the Mafia. Walt was vulnerable to the unions, because he treated his workers horribly wrong, with long hours, low pay, in addition to repeated abuses to their dignity. Much of Walt employees essentially never received any credit or recognition for their years of creativity and hard work, which was all essentially stolen and credited to Walt by the establishment to build his image. (I write “essentially”, because someone might find some obscure exception, unemployment in general, Walt got all the credit for what his creative workers produced.) Perhaps Walt needed an ego boost of all public praise he stole a his staff to be seen as a great animator, because he had wanted to be an artist / cartoonist and failed. The praise helped sooth the wounds. One worker recalls that Walt,

“I had no knowledge of drawing, no knowledge of music, no knowledge of literature, no knowledge of anything really, except he was a great editor.”

This may not be an exaggeration, because Walt dropped out of high school, and grew up in poverty on a farm in Missouri. The official attempt to direct a film of Walt (and last) was the film “The Golden Touch” in 1935. The film was an embarrassment. Walt had to remove distribution. If Walt lacked abilities to animate and direct, what was Walt’s talent? Walt was the driving force, so to speak, the spirit behind Disney. He was the dictator who was feared enough to demand more from his workers than they knew they could give – and he could get it. He was the driving force that took a mob of artists, and gag creators, etc.. and formed a powerful force to make cartoons and later movies. He was very dynamic genius who knew what he wanted and got others to create for him. ‘s was the engine that kept an army of men dressed in sanitation, meticulously cleaning Disneyland. In a normal year, Walt was 800,000 plants replaced at Disneyland, and refused to put up signs asking the “guests” (visitors) not to trample. How powerful was Walt?

Here is a man who during his life, and even in the nineties had a rule in the studio, and Disneyland that no male employee was allowed to have any facial hair, yet he himself wore a mustache the most of his life.

No doubt that Walt Disney was an illegitimate child, but the fact resulted in a long list of mysterious happenings. I also gave him power hungry man, something to blackmail Walt Disney with her.Because this chapter 5 on Deception is focusing on Disney, great used blackmail to keep him in line, this is a relevant information. The following chronology of events is what this author’s believes most likely happened. Without any genetic test is difficult to determine beyond the shadow of doubt who were the biological parents of Walt and what was the real story of Walt Disney. Several people have spent many years investigating the real facts surrounding his birth. Many interesting and tantalizing clues have been found. This author believes that the following chronology is suggested by the evidence.

(The timing of this author is offered without hundreds of pages of evidence, because the mysteries around the birth of Walt Disney are here to stay, no matter what excuses shall come people, and this author does not want to deviate from the purpose of this chapter. This is to show that Walt Disney had a secret bastard birth, which gave J. Edgar Hoover – and his superiors -. influence of blackmail Walt Walt Disney also may have had gambling debts and an abnormal sexual appetite also helped catch him. For those who want more evidence and facts they recommended the following, Almendros, Mojacar, Corner of Enchantment, p 83; Interview magazine, No. 242, “Walt Disney Was from Almeria”, and last but not least, Marc Eliot, “Walt Disney, the Dark Prince of Hollywood – Walt Disney, Hollywood’s Dark Prince“Chapter 11).


1890 – An attractive Spanish woman, Isabela Zamora Ascencio Mojacar leaves Spain and travels to California to a Franciscan monastery. In the same year, but later in 1890, the future father of Walt Elias, who boasts of being a ladies man, leaves his family to seek his fortune in the gold fields. In California, is another newcomer to the state, Isabella Ascensio, and both newcomers have much in common, have a sexual affair and fall in love is. 1891 – Elias fails make a fortune and returns to Chicago, but not Isabel forgets. 1893 – Isabela and Elias have a son, and Elias convinces his wife to accept the baby as if it were them instead of ruining the family’s reputation, their marriage and their family. The son of the first two children were not at all like. 1901 – Isabela and Elias have another bastard son, who Elias brings home and names Walter, by the minister of the church he attends. The two older bastards sons of Elias not speak, and never have much to do with them, but cling to each other as brothers. 1903 – The minister of the Church is attending Elias learns children bastards, so Elias quickly moves out of state so that the scandal will remain secret. Elijah has also incur gambling debts. 1905 – After relocating to Marcelino, Missouri, Isabel is hired as an employee of Disney, to have an excuse to live with them without creating suspicion. Probably she raised and took care of the two children. 1918 – J. Edgar Hoover is busy involved with the prosecution of deserters from World War I, and bumps on your desktop with the case of Walt Disney committing the crime of counterfeiting the parental signature to join the army. Cases like Walt were observed by people who could be blackmailed, because Hoover could be resources in the future. That year, Walt discovered that he had no birth certificate. Walt observes in his parents strange reactions concerning his birth certificate and other issues, and begins to deeply distrust his father. 1938, Nov. – Walt’s mother dies poisoned by gas, and the maid takes Elias Disney security away from the fumes, but Walt’s mother dies. 1939-40 – Hoover offers Walt Disney to help Walt locate his real parents if Walt works for the FBI. Either Hoover already knows that he is a bastard child, or he soon learns the truth, through an investigation. This gives Hoover blackmail power over Walt Disney, and assures Hoover that will be loyal. Hoover informs Walt Disney of the truth, and then moves to generously protect Disney for the reputation of his father. Two FBI agents planted information of baptism of a child born to Elizabeth in 1890 named Jose Guirao in Mojacar, Spain. This date is 10 years off of Walt’s birth date, and is intended to throw people away from any track. They could not plant a fake birth certificate for Walt in the records of 1901, because everyone knows the First World War that nothing exists. Therefore, they plant a fake birth certificate for Walt in the records of the State of Illinois, in 1890. They hope that people will think that somehow a filing error occurred. Thus, if any information leakage has occurred, the worst, Walt could pretend as if it was adopted, not an illegitimate bastard.They were paid in Mojacar villagers so they contasen a particular story. Townspeople probably receive payments today. 1941 – Walt confronts his father with the truth, and his father commits suicide, and his real mother comes to live with him as his maid. , 1954 – In order to strengthen the myth that Walt was born in Spain, a group of Franciscan monks goes to Mojacar and visibly question about the birth records of Jose Guirao and / or Walt Disney. They spend time with the mayor and make sure that everyone connects to Disney with Jose, who is a fictional character (nominal) which the FBI created a record. 1967 – A year after Walt’s death, a large group of Americans (a large group because they are not classified as 2 FBI men in 1940 was necessary) was passed as if they were the “official service” for the U.S. government. They will Mojacar Spain to destroy all the records of Jose Guirao to insure that there will be no spanish claimants to Walt Disney’s fortune. Later to insure that the fictitious story is solidly in place to mislead the few lights that could get secret about Walt Disney, the Spanish government does a favor to certain powerful people and pays an investigator to investigate the Spanish origins of Walt Disney. People of the village willingly tells people, without fear and without fanfare that Walt Disney was born at their village. Unless they have recently done, the village has never done anything – no monuments, no markers, or nothing about the birthplace of Disney. Probably did for years, because some of the village probably knew it was a lie.

With older people, the lie has probably become well entrenched as truth, and it is likely that there is some type of memorial to Walt Disney.
Due to the Disney deception is a great deception of the Illuminati worldwide, and because Walt Disney was the major catalyst behind all the Disney theme parks, movies, trinkets, etc.., is very important to examine your character.
By studying historical figures, this author has tried to get to the truth of background. One may ask, how can this be done? -Especially when decades of myths spread by the establishment and their media have elapsed. The following procedure which has worked with other historical figures was also done with Walt Disney, by this author. The first part of the very process of this author is to study everything that one can find on the man, paying special attention to bias and point of view from another author. Special attention is also paid to biographers who try to give the whole truth, as found, instead of aprobabas biographies that repeat myths, platitudes, and flattery. researcher must be careful because there are authors who deceptively say in their prologues that are “impartial investigators” who will “be very honest in their reporting” when they actually are skillful coverup artists for the person they write about. When your author, Fritz Springmeier , finished with the research literature on research Walt Disney, then mentally placed what I knew on the shelf temporarily, and did a handwriting analysis based on the scientific principles of Grapho-analysis as well as in the broader field of Graphology. This author is certified as Grapho-analyst who has done professional handwriting analysis. Use of Graf-análisis/grafología is an excellent way to get a very thorough and impartial look of a historical figure. It is a way to bypass all the propaganda and myths. However, a close historical look and the handwriting analysis by hand (of various historical figures) have always matched each other, as did in this case. Here is what was found.

The following paragraphs are how Walt was in the 1920s. The personality profile you will read will not last. Under the pressure of micromanaging Disney Productions as well as living with financial stresses, by the 1940’s, Walt could be found mounted on cholera, giving abuse to his wife, and beatings rough her ​​two children. Was to psychiatric counseling to cope with stress. And unfortunately, over time, by the 1960s, Walt had become a sadistic egotistical alcoholic. One biographer described him as “… a bully and a know it all” (Disney’s World, p 220) Even then Walt had men working for him Bill Walsh (who had been a orphan as a child) who worshiped . Walt But here’s how he found it in the 1920’s: Walt was a self-motivated, energetic, guy that was constantly looking for a way out. (People have written much about this feature here.) He was more the giver than the receiver in relationships.

(In the early years, when he was responsible for commercial contracts, he often gave his work without setting prices for profits. Even even wrote letters to his boss to the effect that his first priority was not the .. handsome profits in the cartoons, and he would work without benefits, but want some appreciation for his work This was a demonstration of his sensitive nature) Walt did not expect others to come up with an idea or someone else to make a move – he I was there first. He could communicate his ideas with clarity and ease, and could easily move from one idea to another. (The enter headlong into Disney Productions, throwing one idea after another ear of their employees). He loved the competition. He had a quick and acute perception. Frequently acted on intuition and impulse, risking and jeopardizing their own safety. (He frequently gambled all her savings and everything he could scrape for a project.) Long projects bored him. (Fortunately the real tedious work of animation was done by a large team of artists). Bored her home choruses and repetitive choruses and he avoided them. (He was absolutely a total bum at home party. He was impatient with vague philosophies, he liked concrete realities. was very difficult to get along with him because he had both a playful side to his personality (even to the point of jokes cruel practical) as an aggressive, intolerant side, impatient I wanted to achieve. Naturally, people around him were disconcerted because on a subconscious level, they did not know which side he would have to deal with. (reference Article Series Biography in Progress “Disney”, page 248 gives the following quote from Walt Disney, “not even allow the word ‘art’ is we used around the studio. If someone starts to become artistic, shot it down.”) He was oriented action. was always inventing ways to get what I needed. Could be explosive if it was provoked. (associates Walt old times remember his explosive temper.) He was a person of dynamic energy, sensuality and sharp view, and was a disciple of the pleasure principle. Because his father was so abusive and abused his position of authority, Walt is deeply rooted with the challenge to authority. (The themes of his films repeatedly sympathize with those who rebel against authority, and the police and other authority figures are consistently shown as absurd. Firstly, it and expressed their irresponsibility with scenes of lively dance, which has been a hallmark of teenage rebellion during the twentieth century. “Comic anarchy reaches its fullest expression in Alice Shaking by Rats, which shows what the rats do when the cat goes. “) He felt that rules were for others to follow. (That’s one reason why the would step outside the law and commit illegal acts. This is a feature that could be responsible for some of the criminal activities that ended up participating Walt.) Walt also did not like being supervised close up. (He wanted to manage his Disney Magic Kingdom as if it were his own kingdom. Wanted to be an authority figure, and indeed became the dictator of his Magic Kingdom. When his workers differed with his own views, he felt that they were infringing their own inalienable rights as an individual.) The was something of a melancholic temperament, that type of perfectionist who still enjoys life. He felt a need to protect himself against intimacy with others. He was more at home in an environment that he made ​​for himself. Walt had the traits of an executive. Was slow to reveal his innermost feelings, and definitely established their own goals. Walt was one of those people that when the going got tough, he was left hanging there. Similarly, he clung to his ideas, plans, and possessions.

(His stubborn refusal to allow his brother Roy to stop the creation of Disneyland led to events that split the brothers. Their determination to succeed was taken advantage of by the crime syndicates to blackmail him with some debt. To achieve his dreams, he was willing to give them what they wanted). Hint macabre sense of humor Walt, sometimes almost cemetery, and his high tolerance of seeing pain in others, is that Walt was seriously thinking of volunteering again in France, as a physician, after ending the First World War, when volunteers were needed for the Balkan fighting. Walt loved the people more than animals. The only human being with whom he had a relationship while growing up on the farm was his Uncle Ed (who he called Uncle Elf), who looked like a cross between a leprechaun and a prune. Uncle Elf could make onomatopoeic sounds and birdsong to the delight of Walt. Walt loved the charm of the farm and nature and he loved royalty, pageantry and a strict social hierarchy such as Freemasonry provides. Often wove a combination of the royal stables with parades and other trappings of royalty. For example, Alice Piper, the King Hamlin is a farmer who sleeps in a farmhouse. In Puss in Boots the local king lives in an authentic palace incongruously placed in a village. His early film Alice in the sea includes the features of both a royal court and an American circus.In typical Disney disdain for authority, he pokes fun at criminal fraternal groups with their rituals and passwords in Alice & the Dog Catcher, Alice Lamina Pirates and Mysterious Mystery Alice. And while he was a secret FBI agent, he went against the wishes of Hoover and mocked the authority of the FBI. Walt was loyal to what he believed and could be loyal to those individuals who he deemed worthy of their loyalty, but did not want anyone to have authority over him. (Walt was a 32nd Mason and occultist, he was loyal to that philosophy and loyal in his early years, his older brother, Roy O. Disney, who was a father figure to him.) If someone in the studios agreed with him when he was angry at his brother Roy, he or she risked losing their job. Both brothers were protective interact with each other, and felt they were the only ones who could criticize each other .



    Roy O. Disneywas born in 1893, and his brother Walt in 1901.

They had three other brothers, but Roy and Walt (1901-1966) were only close to each other and not to their other brothers, who seemed not. Walt was named Walter Elias, his middle name derived from the name of his father. The Disney family had immigrated from Ireland to Canada and then to the United States. ‘s father’s brothers, as indicated, is Elijah and his mother of Scottish descent, who may not have been the biological mother, had the name of single Flora Call. Roy died in 1971, shortly after the opening ceremonies for Walt Disney World. He kept his promises to his brother to build Walt Disney World. The not fulfilled his promises to his brother about the city of Epcot (which was derailed at EPCOT). Roy O. during the decade of the thirties lived in North Hollywood. Roy’s family later located in Napa Valley, California, and was associated with the Illuminati kingpins in the area. The Napa Valley has been nicknamed the Valley of Kings. This “Valley of Kings” plays a major role in the dirty activities revealed in this chapter. Roy O. Disney played a bigger role in Disney Studios you what people think paper. For example, it was Roy O. who made ​​the decision to cut 45 minutes from Fantasy, so that Walt’s pet project could be distributed to movie theaters. Roy O., considered by some insiders as the more evil of the two brothers, kept the financial books for the Disney through the years. It is known that Disney kept two books during the fifties, so it’s hard to believe anything except that Roy O. was fully aware of how Disney got the money. always keep Big financial mistake to Walt and Roy. Large often discovered frauds to take your money. When the Disney brothers made ​​a deal with Columbia Studios (led by Harry Con) advanced them $ 7,500 for each cartoon, which cost them a few unproductive $ 13,500 for do. Moreover, Swimming liked fool not sending them their money and taking a lot ridiculous time to pay them what he owed ​​them. Liquidity problems cash the Disney brothers also came from the desire to keep improving and upgrading the technology they used. When Walt went to color over the objections of Roy, the profit margin of Disney was damaged and the studio was left with shortages of cash. In 1937, Walt repeated betting with production ideas cartoon caused Roy O. to say,

“We buy the whole damn set.”

From 1940-1946, Disney lost money every year. In 1946, he lost $ 23,000. Finally, in 1947, things turned around and the Disney studio made ​​a profit of $ 265,000. Cartoons and movies were not really big moneymakers for the Disney brothers, until it was realized that old films could be repeated on television. Overall, from the 20s to the fifties, Disney may have broken even with cartoons. This is why Disney Studios at Christmas, 1931 was unable to pay its payroll. Pinocchio cost them $ 2.6 million to make, in the late thirties, a difficult quantity to recover at the time, the post office, and the original release of Fantasia in the forties was a dismal financial failure. When it launched the film ” The Sleeping Beauty “in 1960 was a loss, cinema fiends were apathetic to it. The real money made ​​by the Disney brothers in the period 1930-1950 came from the marketing of Disney products, the production of hard porn subversive of kickbacks from various groups which used Disney for mind-control programming and milled money. When Walt died, his shares in Disney were worth $ 18 million.

His family owned a whole 34% of the shares of Walt Disney Productions. Roy O Disney’s daughter Dorothy Disney Puder and husband, Episcopal Rev. Glen Puder purchased property at 1677 Sage Canyon Doad, Napa Valley east of Rutherford. (This is near the Opus Temple, one of the Rothschild mentioned in Volume 1). OJ Simpson’s lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. was in the Rothschild Opus 1, which is difficult to enter, when the jury came to the decision in the case of OJ Simpson.) It’s very typical for Mafia families in the South Boston to have one family member in the clergy, and one full time in organized crime. (See “Be Wise as Serpents” by this author for a discussion of the Episcopal Church, which is simply a branch of Freemasonry.) All kinds of interesting Mafia figures, Illuminati, and people living in Grove Bohemiana Sage Canyon Road.
This is an area that has a well-kept cemetery for pets. Frank Wells sister and Rich Frank, who will be discussed later in this chapter, also live on Sage Canyon Road.

Roy Edward Disney (nephew of Walt) is the son of Roy Oliver Disney (brother of Walt). It has sometimes been called “junior”. The story of the September 5, 1994 in Newsweek on Disney’s Magic Kingdom called him “Keeper of the Flame”. Roy is an executive with the Walt Disney Company in 500 5. Buena Vista St., Burbank, California, 91521. He has worked as assistant producer at Walt Disney Co. from 1954 to 1977. was also vice president of the Company Walt Disney. The president of Roy E. Disney Productions in Burbank. He is chairman of the board for Shamrock Broadcasting Company. As if that were not enough, he is on the board of directors of St. Joseph Medical Center, fellow U. Ky.. He received the nomination for Academy Award for Mysteries of the Deep. director of the Union Is American West, the Writer Guild, which is important. He belongs to the 100 Club, the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin and St. Francis Yacht Club. He likes speed boat racing. Roy O. Disney was the cocky son of Roy O. He married a girl named Patricia. I was merely tolerated by his uncle Walt, especially after Roy E. made ​​some snide remarks about plans for his uncle Walt Disney World, to which he and his father opposed until Walt Disney personally got the project going. The Walt son, Ronald Miller is one of the Disney clan who can not stand Roy E. The two never got along, and in the power struggle between them after Walt’s death, Roy E. won and ended up with Disney. Although people called Roy E. “Walt’s idiot nephew d”, he eventually (with the help of his father and other outsiders) won various power struggles at Disney after Walt died, and is now a figure ponderosa. Roy E. Disney and Stanley P. Gold work together in various ways and they are both up to the current day of the Board of Directors of Disney. They are friends and worked to prevent hostile takeovers by Disney in 1984.

