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9-year old Girl Dreams Obama Last President of America for 50 Years

This dream was posted in the comments of this very article:

My 9 year old stunned me by stating that she had a dream that Obama was the last president that we had in 50 yrs. She stated that she was an old woman and I was very old- and that America did not have a President in 5o years. So I asked her why the # 50? and she said that’s what was on the television at that time and that they kept repeating it in her dream, then she woke up! It took her a long while to tell me the dream, she say’s she doesn’t like to tell her dreams cuz then they will come true… (posted by Sassy922, a hubpages author)


Image in a Dream

Image in a dream: Obama last president, then a storm.
Image in a dream: Obama last president, then a storm.

Source: Obama Last President Dream

Obama Last President, then Storm

The dream shows a sketch of a rod seen in a dream. There are three rings. The first two, solid and unmoving, represent Clinton and Bush. The third is pulsing and moving like a living thing. Then, at a position further down the rod, there is a large storm encapsulating the rod. No explanation was given in the dream.

If the space between the rings representing the three presidents is used as a scale, the storm is (as best I recall, so this is a very rough approximation) at least two intervals away. That is, slightly more than 16 years.

However, using the same scaling, the storm will also last at least two decades.

Use the above link to see a sketch of the dream image.