United Party of Canada

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United Party of Canada
Parti Uni du Canada
Active federal party
Leader Bob Kesic
President Bob Cameron
Founded November 2009
Headquarters Keswick, Ontario
Ideology centrist
Colours Red, blue
Seats in the House of Commons
0 / 308

Seats in the Senate
0 / 105

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The United Party of Canada is a federally registered political party in Canada founded in November 2009. Its key principles arefiscal responsibility, social progressivism, and environmental sustainability. The party was formed by former members of various other political parties.


The three key principles as stated above are divided further into six unifying themes that represent the party core platform that includes:

  • Education: According to the party’s website, it believes in universal education at the undergraduate university, college or trade school level.[1]
  • Environment: The party recognizes the need for renewable energy resources, specifically the construction of a renewable energy infrastructure that is fiscally responsible.[1]
  • Economy: The party believes that there are opportunities for economic growth by engaging with Canada’s partners in the Commonwealth and the Francophonie to extend trading and investment for both sides.[1]
  • Animal rights: On the subject of animal rights, the party promises to enact legislation with serious criminal penalties for those who do not respect wild and domesticated animals.[1]
  • Children’s rights: The party’s policy for children involves legislating and enforcing laws against child abuse, and making sure that children in foster care are raised well and children with special needs will not be separated from their parents.[1]
  • Unity: The party is dedicated to unifying all geographical and racial demographics of Canada in an attempt to make everyone work together towards a common goal.[1]


The party describes itself on its website as centrist without any direct specific ideological affiliation other than occupying the centre of the political spectrum.

Election results[edit]

Results by election
Election Candidates # of votes  % vote  % vote in contested ridings
2011 general election 3 293 0.02 0.17
2015 general election 1 57 0.00 0.01 [2]
Results by riding
Election Riding Candidate’s Name Gender Residence Occupation Votes % Rank
2010 by-election Vaughan Brian Jedan 55 0.14 8/8
2011 general election Ajax–Pickering Bob Kesic Male 71 0.13 5/5
2011 general election London West Rod Morley Male 65 0.10 5/5
2011 general election York–Simcoe Paul Pisani Male 157 0.30 6/6
2015 general election Ajax Bob Kesic Male 57 0.01 5/5 [3]


  • Brian Jedan (2010–2011)
  • Robert ‘Bob’ Kesic (2011–present)

United Party (1983)[edit]

An earlier party of the same name (no relation to this party) was established by perennial candidate Anne McBride in 1983. It is unknown if it ever nominated a candidate in an election.