Gold is in charge of Shamrock Holdings, Inc.
The battle between the two Disney factions
In 1953, the two brothers and their respective sides of the family split when Walt created the RETLAW corporation. The two sides have fought ever since. When Walt Disney created RETLAW (his name Walter spelled backwards), this alienated his brother Roy O. and next to Roy’s family. Without going into all the details, which RETLAW did was cut Roy O. side the money was to be made. But Roy’s side did not stay idly by and let their share of the pie be lost, they fought back and held the same. His big break came when Michael Milken and his band of junk artists conduct a “greenmail” on the Disney Corporation. Only a few insiders know how it works green-mail . It is a legal form of blackmail. Ilken would work with his friends Saul Steinberg, Sir James Goldsmith and Cal Icahn. Milken would provide them the financial ability to make them look financially capable of purchasing a corporation that they had selected as a target. According to insiders, Milken got 40% of the top of any “greenmail” when it went well. Target corporation would learn that someone like Saul Steinberg was going to buy them.To avoid buying and keeping their jobs, the officers of the target corporation would frantic and suicidal refinancings would buy shares of the purchaser or potential for much higher than the Milken group paid for them prices. Artists of “greenmail” would then take their loot and follow their path. The shareholders of the target company are the real losers of “green-mail”, because the management of the corporation in order to finance their protection spends the money stock, take on new debt and deprive shareholders of some of its potential profits actions. Michael Milken’s group made ​​strategies to take control of a large number of corporations, including Walt Disney, Phillips Petroleum and Avco. Saul Steinberg made ​​what at first seemed a hostile takeover of Walt Disney through Reliance. At one point Reliance became Disney’s largest shareholder. Steinberg filed a amended 13D saying he intended to acquire 25% of the corporation.The CEO of Walt Disney was the son of Walt, Ron Miller. Saul Steinberg is a dear business partner with London’s Jacob Rothschild. Originally, Ron Miller (graduate of Stanford University) and Ray Watson (a member of the Bohemian Grove and Stanford University) team management Walt Disney brought the Bass brothers to help him tartar with the inauguration of Saul Steinberg and buy and develop land (especially in Florida). Ray Watson was Ron Miller’s key right hand to handle things. The Bass brothers are mafia. Arvida Disney acquired the Bass Brothers and bought the Bass brothers to Disney management. The Bass sold its stake in the oil company Texaco, and then used this money to bolster Disney. Sid Bass and Chuck Cobb (CEO Arvida) reached an agreement with Disney. Arvida (sold to Disney for $ 200 mil) would benefit from the development of land in Florida, and Disney would benefit from the new financial strength that would provide them getting Arvida. Arvida owned oil fields, theme parks, and had helped create planned communities. For Ron Miller, on the one hand was the Illuminati, and the other was the mafia. He did not trust either, but Steinberg’s takeover could eliminate Disney’s management and both he (Roy E. Disney) wanted to save as Miller Disney takeover by Steinberg. Firstly, Roy E. wrote a letter to Ron Miller and the other board members stating his concerns about the acquisition of Arvida by Disney management, at least the Bass brothers would let Walt Disney continue to make family films. Later, the Bass brothers joined the Disney management (and became one of the largest shareholders of Disney), they soon joined sides with Roy E. in a discrepancy if Disney should compare the Gibson Greetings Card Company. With enough votes on the board of directors, they sent Ron Miller packing. Ron Miller and men’s management lined up next to Walt’s family who had separated, then CEO Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, Rick Frank and Jeffrey Katzenberg and some others created the modern Walt Disney Corporation. It is Disney Touchtone studio which was mentioned above in connection to the movie Alive was created in 1984 by Walt Disney’s son-Ronald L. Miller. Ron Miller’s style of management was mediocre. The new management has really turned into gang. Although the family side of the family are out of the final Walt Disney management still receive financial rewards from various Disney enterprises. The Bass brothers acquired more land for Disney in Florida. But under their tutelage, Disney now has a management team that is skilled in land grabbing techniques. Bass fortune began with Perry Bass, who created a company called Bass Enterprises. In 1969, Perry retired and handed the things to his eldest son, Sid Richardson Bass. Sid had three younger brothers Ed, Robert and Lee. The Bass owned 27% of Prime Computer, as well as real estate holdings of considerable size, as well as shares in oil. The Bass brothers founded a preparatory school in Fort Worth, Texas. Its main offices are in Fort Worth full of modern art. The Bass brothers were very clever in their deal with Disney.In return for your investment of $ 14 in Arvida, they had gotten (over a period of time) $ 950 million dollars worth of Disney stock. In 1985, they liquidated the Bass Brothers Enterprises, and divided the shares among the four brothers. Sid Bass was able to shift his interests from finances to culture and high society. One of the Bass brothers is involved with wineries in the Napa Valley. The financial strategist was Alfred Checchi Bass Brothers, now of Beverly Hills, who has been a supporter of Senator Mishpucka member, Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). Roy is involved in criminal activities, and several people have been investigated starkly warned that if they will see their children murdered. ‘s Illuminati activity Napa Valley is also connected with the activities of the CUA. The Napa Valley Illuminati families all have CIA connections. For instance, British millionaire Kenneth Armitage, who had to flee from England to avoid arrest on numerous charges of theft, fraud and false accounting, had some of his good friends in the Napa Valley, such as Dr. John Duff, Johnny Beck and others. Armitage has since mysteriously died in prison in England. Armitage had intelligence connections that integrate with the world of shadows of the criminal activities of the numerous acronyms, monsters intelligence. also authorized his company to provide people with documents . of Central American governments are more – many more sordid affairs that revolve around Roy Disney. In Napa Valley, where many members of Disney family live, is the Opus One temple Illuminati owned by the Rothschilds and two streets lined with meticulously kept wineries wine, owned by the Illuminati kingpins and connected by through secret underground tunnels. To top off this incredible collection of Illuminati wineries (Rothschild, Mondavi, Rutherford, Christian Brother, Sattui, etc..), at the north end of a series of wineries on highway 29 is the Greystone Culinary Institute of America, which is owned by the CIA and has a medieval appearance (2555 Main St., St. Helena, CA 94574), where numerous people have suffered torture. Institute of America’s Greystone Culnario recently had the person who manages your campus mentioned in editing the September 1996 issue of House & Garden.


    Several members of the Disney family came to England with William the Conqueror.At that time they were not known as Disney, but because it came from the French Norman town of Isigny, they took the name d ‘Isigny, and anglicized it into Disney. Walt had two daughters, Diane Marie (born December 18, 1933) and Sharon Mae.


Diane made ​​some revealing comments when she said, “he did not consent to us.” Like many teenage girls, I was crazy about horses, and I get to ride very well. She missed my own horse, but Dad would not buy one. And we did not have a lot of clothes and other things. ” To be one of the richest men in the nation, Walt can not be accused of having spoiled their daughters. He was also famous for his ten cent tips at restaurants, which became the talk of the town. Sharon Mae was adopted and arrived at the Disney home December 21, 1936. (she died in 1993). The adoption was kept very secret.The newspapers around the country announced that Lillian had given birth to Sharon, and the Disney family kept this lie for years. The reason given for Sharon’s adoption was that Diane needed a playmate. For years, Walt Disney did not care much Sharon and seldom acted like he even knew her name. Walt wanted a son, but his wife wanted to adopt a girl, so it was a beautiful girl that Lillian picked to be companion to her first daughter. When Sharon was kindergarten age, Walt would take her to the carousels in Griffith Park on Sunday afternoons. Sharon was sent to private schools. She went to Westlake School for Girls, and later was sent to Switzerland to a girls’ boarding school. She had soft golden curls and was attractive. In June of 1948, Walt took Sharon, who was then a very attractive girl of 12 years, Alaska with him for about two months. For most of your trip, Walt and Sharon were alone together. For a parent who has ignored Sharon for years, now Walt was totally obsessed with Sharon. He bathed every night, combed her Cabella, washed her underwear, and carefully dressed her each night from head to toe before taking her to nice restaurants. He even followed her when she sleep walked. Why was Sharon a dissociative person? That summer in Alaska, Walt and his personal pilot took a trip in August to Mt McKinley, Arkansas. Both were drinking whiskey and nearly hitting a mountain, and almost ran out of fuel before finding a runway. Sharon first married a presbyterian, Borgfeldt Robert Brown.

Later, Sharon married William Lund. Years later, Walt’s wife Lilly even prevented a biographer from revealing that Sharon was adopted. Sharon died relatively young. It is important to consider all the Disney family rather than just Walt Disney in trying to understand the Disney phenomena. For example, in 1958, the Wall Street Journal mentioned that Lillian B. Disney was beneficial owner of more than 10% of the common shares of Disney. Lillian, Walt’s widow, quietly purchased property in Napa Valley and moved there at the end of the sixties. She bought the property through Walt’s Retlaw Enterprises and the Lillian Disney Foundation. Lillian and her two daughters drove Retlaw for years. Diane Miller, her daughter, also bought land and moved to the Napa area. The Lillian Disney Foundation bought the Silverado Vineyards, the Diane them and her husband manage as “chivalrous growers” as they call it. east side of the Disney family is shunned by the Illuminati insiders in the Napa Valley, as well as on the side of Roy O. family. Although very private, there are occasional moments of publicity for Diane Disney Miller, when she donated wine for a fund raiser for the Planned Shasta Diablo Family held at the Niebaum-Coppola estate, led by director and producer Francis Ford Coppola. Francis F. Coppola comes from an old mafia family.

He owns a big winery and directed the Disney movie “Legend”, a film about equal opportunities. Local Napa area people do not trust any of the Disney, especially the family side of Roy O. Disney There are others who are linked to the occult world. Wesley Ernest Disney, 32 ° Mason and Shriner, who was a U.S. Congressman, a state official and lawyer in Kansas who had a brother Richard Lester Disney – who is a Rhodes Scholar and a Mason too. Wesley Ernest Disney, by the way began as a lawyer in Muskogee County (Satanic-controlled county), and was a Scientologist. He lived in Tulsa, a powerful city in the hierarchy of the Illuminati. Doris Miles Disney has been a writer of fiction of the occult, such as “The Magic Grandfather the Chandler Policy (1972) and Trick or Treat – Trick or Treat (1972 ) as well as many other occult novels.



“The story of Disney’s career in silent films is not so much a struggle for artistic expression as a fight for commercial stability.”

During the twenties, Walt remained safe within the confines of comic animation as defined by others, such as the producers of Felix the Cat, Koko the Clown and Crazy Cat. , in other words, when many of the ideas came only himself, Disney films were not much better than others. In the thirties, Disney got some of the best talent available and he began to settle for only the best results from that talent.With the mafia and the Illuminati behind him, and driven by an indebtedness to them, Disney began to achieve outstanding results in animation. Between 1924 and 1927, Walt Disney made ​​a series of 56 Comedies of silent Alice, for which they used three different girls (Virginia Davis, Margie Gay and Lois Hardwick six years) to act as Alice who romps around in a cartoon world of fiction. These animations combine live action and animation. By the time the series was done, Walt Disney wanted to try working solely with animation. Margaret Winkler in NY (who married Charles Mintz) distributed the Alice Comedies Walt Disney. From the beginning, children were the center of everything Walt did. The occult world that backed Walt, as well as Walt himself believed that if they can get the “child” (that part of a person called “the child” by various psychologists), then they could also appeal to the curiosity and feelings of the party “child” of the adult. If it worked with adults, they could do the same with the part of the inner child in children. they even knew already in the decades of the 20’s and 30’s what would have to achieve in the Great Secret Plan for a New World Order . The Illuminati Great Plan called to this it was destroyed family life, for children to rebel against their parents, and that the world became more violent. Children needed to immerse in images of violence so that could be created a violent society. For example, in the 1925 film Alice Stage Struck shows little Alice strapped to a log that leads to an automatic wood saw. They also wanted to make occultism – witchcraft – a common belief of the American people. The Illuminati felt they could bring witchcraft if they appealed to the curiosity of the child in every adult. For instance, the Donald Duck cartoon, Corn Chips (1951) shows Donald harassing Chip and Dale who then robbing him come a box of popcorn and watering it throughout the patriotic front. Now, what is what a cartoon like this teaches children? It teaches that stealing to avenge a grudge is OK, and it’s fun to make jokes. movies Disney In 1920, he shows kids skipping school, shoplifting and playing hookey. He shows Alice running away from responsibility to have adventure. He shows prisoners escaping and hobos escaping work. His films are expression of misbehavior being successful. What does this teach children? Cartoon In 1951, fast Enrich, Goofy, it earns money playing poker and his wife, who was initially angry and who does not like gambling forgives him when she sees how much he has won . Goofy indicates that they can now have a buying spree, telling his wife, “Easy Come, easy go” The spirit of gambling is a very powerful spirit that the Illuminati want to instill in this nation.

How can a cartoon that promotes gambling be wholesome for children? Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is a military expert you how to condition people to kill. He writes in his superb book “On Killing” (Boston, Mass.: Little Brown and Co., 1996.) That the same process that the government has used to condition soldiers to kill is being used by the entertainment industry The only major difference is that in the military, men are taught to kill only on command, while our children are being taught to kill through television “entertainment.” Grossman states on page 308 that the conditioning to kill begins with drawings animated.


“It begins innocently with cartoons and then goes on to countless acts of violence depicted on TV as they grow up the child … Then the parents, through negligent or conscious decision, begin to permit the child to watch R movies, R-rated, due to vivid representations of knives penetrating and out of bodies, large streams of blood gushing from amputees members and bullets ripping into bodies and exploding back in showers of blood and brain. ”

While children see on television terrible deaths, they learn to associate this suffering with entertainment, pleasure and their favorite soft drink, their favorite candy bar and an intimate, close contact with his appointment. (See Page 302 in “on Kill”). Disney has the appearance of health, and this appearance is deceptive. A close study of Disney cartoons will reveal lots of violence that could not be depicted if the violence was in real life and not in animation. Health is the facade which is one of the deceptions that make it so dangerous cartoons and Disney movies. Yes, the image of Disney has been that its cartoons are something healthy. It is no wonder that the mind-control programmers of the Illuminati have been laughed at how naive the American public is toward Disney. Cartoons of The Disney Gargoyles are a television series that is pure demonology. The story line is that a race of demons protects New York City. One of the Gargoyles is even named Demona. Illuminati programmers are amazed how stupid the masses of people and how easily fooled. About how Disney movies are used as programming scripts is very involved, so only one detailed example he gives at the end of this chapter. The Illuminati and Mafia knew that Walt had the ability to do the job that the Great asked. (Source: confidential interview.) They knew that they had “carrots and sticks” to get him to cooperate.There is no doubt that Walt was a hard worker who in turn expected high standards from his employees. A co-worker of Walt wrote,

“Walt was a simple statement that you can lick with the ‘product’ if you do your product good enough, they can not refuse. In the view … Walt, all that was done had to be executed with great thought and finesse. ”
Neelands, Barbara, ed. About Ben Sharpsteen, article by David R. Smith (2nd Impress.) Calistoga, CA: A Sharpsteen Museum Reprint, pg 2-3.

A great shift in perspective towards quality Walt came in April 1927, when the head of Universal Studios wrote a scathing report on the quality of Disney studio work. It forced Walt to realize that by then, he had been negligent and careless. Ever decided to take the easy way, but to work with dedication toward making his drawings come to life with character and interesting situations. In 1922, Walt made ​​the movie Cinderella.
This should not be confused with the later animated film made ​​with the same title, released in 1950. The 1950 was re-released numerous times. Alice cartoons were filmed with a 6 year old girl playing the role of Alicia. . The first six Alice comedies had extensive early-live action, and then went to cartoons Some of the titles of the silent cartoon Alice 1920 include:

  • The Wonderland of Alice (1923)
  • Alice Hunting in Africa (1924)
  • The Creepy Adventure Alice (1924)
  • Alicia plays at being Cupid (1925)
  • Alicia Whaling (1927)
  • Alicia Canning the Cannibals (1925)
  • Alicia rocked by the Rats (1925)
  • Alice Chops the Suey (1925)
  • Alicia enchant the Fish (1926)
  • Alice the Whaler (1927)
  • Alice, the Mad on the Beach (1927)

After the series Alice, Disney began a series completely cartoon called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Here we see the occult concept of luck (who has not heard of a rabbit’s foot for luck?) being subtly promoted. The Disney cartoon may entertain, but they also indoctrinate while entertaining. In 1926, Walt Disney signed an agreement with Mintz and Film Booking (EBO) Offices. Accounting Offices of movies were a company Illuminati kingpin / mob boss Joseph Kennedy. For at least the next years, Disney worked under the control (auspices) of Illuminati kingpin Kennedy. All Disney movies were registered by RC Pictures Corp., one of the parent companies of Kennedy’s FBO. Joseph Kennedy also controlled the RKO studio which worked together with the other big studios to insure that no small studio will play out as competitor . By 1937, all the major studios -. 20th Century, Paramount, MGM, Warner Bros., Cohn’s Columbia Pictures and Kennedy’s RKO were allowing the mob skim money from them Kennedy’s RKO gave Walt a guarantee in 1937 , that they distributed the unseen side of Snow White. Walt Disney let his films were distributed by RKO Kennedy 1936-1959. Further detail little known is that in 1926, Leon Schlesiger (future producer at Warner Bros.) subcontracted animation jobs to Disney. One of these was the Steering Silent (Silent Flyer) from Universal Studios.This was an animated cartoon with a soundtrack starring a mouse, who was later named Mickey Mouse drawing. It had taken a lot of work and determination by Walt, but it was the first cartoon with a sound track and it was successful drawing. In 1929 came the cartoon The Haunted House. history it is that Mickey Mouse was forced, because of a storm into a house full of ghosts who force him to contribute to his musical creepy. In 1930, Harry Cohn, one of the most cruel and unpleasant characters controlling a studio, Walt Disney gave bail him out of trouble with co-artist Pat Powers who was stealing money from Disney. Harry Cohn was a former pool hustler and gambler in New York, who was brought in by Chicago investors to front their investments in Columbia Pictures, and to handle them study. The wore a sapphire ring given him by the Chicago mobster Johnny Roselli. Roselli later became an active criminal CIA and testified before Congress (the Church Committee on Assassinations in 1974) on a contract DIA was given. Roselli worked for the Council of 9 of the Mafia that included Anthony Accardo and Sam Giancana. Harry Cohn was said that was one of the most hated men in Hollywood. His money gave him “the power of an emperor”. His money got him the best female flesh available which used for your pleasure. ‘s always seemed to arrive from Las Vegas with rolls of new notes, making his close associates wondering where the money came from that he always got when he made ​​trips to Las Vegas. In 1931, Walt went into a aprofunda suicidal depression that lasted until 1932. During the summer of 1932, he took a vacation to try and recover from his nervous breakdown. In 1932, Ingersoll had marketed its first edition of Mickey Mouse watches. Disney products have served as a model for the world consumption. The Disney watches have been made ​​continuously since 1932 or 1933. In 1932, eighty major U.S. corporations (like General Foods, FCA and National Dairy) began to market Disney products. leave Ed Sullivan began running stories that bragged about Disney’s work. Dr. Mason Rufus B. von Kleinsmid, president of the University of California television, gave Disney an award from Parents magazine (Parents) by “working with children” Walt. In 1932, several artists who had worked for William Randolph Hearst came to work for Disney. In 1932, Roy switched Disney from Columbia to United Artists. United Artists agreed in advance% 15,000 for each animated Disney cartoon. In the 1930s, the Bank of America financed Walt Disney Illuminati. Years before, the Bank of America had been quietly created from Bank of Italy which was controlled by the same oligarchy that has run the Knights of Malta and renaissance Venice. The Bank of Italy was a powerful bank in Hollywood’s first years. Their representatives, and Atilio AP Giannini financed Walt during the twenties with petty cash to keep it active, but not enough to get him out of financial bondage. Joe Rosenberg of Bank of America was favorable to Walt. Joe Rosenberg, a Jewish banker, came to all meetings of the board of Disney, Walt sat next to him and advised about the direction Disney Studios should take. Joe was not a board member, but his advice took high priority . Bank of America, also funded other Illuminati projects and organizations. Bank of America had one of their branch offices on Main Street in Disneyland, from 1955 to 1993. they were open on holidays and Sundays for Disneyland. Bank of America is slated to be perhaps the only bank to survive the economic collapse, when the Illuminati kingpins will allow their own banks to collapse. The executive S. Clark Beise Bank of America (who is a Scottish Rite Freemason) has been a member of Disney’s board of directors from 1965 to 1975. One of the biggest depositors in Bank of America is Roy E. Disney. Other excesses Disney as Rich Frank have also used Bank of America as their bank of choice. Bank of America financed the animated Disney Snow White. Walt managed to sell Joseph Rosenberg on the idea, at a time when the people of the old days of Hollywood was advising Rosenberg that Snow White could only be a failure. When Snow White was successful, Walt announced a monster party for all workers Disney on Lake Norconian near Palm Springs, southeast of San Bernardino, CA, where the cost of everything would sort of Disney workers – food or drink or whatever, would be a Disney account. Under full moon, working men and women of Disney, finally free of rigid rules in school, had the equivalent of a Roman orgy and a large nude submerged in the lake. Almost all of the Disney workers participated in the orgy and Disney had only two options:.. 1 O fire them all or 2 Ignore that this event took place. Walt chose the second option, and after that, no one even dared mention the party in his presence. In 1937, Walt and Roy took a trip to Europe where Walt dined with the British Royal family and met privately with HG Wells, the masonic prophet, one of the planners of what the same Wells and other masons called “the New World Order.” In Paria, the League of Nations (the forerunner to the UN) gave him an award. Banking After the success of Snow, Disney chose Pinocchio to follow him. Many have asked why Pinocchio was chosen by Walt. If you look at the script, the puppet maker’s wife is out of the original script, and there is an emphasis on the little wooden puppet becoming the son of the flesh of the man who created it. Here is a boy with no soul, who is told if he works hard, give it one. (Sound familiar to readers of this Volume 2?) The script was definitely changed to have a much more useful for mind-control programming history. For those who think Walt simply recreated fairy tales on the screen, if one examines the changes that have been made ​​to the original frames of the stories you will see that are changed to make them more useful for mind control. Both Snow White and Pinocchio have occult type of “deaths and resurrections”. After World War II, Joseh Rosenberg persuaded AP Giannini, his boss, Disney refinancing. Though Walt was financed by the Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia), he did not like the idea. Richard Roseberg, who later fuer President of Bank of America, is also Mishpucka. Richard Rosenberg (his mother was a Cohen) was also in charge of Northrop Corporation and Marin Ecumenical Housing Association (another example of Mishpucka executives are R. Goldstein, vice president of Procter and Gamble, and Marvin Koslow, vp Bristol Meyers Co.) In the thirties, the elite promoted Disney’s new cartoons. In 1935, Walt Disney received the French Legion of Honor for his Mickey Mouse animations.

