OMG! MALAYSIA AIRLINES tragedies were caused by “un-Islamic behaviors” like serving alcohol and exposing flight attendants’ flesh

A senior lecturer of the National Defence University, recognized as Ridhuan Tee, has offered a theological contention as the main reasons behind the tragedies of MH370 and MH17, implying that if the Malaysian airlines had adhered to Islamic behaviors and customs, the accidents never would have happened.

OMG! Look at those 'slutty'- looking flight attendants

IB Times  In his column titled “Buka Minda” (Open your mind) written for Malaysian publication, Sinar Harian on Monday, Tee said that Malaysian airlines MH370 went missing and MH17 was shot down earlier in the year simply because Malaysians are increasingly refusing to be more ‘Islamic’.

He latched on the idea that more Islamic culture should be observed on board Malaysian flights…(Like lifting your ass to Allah several times during flight?)


“Aren’t the lessons of MH17 and MH370 not enough?” Tee asked adding that these days the in-flight crew do not bother to dress in a more Islamic manner and that they serve alcohol – something that is prohibited in Islam.

Noting that the tourists “are practically bathing in alcohol in their own countries”, the official concluded by offering an advice to Malaysian airlines in order to avoid accidents in future: “My advice: observe a more Islamic way of life before Allah unleashes his wrath on you.”

OMG! Muslim women serving alcohol

Malaysia Airlines, which is burning through tens of millions of dollars and losing spooked passengers in droves after back-to-back disasters, is set to undergo a radical restructuring to avoid liquidation and having its fleet farmed out to friendlier skies. Passenger bookings were down 11 percent last month, travelers have been snapping pics of eerily empty cabins on some flights, and the airline announced a $97 million second-quarter loss on Thursday while warning things might get worse in coming months.

Mystery Flight 370 Ends in the Indian Ocean Vile Vortex, New Orleans

(excerpt Twilight Language)

As I previously noted here and in the most popular posting I’ve written for this Twilight Language blog (with over 17,000 readers as of today), “Terrorism, Aliens, Vile Vortices: The Mysteries of Missing Flight 370,” on March 9, 2014, I hinted where the focus of the search would end,

The Wharton Basin, especially its southern portions, is the key to this vile vortice.

Ships and planes have not been the subject of study here but whirling rings of lights under the Indian Ocean.

Ivan T. Sanderson’s Indian Ocean Vile Vortex.

Unlike the Bermuda Triangle and Japan’s Dragon’s Triangle or Devil’s Sea, the area where Flight 370 appears to have vanished has no popular culture name.

Because of its location of several storied waves and terrible winds, locals call these seas just south of here the “Roaring Forties.” But those seas may have distracted searchers for days.

The area of interest is known in Fortean literature as the Indian Ocean’s vile vortex, labeled “Wharton Basin” on one map.

While it was plotted out to be a predicted area of vanishings by Sanderson and others, there is a clear explanation of why it was ignored.

“There would appear to be ten lozenges, or vortices, ringing our earth in two belts, one in the northern, and the other in the southern hemisphere. These are approximately, if not precisely, centered 72° apart, and those in the southern hemisphere all shifted to the East (or right) exactly the same distance to about 40°. All but two lie over water but there is no evidence for one in the southern Indian Ocean; probably because no ships or planes ever passed through or over it.”
Ivan T. Sanderson, Invisible Residents, 1970, p. 143.

The Flight 370 search areas have moved around until now, when the focus is in the vile vortex of the southern Indian Ocean.

One of Fortean Times’ original Gang of Fort has died. The world is a little less enlightened today with the passing of Steve Moore (1949-2014). Steve was well-known for his many Fortean articles, his editorship of Fortean publications, and his good spirits.On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, Bob Richard wrote the following to the Fortean list: “Just learned that my oldest friend and colleague, Fortean, sinologist, chaos adept, Chinese film buff and comics wizard, Steve Moore died sometime in the last few days. He had recently been diagnosed with angina following a deterioration of circulation in his legs. Simply don’t know any other details yet. I miss him terribly already.”Steve was a rock in the Fortean world. This is earthshaking news!

Update: March 23, 2014
The search for missing Flight 370 is now focused on the Vile Vortex Ivan Sanderson pinpointed in the southern Indian Ocean.

Did you know there is a southern form of the Bermuda Triangle?

One of the most popular posting I’ve written for this Twilight Language blog (with over 12,000 readers as of today) is “Terrorism, Aliens, Vile Vortices: The Mysteries of Missing Flight 370,” published on March 9, 2014. Today, I want to explore more deeply aspects of that essay.

Why “No Little Green Men”?

