North East Party

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North East Party
Founder Hilton Dawson
Founded 2014
Ideology North East regionalism
Local government (England & Wales)
0 / 20,565


The North East Party (NEP) is a regionalist political party in North East England founded in 2014 by former Labour MP Hilton Dawson.[1] The party campaigns for a better deal for North East England generally and is committed to a devolved assembly in the North East with powers similar to those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, if approved by a referendum.[2] It says bodies such as the North East Combined Authority do not have a mandate to take on new responsibilities and representatives must be directly-elected.


The NEP was founded in May 2014 and is widely seen as a sister party toYorkshire First.[4][5] In December 2014, the party—only six months old—won its first council seat at a local by-election for Peterlee Town Council in County Durham.[6] Two months later, the party won a second seat on the council in another by-election.[7] Following on from its local successes, the party contested four parliamentary seats and several council seats in the region at the 2015 UK election.[2]

General election 2015[edit]

The party stood candidates in Easington, Newcastle upon Tyne North, Redcar and Stockton North. It failed to win any seats. Its best performance came in Easington where candidate Susan McDonnell received 2.3% of the vote.

Constituency Votes  %
Easington 810 2.3
Newcastle upon Tyne North 338 0.7
Redcar 389 1.0
Stockton North 601 1.5

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