Also in 1935, the Queen of England (who, as you may have noticed the readers of my previous articles, is Illuminati, involved in drug trafficking and is involved with the leadership of Freemasonry) and the Duchess of York (also Illuminati ) selected Mickey Mouse chinaware for 600 children. This was after Walt spent time with her ​​in 1934. League of Nations (the equivalent of the UN before the Second World War) the time to vote its approval of Mickey Mouse was taken. (Finch, Christopher, The Art of Walt Disney, from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom NY. Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1975, p 53.)There is no doubt that Walt Disney has talent. There is also no doubt from the record that powerful people wanted to promote him. Without doubt, his 320 Masonic membership and his DeMolay activities helped him raise his support and also helped Walt overturned towards the occult. digress just to let people in on Freemasonry’s involvement with acting and movies. The famous 233 Club was a Masonic chapter for actors who were Freemasons. Examples of actors who were Freemasons include John Aasen, Gene Autry, Monte Blue and Humphrey Bogart, Douglas McClean, John Wayne. Is also the DJ Dick Clark, TV. Examples of film executives who were Freemasons:

  • Ellis G. Arnall (President of the Society of Industrial Motion Picture Producers)
  • Will H. Hays (Czar of movies from 1922 to 1945 and President of Film Producers and Distributors of Amer. Inc.)
  • B. Kahane (VP and Dir. Assoc. From Motion Picture Producers, Inc.)
  • Carl Laemmle (Pres. Univ. Pictures Corp til ’36)
  • Frank E. Mullen (Man. information department. RCA, vice president of NBC ’39-’46, Exec. ’46-’48 VP NBC)
  • David Sarnoff (BD Chrm.. Radio Corp. of Amer. Y “father” of American television)
  • Jack M. Warner (vice president of Warner Bros.) and President and director of Universal Pictures since 1952

The Freemasons have made ​​much of the accession of Walt Disney in their fields of sales of accession. because the major contributors of the 2 Disney brothers for the production of Disney films were the finances and occasionally the ideas used in a film, is rather misrepresentative of things that Walt Disney obtain full credit for the success and quality of Disney animation. He was showered with 700 awards and honors from important people, including 30 Oscars and the Presidential Medal for Freedom (1964). ‘s great animators of Walt Disney never got the credit they deserved, but no one should forget that Walt was the driving force that led to and inspired their workers. In 1934, Walt Disney made ​​a cartoon about a goddess of the Mystery Religions named Persephone. In the cartoon entitled “The Goddess of Spring”, the goddess Persephone is captured by Satan as his bride and sent to the underworld, with the agreement that could return to earth six months of each year. The Illuminati have rituals around Persephone. The December 21, 1937, Disney premiered the first feature film full color “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This cartoon had taken $ 1.4 million in money from the time of depression and three years of time to do. Over 750 artists worked on the film. Walt Disney got the idea from a silent movie of Snow White which he saw as a child in 1927. The movie has an important occult theme to it, and has been used for occult mind-control programming. When he began the decade of the ’40s, Disney was in financial difficulties. At this point, Nelson Rockefeller hired his cartoon capabilities to make cartoons for Latin America, with the idea that Latin Americans remain loyal to the American capitalist hegemony, rather than changing the surgentes ideologies of fascism / nazism, if they saw the cartoons Walt Disney. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 24, 9142, Disney made ​​its world premiere Greeting Friends, a cartoon of 42 minutes on Latin America. Goofy becomes a gaucho, a parrot teaches Donald Duck to dance the samba, as well as Disney art showing various landscapes of Brazil in the film. However, the film The Three Caballeros if it was to promote Latin American loyalty to American capitalism, completely failed. The Three Caballeros showed a sexually lecherous Donald Duck who in bad taste tries to make it with Latin women. The mysticism was also seen as false. Although Latin Americans hated the film, the magazine of the media praised the establishment. Another reason that Rockefeller sent Walt to South America was to out of the way so that the government could settle the strike by Disney workers. Nelson Rockefeller was the government’s Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, a good position considering how much of South America was controlled by Rockefeller. Rockefeller told Disney that Disney could not beat the strikers, but while Walt was in South America, Franklin d. Roosevelt is responsible for resolving the strike. When Disney returned he submitted to the powers that were, and accepted the unions and control of the Mafia. Another change for Walt Disney was that in 1940, he and Roy turned Disney into a “public corporation” and initially sold 755,000 common shares. Illuminati Bostonian firm Kidder, Peabody & Co. were the underwriters of the shares offered to the public. By 1940, the Disney Studio at Burbank had become a miniature city with 1,000 men and women employees and 20 buildings on an area of 51 acres of land. After the United States to join the Second World War, Disney Productions became part of the U.S. military establishment. The very next day after Pearl Harbor, the military moved to the Disney Studio, which leads this author to suspect that Disney was already part of the establishment of power before the outbreak of war. Disney made ​​movies / animations military taught various military branches many things. They made ​​propaganda movies for the allies. A series of films was “Why we fight.” Disney made ​​movies for the IRS to get people to pay their taxes. Some of the Disney films were top secret, military or secret psychological tactics for Americans. For instance, one military film was “Army Psycho Therapy” which taught the soldiers how to instill fear, and about the basics of fear. Another military film was “Prostitution and the War.” Another showed a pigeon evading the Germans.

In 1930, Disney came out with 2 animated cartoons feature film, Pinocchio and Fantasy, which both were used for mind control programming Illuminati. Fantasy contains Catholic church music of Schubert, Ave Maria, which was used in a segment closing, side by side with the profane Night song on Bald Mountain, as well as six other classical pieces of orchestra music. As cartoon was a failure, but as a programming tool it was fantastic. fantasy receives a comprehensive explanation of how it is used for mind-control programming at the end of this chapter. For an explanation of the use of a Disney film for mind-control is complex, this explanation has been placed at the end of the chapter to avoid interrupting the flow of information contained in this chapter. Some of the following feature films cartoon out were:

The Three Caballeros (1945)

  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (’49)
  • Cinderella (1950)
  • Treasure Island (1950)
  • Alice in Wonderland (1951)
  • The story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men (1952)
  • Peter Pan (1953)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
  • Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Very soon after the production of all these movies, the Illuminati and their intelligence agencies used them for total Illuminati mind control programming. To see their misuse as programming scripts, one must understand how the fantasy worlds of a multiple they are created and how to scheduled movie scripts are adapted to the programming scripts.

Volume 2 gave a few examples of how the scripts of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz scripts were used for scripting or programming. When Disney had his animal-nature documentaries, he edited and used narration to give the animals human like characteristics -. Anything he had already been doing with animation Disney played an important part in the Illuminati’s plan to elevate animals and dehumanize humans. One of the biggest capos Illuminati, and leader (Grand Master) of the Priory of Sion was Frenchman Claude Debussy (born 1962). Claude Debussy a Merovingian , was Nautonnier (Navigator-helmsman) of the Priory of Sion, from 1885-1918 . (See the document-Files, Iron No. 4, Order of Sion, where he writes about this in. Holy Blood, Holy Grail – . Holy Blood, Holy Grail) In 1891, when some secret scrolls encoded (Merovingian documents) were found by the French clergyman Sauniere, he was directed by church to visit Hoffet Emile, a known occultist Debussy officers. Debussy was close to many of the major French occultists of his time friend. He is known to have been a friend of the notorious Satanists fenced Jules Bois and MacGregor Mathers. Mathers started the Order of the Golden Dawn (Golden Dawn). Debussy was also a friend of the infamous Papus (aka Dr. Gerard Encausse) and WB Yeats. Papus was one of the men who during his lifetime was part of the address hidden enclave of occult groups. Claude Debussy put some works of the previous Grand Master Victor Hugo to music. Debussy and his other powerful occult friends were influential with Monsieur Philippe, whose Russian occult circle influenced the Russian Czars and tsarinas before Rasputin came. Debussy traveled to Russia and Rome. Some of Debussy’s works became operas.Interestingly, Walt Disney was extremely anxious to make a cartoon using Debussy’s Clair de Lune. The work was done, but was never shown to the public. Disney never found a place to use it. It was originally done with animation with flying skulls, occult fantasy extravaganza, but when Fantasy ended up being too long, Moonlight was cut and shelved. It was again planned for the film Make Mine Music, but replaced with Blue Bayou. Walt used the Le Sacre du Printemps music (The Rite of Spring) for Fantasy. This piece of music was written AS a pagan ritual where a virgin sacrifices herself dancing to death. Disney’s mobster Gunther Lessing had threatened Stravinsky if permission is not granted to Disney to use the piece of music would be used anyway. Dr. Julian Huxley got involved in the production and Fantasy. Aldous and Julian Huxley are well known by conspiracy researchers for their roles in the World Order. During the decades of the forties and fifties, the Illuminati began using films Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz as programming bases for their total mind control slaves. Alice in Wonderland had been done many years ago by the British William Cameron Menzies (who also did Freemason Masonic transmission of HG Wells to the New World Order entitled “Things Come “in 1936, and the movie” Invaders from Mars). In 1944, William Randolph Hearst Illuminati kingpin (with a little help from others) founded the Alliance of Animated Films and Walt Disney became a co-founder and its first Vice-President. During the early fifties Walt He turned his attention from animated cartoons to other projects, such as True-Life-Adventures, television programs and the creation of Disneyland. The Island of Seals (Seal Island) was his first adventure in real life, which was released to the general public on May 4, 1949, and soon won Walt Disney an Oscar. Alfred and Emma Milotte had shot the film in some islands of Pribilof Islands Alaska calls. James Algar had composed the film. In 1952, Walter spelled his name backwards to create the name of another company or corporation “Retlaw”. Roy and his family saw the move as an attempt to cut them out of the financial picture. In 1954, Walt Disney and ABC made ​​a agreement. ABC directly invest half a million U.S. dollars as well as guarantee $ 4.5 million loan for the construction of Disneyland. This made ​​the ABC was owned by 1/3 of Disneyland. In return, Walt Disney agreed to produce regular television series for ABC. Also remember that ABC president Leonard Goldenstein was a good friend of Ronald Reagan. ‘s July 13, 1955, Walt and Lillian were attempting to celebrate their 30 th wedding anniversary at a park and restaurant. Walt was too drunk to talk on the microphone, so he blew noises while Lillian ran to pull it out of sight. In 1961, Disney bought the investment of the ABC (also labeled Paramount) for $ 7.5 million with cash and notes, and to bring all this up, later, July 31, 1995, Disney merged with Capital Cities / ABC, with Disney in nominal control. Actually Capital Cities has long had been a CIA front company, so the merger placed Disney squarely within the CIA ranks, although it had been in bed with her throughout the history of the CIA. The companies of the Coca-Cola controlled by the Illuminati, and the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson became sponsors for Disney’s early TV shows. On 3 July 19587, The Wall Street Journal announced that Atlas Society got 26% interest in Walt Disney Productions. Walt Disney worked quietly with some consultants on the concepts behind Disneyland. His brother and nephew tried to prevent the project was made. Later he asked that Walt sign over Disneyland, Inc. to Walt Disney Productions, which Walt did. Walt kept 17.25% of the shares of Disneyland and Walt Disney Productions got the rest. Walt Disney Productions then shared their portion with others. The man who helped Walt finance Disneyland was the executive vice-president of the ABC, Kinter. Walt Disney got the Illuminati Institute, Stanford Research determine which would be the best site for Disneyland. A retired Navy admiral Joe Fowler was in charge of constructing both Disneyland and Disney World. How do admirals fit into the power structure?


The Admirals are briefed each day, and are given information about the secret power structure. Most men who are at that military level are Illuminati or at least they are well controlled by the system. In the span of the last few years there has been an intense effort to weed out the admirals who are not loyal to the Illuminati. Morgan-Evans, who lives in Malibu, and who may be the famous clan Morgen was the one who created the spectacular landscapes for Disneyland , Walt Disney World and EPCOT in Florida. According to informants opposed to the NWO DIA, CIA contractors were brought in to build the underground tunnels under Disneyworld in 1977.
These contractors were sworn to secrecy, but were only informed on a need to know basis why the CIA was involved with entertainment park. To work on the secret tunnel project took a pass from “Top Secret”. A major programming center was constructed under Lake Holden. (Many of the lakes in Florida are named Lake So-and-so, instead of which Just Lago). The tunnel system was built for programming trauma-based fully controlled slaves. It was built of concrete with steel reinforcement. Lake Holden lies just to the northwest side of the Orlando International Airport and just south of Interstate Highway 4. (It’s near the Cordillera 29E mapped quad.) Is only (as the crow flies) about 12 miles from Disneyworld. In spite of Draconian measures of secrecy, numerous lawsuits (Federal and State) were filed over the years by victims trying to expose the tunnels programming Disneyworld, so that finally the programming center was dismantled, cleaned and finally tunnel “maintenance” tunnel yu “casting” were open to the public. During its heyday, the programmers (military and intelligence men) had exotic offices underground with unusual programming equipment. It does not take much imagination to realize that if Disney carried out the mind-control program above and below ground, that they would need tight security to protect their secrets. Indeed, such is the case. A Disney amusement parks have been granted draconian powers wherever they have built. The Disney parks have also employed armies of spies dressed tourists to spy on Disney’s employees. If amusement park workers did anything it slightly out of place, was (and still are) reported, and have often lost their jobs. For example, one ex-worker, who spent 10 years with Disney, was caught discussing his divorce with another worker. Since divorce does not fit the wholesome image that Disney wants, when the spy dressed tourist reported his conversation, employee lost his job. Many workers have tried to tell their personal horror stories of the draconian rules of Disney and its private police force, but mostly Disney has the power to suppress and intimidate away any bad publicity. An exception to that is the recent article 4 November 1996, the Napa Valley Register, on page 2D entitled “Reviews of Disneyland says there’s an Abusive Security within the Magic Kingdom.” Professor of the UCLA professorDavid Sklansky commented about Disney’s police,

“One of the main problems we have is nobody really knows what they are doing – how often they stop, interrogate or search people. They are subject to the same sort of regulatory controls. ”

It is almost superfluous to tell readers that Disney’s amusement part with their subjects, such as Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Adventure Land areas were a great success. Everyone was curious to visit this entertainment Mecca to participate in something that had a clean, wholesome image. entire world system pulled together to insure that Disneyland had the image and publicity that the main 13 Illuminati families and the various syndicates wanted I had. For 40 years they have done this. When something that everyone thinks is clean and wholesome is not attacked by the world system, that should do raise eyebrows among thinking people. Homeschooling, learning to read phonetically and other wholesome activities for children have been viciously attacked and ridiculed by the established media. Why has Disney gone untouched? Disney Studios for years strove to have a very clean image. Workers had dress codes, and any activity on the part of employees that was not morally conservative was grounds for immediate termination. course, the exceptions were well concealed, such as an employee who used hypnosis to get quite a number of female employees to undress until she was naked. John L. Hulteng , author of The Messenger’s Motives (Englewood Cliff, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1976, p 213) informs us,

“As researchers have emphasized communication, greater media impact on the formation or change of public opinion is in terms of accumulated impressions over a long period.”

The wholesomeness of Disney is an image that has been built over a long period of time. Hidden Disney themes of world citizenship, witchcraft, humanism and idolatry have also been long-lasting prints that have been perpetrated upon this nation by hand, so long ago that began long before the birth of this author – and probably the birth of reader. movies not asocial people as “Consenting Adults with Disney, or The body Had a Familiar Face with Disney. Indeed, as has been previously mentioned, when Disney wanted to release more films for “adults”, made ​​a slight movement of the hand and created the brand movie Touchstone, so people do not associate movies like Splash (which showed what that looked like bared breasts) with Disney Productions. Another brand, Hollywood Pictures, was created by Disney to help distribute Touchstone films. At first the personnel of these companies was simply Disney staff, but as time they got their own production personnel. On October 27th 1954, the Wonderful World of Disney Color debuted on television. The television program celebrating the triumphs of the Disney movies. The words Wonderful World of Color are not ill chosen. According to a developer of mind-control Illuminati, when Disney worked on his cartoons, and amusement parks, colors – special colors and color combinations – were specifically chosen for purposes of mind control programming. Wonderful World of Color under various names such as Disneyland aired for 22 years on television networks. In 1955, Walt Disney made ​​his cartoon character Mickey Mouse real-creating a fan club – the Mickey Mouse Club, transmitting five days a week, usually just at the time when children were returning home from school. called Twenty Musketeers children would help Mickey, and they would dance and sing and would do skits. The Mickey Mouse Club adored the unique, cute little Mickey Mouse hat with their big ears mounted to each side of the beanie. In the fifties, most younger viewers of the program wanted their own “Mouse Ears” and to become a Musketeer, especially children who were receiving Mickey Mouse scripts in their total mind-control programming. uses Disney Musketeers to play their roles in all of Oz movie, Road to Oz, which was never shown to the public. Adults today (both men and women) who received Mickey Mouse programming during the fifties to the seventies can still be seen with Mickey Mouse clocks, lampshades, trinkets, shirts, etc.. Years later, children saw can still remember the theme of “Spin and Marty” and the Mickey Mouse, The image that everything was perfect including Mickey was portrayed by the Club’s TV program. But somehow, the people of the United States began to use the word “Mickey Mouse” as a synonym for a ridiculous way of trying to do silly things. It became common for people to say “He” mickeymouseó all “to mean he did a poor job putting together everything. ‘s January 30, 1957, Walt Disney had a broadcast television program entitled “All About Magic” where a Magic Mirror explains about magic. The Magic Mirror also contains a “Bibbidi-bibbidi-boo” sequence. In 19959, Disney bought 8 small submarines from Todd Shipyards for $ 2, 150,000 -. When ABC would not let Walt make a TV series of a story where a magic ring turns a boy into a dog (a topic of programming mind control) – because ABC did not think the public could swallow the story line -. Walt left ABC for NBC Walt then made ​​a scaled down version of this hidden history, entitled “The Shaggy Dog”. In the early sixties, Walt and his brother Roy went secretly looking for an area on the coast to build another Disney this park. Walt, the younger of the two died in 1966, and Roy finished the project. Starting in 1964, 30,000 were acres secretly acquired for the price of $ 200 a hectare in the area of Orlando, Florida, just west of Cape Kennedy NASA. using false names and paying cash, Disney buyers bought the land and made ​​him swear to secrecy sellers. The Magic Kingdom has been multiplying. In 1971, Walt Disney World Disney was open to the public. Bob Hope and others participated in a Disney special on Oct. 29, 1971 “Grandiose opening of Walt Disney World” – From the time of its opening until Oct. 12, 1995, Disney World estimated ½ billion people visited DisneyWorld . This amusement park is in Orlando, Florida, over 27,400 acres and includes the EPCOT Center (now also called simply Epcot). The EPCOT center was another dream of Walt Disney (although slightly modified from Walt’s original ideas about EPCOT). EPCOT originally corresponded to an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was to be an extension of the massive mind-control being carried out at Disney World. The original city of EPCOT designed by Walt was to exercise its commerce (traffic) via roads and underground tunnels as those at theme parties Disney. After Walt died, his successors changed the proposed experimental themed party to another simply called Epcot. It is not unusual to see crowds of over 48,000 people descend to Walt Disney World and EPCOT center in a single day. Some visitors arrive through a single channel. Visitors can purchase passes bounce 5-Days, which allow them to bounce with that admission to all the sites for a period of seven days. In other words, some families stay for a week at Disneyworld. Regular visitors can get Annual Passports which provide unlimited use of Walt Disneyworld for an entire year. In reality, many visitors to Disneyworld begin the aunt with enthusiasm, and after a day of hot sun and waiting in long lines with large crowds for imitations of reality, the tourists become like zombies and just waiting to return to their hotels and .

Many people have felt the rides were not nearly what they expected. Some of the rides are better than others, and some get the usual comments like, “That was stupid.” Some of the spooky events like the Adventures of Snow White, or heads on size Disney characters walking around can leave to preschool children terrified and dazed for the rest of the day. In contrast, older children, who usually never show any patience at home may show how much they wanted to go to a Disney ride in particular, waiting an hour and a half in the hot sun for a ride. Alien Encounter is a feature of Disneyland Walt invites tourists to come in for a “demonstration of interplanetary teleportation.” When the “demonstration” as planned “breaks” an “alien” with antisocial traits appears among the audience and terrorizes.A cute creature is hideously fried, deformed, and then vomited into a spatial cry.

Here are some comments from visitors to this Walt Disneyland attraction:

  • “Alien Encounter … is one of those rides I can say I’ve seen, and I do not intend to do it again.In fact, parents who take children under six should be educated about child abuse
    woman, MI
  • “Alien Encounter was the WORST experience for my ten year old son (and pada house each child there).Getting cute enough during the preshow, b ut the actual show is a disaster for children. My daughter screamed and cried in terror throughout the ride. I thought the Disney warnings were vague and inaccurate. When I left, there was not one child with dry eyes (even children 12 years old that looked strong were crying.) Think it would be more appropriate age requirement of 13 or 14. I talked to a few adults and even I agreed that the special effects were extremely unpleasant even for us. This show is not a Disney family experience – is ATROCIOUS! A mother from Phillipsburg, NJ.
  • “Went to Alien Encounter … The preshow is deceiving you.As they lull one to think “that’s not so bad.” When came the main part, I admit the experience gave me absolute chills … I will never go to this presentation again – it was too intense for me, and that I was 17 years old – from a family in Laurel, MD Michael Eisner , President of the Walt Disney Company initially rejected Alien Encounter for not scary enough when it was being considered as an addition to Disneyworld.

One wonders what he would have liked to!
The Adventures of Snow White, which is an attraction at Disneyland, was one of the Disney people called “dark rides”. After a moment, a signal appears with a witch warning people that the attraction was scary. Later, in 1983, re-named The Adventures of Snow White Terrifying.


It may be interesting to note that when the original film Snow White and the Dwarfs Feel came out, that England banned the film was seen by any child under 16 unless it were accompanied by an adult because of the scary content film. How far we have come since then? Schools in the areas of Florida and California also make trips to the Magic Kingdom that are arranged with Disney. EPCOT receives tens of thousands of children this way during March, September and October. High schools use the Magic Kingdom for proms or graduation nights, and some couples use the facilities of the Magic Kingdom for weddings. Modern Bride magazine ranked Orlando as the number one destination for honeymoon in the world. Group discussions with people who took honeymoons to DisneyWorld have consensus that advertising is not as great as the reality.

Some weddings are done with cartoon characters. Disney offers wedding packages “fairy tales”. A big deal for two mind-controlled slaves. They can reinforce their programming while getting married. The Disney fairy-tale wedding typically has its ceremony on a pavilion on an island in the Seven Seas Lagoon with the Cinderella Castle as a backdrop. The wedding fairytale can then be followed with a Fantasy reception with a choice of themes such as Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin. fantasy programming can continue as the bride is sent to “Dancing Cinderella” by a actual glass carriage pulled by six white Disney ponies. A fairy-godmother in disguise and stepsisters are also at the ball. Dessert is served in a white chocolate slipper. One of the shows after dark are Illuminations , consisting of music, fireworks, erupting fountains, special lighting, and laser technology done at the World Showcase Lagoon des. EPCOT has a show in section Cranial Command in the Wonders of Life in the Future World, where guests sit in a theater that functions as a command control center for the brain of a child. In 1980, Disney came out with the box office flop “The Devil and Max Devlin”.