Speaking about his thoughts on the vanished Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, John Goglia, independent air safety consultant and a former NTSB board member, spoke freely on CNN on March 13, 2014. He said, “The only thing we know for sure is that little green men didn’t come down and take it.”

So, I must ask, how does anyone know this?

John Goglia (above) served as a member of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). With more than 30 years experience in the aviation industry, he was the first NTSB Board Member to hold an FAA aircraft mechanic’s certificate.

The mystery of Flight 370 continues to evolve. The strange Chinese satellite photo of three objects east of the location of where the transponder was turned off is now said to have been a “mistake.” New information from the USA government, has led now to the possibility of opening a new search area in the Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on March 13th. Many countries are partnering in the search and “following leads where we find them,” he said.
The area has continued to expand to now include the Indian Ocean.
Certainly, the cause of this disappeared flight is probably due to terrorism, bad weather, catastrophic structural failure, pilot suicide, engine failures, being shoot down, an internal bomb, a hijacking gone wrong, or something else rather terribly mundane in our modern era. Little green men, ufos, and vile vortices? How silly, right?
However, logic dictates that there is no reason to take anything off the table, from twilight dimensions to an area of known missing ships and planes. Lists of aerial disappearances are being scanned and stories like the 1937 Amelia Earhart disappearance are being dusted off, by television news programmers, to decide what ones should be highlighted. For example, on March 13, CNN News will be broadcasting a special on the History of Missing Planes at 10 PM Eastern. Clearly, this mystery has captured the public’s interest, and historically fits into a well-studied Fortean field.
 Credit here.

The entire popularization of “triangles of vanishings,” is to be credited to Fortean writer Vincent Gaddis, who put the Bermuda triangle “on the map” in a February 1964 Argosy feature, which he said extended Florida to Bermuda, southwest to Puerto Rico and back to Florida through the Bahamas. In 1965, Gaddis’ book, Invisible Horizons, furthered his thesis with more accounts of disappearances.

One of the most popularly known Bermuda Triangle stories is of the disappearance of Flight 19, consisting of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared on December 5, 1945, while over the Atlantic.
Gaddis’ friend Ivan T. Sanderson was behind the scenes in the conceptualization and came up with his own theories about a worldwide grid of such locations he called “Vile Vortices.” Indeed, I appeared, in 2006, on the History’ Channel’s UFO Files’ episode “Pacific’s Bermuda Triangle,” talking of my knowledge of Sanderson’s interest in the subject.
Another Vile Vortex is called “The Devil’s Sea” or “Dragon’s Triangle” or “Ma-no Umi”
off Japan, in an area that extends as a triangle between Japan and the Islands of Bonin, including a major portion of the Philippine Sea.
One of the most celebrated stories of Dragon’s Triangle missing ships is that of USS Cyclops which disappeared in March of 1918. Few realize that the various theories as to why the Cyclops went down lead to the famed novel and resulting movie, The Poseidon Adventure (1972).Is there a Vile Vortex in the most recent direction that Flight 360 is said to have been flying?
Yes, one of Sanderon’s Vile Vortices is in the Indian Ocean, where some planes and more have vanished.
The following ships may have disappeared in the Indian Ocean:

København 1928-1929 somewhere between Buenos Aires and Australia
Madagascar 1853 somewhere between Port Phillip and London
Neva 1887 somewhere between Banyuwangi and Lisbon
Shannon 1885 somewhere between London and Calcutta
Burmah 1859/60 somewhere between London and New Zealand
HMS Stonehenge 1944 somewhere in Bay of Bengal or Andaman Sea

Some of the planes include…

During World War II, on July 7-9, 1943, a famed Japanese aviator and explorer Kenji Tsukagoshi flying a prototype Tsukagoshi Ki-77, from Singapore to Sarabus (now Hvardiiske, Crimea) to over the Indian Ocean, was lost with a crew of 5 and 3 Imperial Japanese Army passengers.

On March 25, 1986, K2729, an Afghan Air Force cargo plane, an Antonov An-32 flight, disappeared over the Indian Ocean, 450km off Jamnagar, India. It was operated by the Indian Air Force.

Not missing, but a mystery, in 2004, a Beechcraft 200 Super King Air left Perth, Australia, on a 600 kilometre journey and eventually flew 2,840 kilometres before crashing in Queensland.
Will the mystery of Flight 360 ever be solved or join the annals of other Fortean mysteries?
Credit sources: Wikipedia, the books of Vincent Gaddis and Ivan T. Sanderson, my files, and online maps.

