10 Unusual Multiple-Partner Relationships

Love can be a funny thing. It is complicated enough to find one person to love you, let alone multiple people at the same time. In recent years, polyamorous relationships have become more common and well known without the stigma of a harsh judgment. Before the 21st century, polyamorous love was very much a secret practice that was whispered among neighbors and was always here say, never confirmed for sure. The practice of polyamory doesn’t have much rules, especially in terms of gender. Some couple who wish to add another to create a three way relationship become a “throuple.” Four people involved in a relationship are called a “fourple”. And yes, there can be more than four people in a relationship, and the dynamics can be more complicated that patterns you learn about in your math class.
Evidence of polyamory can be traced back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome as depicted on pottery and art. In fact, legends of the Greek gods include polyamory and gods having multiple lovers with not only each other, but humans as well. The relationships in this video are enough to make anyone’s head spin, especially of those who are firm believers in traditional relationships. There is a term known as “pansexual” where someone will fall in love with nearly any kind of person regardless of gender, sexual identity, etc. Meaning that a girl can fall in love with a male transgender, and not locked into certain rules when it comes to orientation and what and who they are attracted to.
The relationships in this video are complex and wildly interesting. It’s a wonder of how these throuples and fourples manage to maintain their jealously, but polyamorous couples are more than willing to share their war stories as well as share tips and relationship advice to help others. Polyamory is a heated topic in the world of Mormonism, which believes in having multiple wives in order to be fruitful and multiply as well as supply God’s kingdom with good Christians. The TLC hit show, “Sister Wives” is a major hit and has spotlighted polyamorous marriages, even if only one marriage is recognized by the American government and the rest are “spiritual marriages.” For audiences around the world, even if polyamory isn’t for them, they can live vicariously through the people on television and through the people they read about in magazines and newspapers.
Polyamory is slowly becoming more accepted in mainstream society, and it will be interesting to see how these relationships evolve and if even more fascinating dynamics in attraction and love will evolve from the acceptance of these practices.
In this video are some of the most compelling people in polyamorous relationships. There is even a relationship where there are five couples between four people. How does it all work? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. Who knows, perhaps by the end of this video you’ll be more open minded to polyamory and want to try it out yourself.