In 1984, Roy E. Disney brought in Michael Milken, of junk bond fame to help Disney financially. In 1985, Disney bought the rights to the MGM logo Leo and the Lion, and began to use material Mago of Oz MGM. Later, a new version of Alice in Wonderland came out with the modern motif of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. In the nineties, the Illuminati controlled companies continued their promotion of Disney. For example, the company of the Nestlé Family promotes Disney movies on their chocolate bars. The Nestle family is exposed in this author’s booklet Illuminati Control Over Foods and Grains, page 4 as one of the elite families of the Black Nobility. In 1996, Walt Disney World created an autonomous residential town called Celebration on its property.

The region has 20,000 and a school, a theater, an information network linking fiber optic business as well as other features.

Some people DISNEY interest
Over the years, the close associates of Disney are very revealing. The public can get a feel for Disney’s attitude toward Illuminati bloodlines in the Disney movie, “The Happy Millionaire,” which is about Anthony J. Drexel Biddle and Angie Duke. Readers of this author’s previous writings will recognize the Biddle and Duke names. Indeed, the film was loosely based on a book written by Cordelia Drexel Biddle about the Biddles.

  • X Atensio– His first name was Xavier, but she nicknamed and called X. He worked on the haunted mansion of Disneyland with WED Enterprises. He joined Disney in 1938, and was an assistant animator of Fantasia.
  • Warren Beatty(b. 1937 in VA) – This actor is from the Illuminati Beatty family and starred in Disney’s Dick Tracy. The Dick Tracy film uses color in a special way, and is associated with the programming of mind-control colors. Some of total mind-control slaves have programming based on Disney’s Dick Tracy, that they track and kill “targets” (people). Warren’s sister is the famous (or infamous) Shirley Maclaine. Shirley “MacClaine” is not who he appears to be. His father was a professor who was an active CIA. She was used by the CIA as a sex slave. It became popular with the studios because she went to bed with the right people. Her talents were used to get her as a slave intelligence in places that obvious intelligence agent could not go. She was married to a man in the NSA for nearly 20 years. Her adopted name Maclaine (reportedly the maiden name of his mother) is a play on words, where “McLain, VA where the CIA programmed her. She was used by the CIA in an operation in Australia, where the CIA used her as a sex slave to compromise Andrew Peacock, an Australian MP “so they could establish the Nugen-Hand bank for their dirty milled money, etc.. she a friend the Satanist Stephen Nance who has provided some of his teachings. Lowell McGovern writes her material. The CIA has programmed many of their New Age slaves to adore Shirley MacLaine. An example of this is Crista Tilton, one of his slaves, who revealed mind-controlled, in an interview how she considered herself to have been born again Christian, who has spent most of her life in Oklahoma, but was mysteriously drawn to Shirley MacLaine. During her life, she has received she repeated “psychic emergency” – which are Strong constraints to do things and go places, which she does not understand where they come from these constraints. After hypnosis, Crista drew pictures of the doctor who programmed. Crista is constantly monitored by a federal agent. Her husband has seen this agent, who has shown at the door of his house and made ​​her calls. She names the agent John Wallis (which is most likely a cover name). This agent has complete knowledge of her life, and government agents have taken photos of her during her alleged experiences of “alien abduction”. Crista is only one of hundreds of victims who have been programmed to adore Shirley MacLaine. (Crista is mentioned here because she is one case that this author is familiar.) Warren Beatty, who flies his speech with four-letter words was a student of Stella Adler Studio Theatre in New York City.
  • Shirley Temple Blacksat on the Disney board of directors (74-75.) Her films were used for some of the programs in the early 40s and 50s, and teaching body Elite / slave dance movements.She married into a family of the Elite Network of San Francisco named Charles A. Black. Charles A. Black was a Lt. Col. in the Pentagon, and lived in Bethesda, MD. Was Shirley an early example of brain-stem scarring to get geniuses? Shirley’s brother appears to have developed “Multiple Sclerosis” from a brain-stem scarring. It was Shirley Temple who co-founded Societies International Federation of Multiple Sclerosis, and was a member of its executive committee. Shirley represents the American Assembly at the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1969, belongs to the Sierra Club and has been awarded with the Cross of Malta. Shirley has shown signs that he could be a protected infant child and controlled by the Illuminati mind.
  • Stephen Bollenbach– Bollenbach was part of Walt Disney management, and was a key figure who helped engineer the purchase of $ 19 billion Disney Enterprises Capital Cities / ABC of the CIA, as well as sell the idea to Eisner. He is the Executive Director of the Corporation Hilton Hotels Network. He has recently been involved with trying to buy ITT, in order to meet the combination of larger casino hotels in the world. Bollenbach has an extensive background with the gaming industry / gambling. When the Department of Justice began looking into the merger of Disney with Capital Cities / ABC, Bollenbach resigned his Disney position. Some people feel his resignation was needed for Disney got the Justice Department approved the merger, because his past was vulnerable to be exposed.
  • Warren Buffett– Main shareholder in Walt Disney. He also owns 40% of Berkishire Hathaway Inc., which also owns many shares of Disney. According to SF Examiner, Buffett himself owns 24 million shares of Disney. Warren Buffet is part of the Ak-Sar-Ben Monarch slaves and abusers who were exposed in the Savings and Loan scandal Nebraska fraternity. He is perhaps the second richest man in the nation, and too powerful for anyone to touch. capos in battles against bosses, some people close to the inside see Buffett as a good guy. Readers need to study the Savings and Loan scandals Lincoln and connecting escándales programmed child slaves at Boy’s Town to get more information about this shareholder in Disney. Robert G. Hagstrom, Jr. who is the portfolio manager of the mutual fund Focus Trust, which has shares in Walt Disney, wrote the book “The Way of Warren Buffett. Hagstrom has a chapter on Disney in his The Warren Way Buffet.He quotes Buffett as extremely enthusiastic about Disney’s merger with Capital Cities / ABC. Because of their enthusiasm, Buffet says, “The odds are very high that we will have a very large amount of Disney stock.”
  • Salvador Dali– This strange surrealist Spanish artist was a friend of Walt Disney. After Salvador was kicked out of Spain by the belief Franco that he was a communist, he came to the United States and worked with Disney Studios in 1946. Salvador, an eccentric who has no particular habits of work, he described himself follows, “The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not crazy.
  • The Tommy Dorsey Band– This band has had a number of men in it who are abusers mind control slaves associated with the Network Frank Sinatra, a sexual slave user, got his big break with this band. This band performed at Disneyland in 1984 at the Plaza Gardens. Tommy Dorsey was part of the crowd inside the Network When he was on a USO tour with Bob Hope, he stabbed actor Joe Hall and threw him out a window. Joe had to give him 32 stitches. But he was not done justice, the judge dismissed his case against Tommy.
  • Michael Dammann Eisner– Disney President is an active CIA and is connected to the mafia. Some insiders believe he is connected to elements of the CIA and the mob that are anti-NWO. Still, these factions anti-New World Order also employ mind-control. Eisner ignored a threat by Red China to boycott Disney products if he made ​​a movie about the nation Tibet that China is controlled by draconian forces. Le UN, the Commerce Department and the State Department, all tried unsuccessfully to make it back to make the film. A paper trail connecting Michael Eisner and Walt Disney Co. to mind control is their support of the Boys’ Club and Babes of Napa Valley, which is used to provide children for pedophilia and mind control. Club for Boys and Girls is used to supply caddies in the Campestre Silverado Club, where these children are also used as-controlled mind to the sexual perversions of the elite slaves. Notice that the Club Campestre Silverado Napa invites celebrities (such as the active CIA, Pat Boone, Joe DiMaggio, ex-husband of sex slave Marilyn Monroe, Engelbert Humperdick a slave trader, Digger Phelps, Notre Dame’s coach who uses slaves, and Jack Valenti, President of Association Movie Motion Picture Association and part of the Bohemian Groove) for golf tournaments, which are labeled and advertised as a “benefit to the Club Girls and Boys.” The benefit for child slaves is they become caddies and provide perverted sexual services. Michael (born March l7, 1942 in New York) comes from an old American family that has been rich merchants and lawyers. Michael grew up in luxurious Park Avenue, and the “play setting” of your family is in Bedford Hills near Mount Kisco, New York. Attended a private school in the Elite, the Allen-Stevenson, which is famous for its children’s orchestra. At the age of 14, he went to the Lawrencevill School, which is a preparatory school for Princeton, whose tuition in 1956 was $ 3,000. In class Eisner was the son of the governor of New York and other sons of powerful, such as the son of Saudi Prince, Turqi al-Faisal men. The school is a prep school for the establishment’s entertainment industry. Students are only allowed to see their parents on major holidays. Eisner was in the Periweg Club, society drama school. His poor academic performance meant that he had to attend a small liberal arts college rather than Princeton or Harvard such as was family tradition. For instance, his grandfather had attended Philips Exeter Academy and Harvard. His grandfather served in many government commissions and belonged to the Harvard Club, the American Club in London as well as some yacht clubs. Between his junior and senior years in high school, Eisner was a whole page on the NBC headquarters at Rockefeller Center. In 1966, he got a job in the programming department of ABC. He had an influential position. Eisner had a good opportunity to decide TV programming. I was 21 when the target audience was 21 years old, and when turned 35, the target age of the film industry was then 35


He has been described as having “supernatural enthusiasm” coupled with a lifelong quest unproven ideas.

  • Rich H. Frankwas Executive Vice President of Walt Disney until his sudden resignation about a year before this document was written. The working side by side with Katzenberg and went when Katzenberg resigned in a dispute with Disney Chief Eisner. Rich Frank was President of Walt Disney Division television media. He acquired the estate of Van Hoffenwiggen when Van Hoffenwiggen fled the country and vanished when Lendvest began to be exposed. Hoffenwiggen Van was a major figure involved with Lendvest Mortgage Inc., a drug operation milled and drug contraband, operating outside the Napa Valley. Company was also the fastest growing real estate foreclosures in northern California, until it began to be exhibited his smuggled drugs. Lendvest did some tricks to the Bank Nugen. Millions of dollars of investors and creditors have disappeared, leaving many people suffering, and the mortgage company to host protection from creditors in U.S. Bankruptcy court, which is still operating. The private bank Edmond Safra international finance, the Republic National Bank of NY laundered money Medellin drug cartel. Safra’s bank sent Lendvest many lots of new $ 100 bills. ‘s Safra are linked to the Rothschilds. (It is said that the recent Safra are landowners in Helena near Napa (through Good Wine Co. which is the Spring Mountain wineries), near where Lendvest is headquartered Edmond’s nephew, Jacob Safra has a Good Wine Co. partnership in Napa Valley. Citi Corporation Rothschild gave Republic National Bank the ability to issue international bonds transaction (world) bearer (“bank notes”). The Luxembourg branch / Belgium National Bank of Paris issued a bearer bond that was connected to the ongoing operation of Lenvest drug. In England, the U.S. citizen Mike Spire ran the British operation and InVest Lenvest.’s father was InVest Landvest, which has operated in the UK, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Paraguay. Doing short a long story, Lendvest has been an international operation CIA-Mafia drug, with shades and Illuminati connections to it. With all this in mind, it is strange that the President of the Division mass television Walt Disney, Rich Frank, bought the palatial mansion of John O. Van Hoffenwiggen, after Van Hoffenwiggen disappear when the country began to be accusations and arrests of people connected to Lendvest . According to insiders, Rich Frank is also one of a number of Napa Valley people involved in illegal labeling of wines. Rich Frank was a key figure in the company of Disney programming, with three regional Bell Telephone companies (Ameritech, Bell South and SBC Commun.) Joining.

The Bell telephone company wanted to get into cable TV. Michael Ovitz formed a rival of 3 other Bell phone companies group. Calvin Robinson, who joined with Land Vesst, worked with Boyce, who in turn work for the company TRW in Redondo Beach, California.


Boyce was sentenced to 40 years for selling secrets to monitor U.S. to the Soviets.

  • Daniel Hillis, the co-founder of a supercomputer producer Thinking Machines from MIT, in his office in the engineering unit of Walt Disney Pictures, Hillis helped Disney develop a virtual-reality ride at Disneyland based on the cartoon Aladdin.
  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, has been the chairman of Disney’s movie studio, is an aggressive worker, a person model of Type A. “Ask 50 people to describe Jeffrey Katzenberg, and most will say stubbornly, ‘If Jeffrey were a little more aggressive would be in jail, “says the producer Dan Melnick.” (Harmetz, Aljean, “Who Makes Run at Disney?)”, New York Times, February 7, 1988, page 29). Katzenberg is the father twins, so people make the joke that is typical of his efficiency. Katzenberg supervised the production of Star Trek. Most of his films have been big hits. In the seventies, Katzenberg worked for NY Mayor John Lindsay.
  • Martin Sanford Litvack– Sanford is the Executive Vice President of Disney and in charge of “Human Resources” for the corporation. He is a Jewish lawyer who was educated at the Jesuit Georgetown University. He is on the board of directors of Beth Txedek.
  • Vincent Price. Price has been one of the most influential occultists who has provided the world with many occult horror books and scripts. He worked for Disney some, and was the voice for Ratigan in The Great Mouse Detective. The great friend of Vincent Price, John Hay Whitney is an Illuminati kingpin and vice president of the Pilgrim Society and was raised into the Illuminati through the Yale fraternity, Scrill & Key. A friend Whitney likes horror movies.
  • The Osmond Brothers-. Merrill Osmond’s children were “discovered” at Disneyland when they were visiting the site in 1962 The Disney people on Main St. “happened” to recognize the talent of the five boys and soon hired for your first contract professional singing. The Osmond Boys did some television appearances for Disneyland such as “Meet me at Disneyland” Disnayland after dark.(Considering the mind-control programming done to these children Osmond, these TV shows were a cruel joke). Of the singing Osmond kids, Danny is the next to the youngest, and his sister Marie is the youngest. Both Donny and his sister Marie are programmed multiples who are slaves, and have been subjected to much abuse. Buena They facade. His father has won millions of drugs, porn and white slavery and is part of the Mormon Illuminati front. The Mormon front of the Illuminati has gotten a lot of good publicity through the Osmond. They sang for Andy Williams whose French wife was once accused of murder charges. Later they sang for the satanic Network’s Lawrence Welk program. Lawrence Welk, his Swedish accent was part of the Network Maire Osmond has grown and has adopted 3 of her 5 children in spite of her busy singing schedule which includes approximately 200 programs per year singing in places like Atlantic City, controlled by the Mafia.


In terms of occult families, adopted children are often programmed children, so this is a clue that her children have been programmed too.

  • Michael Ovitz– Ovitz was eh man # 2 at Walt Disney for a while until near the end of 1996, Michael Ovitz was a classmate in high school VanNuys, CA with Michael Milken (later the Wizard of bonds junk), and there are many of the same people conectaddas both men. When the National Commercial Banking Corporation (and savings and loan) began to enter into the quicksand of several lawsuits and scandals, attorney Robert Strauss represented him. Illuminati member Robert Strauss has been a lawyer connected with traffic drugs and mafia. He was also an FBI agent from 1941 to 1945, with Hoover. The Presidential is enabled bar Washington DC, Bush appointed him U.S. Ambassador to Russia. He has been on the board of directors of PepsiCo, Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM), and General Instruments, which are of the Illuminati (which have been exposed in other writings by this author. He was also a board member of the MCA, run by the mafia-Illuminati. Strauss is seen in Washington DC as a power broker behind the scenes. Strauss represented Michael Milken and his associate Ronald O. Perelmen, President of Revlon, who made ​​$ 600 million annihilating the 1st Sand of Gibraltar.


Strauss represented MCA, which Bronfmans took over in 1995. Knoedelsder book, William. Steffi-The True Story of MCA, the Music Business and the Mafia. NY: HarperCollins Publishing, 1993, does a good job of connecting MCA to the mob, the Network, and Iran Contra. See especially p 442. Time magazine, in the issue of February 24, 1997 is a long page of a story about Michael Ovitz being out of work. In the article, they reported that he was spending time on his new yacht The Illusion, visiting Joe Silver’s estate in South Carolina, visiting his property in Aspen, Colorado and eating lunch with investment adviser Richard Salomon of Spears, Benzan , Salomon and Farrell. Gordon Crawford of the Capital Group is quoted in the article praising Ovitz, and saying he would invest in a company Ovitz. Ovitz is believed to be mafia by people in a place to meet. It has also been known to threaten people using mafia terms, for instance, Vanity Fair (December 2996, page 272) reports Ovitz threatening Bernie Brillstein, a producer, with his “foot soldiers”. San Francisco Chronicle (Friday January 26 1996, page D29) quotes the latest issue of Columbia Journalism Review about an incident where a reporter Anita Busch who was investigating Ovitz got violently sick from the MSG . in their food as she interviewed him round off, Ovitz followed up on her story which questioned his actions, by sending you a gift wrapped package of MSG with a one-word note: “Enjoy.” Michael Ovitz has had the flexibility to cope with Illuminati kingpin Edgar Bronfman head to head impact. He asked consiguiói Bronfman and his father kept employed, which was duly done. Edgar Bronfman Jr. had seriously considered having Ovitz head of the conglomerate Seagram MCA / Universal.

  • Frank G. Wells– Frank was President and Chief Task Walt Disney Company. Wells was also on the board of directors. He was a Rhodes Scholar and a lawyer in 1955. Those who have read previous books (such as Volume 1) by this author know as Rhodes Scholars fit into the issues and are part of the Illuminati. ‘s worked closely Eisner and Katzenberg with. Frank died in a helicopter crash in the spring of 1994 while heli-skiing in Nevada. His surviving sister is Molly Wells Chappellet who runs the Illuminati circles. Molly Wells Chappellet has been featured several times in Betty Knight Appeal Magazine Scripps. Sripp Betty Knight was married to a member of the Bohemian Grove. Betty has been good friends with: the late Pamela Herriman (who was recently U.S. ambassador to France and connected to the Rothschilds), as well as very good friends with Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess of Vladmir of Russia, who owns the Castilla Margaux in Bordeaux. Berry Scripps personally monitors carefully what you put in your amazing magazine Appeal. She has a column “Who’s Who in the Wine Country” where Chappellet has appeared in print numerous times.

Almost all the Disney films of 1920 it had a black cat. Many had occult leanings in the scripts. The inclination never hidden departed from Disney themes.


  • A wise almighty genius s shown.
  • Bednobs and Broomsticks (1971) A witch finds a magic formula from a lion king.The magic formula raises a ghostly army of armor in a museum which stops a band of German commandos.
  • Beyond Witch Mountain (1982).A pair of twins leave Witch Mountain and have to use occult powers to outwit a character named Deranian.
  • The Black Cauldron (1985), A Horned King uses his magic to fight a clairvoyant pig and owner.Your animation cost $ 25 million, but was a box office failure.
  • Boogedy The Bride (1987) An evil spirit visits the Davis family and puts the father under a spell.Directed by Oz Scott.
  • Child of Glass (1978) A glass doll must be found to set a ghost free in a haunted house or.
  • The Gnome Mobile (1967).A multimillionaire and his grandchildren encounter goblins. At the end, check billionaire forest gnomes for eternity.
  • Hall of Fame Halloween (1977).Jack-o-lanterns come to life.
  • Treatment of Halloween (1982).Cartoon Halloween. This was followed by the next year with a film “Enchanted Halloween” which talked about the origins of Halloween.
  • The misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964) A genius tries to help other students.The is also use hypnotism and ESP plays against.
  • The Richest Cat in the World (1986) A wealthy man leaves his fortune to his cat, who, find relatives can talk.
  1. Disney and his Mafia connections

    When this author spoke to the innermost Illuminati alter the co-author about Disney, their reaction was that Disney had been described to them as they were among the Illuminati as “a syndicate within a syndicate” .They said that while they were in the Illuminati, they were aware that Disneyland had their own government, their own rules and their own police force.They were a crime syndicate within a syndicate. What these alters ( alter-ego ) casually mentioned Illuminati was verified by this author the hard way through research.


One Disneyland Security Supervisor said,

“There is no Constitution at Disneyland. We have our own laws. ”

Once, when Walt Disney was offended by a policeman in Hollywood, Walt said,

“I get your plate.”

If guards Disney decide they are physically very hard again with people, and assail any way they see fit. People who stop are often fanned into tiny cells at Disneyland where they are kept without benefit of a phone call, are the benefit of a toilet or water. The judicial system turns a blind eye to whatever Disney police do. Many people pay Disney to get their children a Disney cell, and never will endorse any process of law. This type of treatment has gone on for decades, and is almost a daily occurrence at Disneyland. Anaheim Police force is very chummy with the Disney private police force. Also at one point, the Burbank Chief of Police was the brother of the Chief Security Disney. recently when a couple files suit against the Magic Kingdom of Disney in Florida, the state of Florida surprisingly has been removed from its resemblance traditional behavior of protecting Disney’s sovereignty.

An article in the lawsuit said,

“There is evidence of some nervousness about the relative autonomy of Disney.”

(San Francisco Chronicle, article “The Dark Side of Mickey” October 1, 1996, Page C6)

A lawyer in the case said,

“The security people Disney World is not only the police but also the bad. I do not think there is any company that has had the perceived power that Disney has.”

Richard Foglesong , a professor of politics at Rollins College in Winter Park stated,

“Because Disney World controls much of its corporate and municipal universe, I can only act in a clumsy way to protest fiercely their own interests. They have state immunity law and local land use. They can build a nuclear plant, distribute alcohol. Have powers local communities do not have. Do they abuse it? In my opinion, yes. ”

Consistent with previous policies of Disney on their properties, the new Disney town called Celebration will not have any elected government. Since the city is unincorporated (a clean trick Disney), the scope is appointed by Disney. Several bodies “quasi-government” control citizens of the city. For example, the Association of Residential Owners Celebration, which is involved in uniting all residents to a Declaration of Covenants, a book of laws under which residents must live. Of course the Declaration of Covenants was write by Disney. These rules include such things as fussy as no more than two people can sleep in the same bedroom, no pickup trucks can be parked in front of homes, and if Disney officials do not like your cat or dog, they can forcibly remove the animal from your home. Disney Company has perpetrated numerous deceptions on the residents, including shoddy work on their homes, and operating their “public” school with Disney stickers. Still, the residents that have moved into Celebration are intensely proud of the shining city, despite the fact that the city is fully in charge of Big Brother, the Disney Company. Of course, those who do not like to leave soon. So far as the American tradition of self-government.