Mysteries love theories. Unknown gaps in data call for speculations. We are seeing it happen this weekend.
Malaysia Airlines MH370, a Boeing 777, has gone missing. Airline officials lost contact with the plane, which was carrying 239 passengers, two hours into the Kuala Lumpur-to-Beijing flight, on Saturday, March 8, at 2:40 a.m. local time (18:40 GMT). It is thought it went missing off the coast of Vietnam, but that is pure speculation.

This photo provided by Laurent Errera taken Dec. 26, 2011, shows the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared from air traffic control screens Saturday, taking off from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people lost contact with air traffic control early Saturday morning, March 8, 2014 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and international aviation authorities still hadn’t located the jetliner several hours later. (Photo Credit: Laurent Errera)

Who was on board? A delegation of painters and calligraphers, a group of Buddhists returning from a religious gathering in Kuala Lumpur, a three-generation family, nine senior travelers and five toddlers.Most of the 227 passengers on board missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were Chinese, according to the airline’s flight manifest. The 12 missing crew members on the flight that disappeared early Saturday were Malaysian.Other passengers were from India, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, France, New Zealand, Ukraine, Canada, Russia and the Netherlands, the airline said.Keller, Texas native, 50-year-old Philip Wood, was on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 when it disappeared over the Gulf of Thailand in the South China Sea. Philip Wood works as a technical storage executive at IBM Malaysia and was transferred to a job from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, where the flight originated.

A Boeing 777 goes missing. Is someone playing a numbers twilight game?

Was it terrorism? Two people named on the manifest — an Austrian and an Italian — whose passports had been stolen were not aboard the plane. But speculation is they were just trying to immigrant, yes, illegally, from Iran. There are questions about a third, Chinese, passport, but word of that has disappeared from the media.

Freescale, Motorola, Lear, UFOs

On March 8th, the Austin, Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor confirmed that 20 employees were passengers on Flight 370. Twelve are from Malaysia and eight from China, the company said.

The history of Freescale Semiconductor is intriguing. Freescale was one of the first semiconductor companies in the world, having started as a division of Motorola in Phoenix, Arizona in 1948, according to the company’s own historical data. In 1955, a Motorola transistor for car radios was the world’s first commercial high-power transistor. It was also Motorola’s first mass-produced semiconductor device. It was in 2004, a mere decade ago, when it became autonomous by the divestiture of the Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola.

Motorola? 1948 for this division? In Phoenix? Who came up with the name Motorola? It turns out most credit for the name is given to William “Bill” Lear, in 1930, the investor/inventor who would go on to produce such items as the 8-track music cartridge and the Lear Jet. Perhaps it is only a coincidence that the mystery of UFOs date to such events as Roswell in 1947, in nearby New Mexico.

Some folks take the notion of “Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology” very seriously. In that paper, computer company chief Jack Shulman argues that the transistor could never have been invented so suddenly at AT&T in late 1947 without input from top secret Government projects, that some have identified to him as being from alien spacecraft.

And then there is Bill Lear’s son, John, who is an accomplished pilot, former CIA operative, and Ufologist. He is noted in the latter field for promoting a variety of conspiracy theories which are based, he claims, on information obtained from military contacts.
Lear is a controversial figure in Ufology, to say the least, for many of his statements.

Lear believes that any number of flying discs ‘fell’ into our hands when they crashed in the southwest in the late 1940’s and early 50’s.
Lear’s scenario also includes the suspicion that the government has made secret deals with the ‘aliens’, actually exchanging humans for advanced technological data. Source.

Will we be hearing that aliens are behind the disappearance of Flight 370?
Ooops. I guess some sites are already writing about this form of speculation.
Missing Planes and Sanderson’s Vile Vortices

Did Flight 370 vanish off Vietnam into a Devil’s Triangle-like area, like the one found off Japan? Who knows, but this is not an area recognized in Fortean literature for such disappearances. Indeed, examining Ivan T. Sanderson’s traditional map of “Vile Vortices” around the globe does not show one in this location.

But an airliner is missing, and answers are wanting about what happened.Update March 12. It has been confirmed by military radar, and missed by civilian radar, that the plane’s transponder was turned off as 370 neared the Vietnam coast. The flight then turned around and fly over the Malay Peninsula.

Late on March 12, the Chinese authorities announced they have new images of 79″ by 72″ object in the ocean that they think is 370 debris.

