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Deez Nuts (politician)

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Deez Nuts
Campaign U.S. presidential election, 2016
Candidate Deez Nuts
Affiliation Independent[1]
Status Running (ineligible to serve)[2]
Headquarters Wallingford, Iowa
Key people Brady C. Olson

Deez Nuts (real name Brady C. Olson) is a satirical candidate running in the2016 United States presidential election. His form to run for office was filed with the Federal Election Commission in late July 2015.[3] In polls conducted by Public Policy Polling in Iowa, Minnesota and North Carolina in mid-August 2015, he polled at 8, 8 and 9 percent respectively, garnering the attention of the media.[4][5]

Nuts’ bid for the presidency drew attention to the number of questionable candidates who had filed to run for office.[6][7][8] Jim Williams, an analyst at Public Policy Polling, the organization that had conducted the poll in North Carolina, noted to The Guardian that, due to a fringe of the population with a penchant towards anti-establishment candidates, “You could call [the third party candidate] anything, and they would get their 7% or 8%.”[9]

It was revealed on August 19, 2015, that “Deez Nuts” is 15-year-old Brady C. Olson of Wallingford, Iowa. He stated, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, that he created the practical joke “half-trying to break the two-party system, half-frustration with the front-runners.” In addition, Olson also endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, and Ohio Governor John Kasich for the Republican nomination.[10] Olson, according to Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution,[2] does not meet the minimum age requirement of 35 years at the time of inauguration to be able to serve as president following the 2016 elections.

Political platform[edit]

Brady Olson, the person behind Deez Nuts, has expressed libertarian views.[11]


Deez Nuts believes that Congress should not be able to spend more than it takes in through taxes. In order to reinforce the importance of a balanced budget, Nuts believes that, in the short term, Congress, the President, and the Cabinet should have their salaries slashed in half until the budget is balanced, after which the salaries may slowly rise until they normalize. Nuts believes the salaries should be cut once again if the budget becomes unbalanced.

Nuts also believes that tax incentives are crucial to offer to corporations in order to keep jobs in America, as opposed tooutsourcing. Nuts envisions a more self-sufficient America in the future, not reliant on foreign imports.[12]


Nuts supports cutting subsidies to oil companies and giving tax incentives to individuals and corporations implementingrenewable energy and “green” technology—in particular, he supports grants to communities installing municipal wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and rooftop solar panels. Nuts has not yet expressed an opinion on nuclear power.[12]


Nuts considers all adult illegal immigrants violators of the law, believing they should be deported to their country of origin. He has not elaborated on what should be done about illegal minors or illegal families with children.[12]


Nuts is opposed to the belief that the United States is a Christian nation, and believes in legal abortion and same-sex marriage on the basis that each person should be allowed to make his or her own decisions.[12]

Voting rights[edit]

Nuts believes that residents of American overseas territories deserve voting rights. He has expressed the need for the people of American Samoa to become citizens of the United States in earnest and receive one electoral vote, due to its status as an unincorporated territory. Nuts would give Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marianas two electoral votes and give Puerto Rico three electoral votes, bringing the total number of electoral votes to 548 from 538. Nuts also believes that all five territories and Washington, D.C. should each have their own one fully functional seat (as opposed to a non-voting delegate) in the House of Representatives, bringing the seats in the House to 441 from 435.[12]


Deez Nuts has been officially endorsed by the man behind the original ‘Deez Nuts’ skit, Warren G.[13]

Deez Nuts endorses presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for 2016[14] and endorses presidential candidate John Kasich for the Republican nomination for 2016.[15]

Relationship to Limberbutt McCubbins[edit]

Nuts polled his fans on his Facebook page on August 13, 2015, asking whether he should reach out to fellow joke presidential hopeful, Kentucky feline Limberbutt McCubbins, for a possible Nuts/McCubbins ticket. Nuts has acknowledged McCubbins as an inspiration for his presidential run. McCubbins responded the same day, saying he was thrilled to have inspired Deez Nuts, but he stopped short of endorsing Deez Nuts or agreeing to the potential ticket. However, many voters are hopeful that the team will pair up for the upcoming 2016 election. [16]