A brief history of MAFIA
Traditionally, organized crime bosses have had a yearly summit. In 1928, they had their yearly conclave at Cleveland. In 1929, they had their secret yearly conclave at Atlantic City.


In 1931, they held their secret annual conclave at Wappingers Falls, NY. At the meeting of Wappingers Falls, attended by about 300 gentlemen and soldiers, the heads of the family clans discussed their crime family agendas. It was decided that the first national Mafia convention was to be held. Once the Mafia was able to hold its annual national private meetings, they were able to coordinate their activities, as well as decide such things as:

  1. address national and internal operations, long-term plans
  2. the promotion of new bosses
  3. decisions on the pitch and the lame, commodities and cash
  4. speeding alliances or disputes with the Mishpucka, Triads, FBI, Illuminati, etc..and working with bulls in a particular way.

The mafia clans, then, would leave the annual summits and would follow in their area of operation until they reunite the following year, review their successes and failures, get new assignments, and decide on new goals short and long term. In 1927, La Mishpucka worked with the Mafia to kidnap smuggled whiskey in Ireland, traveling to Boston for the Kennedy Illuminati family. Most of Kennedy’s guards were killed in the shootout, and JP Kennedy had the widows of the guards besieging him for financial assistance. ‘s good friend Billy Graham, the Mafia boss Joseph Bonanno was one of the chiefs who attended the annual conclaves. He also met with JF Kennedy in the Winter of 1959. John Kennedy was known to have said that mobster Sam Giancana worked for his Kennedy family. The mob / Illuminati alliances and infighting are too complex to deal with them in this book , but both groups had to put plans into action to deal with the repeal of Prohibition, which would end their lucrative smuggling. The short-term plan for the Mafia was to control the film industry in Hollywood and better penetrate the unions. ‘s long-term plans were called for sending their next few generations of children to the best schools and accomplish them in legitimate businesses respectable positions . Learning the ins and outs of honest, legal operations, they could then mix in these illegal operations with their legal operations, which appear legal. They planned to extend their power base in politics, in business schools Harvard- Stanford, and the best corporate boardrooms. They intended (and have succeeded) in getting some of their children produce / spec feature films / television. they have an increased presence within the Bohemian Grove membership, as well as some of the other great social or business clubs . Their plan to take over the film industry hinged on their union control over unions and theaters. The Chicago mob controlled the International Alliance of Unions of Employees in the Theatre Scene.’s Mafia controlled the projectionists union, and if the filmmakers will be closed the theaters where their films were shown, what good would it do them movies? The film makers and the mafia both had power and money. Rather than fight a protracted war, they made ​​a deal. The major studios would give about $ 50,000 a year to the mafia, and the small $ 25,000 for being allowed to operate. Other agreements were also reached. The mafia henchmen, Willie and George E. Browne Bioff mafia lieutenants who were organized the “Hollywood takeover” by the mafia. Time Magazine, November 1, 1943, wrote,

“In the witness chair in Manhattan’s Federal Court sat the smooth, cunning Bioft Willie (pronounced Buy-off), blackmailer, pimp, union leader, and now star witness against eight ex-colleagues, who are accused of extort $ 1 million dollars from the movie industry … Question: Is it true that Bioft once had a five year plan to take up more than 20% of the profits of Hollywood and eventually 50%? In the studies themselves?

Bioff (sadly): “If we’d lasted that long, we would have achieved.
Question: “What ever you say was chief said Hollywood and could make producers do whatever you wanted?”

Bioff: “Yes, and I could make them dance to my rhythm.”

Although Bioff rolled his teammates and his car ended up being bombed, that did not stop the infiltration of the mafia / Mishpucka and control of Hollywood. (Bioff had tried to save his public image by helping Walt Disney settle his labor dispute with the mob-led unions, but Walt wisely rejected his offer of help, and made sure not to offend the leaders of the mob Chicago, who were disgusted with Bioff.)


Hundreds of millions of dollars were poured by the Mafia and Mishpucka real estate in southern California, by using legitimate local businessmen to launder the money. Hollywood was declared a “free zone” where all the Mafia / families Mishpucka could operate without fear of a turf war. ‘ll back slightly to 1930. Columbia distributed Disney cartoons from 1930 until 1932, when Disney switched to United Artists, Columbia, because Disney was not bothering to pay the money they owed. In 1930, Cohn, president of Columbia Pictures, Disney did pay the financial hook with Powers by intimidating Powers with some street toughs carrying a legal suit. If Disney had not been indebted to the mafia before, he was at the time. Biographers have been puzzled why Disney went into that traumatic depression. Cohn Henry after he “helped” Bully Henry Cohn made ​​sure Walt knew who was boss. His attitude was that Walt should be happy you even get paid for all the cartoons Walt provided to Columbia. After this, Walt would lock in his room and weep uncontrollably for hours. It was impossible for anyone to get along with. Was unable to focus on anything, and would stare out the window for long periods. Biographers blame Walt’s behavior to the fact that his wife was pregnant. Also blame his friend Iwerks defection to another company. Frankly Iwerks Walt had treated like a dog and himself must have known why Iwerks left that abusive relationship. claim that he wept for hours day after day because he realized that might become a father is too much to swallow. When Walt was asked years later why I was so depressed he said it was the stress of the financial situation.


Walt said,

“I had a nervous breakdown … Costs were rising, each new picture we finished cost more to make than I had imagined it could win the start making plans … I am broke.”

The author introduces the reader to some of this collapse could have been, in fact, the financial stress of having fallen under the yoke of the mafia. They had all the means to do it or break it, and he had no choice but to surrender to their overwhelming power to blackmail and destroy OR out of business. What this did was place Walt in a position where his two strongest traits had to clash-his overwhelming obsession to be his own boss, and his creative obsession to create animation which was wrapped up with his ego and his deep phobias and psychological needs. His mind could not give up its independence nor its creativity without great mental anguish, and therefore Walt was very saddened, knowing he would have to admit defeat and crouch under the heels of the great. Just when he needed emotional support his wife was having a baby, and his best animator left. Walt had abandoned Iwerks years before, and Walt’s wife had wanted a child for some time. ‘s departure Iwerks and his son to come, by themselves, do not account for the long intense nervous breakdown that Walt experienced. Biographers note Walt was very reluctant to have children h, and that he was impotent with women including his wife much of the time. His inability to weigh out normal sex may explain their secret sexual habits. Walt Mason brother, Carl Laemmle offered Walt a good deal to help him recover from abusive control of Walt by Henry Cohn, but Carl wanted the copyright to Mickey Mouse in return for aid, and Walt not would be separated from Mickey Mouse. Instead, Walt signed a contract offered by Joseph Schenck of United Artists, who was one of the kingpins of illegal drugs mafia. In 1935, illegal drug trafficking mafia, Joseph Schenck founded 20th Century, Inc. which later merged with Fox in 1938 to form Twentieth Century-Fox, whose board of directors would include two Illuminati kingpins William Randolph Hearst and Malcolm MacIntyre. ‘s brother Joseph Schenk, Nicholas Schenck and Marcus Leow merged Metro Pictures and Goldwyn Pictures and named Lousi B. Mayer as its leader. Meanwhile, over the years, the MCS, headed by capo Illuminati, Lew Wasserman gained a monopoly over the American film industry with the secret deals they did with Screen Actor’s Gujild of Ronald Reagan and the American Federation of Musicians of Colt . (By the way, Lew Wasserman would try to revive Reagan’s acting career in the early sixties. Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney were both friends of Ronald Reagan, and all three believed in mind-control). Ronald Reagan and Colt, in turn, worked with the Council of 9 NCS Mafia (which included Anthony Accardo and Sam Giancana), which, at one point divided the U.S. into 24 territories Mafia. After J. Schenck went to jail (very briefly), he was replaced as President of 20th-Cent. Piros Fox by Soras. Prior to his arrest, while Schenck was still in charge of 20th-Cent. Fox, he made ​​numerous offers to Disney for this study to be incorporated as a subdivision of 20th-Cent. Fox Disney worked for a few years with them distributing his films, but he would not stop being independent. The FBI and American Intelligence turned to the mob to help them, to enter the United States in World War II. Perhaps the connection with the Mafia Walt added impetus for his recruitment. Walt went to several American Nazi meetings prior to Pearl Harbor. This author believes from knowing Walt’s personality that he could have been on assignment, rather than a Nazi sympathizer. Still, why one of the Disney cartoon, shown before Pearl Harbor a swastika?Disney’s Epcot Resorts is close to the Atlantic City Board of mafia, with its nightclubs. The resort was designed by Robert AM Stern. (This author does not know about Robert Stern, but there are programmed multiples and center Stern Illuminati family members). At Walt Disney World, the nightclub there was named “Cage”, and then, later, “8 TRAX” . Comedy Warehouse, which is a nightclub at Pleasure Island in Walt Disney World opened on 1 May 1989 and has used slave comedians and has had people who are mind-control abusers.

The February 11, 1987, Walt Disney Co. was reincorporated in Delaware. Delaware is the only state that allows total corporate secrecy. No one can know who is really running a Delaware corporation, and many other secrets can be hidden under Delaware corporate law. The Capital Group has considerable shares in Disney, as well as 29% of the shares of the Robert Mondavi Winery in 7801 St. Helena Highway, Oakeville, California, Wellington Group and Mellon bank also have shares.
Behind Capital Group’s controlled by mafia groups like Debartolo Reality Corp. and La Quinta Inns (loa operation Bass brothers). Sam Bronfman operates Sterling and Monterey wineries. innumerable people are walking around that have felt the ruthless, impersonal hand controller, sweeping money from the Disney Company. There is also a number of journalists who have experienced first hand the secrecy and paranoia that the Disney corporation has.


Most journalists are not used to the secrecy that prevails in Disney. Because Disney has shaped the myths of America for several generations, the public is more concerned about who is handling Disney than do other institutions. Because most of America believe in the image that the Illuminati have built for Disney, they encourage to succeed.

How Disney executives have figured out how to steal land all across the U.S.
Over the years Walt Disney has developed several reliable techniques to acquire land. They acquire land through their executives and large stockholders and family members of executives and shareholders. After you have done all the deals in the area, and when everything is in place for a period of time, these people, then you get your Disney land. Disney works with government officials and local bankers to line up other deals special so they can succeed in their plans. After everything is lined up, the corporation announces their plans and goes forward. This methodology has been used repeatedly, for example, the Theme Park of American History in the area of boss battle of the Civil War in Virginia, Manassas, for which Disney has acquired 1,800 acres and have access to at least 1,200 most. In November 1994, after he was elected New Governor of Virginia, was announced on draft Virginia “The America of Disney” and Virginia voted almost instantly for the money for transportation improvements and infrastructure in the area to the Disney theme park viable. Disney created three banks in Napa, California. Their banks made ​​loans to old families in the valley.

Trusts and wills of these families were made by graduates of Stanford University. These people put on the boards of these banks or boards connected to these banks. They charge large fees, and know every trick in the book to rob people of their possessions and lifetime trusts. Graduates of Stanford, connecting with intelligence agencies and family use certain keywords when establishing their businesses, such as RESOURCE, and ALWAYS GREEN PACIFIC.
Many frightened landowners who are being intimidated to sell their land in the Napa Valley region.

Just prior to World War II, the FBI recruited Walt Disney. His job was to spy on Hollywood or anything else that looked suspicious. Documents obtained from the Freedom of Information Act, despite heavy censorship, clearly shows that Walt Disney became an active Special Correspondent, paid by the FBI. He reported to FBI agent EE Conroy. In 1954, Walt was promoted to Special Agent in Carco (SAC) which means others reported to him. After “leaving” the CIA, exDCI (former head) of the CIA William Hedgcock Webster became a lawyer for the law firm based in Washington, DC Milbank, Twee, Hadley and McCloy. In 1993, when knew about Walt Disney’s membership to the FBI, former CIA head Webster worked with the Disney family to cover the public that Walt Disney was an FBI agent.Webster went on TV and had interviews to spread the fabrication that Walt was not connected to the FBI. Why? One of the countless items that Disney was involved in was the investigation into the disappearance / rape of a six-year-old Rose Marie Riddle on January 12, 1961. According to documents obtained from the Freedom of Information Act, WG Simon was the FBI agent who met with SAC Walt Disney in LA about the case. WG Simon has been one of those people who has been publicly lying by saying that Walt Disney never was an FBI agent.

The paper trail of evidence to the contrary. Why is it so important to the FBI and CIA to cover up that Walt was an FBI agent? Walt also worked for the CIA, although there is no documentation available to prove it. This author theorizes that the reason the pair which the FBI and CIA are so likely to let people know that Walt worked for the government is that the Network knows how the FBI and worked junos CIA for children for mind control programming. Because Disney and Disneyland played such a large role in mind control, Siney connection to them, although on the surface a seemingly minor fact, is in fact a minor factor placed on top of a huge and terrible secret. When World War II started, the government incorporated the Disney studios into the war machine. army he paid Disney $ 80,000 for training cartoon, which cost him $ 72.00 to $ Disney do. Disney studios also made ​​some secret films for the military. The cartoons of Mickey Mouse and Goofy were inclined to issues of war, for example, a caricature of Goofy, 1941, “The Art of Self-Defense” and “How to be a Sailor” in 1944. Perhaps in honor of the contribution Disney made ​​the effort of the War, “Ratóln Mickey” was the password of the Allies for millions of men, in the great invasion of D-Day on June 6, 1944. Walt Disney produced a cartoon showing Donald Duck paying faithfully their taxes. The film was entitled The New Spirit. Was very successful in ensuring that the U.S. comply with the IRS. In 1946, Disney made ​​a film for their public schools for sex education entitled The Story of Menstruation. For the United Nations, Walt Disney created the attraction “It’s a Small World” for UNICEF, the World’s Fair 1964-65. This attraction was moved to the theme parks and has been a major feature for mind-control.


After learning of the enormous amount of mind-control programming going after business hours in secret tunnels at Disney as well as public facilities, it makes more sense why the Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev would deny the visit to Disneyland by the U.S. government “due to security considerations” when he was visiting the U.S. in September 1959. Khrushchev obviously had his own security working in tandem with American security and the intelligence people, whatever the reason (s) did not want the complication of these Russians visiting a major programming site. Some powerful military men have been connected to Disney films. Two former commanding officers of the U.S. nuclear submarine, Alabama, erean technical advisors for the Disney film Crimson Tide. Walt Disney was tied to the U.S. government, and recent disclosures show that he was also linked with the FBI. Walt used his FBI connection to destroy the life of Art Babbitt, who had led the strike against Disney in 1940. Babbitt found that everything I attempted in life after the strike was ruined by some hidden power. Was Walt part of naval intelligence attached to the FBI? Was he part of the FBI who was involved with getting children and mind control? In 1950, the Illuminati began organizing conventions on the West coast and began solidifying their power. Similarly, it is clear that Disney had no weight, in 1953, with local governments having today.

Walt Disney was unsuccessful when tried to get permission from the city of Los Angeles and the Burbank City Council City for the construction of Disneyland (called Disneyland at the time), in the Burbank area. A Burbank councilman told Walt,

“We want fair atmosphere in Burbank.”

Inconsistently, in a span of a few years, they granted him permission to Universal to build an amusement part in Burbank, which opened in 1964.


Disney then asked the Stanford Research Institute to locate a spot for Disneyland (Disneyland), which they found at Anaheim. In recent years, Disney decided they wanted to build another amusement park (called California Adventure) across from Disneyland. To do so, the Interstate would have to have changes, and the council of the city of Anaheim needed to approve the large expansion 55 hectares.
In contrast to the Burbank City Council in 1953, Anaheim’s City Council was enthusiastic about the expansion in spite of lots of local opposition. Locals complained at meetings of the City Council that the city had no business getting into debts of hundreds of millions to help a corporate giant. (Anaheim would issue $ 400 million in bonds.) Locals also raised concerns that the public school system in Anaheim is stressed to the breaking point, when considered attending half days, and that Disney Corporation should give as much consideration to schoolchildren Anaheim and gave their amusement parks. President Disneyland, Paul Pressler bragged about the new theme park, California Adventure, Disney,

“The park Disney California Adventure is really a celebration of the fun, the beauty, the people and the accomplishments of this magical state. Really we proposed to try to capture a bit of what the California dream is all about. ”

(It seems that dream is to be wealthy and control people.’s Elite rather give us BREAD and CIRCUS to education.)

The Dragnet films were done in part at the Disney studios. A Memorandum of Office, the New Agent FBI-66 SAC Los Angeles to Hoover (December 16, 1954), which was obtained by means of the Freedom Information, the typed memo states,

“Mr. Disney has offered to representatives of his office complete access to the facilities of Disneyland for use in connection with official matters …”

Historically, we now know that Disney’s use for “official auntos” included mind-control.


    Once the reader is familiar with the programming scripts, the reader merely needs to watch the “Adventures in Wonderland” for Disney who appear on television, in the morning, to see the Disney mind-control operation.Within a few minutes one morning, this author had seen a white rabbit create “a world in your mind” (the quote is what was in the program!) with a ring, noting Alice go through the mirrors, watched the White Rabbit [the programmer] read a book to a little girl, and the program told viewers “The White Rabbit is our only hope”.’s alters the deepest Illuminati slaves who are programmed torque espionage, spying and blackmail and seduce and kill, give them schedules to live in a fantasy world. They never touch base with reality. Much of this programming is done at Disneyland. Disneyland visitors are taken by boat where dolls sing a song around the world “is a world very, very small.” This part of the world doll amusement parks are used for programming altersmurderers and espionage. The song and dolls play important roles in this programming mind-control of the alter. Some slaves aged about 19, have this type of programming tested to make sure it is solidly in place. ‘s song “It’s a Small World” was composed by the Sherman brothers for Disney originally as a theme for a One p grooming the ’63-65 ‘New York World’s Fair. They were born in NYC, and both graduated from Beverly Hills High School. They wrote Disney songs for at least some 29 movies. The mind-controlled slaves, who repeatedly encounter one another, but do not know why, will be found saying, “It is a world very, very small.” Both rituals and schedules are still underway at Disney parks attractions day and night. Steven Rockefeller and Walt Disney traveled and spent time together with Dr. Hadleyh Cantril, an expert in human behavior setting. (See There Was Once A Time of Islands, Illusions and Rockefellers – Jovanivich Harcourt Brace, 1975). When Walt Disney began Walt Disney World, he sent Card Walker to the Florida capital to request quid pro quo, and the governor granted it to Disney. What this meant is that Disney’s property in Florida was totally controlled under Disney’s jurisdiction, they had their own laws, their own police force, their own hospitals, and their own tax rates. No outside authority would interfere with Disney’s jurisdiction . DisneyWorld’s finances would be untouchable and out of sight of the state of Florida. He had never given much power. DisneyWorld became its own crime syndicate within the syndicate. The Disney parks atraccioneds were like a city within a city. They have there own security forces and the local police allow the Disney security forces to take care of their territory. Disney has its own (laws) policies. Some of the security forces can be indentificadas in civilian clothes, with clean cut styles hair and have communication devices. Security forces have a headquarters room where TV monitors display live the exit points at Disney as well as other locations. America’s Most Wanted has a fairly large file on children who have been kidnapped at Disney Amusement Parks. A father who was separated from us when child off the train, frantically told a guard her child was missing. guard took her to the monitor room, where they saw the kidnapper carrying the child out of the parquet, with the child slumped over his shoulder. In that short time, the kidnapper had drugged the child and has made ​​him a different haircut and brought it to another shirt. (This story was mentioned in Inside the Mouse, pg 52) As written before, white slavery is part of what Disney is all about. This mother was one of the lucky few who managed to find his kidnapped child. One expert reports that the Disney police are definitely part of that movement and abuse of innocent children who are used for occult rituals. In addition, the Disney security forces spy on their own employees. Employees do not enter the theme parks like the visitors, nor move around like them. They have underground tunnels and underground entrances and facilities for that. A victim of mind-control mentioned that a full tunnel entrance was at the Matterhorn mountain at Disneyland. (The Matternorn was opened by Walt and his good friend, Richard Nixon, who rode in the first carriage up the mountain. ‘s Disney productions have provided the Illuminati the cover to bring together Illusionists, magicians, and special effects artists without arousing suspicion. Some of these men were able to apply their talents to program children. An example of their talents, special effects artists were able to create 16 Disney bodies of very realistic for the 1989 film appearance, Gross Anatomy. Walt Disney, Inc. been associated with laboratories Los Alamos and Sandia, two other groups which are heavily involved in mind control and control individuals, to develop body scans, branding branding and access codes for the visitors to Disney theme parks. Each of the Disney Theme parks, such as Disneyland, DisneyWorld, EuroDisney etc.. has immense underground facilities.