Or was Flight 370, like Flight 19, the way into one of Ivan’s Vile Vortices

Other Mysteries
As the search for the aircraft continues, the rescuers are bumping into other mysteries. Take this Sunday, March 9th, CNN report:

‘Strange object’ not debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 

The mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the true identities of some of its passengers, are as deep as the South China Sea waters where a multinational search team is searching for the jet.
One promising lead has turned out to be a dead end. A “strange object” spotted by a Singaporean search plane late Sunday afternoon is not debris from the missing jetliner, a U.S. official familiar with the issue told CNN on Sunday.
A U.S. reconnaissance plane “thought it saw something like debris but it was a false alarm,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

If all those on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are found to have died, it will rank as the deadliest airline disaster since November 12, 2001, when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed into a New York neighborhood, killing all 260 people on board and five more on the ground. Many recall that crash with horror, as it followed so closely after the events of 9/11 in New York City.

A comprehensive view on MH370

Keep this post where u can find it there will up date on it  this article should help u understand what is going on

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370)[a] was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on 8 March 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, last made contact with air traffic control less than an hour after take-off. Operated by Malaysia Airlines, the plane carried 12 crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations, the majority of passengers Chinese citizens.

On the same day, a joint search and rescue effort, later reported as the largest in history,[2] was initiated in the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.[3][4] On 11 March, the search area was extended to the Strait of Malacca. On 12 March, authorities also began to search the Andaman Sea, northwest of the Strait of Malacca.[5][6][7] Subsequently, new information led to the search area being expanded to include the Indian Ocean south of Sumatra, as well as significant tracts of land.

On 15 March, in the wake of media reports that US investigators believed that the aircraft had headed west back across theMalay Peninsula after air traffic control lost contact and that a satellite had continued to receive “pings” from the aircraft for several hours,[8][9][10][11][b] Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that satellite-related data showed that the aircraft’s ACARS and transponder had been switched off and that radar data indicated that the aircraft’s “movements are consistent with the deliberate action of someone on the plane.”[13][14] As of 18 March, there were 26 countries participating in the revised search, focusing on a northern locus from the Kazakh–Turkmen border to northern Thailand, as well as a southern locus from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.[15]


The flight departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 8 March at 00:41 local time (16:41 UTC, 7 March) and was scheduled to land at Beijing Capital International Airport at 06:30 local time (22:30 UTC, 7 March). It climbed to its assigned cruise altitude of 35,000 feet (10,700 m) and was travelling at 471 knots (542 mph; 872 km/h) true airspeed when it ceased all communications and the transponder signal was lost. The aircraft’s last known position on 8 March at 01:21 local time (17:21 UTC, 7 March) was 6°55′15″N 103°34′43″E, corresponding to the navigational waypoint IGARI in the Gulf of Thailand, at which the aircraft was due to alter its course slightly eastward.[16]

The aircraft was expected to contact air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City as it passed into Vietnamese airspace just north of the point where contact was lost.[17][18] The captain of another aircraft had attempted to reach the pilots of MH370 “just after 1:30 a.m.” to relay Vietnamese Air Traffic Control’s request for MH370 to contact it; the captain said he was able to establish contact, but just heard “mumbling” and static.[19]

Malaysia Airlines issued a media statement at 07:24, one hour after the scheduled arrival of the flight in Beijing, stating that contact with the flight had been lost by Malaysian ATC at 02:40. Malaysia Airlines stated that the government had initiated search and rescue operations.[20] It later emerged that Subang Air Traffic Control had lost contact with the aircraft at 01:22 and notified Malaysia Airlines at 02:40. Neither the crew nor the aircraft’s onboard communication systems relayed a distress signal, indications of bad weather, or technical problems before vanishing from radar screens.[13][21][22] The last words that Malaysian air traffic controllers heard, at 01:19, were those of the co-pilot saying “All right, good night”.[23]



Timeline of tracking[edit]

Route: Kuala Lumpur – Beijing. Inserted: initial search areas and known path. Small red squares: radar contacts. Small circles: claimed spotting of debris.

UPDATE 4:04 AM GMT: Officials: Report that another pilot established contact with missing flight before disappearance is false.

UPDATES 3:46 AM GMT: A team comprising of NTSB, FAA & Boeing will be assisting in the investigation. Malaysia Transport Minister says investigator are checking on 4 suspicious passenger identities. Reuters.

UPDATES 3:05 AM GMT: Search area is now widen to include West coast of Malay Peninsular, in the case of aircraft turn-back. BBC.

Tickets sold to the stolen passport holders are purchased from China Southern Airlines. MH370 is codesharing with CZ748. Source: The Star Malaysia.

SEVENTH MEDIA STATEMENT, 9:30 AM MYT / 1:30 AM GMT: Sepang, 9 March 2014: More than 24 hours after the lost of contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the search and rescue teams are still unable to detect the whereabouts of the missing aircraft. The airline is doing its utmost to provide support to the affected family members, this includes immediate financial aid. The airline has deployed a team of 94 caregivers consisting of well-trained staff and also Tzu Chi Foundation members to provide emotional support to the families. The airline will also be deploying another set of caregivers to Beijing later today. Last night, a Malaysia Airlines’ Senior Management team arrived at Beijing to address the media and met with family members. Families of affected passengers in Kuala Lumpur were also met by the team. Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines will set up a command center at Kota Bharu, Malaysia or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam as soon as the location of the aircraft is established and the airline will make the necessary arrangements. The airline is continuously working with the authorities in providing assistance. In fearing for the worst, a disaster recovery management specialist from Atlanta, USA will be assisting Malaysia Airlines in this crucial time.

UPDATE 11:07 pm GMT: Freescale Semiconductor confirms 20 of its employees were on missing Malaysia Airlines flight – 12 Malaysian, 8 Chinese. source

UPDATE 8:59 pm GMT: No technical problems found in regular check of missing Boeing 777-200 aircraft 10 days ago, Malaysia Airlines’ spokesman says. Two warships of Chinese navy en route to where plane could have come down. source

UPDATE 7:34 pm GMT: At a news conference in Beijing early Sunday, Ignatius Ong, CEO of Malaysia Airlines subsidiary Firefly airlines, says the plane’s whereabouts are still unknown.

SIXTH MEDIA STATEMENT 02:00 AM MYT/06:00 pm GMTSepang, 9 March 2014: “Malaysia Airlines humbly asks all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH370.

It has been more than 24 hours since we last heard from MH370 at 1.30am. The search and rescue team is yet to determine the whereabouts of the Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

An international search and rescue mission from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam was mobilized this morning. At this stage, they have failed to find evidence of any wreckage. The sea mission will continue overnight while the air mission will recommence at daylight.

We are dispatching all information as and when we receive it. The situation in Beijing is also being monitored closely. As many families of passengers are in China, we have deployed our “Go Team” to Beijing with a team of caregivers and volunteers to assist the family members of the passengers.

Immediate families of passengers are advised to gather at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Travel arrangements and expenses will be borne by Malaysia Airlines. Once, the whereabouts of the aircraft is determined, Malaysia Airlines will fly members of the family to the location.

Our sole priority now is to provide all assistance to the families of the passengers and our staff. We are also working closely with the concerned authorities in the search and rescue operation

The families may contact +603 7884 1234.

For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

There will be a press conference at Sama Sama Hotel at 9.00 am tomorrow by DCA.”

UPDATE: 6:12 pm GMTNBCNews says that both stolen passports used on missing flight were taken in Thailand.

Malaysia Airlines says there is no confirmation floating oil belongs to missing flight.

UPDATE: 5:04 pm GMT: @MAS tweets that “An international SAR mission was mobilized and efforts are being intensified with team from Singapore, Vietnam & others participating.” US is also sending a warship and a surveillance plane to aid in the search.

UPDATE 4:41 pm GMT: Senior US official tells NBCNews: ‘We are aware of the reporting on the 2 stolen passports. We have not determined a nexus to terrorism yet, although it’s still very early and that’s by no means definitive. We’re still tracking.’

UPDATE 2:05 pm – 2:10 pm GMT: It was reported by Japan news agency, in earlier press meeting (8 pm MYT/ 12 am GMT), Malaysia Prime Minister are dismissing the possibilities of terrorist attack. 15 C-130 Hercules transporter, 4 EC725 helicopter, 1 CN-325 transporter & 1 Beechcraft King Air has been dispatched in air SAR operation by Malaysian government. Phoenix Television (Taiwan/HK news station) are reporting that 7 vessels are heading toward area where oil slick is sighted, and are schedule to reach at 11pm MYT, 3 pm GMT. Malaysia Airlines representative from Kuala Lumpur HQ should be reaching in Beijing to handle the aftermath in any time soon (They departed on 4:30pm MYT / 8:30 am GMT). Passenger’s family & friend are reported to be disgruntled with Malaysian Airlines in Beijing as little information is revealed to them.


  • Sea SAR operation is still ongoing, entering 2nd phase and search area is widened. Air rescue will resume tomorrow.
  • Rumours of a stolen passport is being used on MH370 reported by Italian media is still reviewed by the authorities. The authorities are treating it as speculation unless it’s confirmed by embassies office.
  • Next press conference is schedule at 9 am MYT, 9 March,with the exception of new development.

UPDATE 1:07 pm GMT: Vietnam air force finds oil slicks off coast consistent with kinds that would be left by fuel from a crashed jetliner, AP and WSJ report.