These underground facilities allow many of the workers entering areas walks through underground passages. Each installation of a subject also has a vast underground infrastructure to maintain. The underground areas contain designs of clothes and repair units, wardrobe fitting rooms, restrooms, cafeterias, safety units, computers, freight ramps and large connecting tunnels. The underground areas also have programming rooms. It has its own power plants and water systems and their own police force. The Disney company employs 71,000 people at several locations, recent television shows used the figure 40,000 Disney employees. People are coming and going 24 hours at the Disney theme parks. Three shifts keep the business 24 hours. The night crews maintain and repair the parks for the thousands of people that will soon arrive in the morning. Disneyland makes a natural support for carrying out mind-control. The items they sell are also natural-such support as the clock Goofy ($ 19.95) which has hands that move backward to confuse a slave as to what time it is. Were you aware of what it was like Disneyland Walt Disney used for programming? No doubt about it. Disney lived many of his nights at Disneyland, and had an apartment at the firehouse near the train station, on Main Street (Main St.). At night, if I was not doing anything else, the would wander around the grounds of Disneyland scribbling notes on his own distinctive role, which left instructions for workers the follow the next day. The notes would say such things as “Replace these flowers “or” Move that bench “.(Prince of the Magic Kingdom, p 25)

Walt Disney knew everything that was going on inside his Magic Kingdom. The Epcot Center and the Disney amusement parks traded all the hidden triggers, including crystals, rainbows, wizards etc..reinforcing programming. The Epco Center has two glass pyramids along to its “Journey into Imagination. Disneyworld has the Island of Atlantis on its submarine tour. The Fantasyland is one of the most used tours of Disneyland for mind control purposes. It has carousels, merry music, an incredible castle, boat rides, story book characters etc.. The Sleeping Beauty Castle with its blue turrets and gold spiers is the central visual object of Disneyland.
A bascule bridge to enter it crosses. Inside Fantasyland’s Illuminati programming sites such as Angry Mad tea cups, carousel horses of King Arthur and the White Forest. In the far corner of Ciadrado New Orleans of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion . This mansion is designed to frighten and scare, it has an ingenious design and many special effects and illusions. Realistic ghosts, a crow screaming, screams and other scary things welcome the visitor. Holograms lifesize are created at the Haunted Mansion, and dance in sync with the music and then fade at certain points. There is a hologram of the head of a woman in a crystal ball, chattering nonstop. A good laugh for the programmers of a little child. When you are coming towards the end, you will have the opportunity to see in a mirror where a hologram ghost will nestle next to him. Star Speeder is another great programming location at Disneyland. It was the creation of George Lucas and Disney Royalty Engineers. The technology is borrowed from Star Wars, and is similar to flight simulators used by the military to train pilots. The Disneyland Hotel offers Character Breakfasts, where children eat breakfast with Disney characters, to people who have made ​​special arrangements. U.S. Special Forces conducting mind control, own two hotels near Disney World, and the Mormons have one also. Knott’s Berry Farm with its Ghost Town, Amusement Park and its Charlie Brown themes and characters is near Disneyland. One of the Disney executives began one of the most horrible programming centers of mind-control trauma based in Los Angeles called Magic Castle a comedy warehouse. This trauma center has horrible torture chambers. The children were brought from Central and South America to be programmed at the Magic Castle. A brave LAPD exposed the place-for which he lost his job, and eventually was able to get the place closed. A recent in their Disney Institute, which Newsweek labeled “the Disneyland of the Mind” project. (Newsweek, March 4, 1996, page 61.) It is believed that a private club called Club 33 at Disneyland located upstairs in the New Orleans Square is involved in mind-control. Cub’s Den Den supervises children’s activities at the Wilderness Lodge Resort at Walt Disney World. MGM Studios in Disney, the main attraction is the Tower of Terror Twilight Zone of. Guests take a strange scary trip through the hotel, where they are finally sent into an elevator that drops out of control 13 stories. The trip has been advertised on television. Disneyland now has a Temple of the Forbidden Eye – which is simply a Temple to the All Seeing Eye, the Illuminati symbol. Visitors have the patience to wait in line can tie the belt for a ride that is like a jack hammer that hits the rider through the temple filled with snakes, rats, and mummies. One aerobics teacher would not walk in three days after the ride shocks, which makes it a “rider.” Experience is more traumatizing than fun, but then maybe it is what is sought.

Years ago, this author’s newsletters exposed Nilton Head Island, South Carolina as a watering hole of the powerful elite, including retired generals and admirals, and site “meat market” for Weekend Renaissance elite.
Recall that in a time Hilton Head Island was private, with imported alligators in the water around. A person was only allowed on the island, passing through security gates with a clearance. In a bulletin later was mentioned Island Recreation Hilton Head Disney. resort, built by built by the Development Corporation Vacations Disney, is based on a private island of 15 hectares, linked to Hilton Head Island for narrow bridge. Members of the Disney Vacation Club can exchange time for vacations at Disney and other resorts around the world.
Memberships are $ 9,412 minimum cost.

Melodyland (Land of Melodies)
Directly across from the entrance to Disneyland is the Melodyland Christian Center of the Assemblies of God , the birthplace of TEN (Trinity Red Transmitter). The denomination Assemblies of God has been infiltrated by the Illuminati, and has been widely used as a front for programmed slaves. Paul Crouch, president of Trinity Corporation Transmission Systems was affiliated with Melodyland in 1973 when TBS was getting started. At that time, Melodyland was a rich highly infiltrated charismatic church, with its share of programmed multiples. In 1973, closet homosexual minister Jim Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye, a multiple schedule were with Paul Crouch in Anaheim at Melodyland. Paul Crouch had been the assistant pastor of Bakker’s home church in Muskegon, MI. The man who was the right hand man was Alexander Valderrama Crouch, a charismatic Roman Catholic. TBS used an abandoned military base as their TV complex, using hangers as studios. In the early ’70s, ABC put Bakker’s first programs Crouch and their affiliates, on Sunday morning. Bakker had already gotten his career start, with Illuminatus Pat Robertson and his 700 Club. Jim Bakker was separated and went to the east coast. To help Bakker with his money, Bill Perkins, who had been a financial analyst for research mind-control NWO at Sandia National Labs in Livermore came to help Bakker manage the finances of your ministry. Later, televangelist Bakker began building Heritage USA, which was to be a big money-center. Bakker has hired people who had worked for Disney to construct Heritage USA.Bakker studied Disneyland, Disneyworld, and other Disney places as a model for Heritage USA. After Disneyworld opened in Florida, Jim Bakker was a REGULAR visitor there. Fort Heritage Heritage USA was modeled after the Ft Wilderness Disney Main Street (Main Street) was inspired by the Main Street Magic Kingdom, and wrought iron fence Disney was also copied. Most people are aware that the $ 265,000 payment to Jessica Hahn to keep her sexual services to him a secret, his long homosexual relationship with his right hand man David Taggart, and his prison sentence. James Orson (named after Orson Welles) Bakker was from Muskegon, the same place where Cathy O’Brien comes a mind-controlled slave freed. He was born premature and had some interesting family situations that made ​​his family suspicious. While Cathy O’Brien was programmed via the Catholics, Jim was part of another denomination which also was into programming, the charismatic Assemblies of God .His grandfather, who lived next door to Jim, and where Jim spent much of his childhood, was popularly known in town as “seller” and nicknamed King of Fishes (Kingfish), the manipulative character on Amos and Andy. Tammy his wife grew up in poverty, in International Falls, MN, at the home of her stepfather and mother. Besides having a “shopping demon,” she had had her share of phobias and mental problems, as can be expected from someone who has had to suffer through programming. would be worthwhile to point out who has come to the rescue of Jim Bakker when it was under attack.For example, on Thursday, October 4, 1984 when Jim was under attack, the television program Jim Bakker had six people giving praise espaldo and Jim Bakker.

These were:

  • Ronald Reagan
  • Dale Evans
  • Robert Schuller
  • Oral Roberts
  • Billy Graham
  • Rex Hubbard

Of those, this author knows for sure, all are masons, except for Rex, who may or may not be.
Robert Schuller, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts are “Christian ministers” who participate in using and handling mind-control slaves. These three ministers all participate in secret Satanic rituals. ‘s last paragraphs have given only an incomplete picture of the intimate relationship between Disney mind-control and the charismatic movement and its use of total mind-control based on trauma.


For people who have been programmed with Disney programming and who are obsessed with Mickey Mouse and everything else about Disney, and for other people who just have the collecting spirit for Disney memorabilia, there a group called Disneyana. Disneyana was organized in the eighties, and consists of people who make a cult in its devocióln any true Disney thing. Some of them express their devotion outwardly tattooing their bodies with Disney characters. This group holds its annual convention at the Contemporary Resort Vacation Center in Florida. One Disneyana at the annual convention said,

“We met to maintain a sense of inner well-being.”

Another, when he was interviewed said:

“This is why lal which is all about love.”

The author knows the fact that some of the men who are obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Disney items are programmed multiples. One of Kenneth Anger’s occult friends has the collection of the world’s largest Mickey Mouse. Who is Kenneth Anger ? Kenneth Anger a miengro dell Magic Circle LaVey and later his Church of Satan ( Church of Satan ) is an occultist and an underground film manufacturer. Kenneth Anger (he chose the name Anger [anger]) was raised with books The Wizard of Oz. His biographer Bill Landis writes that the Oz books,

“Laid the foundation for the attraction to Crowley , the occultist who reprocess the Rosicrucian thought into his own magical system. ”

Ken was obsessed with Crowley’s life and magic. As a child, Ken had danced with Shirley Temple in competition after she became a child star. Ken Anger loved the OTO phallic and solar religion was also obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He spent part of his time studying the collection of his friend Mickey Mouse. Ken Anger auditioned for the film “Lucifer Rising” by telling occult friends and acquaintances that they could revive their goddess or fantasies of acting for him-powerful travel. ‘s National Film Finance Corporation of British government faced £ 15,000 for Lucifer Rising’s production.Famous occult musician Jimmy Page did the sound track for free. Ken Anger acted as the film The Wizard of making his Magus role resembling Mickey Mouse in the film Fantasia. (Fantasy Role Playing in mind control programming will follow as the last part of this chapter.) “Lucifer Rising” also starts with Fantasia-type volcanoes. Another well-known films was “Invocation of My Demon Brother.”

The mind-control features in Disney movies
The elements within Disney movies that are intentionally put there for mind control would take volumes to describe. A detailed description of how just one Disney movie is used as a programming script will follow soon. Fantasy was selected as an example. A random sampling of features in Disney movies for mind-control programming could include:

  • Cogworth the enchanted mantle clock in Beauty and the Beast.
  • The character Door Knob, which is a doorknob portrayed as a person in the film Alice in Wonderland is useful for schedulingalters door knobs.
  • The Blue Yonder is a film Diusney on time travel of a child.Films of time travel are used for programming, to confuse the sense of time of the victim.
  • The Disney film “Animated Alphabet” has letters which come alive, which is useful for programming.And what about the ’82 Disney movie “Computers are People, Too! “Computers are People, Too!”?
  • All the Illuminati members this author is aware that they have received a total mind control trauma-based were taught to astrally project and study on the astral plane what they needed to learn.A Disney movie that portrays this is “Goofy over Dental Health.” This is an educational film produced by Disney in ’91 and again in ’93, where Goofy places a magical toothbrush teeth under the child’s pillow, so that the child astrally projecting a dental clinic and while in the astral plane studied how to have healthy teeth.
  • The Illuminatialters ( alter-ego ) believe that trees and flowers are alive. The Disney “Flowers and Trees” movie is a story about two trees who fall in love. The film portrays the occult belief that trees can talk and sing. Internally, alter systems will be constructed with singing trees and flowers that represent people and which are alters . The singing trees give off internal codes to move internally to the altars where they need to go. Return to Oz (1985) This Disney film begins its story about a girl who is thought to have psychological problems for his tales of Oz. His relatives warn not to talk about Oz. She is taken to a psychologist who wears a big ruby ring, who tells Dorothy that electroshock will not hurt, and we are at the “dawn of a New Age.” They tell Dorothy that her memories are “just dreams” that arise from excess electrical current in the brain. She is sent to a mental institution to receive shock treatments for talking about Oz. A thunderstorm allows you to escape the shock treatments and when you sleep, wake up in Oz.

In Oz goes through many mind-control scenarios, ruby slippers, mirrors, etc.., And toward the end visits to Mombi, Princess of Oz wicked, who keeps Ozma (Dorothy’s twin) as a slave. Mombi eventually casts a spell and enchants Ozma into a mirror. The author of Science Fiction, JD Vinge in her Return to Oz based on the work sheet, on p 211-212,

“Dorothy stared into the mirror, seeing her own reflection, and remembering the moment when she had seen herself and had viso someone else there, someone so like her that it could have been her sister.”

Parts of this film were filmed near Stonehenge, England. Disney has released several films on the Wizard of Oz theme, all LASL which were used for programming. The original series of Oz books were written by Baum. In 39, MGM made ​​the famous movie The Wizard of Oz. In the Disney movie Tron (1982), a young computer genius goes into an altered state that ends up becoming a computer program. After defeating the MCP, he returns to the real world. This is simply a programming script. A special effects team created a 3-D world, showing how talented people Disney’s special effects may be making something look real. This movie should show people their mind-control capabilities. The Mathematical Applications Group, Inc. (MAGI) were one of the groups that created the graphics.Disney came out with 3 videos of new adventures in the Land of Wonders, which are mind-control programming. In the mornings here 9-9:30, on channel 21, Disney has every morning Program Wonderland, which is mind-control children. In a few minutes, this author has viso a girl walk through a mirror, 3 vicas (Witches) of Thomasina mentioned, and a little ditty “I’m a Little Teapot” where a person becomes a teapot. They also had a scene “Under the umbrella.” This was pure programming, live on television. Of course, they show the White Rabbit as a central figure. ABC under the auspices of Disney produced a lengthy 140 minutes movie, Wild Palms, showing the Illuminati mind-control and life. A reader of Volume 2 stated that the Wild Palms movie would have made ​​no sense except that having read volume 2 of the book, the movie made ​​lots of sense in light of the revelations of Vol.2. The film shows how they are children kidnapped, switched at birth, programmed via TV cartoons, programmed to kill and use stun guns etc.. The film depicts Illuminati bloodlines and arranged marriages. Although the name “Illuminati” is not used, if viewers substitute in the name “the Fathers” for Illuminati fathers, they will get an insider’s view of life at the top. The main controllers are addressed by their slaves as “Papa” or “Daddy” or “Mother”. This is true to life. A person opposed to the Fathers states,

“One day we will wake up and discover that we do not own this country and no one will care.”

The movie states that events are not happening randomly. The movie shows an underground tunnel system which has an entrance hidden by a swimming pool.


A few actual programming codes were said during the film, for example,

“Down, down, down through the pool of tears …” and “We will now follow the yellow brick road.”

The movie was created by Bruce Wagner, who obviously is an expert when it comes to the total mind-control based on trauma.


The fact that the movie was made ​​shows the arrogance of the belief of the developers that their criminal acts programming thousands of little children will not be exposed, and that people would be too stupid to realize that what is marketed as fiction is actually reflecting what is happening. ‘s as if they believe their own script that IF ANY people discovered, “no one would care.” Because much of the Illuminati programming involves the creation and programming of 3 alters linked into trinities, it is not surprising that Disney has helped such triad programming with a series of movies about threesomes, including:

  • 3 Blind Mosequeteros
  • Three Caballeros
  • Three little pigs
  • Three Little Wolves
  • The 3 Lives of Thomasina
  • The Three Musketeers
  • 3 Ninjas
  • Three orphan kittens

For Mickey Mouse programming they came out with “Via dell Mirror” where Mickey Mouse goes through his bedroom mirror and ends up in another world (altered state). Not all Disney films having issues programming mind-control are released to the public. An unpublished cartoon was not released to Penelope fleeing from a sinister looking Grandfather Clock which is carrying her to another world and has another scene where Penelope tries to hold onto someone who personifies the Wind. George Lucas , who directed the movie Star Wars ( Wars), which was a movie planned by the Illuminati and used for Illuminati programming, also directed Disney’s movie “Captain EO”. Captain EO (who looks like a demonic entity) goes to rescue the Queen (who the prostitute described as Mystery Babylon in the Bible it seems). The Queen is in captivity simply because she and her people believe in black and white (which represent good and evil). When they renounce such a belief, they are saved by Michael Jackson (in real life mind-controlled slave) impersonating Captain EO. It’s a New Age witchcraft film through and through. Incidentally, Michael Jackson has gone to Disney amusement parks many times, sometimes in disguise.

It is public knowledge that his family Jehovah’s Witnesses has been very mentally abusive and physically with their children. Disney has released several movies on how the mind works, as well as the educational film “The Brain and the Nervous System in 1990. His film Runaway Brain is an animation where Dr. Frankenollie transplants Mickey’s brain into a monster’s body and vice-versa. A 1994 film, puppeteers, shows the Secret Government Office of Scientific Intelligence trying to save the United States aliens who live in human body. In recent years, Bette Midler has been Disney’s main actress.Volume 2, exposed that she is possibly a mind-controlled slave of the Monarch project. She is famous for her “mood swings” (personality changes), and had “crisis or mental breakdown” in 1985. Their eyes and body gestures are those of a programmed multiple. She has been on tour for Disney without making money, and is best friends with Jeffrey Katzenberg (second in command at Disney). Jeffrey Katzenberg by the way, is nothing please his counterpart Sid Sheinberg. Bette Midler plays the role of Stella in the movie Stella. Stella is an occult name. In the movie, the script seems to be adapted to BAette Midler and for someone who is a programmed slave, rather than an actress fitting the role. At the end of the movie, Stella (Bette Midler) attends her own daughter pruning peeking the window and watching from the outside. This is the script they give to many of the parts of a slave, so that they feel unworthy and feel like they always have someone on the outside looking in life. Many parts (personalities) of slaves find it hard to connect with real life, because they feel they are on the outside looking inside. And then in true Disney way Disney makes Bette Midler play the role of the lead witch in Hocus Pocus. The movie Hocus Pocus does some hocus pocus own. mock Being pretending witchcraft actually teach witchcraft. They make the 3 witches look comical. Indeed, the three witches represent the maiden, the mother, revere the old combination Illuminati. Disney subtly works in deep occult, such as eye-to-all-you-go, on the cover of the book, the little girl promising the cat (who is a familiar spirit) that her descendants will care always (really matters because the cat was a generational spirit). ‘s Cat is killed in the movie but can not die. And Bette Midler as lead witch in her costume, which has some symbolism of the Mother-of-the-Dark on her, says she is prepared to take the life force from an innocent girl. “We want to live forever, so we take children’s lives.” Is this a healthy entertainment for children? Disney capacity for deception extends to its own workers. Public relations men recruit young people for its Disney College program. They tell the young people that this big step will be for their careers. They have been known to make it sound like the greatest thing in your life. Kids come from all over the country due to the recruiting tactics to work for Disney. then are housed in Disney housing, they are given menial jobs, menial, pay them low wages. Most people in the College Program leave disillusioned. If the worker begins to think a great idea Disney officials have been known to steal ideas, and because the worker was working for Disney the worker will find that they will be unable to get any credit or money that idea par Disney stole and made ​​millions with it. A uncredited creator of a Disney sale item said, “literally, they’re using all the dumb for all.” (Inside the Mouse, pg 239) Here is how the script Disney Fantasy has been used as a standard programming tool since the forties, by the Illuminati.

To be continued next week …





Continued :





During the fifties, sixties and setena at least 90% of controlled mentally based trauma of Illuminati slaves were subjected to watching Disney Fantasy so they can build the imagery the base of the mind-control.


Children-mind-control victims had their eyes covered, but open, and then sat one by one with its main developers, by way programmers could give the scripts to my child watching Disney’s Fantasia over and over again.
What made only Fantasy as a programming tool is that it had almost everything the programmers needed to create the basis for imagery based mind control trauma. To build a system alter dependent means that the worlds need a solid foundation. Fantasy has provided the means to get a solid foundation for the internal worlds you build in your mind of the Illuminati slaves. It is also a masterpiece coordinating color and music.
The Disney film Fantasia which premiered on November 13, 1940 (at Broadway Theater in NYC) was a financial disaster as a movie, but it was a masterpiece for Illuminati programming. The film was released in theaters in the ’40s, ’46, ’56, ’63, ’69, ’77, ’82, ’85, ’90 to catch every generation of children. The video was released in 1991.
During programming much of the child slave’s mind will watch the film. One particular part (alter) will be forced to memorize everything in the film. This small part (small alter) is well hidden in each victim’s mind.


This small alter, who has a total vivid memory of the film Fantasia is carefully away so that ONLY an access code or push it up. Fantasy Watching the video will not push up the alter. Developers push this alter up when they have a clean slate alter.
When we speak of a clean mind rehearsed, they will put the clean side up and will make the alter who has memorized Fantasy pull his memory on a big screen inside.
Internal Exterior space (aka Rubicon) is shaped like an amphitheater, and functions as a big vast screen for playback. There is an internal ball or sun created via the lighting effect of the movie Fantasia, so that the movie appears projected in the mind as on a globe.
And the Fantasia film images hit this internal globe and go circular in the mind, turning through the system. The programmer, then, will tell the new part,


Thus, Fantasia has provided the programmers their primary tool for taking a dissociated clean slate part of the mind, and manipulating it to become a viable part in the new system. The youth of containing the entire Fantasia memory is strategically located in the system, so it can be called from anywhere in the system.
No matter where the programmer is working in the system, he can access this small alter whose function is to remember the movie. Most of the system will go into a trance sleep if you show them the film. The front (as well as most of the alters the system) will be totally amnesic to having seen the movie. Since the programming put in Fantasia is so fundamental it should come as no surprise that the programmers have done an excellent job in protecting this programming from everyone, including the slave.
* Desreaccionando film for many alters could break the system because after the film is memorized severe begins to be covered and trauma attached to the film. Could be some alters that still carry tiny little bits and pieces of memory of the movie, but only one truly remember.