UPDATE 12:54 pm GMT: Reports: Vietnamese air force planes spot 2 large oil slicks that authorities suspect are from missing Malaysian jetliner.

FIFTH MEDIA STATEMENT, 07:20 pm MYT/11:20 am GMTSepang, 8 March 2014: The families of all passengers on board MH370 are being informed. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew – comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants) and 12 crew members.

An international search and rescue mission was mobilized this morning. At this stage, our search and rescue teams from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam have failed to find evidence of any wreckage.

The sea mission will continue while the air mission will recommence at daylight.

For the passenger manifest of MH370, click here.

The passengers are of 14 different nationalities. All crew on-board are Malaysians.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected passengers and crew and their family members.

The public may contact +603 7884 1234.

For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

UPDATE 8:52 am GMT: Rescue official: Malaysian search ships see no immediate sign of wreckage in area where missing flight last made contact.

UPDATE 8:11 AM GMT: Philippine military dispatches 3 ships and a surveillance plane to help search for MH370. viaThe Nation Thailand

UPDATE 7:27 am GMT: Vietnam admiral says missing plane ‘could have’ crashed in Malaysian waters, based on calculations; denies reports quoting him saying the plane actually crashed. via Reuters

UPDATE 7:14 am GMT: Malaysia Airlines CEO says flights will continue as normal after MH370 goes missing. Reuters

UPDATE 7:03 am GMT: Families of the passengers appear to be heavily grief stricken, and are being told to have valid passports in order to “travel to the crash site.” Source

UPDATE 6:52 am GMT Press Conference: Still no confirmation what happened to missing Malaysia Airlines flight during press conference in Beijing. Source Also, ABC reports that 6, not 7, Australians were on board. 80% of the families involved have been contacted.

Flightdeck view of the missing aircraft, showing many of the communication systems now under investigation

New Scientist reported that, prior to the aircraft’s disappearance, two ACARS reports had been automatically issued to engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce‘s monitoring centre in the United Kingdom;[27] and The Wall Street Journal, citing sources in the U.S. government, asserted that Rolls-Royce had received an aircraft health report every thirty minutes for five hours, implying that the aircraft had remained aloft for four hours after its transponder went offline.[28]

The following day, the acting Transport Minister of Malaysia announced that the details of The Wall Street Journal report were inaccurate, stating that the final engine transmission was received at 01:07, prior to the flight’s disappearance from secondary radar.[28] Follow-up reporting by Reuters suggested that the evidence may have taken the form of “pings” sent by the aircraft’s communication systems, and possibly not data (telemetry reports).[29]

The Wall Street Journal later removed references to Rolls-Royce from its report and stated that the belief of continued flight was “based on analysis of signals sent by the Boeing 777’s satellite-communication link… the link operated in a kind of standby mode and sought to establish contact with a satellite or satellites. These transmissions did not include data…”[9][10] On 13 March, the White House Press Secretary said “an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean based on some new information”[30] and a senior official atThe Pentagon told ABC News: “We have an indication the plane went down in the Indian Ocean.”[31] Inmarsat said that “routine, automated signals were registered” on its network,[32] although a company executive did add that “keep-alive message[s]” continued to be sent after air traffic control first lost contact and that these “ping signals” could be analysed to help estimate the aircraft’s location.[33]

On 14 March, The Independent stated, based on the continued pinging by the aircraft, that it could not have disintegrated in mid-flight or had other sudden catastrophic occurrence: “all signals – the pings to the satellite, the data messages and the transponder – would be expected to stop at the same time”.[16] A call for transponders to be automated and not arbitrarily controlled by humans gained momentum after the attacks of 11 September 2001, when three of the hijacked aircraft had their transponders switched off.[34] However, no changes were made as aviation experts opted for a flexible control, believing that transponders may need to be reset in case of a malfunction or an electrical emergency.[34]

According to Chinese media, relatives heard ringing tones when calling to the passengers.[35] However, Flight 370 was not equipped with a base station that some airlines offer for in-flight cellphone contact,[35] it is presumed that the passengers’ low powered cellphones were not able to transmit back due to distance from a transmission tower, flight altitude, and shielding by the aircraft body.[35]


It has been more than 48 hours since we lost contact with our flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Despite not being able to establish any positive findings on the whereabouts of the aircraft, Malaysia Airlines has been actively cooperating with the search and rescue authorities coordinated by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA).

DCA has confirmed that search and rescue teams from Australia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and the United States of America have come forward to assist. We are grateful for these efforts.

Malaysia Airlines’ primary focus at this point in time is to care for the families. This means providing them with timely information, travel facilities, accommodation, meals, medical and emotional support. The costs for these are all borne by Malaysia Airlines.

Initial financial assistance has been given out to all families over and above their basic needs.

At least one caregiver is assigned to each family. These caregivers are well-trained staff and volunteers from Malaysia and other organisations.

As of now, there are more than 150 “Go Team” members consisting of senior management and caregivers at Beijing to attend to these families. In Kuala Lumpur, a different group of caregivers are attending to the families’ needs.

Families from other nations apart from China have been arriving at Kuala Lumpur since early yesterday. More are expected to arrive today.

Malaysia Airlines is working closely with the government of China to expedite the issuance of passports for the families as well as with the immigration of Malaysia for their visas into Malaysia.

When the aircraft is located, a Response Coordination Centre (RCC) will be activated within the vicinity to support the needs of the families. This has been communicated specifically to the families.

The airline continues to work with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all parties and agencies during this critical and difficult time especially the members of the media.

Malaysia Airlines reiterates that it will continue to be transparent in communicating with the general public via the media in all matters affecting MH370.

Malaysia Airlines is similarly anxious and we appreciate the patience, support and prayers from everyone.

Malaysia Airlines stock is down 16%.

UPDATE 12:34 AM UTC: Analysis of oil slick samples found in hunt for missing jet expected to completed by Monday afternoon. Source


UPDATE 9:51 PM UTC: US official: No ‘chatter’ has been detected suggesting any link between Malaysia Airlines jet and terror, no terror group has claimed responsibility. NBCNews

UPDATE 7:42 PM UTC: Thai police official say they are probing a passport racket on the resort island of Phuket related to missing Malaysia Airlines jet. Source

UPDATE 6:50 PM UTC: France’s air accident board offers to help Malaysia and Vietnam with the recovery of missing Malaysia Airlines plane – Reuters

UPDATE 6:19 PM UTC (note: GMT and UTC times are equivalent): Vietnam’s air search set to resume Monday at daylight local time after possible plane debris found.

UPDATE 4:17 PM GMT: China’s Ministry of Public Security sends team to Malaysia to investigate 2 people using stolen passports to travel on missing plane. XHNews

UPDATE 3:06 PM GMT: Officials are waiting until daylight in Vietnam to send more aircraft to the site where a navy plane has found fragments thought to belong to the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft. They are said to be not far off from the plane’s flight path. Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam said it was too dark to be certain the object in waters off southern Vietnam was part of the missing plane, Reuters reports.

UPDATE 1:33 PM GMT: The floating object spotted 100km south-southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island is not wreckage from flight MH370, US officials have told CNN. The fragments were believed to be a composite inner door and a piece of the tail, Vietnam’s ministry of information and communication said in a posting on its website. They were located some 80 kilometers south-southwest of Tho Chu island.


  • SAR operation is now intensified. Original search area of 20 nautical miles from IGARI waypoint, is now widen to 50 nautical miles. Straits of Malacca (west coast of Malay Penisular) is now part of search area, in response to the possibility of aircraft turn back.
  • 34 aircraft & 40 vessels participate in SAR operation
  • Airborne SAR have Stop at 7 pm MYT till daylight, but sea SAR is still on going.
  • No sign of aircraft.
  • Oil spills are confirmed, but remained unverified of it’s association to MH370.
  • Authorities are not ruling out possibilities of hijacking, but SAR took main priority.
  • Investigation is ongoing on the stolen passport used to board the flight.
  • Authorities was not aware of allegation of terrorism linked with recent incident in China. There’s no communication from Chinese embassies on this allegation.
  • Aircraft’s last communication with ATC was when the Aircraft is being ‘transfered’ from Malaysia airspace to Vietnam airspace.
  • Malaysia navy are deploying submarine recovery vessels to assist in SAR.
  • Next press meeting will be held at 10 March 2014, 12:00 pm MYT / 04:00 am GMT

UPDATE 11:29 AM GMT: Vietnamese SAR vessels are due to reach a suspicious floating object spotted 100km south-southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu island within the hour. It was first spotted by Singapore SAR forces. The Guardian.

UPDATE 10:59 AM GMT: According to radar records, MH370 did divert from original course before lost contact with ATC, as told by a Malaysia air force officer. Reuters.

UPDATE 8:43 AM GMT: Relatives of passengers to be flown to Malaysia. NBCNews

UPDATE 8:00 AM GMT: Malaysia Airlines tells relatives of passengers on missing plane to ‘expect the worst’ as search reaches 36 hours. source Also, US Navy P-3 and USS Pinckney helicopter are over Malaysia Airlines search site.