* Desreaccionar: release of emotional tension achieved through recalling a repressed traumatic experience – “abreaction”
The following script will be running account of how Fantasy has been used as an important preparatory film for mind-control based on trauma of the Illuminati, to train the mind of the victim of mind-control to be able to visualize the programming will be wearing a sobare another. The time clock starts when you start the main action of the film, and then will run its entire 116 minutes.
This will give the researcher of mind-control a description blow-by-blow of how a Disney movie is used for programming. The film was often shown to child victims around 3 to 4 years, with a wide screen while the child was placed on a guided LSD trip. (Prior to the use of LSD some other drugs were used.)
A Great Lady or Mother-of-Darkness often worked with the Illuminati programmer as an Assistant Programmer.
The scripts and programming have already been discussed prior to showing the film to the child, so the programmers know the direction they want to take the child, and adapt some of what is said to the child-victim to individualize the programming. When you show a child three or four years the film Fantasia on a hypnotically-prepared LSD trip and controlled, the colors and effects of Fantasia are increased about 1,000 times.
The film is realer than real to the child. The film will not be shown just once, but again and again, so that the scripts are ingrained into the mind. The images for the inner world of the child will be well established, because the big screen movie enhanced by drugs and the bright colors of the art work will seem more real than life itself.
At that time, the child is a multiple, but the walls between the various parts of the mind are not solid, but similar to the walls between ego states in a non-multiple adult. A large part of the child 3 or 4 years of system will be allowed to view the system, including the Christian parts. Then the entire system (with the single exception of the alter carrying the entire memory of the film) will be said under hypnosis, I forget having seen the film.
Years later, alters frontal not remember having seen the movie, but may have a strange dislike for her. They may find they can not identify where their feelings of dislike of the film stem. The child victim will observe the movie with its programmer and assistant programmer one-on-one, with no other children in the room.
The child will see the film repeatedly and be stuck with what is in it.
The child will see the movie so many times so vividly and will be tested to the point that the movie will be memorized. But it will be hypnotically locked up in the subconscious by the programmers, so that it forms a base for the mind to begin building programming, but will remain hidden from the conscious.
At the time the movie was filmed Fantasy, the Illuminati had been creating trained for many years, but they knew they wanted to program different personalities in accordance with the best mind-control techniques of the day. For this reason, the Fantasia film was planned in advance, ahead of its time, so it could serve as a programming aid.
The film is silent (almost no words) except for music so that it can be used for hypnotic visualization, so that the Mother of Darkness and the developer can fill in the programming script with the child victim as they watch the film. As it turned out, their plans were successful.
The New Age author, David Tame states in his book, The Secret Power of Music (Richester, VT: Destiny Books, 1984, p 292) that Fantasy is …

“A superb marriage between the visual arts and music. Most of the sequences … are what New Age cinema was intended to be. ”

The power of film to influence the minds is highlighted. To make the film, Disney used some strong arm tactics on a few people.
The film was a box office flop when it was released in the forties, but then it was made for the occult world anyway. By the sixties, the Illuminati had create a drug culture and had lots of undetectable mind-controlled running around that had been programmed with Fantasy slaves.
In the sixties, Fantasia became a hit with the drug culture which had its share of Illuminati slaves deeply involved in it. One more reminder, the sentences that are “ALL CAPS” in the script are things that the programmers are saying to the child victim, while the child is watching the movie.
(Keep in mind that the child watches the film over and over, so not everything in this script started with capital that the developer says will necessarily be said in one representation.)


  • 00 minutes.The curtain opens. Action begins with an orchestra. The director of a step pyramid is the center of the scene, and is shown to be the center of authority.


Master Programmer Dr. Joseph Mengele liked Fantasy because he was a musician and violinist. A Mengele (Dr. Green) liked Bach, Beethoven, and Schubert and orchestra music. He enjoyed taking what he liked and using this music to make slaves. He would represent himself during programming as being the conductor, and the whole orchestra were his children.


The film will repeat this theme.


  • 5 minutes.The instruments begin playing. The musicians are silhouettes which cast shadows on the wall. The alters ( alter-ego ) often see themselves this way too, as being merely a shadow or a silhouette.


  • 5 minutes.The MC (named Taylor) begins talking. He begins grooming the viewer. He says that the film may suggest to your imagination “geometric figures floating in space.”


  • Minutes.The MC says there are 3 kinds of music. He says some music is to create definite stories, some to create definite pictures, and some music exists by itself.
  • 5 minutes.The MC introduces us to the “Absolute music.”


  • Minutes.He states that “the abstract images that might pass through your mind … music will suggest other things to your imagination …” The Philadelphia Orchestra begins playing “Toccata and Fugue” by Bach in the background. As a cartoon for children (or adults) the film has already lost the normal audience at this point. (There is no way that Disney could have escaped realizing that the film starts to lose normal hearing.)
  • 5 minutes.The director is standing, and everyone else is a silhouette with shadow images in the mirror (as many of the alter again.) Leopold Stokowski is now standing as the sun rises. This is an allusion to sun worship and the sunrise in the east. The music goes up and down, and this music at this point is used to train the child to go up and down the trance ladder (that is to go deeper or less deep in trance).


  • Minutes.The manager opens his hands and waves a hand signal of the Illuminati. The music starts.


  • 06 minutes.A row of violinists play, they are merely silhouettes with shadows.


  • 5 minutes.The harp plays a scale at the bottom, which is used in programming. Detonators factors are attached to this harp scale of scale, or the harp scale is used as a foundation identifier for a piano scale. They can teach children the piano more than the harp, so this scale is usually transferred to a piano scale.


  • 07 minutes.A series of 3 musicians is shown.


  • 5 minutes.The conductor (the programmer) becomes invisible.


Assistant Programmer will tell the child,



  • 08 minutes.First lines representing bows are shown (the violinists are invisible), then the Golden Gate Bridge.

Arches lines flashing on the screen represent energy. 08.5 minutes. Colored disks are flashed on the screen.


The lights are represented to the child victim,


Geometric shapes and flashes of lines explode onto the screen. Concentric rings that compose the pattern of concentric worlds appear. (See Vol. Two p 196 for an illustration of this.) swirling lines arrive, and then colors and then more concentric lines.


  • 11 minutes.Worlds within worlds are shown. Water is shown. Concentric circles that are the pattern for the world are presented. A varying number (5 or 7) of Castle-like structures materialize and then disappear. (These will be the pattern for some of the internal castles.)


A yellow line is flowing to the center of the screen,



  • 5 min.Arise a lot of stars.


  • 12 minutes.Several worlds are shown, and a castle of illusion. Lots of stars are shown, which will be how the victim will model many of their alter parts after. Many purple stars appear, representing alters Star of royal blood.
  • 5 minutes.Stains spiral like colored clouds appear and disappear in dissociative colors. This is the realm of the Gods during programming.


Assistant Programmer takes the opportunity to ask


This scene is used for the internal heaven where the kings are. Then the camera shows the conductor finishing.

  • 13 minutes.The programmer has finished building his basic worlds.
  • 5 minutes.The MC talks about Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker.
  • 14 minutes.13 lights are seen, round and round. (The 13 lights are something like 4 yellow lights, 3 white lights, 4 orange, 2 blue, something like this. Not have to be all different colors programming at this time, because programming come in due time. ) In turn, the stars become fairies.


A fairy with lots of fairy dust whirls around. (“Make a wish” will be told later the slave, make whatever you want.) The flowers become butterflies. Hypnotic music plays as the fairy throws fairy dust.Soon, the Fairy spins a web.

  • 15 minutes.The cabalistic tree of life is made with lights, and then the many colors of the ribbons are flashed on the screen quickly. A compass image is quickly flashed on the screen.
  • 16 minutes.Lights multiply on the screen, and a spider web appears in the background. There are many stars which shine as lights in a spider web. (Stars will serve as alters in programming, the spider web serves as a system within the system, see Vol. 2.) There are several shots of multitudes of stars on a spider web.
  • 5 minutes.There is an explosion of light which has a fragmentation effect (which fits nicely later, with a shock to create alters .) go about 6 big mushrooms dancing, with a little trying to participate.


The programmer will point out that the mushrooms are

  • “A FAMILY”.

When the effect of fragmentation is made with real electricity in the future, the mind is divided into a family.

  • 6 minutes.Concentric circles appear in water. Flashing pedals emerge as if they were dissociation spreading through the water. The flowers are the top spinners (see the pages “Deeper knowledge” of torture to create rotating families), they dance, and then go floating in the bubbles (of dissociation).


“A family of spinners” will tell the programmer.


Lots of dancing shown by the spinners. Everybody is dancing upstairs. The head of the child victim will bamboleada from side to side under the influence of drugs and dissociation at this point.

  • 5 minutes.When the family of fish make a star, the Scheduler Wizard says,
    • “SEE HOW SAD IS.”

The fish dance in circles and also hide behind veils.

  • 5 min.The child is trained to Enter into the hypnotic trance 8 on the water. This type of scene will put alters deepest sleep of a slave still actively being used. The film here is being used to teach symbols, which will be important in the programming. Programmer Assistant
    • “LOOK, YOU ARE FLOATING … FLEET, FLEET, FLEET, SLEEPING … SHE WENT VES DIRECT TO THE CENTER OF THE STATE OF TRANCE AROUND … will dance, round and round, And when we finish you’ll never know.”
  • 22 minutes.Many bubbles begin to appear. They will be used in the programming to assist the child to protect its mind from the traumas. The assistant programmer may have a bubble toy to make bubbles in her hand as a game to play with the child.


The child will be trained and programmed to put its memories into bubbles and let them disappear.


At this point the film is showing different colors of bubbles, for example, gold bubbles. This trains the child’s mind to identify different colors of bubbles. It is passing the scene of the bubble-fish-flower.

  • “NO YOU FEEL LIKE THAT FISH VAS round and round” (Encouraging dissociation).

The fish continues to turn a turn dissociative 
Fish swim in the perfect and graceful figure 8, which has a subconscious hypnotic induction message to the victim.

  • “Mollies SLEEP, SLEEP” is said when the music gets hypnotic.

In other words, this is teaching the child that their entire internal world can be around them, but “you do not know it’s you.” The child begins to lose the ability to realize that other parts of itself belong to himself, are only stars, etc.. Fish are changed into another character; flowers are appearing in different color coding, red, green, orange, blue and white.
Suddenly, all is silent, stilled.

  • 5 minutes.Eyes glow in the dark.
    • “Everything is fine, just relax.”

Silhouettes appear, which represent fish ( alters , and people) who are there but do not see, are behind the veil like the silhouettes.

  • 23 min.Different plants appear and dance. (This part of movie is very important in structuring.) The plants separate into many plants and flowers, and they multiply on the screen, but in the end they solidify into a solid plant. This is teaching the concept of “truth-in-a-but-you-are-many.”


  • 24 minutes.
    • “BUBBLES ALL HAVE A LIFE SOURCE … There, look, what’s in that bubble?”


  • 5 minutes.

Fruits hanging from the tree, which will be the basis for how they hang the programs (the fruit) in the internal world is displayed. Note the colors, orange, white, yellow, purple, blue, green, …

  • 5 minutes.Land of fairies appears on the screen. Fairies awake and fly through leaves.


Disney often portrays Mickey Mouse as a sorcerer.


When the core is, at first, to be divided, the parts of the mind that are creative are taken and used to create the fairies. The programmers will only take these original creative splits, they will try to avoid further torture fairies. The fairies are the creative parts of the child, the child how many creative parts match has be the number of fairies created.
These parts of the mind receive very heavy programming. They are major divisions. (If readers remember on page 87 of Vol.2, refers to a Core Protector coded “Creation.” That alter was a fairy, a core split. Not only does this creative part make things by “magic “for the system, it protects the core. Will this help people understand how the Core can be so creatively protected?! (For more understanding about the Core see Cisco’s very deep article on the Core.)
Fairies are assigned to every part of a system of alters . The 3 or 4 that have closed Fantasy sees its core on 2 1/2. The core of the star has not been locked yet, and have access to energy.When the system is built, the stars are locked and become guardians of the cores. They will act like the core to protect her.
The real value of the fairies comes when the core’s stars are locked and developers have to rely on the creative power of the fairies.

  • 25 minutes.A vine (which represents a system of double helix) lights on one sheet after another. The leaves are staggered (alternated) and they light up in sequence, which teaches the child the foundation of how they will create the DNA helix and its staggered exit permissions.
  • 5 min.The leaves are now floating up and down, as they learn to make the alters .

This is where the story of the Oak Tree will be incorporated into the schedule.


When the Illuminati programmers want “to destroy” an alter, may use the torture of the chandelier-MT 6:22-23 which is indicated on page 310 of Vol.2 Formula book, and then make the altersbecome fragmented leaves fall to the ground and die. After this, these alters disobedient and now “dead” can be taken and be dissociated from their memories. The memories are locked in a permanent place within the mind.

  • Min.Of a leaf like “box” come a series of fairies. The child is taught to put things (such as their alters ) in boxes of various shapes.
  • 5 min.Leaves blow in the wind. Fairies cover things and keep them safe.
  • Min.Fairies are flying. The seasons are passing in sequence. An internal green skirt fairy will be connected to the internal clock of sand during programming.
  • 5 min.Fairies are flying and skate on ice. The winter season has become.
  • 28 min.A winter scene. The four seasons have come to an end.
  • 5 min.A sorcerer is introduced by the MC (master of ceremonies). The sorcerer is shown and then his assistant or trainee who is Mickey Mouse. The Mickey Mouse wants to be creative and magical like the great wizard. The Mickey Mouse sees the power that the sorcerer has, and wants that power. What is really being subtly portraying here is the programmer (the wizard) and the core with their creative sides (Mickey Mouse). Showing the programmer as a great wizard is actually right on the money. Top programmers are all Grand Masters in the Illuminati and are much into witchcraft.
  • 29 min.The sorcerer (wizard) is shown again. This time the magician “with his skull beside him, creates whether cauldron witch a big colorful butterfly which is forever changing. (Is this big yellow moth, red, white and blue meant to be a Monarch butterfly? Programmers will use it that way for this Monarch programming.) The great wizard magically creates the big colorful butterfly, and then breaks into countless splinters!
  • 30 min.Mickey sneaks and grabs the magic hat. (The magic hat is one of the few things in the film that does not mean anything for the programming. Simply witchcraft symbols.) Then a magic broom appears.
  • 5 min.The broomstick comes alive. Images broomstick will be used to help create the pancake people ( alters tape that howl internal computer messages). The broomstick person in the film carries buckets of water. The child puts one story after another, in layers, in a period of time, which are being skillfully constructed toward a programming end.

Parts of the child’s mind that see the movie Fantasia will dissociate on clean slates. They will have to give some images in order to have something to build mentally upon. In the Cisco book section, article “Truth” is discussed how the mind looks at sensory inputs and tries to make sense of a pattern, comparing to previous models that have been identified.
Learning is a building process step by step, and so is programming.


  • 31 min.Mickey as the apprentice sorcerer (in a sense the victim who the programmer is training) manipulates the broomstick person.

Mickey (and the victim) become mirror images of the Wizard over them.

  • 32 min.Then the sorcerer sits on his throne, and while on the throne acts like the conductor. Here is a subtle mental tie in which Mickey is playing the role of programmer (conductor) and is sitting on an Illuminati throne (like so many of the Illuminati Grand Master programmers have actually done.)

Michael Aquino is one of several mind-control programmers who have gone by the name of Mickey. Because Mickey Mouse is substituted for being the programmer at different points in programming, this scene articulates well with other standard programming sessions.

  • 5 min.Mickey in the film clearly is shown leaving his physical body and l astrally projecting himself. This is such a vivid portrayal of occult astral projection, that it is inconceivable that many Christians consider Walt Disney movies to be christian. (See Vol. 2, page 319, for a discussion of the scientific methods to understand and produce astral projection.)

This is also laying the groundwork for the mentally child to leave your body mentally and either flutters over her body in dissociation or to travel somewhere via astral projection. The Mickey Mouse then begins to direct the lights. These lights represent the alters that the victim will make for the conductor. The lights (ie, stars) are the conductor’s orchestra. Lightning (such as flashes that come from electroshock) and the storm are being controlled by Mickey.
Notice that the things Mickey is controlling are fear-based. After the child has viewed the film many times and memorized when the shock is applied, at this point in the film, the child will control it like Mickey, creating ‘magically’ divisions.

  • 5 min.Mickey begins to direct waves. So for those who understand the veiled scenes, Mickey begins going through the different spheres of magic conquering the different spirits. This is Enochian Magic.
  • 34 min.Mickey wakes up back in his body, and he is in trouble with the water is rising ie a water trauma. Mickey is thrown into the water.

The child victim will identify this with the drowning tortures that are given to instill “no talk-no tell” messages. After Mickey (or in child himself) have done something, and return to his body, then the message “no talking” fire. The victims of mind control often have the feeling of drowning when they trigger a message of no-talk message.

  • 5 min.More water continues to flow.
  • 35 min.Suddenly, without any continuity of action, Mickey gets an ax and kills the broom division, breaking it into pieces. The broom dies and multiply when it returns to life. This is a clear picture of what the programmers want to make the child’s mind. Traumatize the child essentially unto death, and then they want the alters tortured multiply themselves in many more alters Armies of brooms are formed from the broom.

This scene here is a clear red flag that the Illuminati asked Walt Disney to produce this film. This scene with the trauma death of the broom, divided in half, and then coming back to life in a multiplied form, is evidence that this film was going to be used to educate children in multiplicity.
The assistant programmer will say,


At this point, it is necessary to explain what is to be done when the child’s mind begins to divide.
After the splitting trauma, the programmer should be able to see what the child has created, so he wants the child to see what he has done.


However, the part of the child that looks back at the trauma will then see that the dissociated trauma was real and that will make the child angry. The programmers want the child to dissociate what he built, and when the child looks at what he has created will enter a vortex of dissociation. The child is told if he ever looks at the memory enter the vortex.

  • 5 min.Water is being thrown inward over the brooms, while Mickey throws water out.
  • 36 min.Suddenly, a hypnotic vortex sucks things during the movie.
  • 5 min.The brooms all march in an army, while Mickey reads his magic book. Mickey then uses his magic book as a lifeboat when he is thrown into a vortex. A vortex is often created from that part of the mind that is holding the high energy that accumulates in the mind just before the mind splits. Holds the highest energy of the mind. One way to create a vortex is to place the child on a traumatic Disney ride, on a rolling cart.

It equips the child with special electrical boxes or electrical shoes during the trip, at a particular time scheduled, when fear is increasing, that fear has pain of the electrical shock added to it. A cattle prod of course would be too dangerous to carry on some kind of trip like this, with all the movement. Also keep in mind, a small child has no need of electricity that an adult should have so that it can drive down.

  • 37 min.At the bottom of vortices in the Illuminati programming, the programmers place Guardian demons. In Fantasy, when Mickey gets to the bottom of the vortex, of course, there is a tutor there to find. The Guardian Spirit part water, like Moses and the Red Sea.
  • Min.The principal and Mickey Mouse shake hands. The director does something very important. Mickey congratulates the conductor and then the conductor (programmer) in turn says, “Mickey, you’ve done a good job.” (Yes, the core / fragments of it have done a good job at this point, just created their inner world!)

The MC tells us about the next song the occult, the rituals of the Rite of Spring. Spring rituals are creation rituals, so this music is ritually connected to what the programmers are going to do in this segment. The MC states that instead of the viewer to see tribal dances (which are by the way witchcraft dances), that instead Disney has decided to show us scenes of what happened billions of years ago.
(This part is also a subtle push the theory of Darwinian evolution . But because it is child’s entertainment, people do not have their guard. theory of evolution is important, because it allows people including the victim and not take moral responsibility for their actions, and is also the basis of some of the teachings of Hinduism and witchcraft, which will be given to alts deeper. This is an approach to escape to destroy godliness that itself lead children in general.) 

  • 5 min.The MC says, “Imagine a small tormented lonely planet spinning in a sea of ​​nothing.” This is exactly what the programmer will say to the children as they work together in building an internal world. The “sea of ​​nothingness” is what the reader will see described in our books as “Outer Space” or “Rubicon”. Also that “sea of ​​nothingness” is used much later to reinforce the secrecy of the programmers.

Much later as the programmer and Progressing torture, programmers will say to alters ,

  • 40 minutes.A swirl of stars in a galaxy appears. Swirling lights flashing comets in its wake.

This will set the foundation for your child to build galaxies and worlds within their mind.

  • 42 minutes.The face of the planet emerges.
  • 5 min.Many volcanoes erupt on the screen, laying the foundations for real internal volcanoes.
  • 45 min.Oceans, water and fire are coming into being. The child victim needs to know how a world is created in order to create their own internal world. The lava begins to flow, to play the flute background music. Flashes of lightning. The violence portrayed evil time will be enhanced with drugs that have given the child a thousand times its magnitude.

This is important because it will take a lot of mental energy and external torture to create the internal worlds. Taking as vivid images will help when the victim goes to build their internal world.There will be special purpose fragments that will be made ​​in the elements of fire and water. That’s all I know these are special purpose fragments. Breaking through the layers in the systems altersinternal trigger earthquakes.
This and later earthquake scene are used to build the foundation for climate domestic violence. If an internal earthquake shakes the inner mind of a slave, has the same effect as if a real earthquake happened. Everything internally shakes and shifts. An alter system will also have fire children, who will give the alters internal reaction or feeling that you are burning.
The mind gets very survival minded when it thinks it is burning, and goes back to live programming that is linked with the implementation of victim survival during programming. 46 minutes. The oceans continue to form.

  • 47 min.Calm occurs in the action.
  • 5 min.The screen gets dark except for an amoeba, which becomes two amoebas. When leaving multiplying small amoebae, the assistant programmer encourages the child,

Remember, the programmers are working with a pre-school with alters with a clean slate. The programmers must show images that the child can relate to. The concept of the broom that is divided in half and then multiplying and now the concept of the amoebas splitting are portrayed in a way that the child’s mind can grasp the concept.

  • 5 min.
  • 49 minutes.Dinosaurs appear. Programmers reformulate the concept of dinosaurs into monsters and demons. The dinosaurs will be reformulated sea demons as guardians who care internal rivers. These guardian demons bind programming Armageddon, end of time. Also guard the various worlds.
  • 50 min.Dinosaur-birds swoop down and grab prey. These images will be restrained to lay the foundation for the winged monkeys, who see the stories of Oz. The winged monkeys are seeing are the alters of the infant, who are assigned to monitor and protect the system.
  • 5 min.Fierce dinosaurs (a reference later rained like Dragons) protect the swamps. Swamps are built into the inner world, so this is very helpful. Demons and alters like Dameon are set up as guards.
  • 52 minutes-over marshes appear.The swamp scenes will form the base in the child’s mind for the internal river Styx. (See more about this in this book’s article “about programming, databases, destruction of”). Some dinosaurs that have long necks that look like snakes begin appearing.


The assistant programmer restates this to the child,


While the child watches, they reframe the huge dinosaurs as being demons.


Pictures of reptiles that seem hell show the kids too. At that age, the child will not see the difference. (Note for therapists: Some “demons” may actually be important parts of an alter system, and are being used to protect unauthorized users from entering important areas of the system.)

  • 54 min.The ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex chases the dinosaurs. This chase scene is especially frightening to a young child on a LSD trip. Dinosaurs with long necks like snakes appear. They could be arrested as a python. T-Rex is also known as Leviathan, a demon that inhabits the kundalini spinal column and causes pain in the victim, and has been written about on page 302 in Volume 2 of our book. In the film, there is fierce long struggle between T-Rex and other dinosaurs ensues.
  • 55 min.The dinosaurs begin dying and soon dies.

This will be highlighted later, if the parts are integrated, they also die. If someone tries to enter the system, the alters must bury himself deeply, as these dinosaurs do on the film.

  • 56 min.Bones of the dead appear.
  • 59 min.The mountains rise off the ground in authority.
  • 5 min.It gets stormy on the screen, winds and floods appear.
  • Min.Comes quiet at sunrise.
  • 61 min.The sun sets. (During the programming, this may be refrained as the moon setting. Might be both or either. Remember, the programmer is working with the child’s creativity.) Several scenes in the film show the moon in different phases, it is important to introduce programming concepts like Mr. Moon.
  • 3 min.The orchestra is now playing. Music is an important part of mind-control programming. The effect of music on the mind and body has been studied. Music can double the heart beat, accelerate the respiratory rate, make that rate irregular, enhance perception, lower the threshold for various sensory stimuli, change blood pressure and circulation, and alter the muscles in the body . Music dance and music of “march” played by orchestras change muscle response. Music is also a great way to cause dissociation.
  • 5 min.The MC introduces the “Sound Track”, which he says is an important person to Fantasy, which can be seen around the Disney studio. When Mr. Sound Track appears, is simply a vertical line. The MC says he is “an important screen personality. “The basic work being settled is that of a person being anything, even a line. The MC states that each sound creates a picture.
  • 63 minutes.The MC encourages the Sound Track (soundtrack) personified, that “is not nervous.” Then a similar sound to an electrical discharge occurs and the line develops a splotch of color in it. During the programming at this point an electrical shock is applied to children.
  • 5 minutes.Asks the harp sound. The harp begins playing a scale and the line becomes double 8 and spirals like snakes. It teaches the child to dissociate when seeing double 8s.
  • 64 min.The violin begins going up and down. Each of these instruments going up and down the scale, like do-rey-mi-fa-so-la-si-do. The music is used to teach the alters to go up and down the helix, which is calculated in this part of the film. When leaving the music down, an alter is taught to go down to a trance, and if you climb higher, the alter will go higher trance.


All these instruments (violin, flute, bass, bassoon) are being used to teach alters how to work in the system. The MC describes the flute as “very pretty”.

  • 3 min.A trumpet begins playing and the colors, yellow, orange, etc.. begin to show.
  • 5 min.When the bassoon plays, the MC says, “Go. Drop the other shoe “-” Go to the shoe “which translates” go down “- the deepest trance level. The following is the double-pyramid, with a helix in the middle, which appears when the bassoon plays.
    (This configuration is very important for all these systems alters Illuminati.)
  • 65 min.The drum plays and some other percussion instruments play. This is taught to the child as “HEARTBEATS” cult. They will hear this sound internally for many years to come. Then some sounds that have a breaking effect (cymbals and cymbals) like broken mirrors are made in the film.
  • 5 min.Taking place sounds, a line is drawn with a pyramid on top. This lays the foundation for the structure of the system.
  • 66 min.The MC laughs and talks about Beethoven’s Pastoral (Beethoven’s 6th) which is next.
  • 5 minutes.The screen comes alive with magical Unicorns of different colors. Then Pan (a similar figure of Satan devil) appears playing his pipes, and soon, many other small Pan (little demons) are playing their flutes. The little Pans (demons) play and dance with the unicorns. The orchestra plays again.


(This author, Fritz, remembers when I said that Pan is an evil spirit, I was rebuked by a Christian minister. Then said that Pan was a joyful creature benevolent. A number of books are available in bookstores document that Pan is indeed , satanic, and is considered a powerful demon by occultists.)

  • 67 min.Pegasus (the mythical greek winged horse) flies in. As a mare, she cares for the small screen. She is a protector in the programming.
  • 68 min.

The child is rewarded for what it has to do with the game of fantasy.


The child feels rewarded by the game of fantasy. The fantasy scenes in Walt Disney’s Fantasia are like the Wizard of Oz scenes in Oz, fantasy land is more colorful and fun than real life. Bright colors will chapoteados during scenes of fantasy land.

  • 5 min.A castle appears as Pegasus flies. This and other castle scenes will help the child develop the image of the spiritual castles that the child will build internally. Then they swim in the water.

During the programming mirrors are put into the internal system. A mirror can be a piece of glass, the surface of a pond, or an asphalt runway. When programming is complete, underneath the water and / or on the runway there are demons lurking.

  • 70 min.Emergen waterfalls. The waterfalls are used by the programmers to erase the memory of all slaves, all that is asked. The child will tell you, when you finish you see Fantasia (and this will also tell in other programming events too),

The fantasy is given so that the subconscious can rest in peace after the programming.
The child is told,

  • “Wash to cleanse.”
  • 5 min.The girls appear as girl centaurs (half girl – half horse).
  • 71 minutes.Then a scene appears where one girl centaur braid the hair of another girl centaur. The Illuminati teach their slaves to braid their memories. They braid their memories and then locked.All memories will be locked up and braided Papi and then closed forever.
  • 72 min.Centaurs men appear. Around water, and create mirror images in the water.
  • 5 min.A crown is placed on a female centaur and 2 doves. During the Illuminati death, burial and resurrection ceremonies lilies are used for crowns, and doves are used. They are symbols of ritual / programming are significant. The female centaurs look at the male centaurs. This will be refrained as a system can have both male and female parts.
  • 73 min.Starting with a female centaur, the females act seductively for males, who then respond. For bras the females have bras of daisies. Vol 2 of the book explains how the daisy programming is a type of program life or death. Vivid colors are used for each centaur. For example, one may be purple and another one another color, which sets the stage for the alters to have different access color codes. Alters do not usually see themselves as being in different colors, although occasionally happen.
  • 8 min.A marriage takes place between the centaurs. The programmers catch these nuances of the film and use them. The marriage here teaches the child to become familiar with the ceremonies arm and arm. Remember, the programmers are dealing with clean slates that must be taught from scratch. In the next few minutes, the cherub children will watch the sexual body language, and the child victim is also picking up tantalizing information about sexual body movements.
  • 2 min.The centaurs go swimming.
  • 75 min.Little cherubs are dancing and flying around. When drawn, the artists sometimes separated to 3 cherubs who blow flutes together. The female centaur, who is light hair (blond) and blue-eyed, which is what the Illuminati like appears. When she hears the tone (of the flutes) she goes into a trance state and walks with her eyes closed.

This image is used to teach alters that when they hear certain tones, they will enter a trance state and do certain things. The little cherub turns into a heart, and when no one is watching goes into the tree. In programming, this part is the Keeper of the Tree. Notice how everything is veiled.
The assistant programmer will point the cherub to the child victim,

  • 5 min.A curtain, then wrapped the scene. The curtain appears to be like a tree type. More bubbles appear, and more water. All the mythical creatures on the screen begin to dance, to be happy and have a party.
  • 77 min.
      IS GOOD “
  • 78 min.

At the party takes blood like wine.


The only human in this Disney scene is honored. This is done to teach the alters that humans and animals can mix. That can be accepted for who they are, even if they think they are an animal or something else will be accepted in the celebrations of worship. All these scenes are internal programming.
Incidentally, one of the beautiful centaurs, very feminine, makes a sexual pass at the fat human, who then chases her.

  • 80 min.Zeus appears a frightening storm, and, and the Greek gods appear.

This demon who throws lightening is named Furfur. It also makes thunder and strong winds in the system (the system alter Worlds). Readers can learn more about this demon, named Furfur, in the second part of “Deeper Insights” (Deeper Knowledge) of Cisco, in the article on “Programming, foundations, destruction of”.

  • 81 minutes lightning rays are thrown from heaven.
  • 5 min.All cherubs run for cover in fear.
  • 82 min.Pegasus the protector flies in to protect everyone, especially a new born Pegasus. The wind is personified as a two-headed person blowing. This two-headed Janus wind comes storming through the heavens. The programmer often place his own voice “IN THE WIND”. The greek god (internal demon) throws a thunderbolt.
  • 83 min.

The child is learning what to make internally. Zeus relaxes and goes to sleep.

  • 84 min.More vivid colors are formed.

The film at this point is teaching the child to remain in the framework of the programming for safety. Exit programming is terror. The child is learning to fear God’s demonic guardians.

  • 5 min.The fantasy world is coming alive. It is a happy fantasy world. A goddess in the sky makes a rainbow appear. This is the rainbow goddess of the programming.
  • 85 min.All the happy unicorns and cherubs fly “over the rainbow”. (Refer to Book Vol.2. P.94 book to understand the significance of going over the rainbow.) The unicorn is derived from old British paganism where the lion represented sun worship, And The Unicorn is the lunar cult. Therefore, the Royal Arms of the British Royal Family have a unicorn on one side and a lion on the other.Sexually the unicorn represents the androgynous.

During programming, the horses, pegasi, unicorns and centaurs shown in the Fantasia became the foundation upon which the Illuminati programmers build the alters who are nightmarish beasts of burden who carry the memories of an alter system. These are alters ( alter-ego ) logical, no-thrills, who are early divisions and are programmed after the child becomes verbal.
See Cisco’s article on Dream Work for more understanding about the alters horse, as well as chapter 7 on Structuring.

  • 86 minutes.More rainbows and lots of bubbles come into view. The film has done an excellent job of showing how Furfur, the God of thunder protects the Rainbow Furfur. Once an alter has gone the rainbow, you can not come back because a demon protects the Rainbow. The rainbow is also protected by alters who fear the gods.

After seeing Fantasy, the therapist can understand why the alters protective of young children are afraid of these gods. The Master (which represents Furfur) in the movie swallows the rainbow.
If looking internally alter the rainbow, he or she will only find stars, because the protector will come and say:

  • “I swallowed the rainbow.”

The rainbow is kept well hidden internally. This scene is used to teach alters how to go over the rainbow.

  • 5 minutes.Out Apollo, the sun god.
  • 87 min.A big mother spirit who fills the whole sky is now shown by Disney. She hangs over the rainbow. When you have built a system, this is really what you put into it. All go to sleep in the film.
  • 5 minutes.Arrows shoot the stars in the heavens. These images are more programming. When you want the rainbow, you see stars.
  • 88 min.The director just new.
  • 5 min.The following configuration is the palace of a Venetian nobleman (duke). The curtain opens. It talks about the use of curtains in our previous books.
  • 89 min.The curtain opens. An Ostrich begins dancing, and makes others dance.
  • 90 min.Ostriches begin dancing in a circle, this is laying the groundwork for what the cult family does. The Assistant programmer may tell the child,

Programmers will not tell you directly to the child that this represents the cult family.

Fantasy represents Satan as a terrible powerful being. 

  • 5 min.Ostriches are eating grapes. They are playing, looking in the pool and they are seeing bubbles.
  • 92 min.Hippos emerge out of the pool.

The hippos begin to dance and dance.

  • 94 min.Elephants appear and are having fun and blowing bubbles. Programmers can have fun blowing bubbles with the child. A programmers like to mix love and hate, kindness and sadistic behavior. That way the victim has difficulty separating love and hate. If you ask many slaves about “Daddy” they will tell you that having fun with dad.

And they are right – they had fun mixed with sadistic torture.
The bubbles continue peeling. A bubble is a fish in it. This is the programming imagery for bubble. The child victim is trained to dump their bad memories into bubbles and let them float. The therapist will notice that many victims feel like they’re floating. They have an unreal feeling. The bubbles are floating their bad memories carry.

  • 5 minutes.A new setting and the hippos sleep hypnotically. 3 sinister alligators that remind one of the 3 main programmers appear. The 3 alligators have robes that hide them, and stamped images of themselves lurking behind them go. Crocodiles are trying to get hippos.

The 3 alligators are portrayed like the programmer is someone who fears, loves and respects, all at once. Hippo flees and dancing. The alligator dances with the hippo, but makes menacing attempts to eat him. A flying hippo lands on an alligator. Elephants, hippos, alligators are shown. The elephants, ostriches, hippos and alligators all dance in fantasy.

  • 100 min.The orchestra is dancing.
    • “DO WHAT YOU TELL And we’ll have fun.”
  • 101 min.The MC announces the next part of “the struggle between the profane and the sacred.” “The director stands in a silhouette that suggests the same pose that Satan is coming.
  • 102 min.A high dark mountain with a castle appears in front of the viewer. Bringing winged figure of Satan raises his wings. His wings are sectioned like fingers with claws, and will form the image of the demon Malebrinche, whose satanic claws hang over the alters


The Illustrated Guide, the reader will find many of these claws lurking in the background in the photos.
A child victim will be taught to fear the hands of the programmer, Satan and Malebrinche. The wings (hands with claws) open. And Satan is depicted as an imposing figure. (By the way, “the word means maleficia misfortune caused by witches. Witch in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty has the demonic name of Maleficent.)

  • 5 min.Satan begins raising the dead skeletons. This provides a basis for the layer in the Valley of Dry Bones comes alive with armies of skeletons.
  • 104 min.The film also has some images at this point that will help with the foundation for the Armageddon programming. Satan calls everything to himself.
  • 5 min.The pit of hell is displayed. This is laying the foundation for the hell pit with all its demons. All kinds of vivid colors are shown in hell, to make it real to the victim’s actual scene. Satan smiles as demons burn in hell.
    • “REGARDLESS OF WHAT COLOR ERES, OR’re good end up Y”.
  • 105 min.
  • 5 min.Three beautiful ladies demons begin to dance in a circle, all of a sudden these demons take on their Luciferian form, and becomes a goat.
  • 106 min.The demons continue to dance with powerful Satan watching over them. The pit of hell and demons are portrayed with vivid and frightening graphs. The hellish fire and the ghoulish dancing of its occupants continues for what seems a long time.
  • 107 min.Satan is portrayed by Disney in all his evil dark majesty.
  • 5 min.Bells begin to ring, and the demons scurry, and the dead return to the earth to their graveyards.
  • 108 min.Ghosts return to the graves. Soft music begins to play. Ave Maria by Schubert, which was written for the Catholic church, begins playing.
  • 109 min.Satan folds himself into a mountain.
  • 110 min.The lights sparkle like a column of mobilizing people, walking with lights, and then some walls appear.
  • 5 min.An arched bridge with its reflection. The column of silhouetted people who continue walking have images reflected in the river.

The assistant programmer will be telling the system (which the front parts will hear)

  • Min.An opening, a vertical strip of silvery light comes from what appears to be doors opening. There is a mirror effect in the way the doors open, which will facilitate making mirror image worlds. A new world opens up, which will be the world’s leading system. A whole new world opens up, which will be the world of the frontal system. Both alters as the front and deeper will be told to forget the movie.

Later, when a system is better programmed, the programmers will rise and make the front laters to walk through these doors into the light. When they are hypnotically taken through these doors into the light and away from the fear and darkness of the Kingdom of Satan, are hypnotically told to close those doors and never look back. The Kingdom of Satan has been shown in detail and in great length. The Kingdom of Satan has been shown as powerful and fearful.
Satan is shown as a great power to be feared. The Kingdom of Light is only shown a peace, as a refuge from evil. Is displayed as well. Not shown to have power or intelligence. It is simply a place to go to escape the fear of Satan’s power. This is all the programmers really want the church to be. It will be a stabilizing balance to let the mind recovers from the hell of the programming, but is not meant to be seen as greater than Satan and his kingdom.

  • 115 min.The film ends with a peaceful gaze at heaven. The child is telling in the final minutes,

After all the hell I finally pulled over the child, and the scare that Satan gives this film Fantasia, the child is happy to create a beautiful world to live in it.
The effectiveness of Disney’s Fantasia is that it is used to communicate and build on it the unconscious structures within the child’s mind. The unconscious mind is the seat of our creative abilities.


Then the conscious mind makes adaptations to this way of thinking unconscious.

Now that the reader has covered so much, the following quotes (with emphasis added) take on even deeper meaning.
Joe Flower in Prince of the Magic Kingdom ,

“Walt Disney was obsessed with creation, driven to build magical worlds, as are many artists paint and canvas, or words, or even film, but physically, concrete, wires, smoke, electricity, and highly programmed employees “. (P. 23)

Julian Halevy in Nation condemned Disney for this nation lead to a “drift to fantasy.”


He adds:

“… One feels our whole culture heading up the dark river to the source – that heart of darkness where Mr. Disney traffics in evil ornate gold and ivory.”

For those who understand programming, comments Aubrey Menen on the success of Disney are profoundly appropriate,

“The strongest desire an artist knows … to create their own world where everything is just as he imagines.”

John Ciardi was not so nice, he termed Walt Disney as “the shyster in the backroom of illusion.”


Eliot said,

“While his filmed fairy tales may have appeared at first glance to be light and dreamlike, upon closer examination seem more nightmares of deconstructed reality in league with the major modernist Freudian era.”

You have now finished reading an unprecedented warning, never before heard, about the dark reality of Diosney Magic Kingdom, and how it fits with mind control.
Most Americans who were surveyed say they believe in God , most go to church, and many believe they are born again.


Because of the deception campaign over several generations Illuminati, the American public and the world in general has been led to believe that Disney was good, and that Walt Disney was a good man.Because of his image, people suspended judgment about Disney and Disney movies.
They entrusted their children to him. People had been manipulated into a state of mind, a predisposition that whatever comes out of Disney is good. They entrusted their children to take what Disney fed the little minds of their young children, week after week.


The willingness of public trust was used to introduce Illuminati beliefs and their political agenda, and to carry out a vast program of mind control trauma based on hundreds of thousands of young children, whose minds and souls were stolen from them.
Because many of the child slaves, who are programmed with Disney themes, are programmed with functions to bring the Anti-Christ, Walt Disney and his family have played a major role for the Anti-Christ . And now you can see how accurate the Word of God when he says, What is highly esteemed among men is an abomination to God . First, there will be a summary of the types of sources used, and then will follow a partial Bibliography on this Disney Section.
People who have worked for Disney and who are getting pensions and medical insurance have talked about Disney under the condition of anonymity.
This is because the Disney hierarchy will not permit exposure without retaliation.


Several Disney people who helped with discovering facts for this section were threatened that their children lives would be taken if they continued to investigate Disney.

People who have worked for Disney and who are getting pensions and medical insurance have talked about Disney under the condition of anonymity. This is because the Disney hierarchy will not permit exposure without retaliation. Several non-Disney people who helped with discovering facts for this section were threatened that they would be taken the lives of their children if they continued to investigate Disney.
What I ( Fritz Springmeier ) finally have put into this is solely my responsibility.

  • One type of source for this was books on the Hollywood Film Industry and books on Disney movies.There were about 20 books of this category which were examined for a better understanding of who the Disney brothers were and what it was the Disney Company. One of the best in this type of source is The Art of Walt Disney from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom by Christopher Finch (New York:. Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1975)


  • Another type of source were the standard biographical reference books, “such as Who’s Who, Who’s Who in the West (1951,), World Biography, Who Was Who” Current Biography, 1952, etc..


  • Another type of source was critical of Disney movies such as several articles exposing the Lion King, in the article on Fantasy in Media Spotlight, comments and statements of Rush Limbaugh about how Disney had betrayed the trust of viewers, the Spotlight 26 February 1996 Page 31 article “Disney turns around to family values.”


  • Another type of source was magazine and newspaper articles about Disney such as the Oregonian art on a Disney director being a convicted abuser of children.The NY Times, Newsweek and other magazines and news sources. A significant number of very good research reports which were written by Harry V. Martin for the Napa Sentinel in 1989 were very important in learning of some activities of the Illuminati / CIA / Drug / Contra / in the Napa Valley, CA which is associated with Roy Disney.


  • Harry V. Martin reached into all kinds of records and did an excellent job of investigative journalism.The magazine Monde 2000, No. 12, had an article about non-lethal weapons being developed by the New World Order. This article was reproduced and discussed in “Encounter Chronicles Journal of Scientific Intelligence,” how Disney has been working with Sandia Labs and Los Alamos.
  • Another type of source were victims of Illuminati mind-control, who have recovered memories of being programmed at Disneyland and Disneyworld.


  • Another type of source has been to watch Disney movies as an investigative tool to understand how is programming, how they are skillfully indoctrinating the American people into witchcraft, etc..This author has also personally been to both Disneyland, near Anaheim, CA and Disneyworld, near Orlando, FL.


  • Another source is the annual reports of the Walt Disney Company, and also the reference book, Corporate Membership Directory and also the reference book Directory of Corporate Affiliations (1986) published by the National Registry Company.
    Other source are books which specialized in covering detailed information on Disneyland, as “Disneyland and Beyond Last Family Guide (edited by Ray Riegert, and printed by Ulysses Press of Berkeley, CA) and Disneyland Walt Disney (by Martin A. Sklar and introduced by Walt Disney.) AAA had a 27-page booklet “Disneyland Park and Southern California”, released in 1996, which provides information on what is being offered at Disneyland and surroundings.


The book refers repeatedly to “Disney Magic”. One has to wonder how Christians and non-occultic persons can not see how occult Disney is.