UPDATE 7:38 AM GMT: It is confirmed with China Southern that ‘Maraldi’ and ‘Kozel’ (passengers with stolen passports) bought their tickets together and were both due to fly onto Amsterdam. source, Malcom Moore

UPDATE 7:06 AM GMT: Pentagon did not see any sign of explosion over the suspected missing site of MH370. NYTimes.


Statement by MAS GCEO, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

“Together with all those affected by the MH370 incident, we understand the need to provide regular updates on the progress of the search and rescue operations. As the hours turn into days, we at Malaysia Airlines are similarly anxious and we appreciate the patience, support and prayers from everyone.

We however acknowledge that the most affected group in this incident is the families of those on-board. As such, our primary focus at this point in time is to care for the families. This means providing them with timely information, travel facilities, accommodation, meals and emotional support. Initial financial assistance has been given out to all families. Caregivers are already assigned to each family and they are trained staff and volunteers from Malaysia and Australia.

Family members of the MH370 passengers from Beijing who wish to travel will be flown in stages to Kuala Lumpur on the available flights. We are also communicating with the families from other nations to similarly arrange for their travel to Kuala Lumpur.

In the event flight MH370 is located, a Response Control Centre (RCC) in the area will be activated to support the needs of families.

The airline continues to work with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all parties during this critical and difficult time.”

UPDATE 6:16 AM GMT: Civil aviation chief: 5 passengers did not board missing Malaysia Airlines flight, bags were removed from plane. source

UPDATE 5:20 AM GMT: Malaysia armed forces chief: 22 aircraft, 40 ships, helicopters, coast guard vessels deployed in investigation of missing Malaysia Airlines. source

UPDATE 5:16 AM GMT: Malaysia civil aviation chief: Authorities examine airport footage of 2 passengers with false passports on missing Malaysia Airlines flight. BBC


MYT is GMT/UTC + 8.

Keep in mind that there are lots of stories going around right now, and the updates you see here are posted only after I’ve verified them with reputable news sources.

UPDATE 5:12 PM UTC: Boeing shares have dropped 2.8% amid safety concerns. Source

UPDATE 3:25 PM UTC: Malaysia sending ships to investigate debris near Hong Kong. Source

USS Kidd joins USS Pinckney in search efforts of MAS flight. USNavy

UPDATE 1:37 PM UTC: China has adjusted the operations of orbiting satellites to help in the search of the missing flight MH370. Source


  • An area of debris is spotted off the coast of Vietname.
  • Ships En Route to Check Debris South of Hong Kong
  • Passengers With Stolen Passport ‘Not Asian-Looking’
  • Looking at Possibility of Passport Theft Syndicate.
  • Search area range doubled to 100 nautical mile radius
  • Pics used to explain the search area

UPDATE 9:46 AM UTC: Oil slick sample found about 100 nautical miles off the coast of Kelantan is NOT from MH370.New Strait Times


The purpose of this statement is to update on emergency response activities at Malaysia Airlines.

On notification of the incident the following steps have been taken:-

The EOC:-

  1. Activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the early morning of 8 March 2014. The EOC is the central command and control facility responsible for carrying out emergency management functions at the strategic level during a disaster.
  2. In addition to the EOC, various departments of Malaysia Airlines are also addressing to all the different needs during this crisis.

Family Management

  1. Malaysia Airlines is working closely with the government of China to expedite the issuance of passports for the families intending to travel to Malaysia, as well as with the immigration of Malaysia on the issuance of their visas into Malaysia.
  2. Malaysia Airlines is deploying an additional aircraft to bring the families from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur on 11 March 2014.
  3. When the aircraft is located, a Response Coordination Centre (RCC) will be established within the vicinity to support the needs of the families. This has been communicated specifically to the families.
  4. Once the Response Coordination Centre is operational, we will provide transport and accommodation to the designated areas for the family members.
  5. Our oneworld partners have been engaged to help bring family members in other countries aside from China into Kuala Lumpur.

Search and Rescue

  1. Malaysia Airlines has been actively cooperating with the search and rescue authorities coordinated by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA) and the Ministry of Transport
  2. DCA has confirmed that search and rescue teams from Australia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand and the United States of America have come forward to assist. We are grateful for these efforts.

We also want to address a few common queries from the media.

We are receiving many queries about how the passengers with the stolen passports purchased their tickets. We are unable to comment on this matter as this is a security issue. We can however confirm that we have given all the flight details to the authorities for further investigation.

We also confirm that we are making necessary arrangements for MH370 passengers’ families from Beijing to travel to Kuala Lumpur. However, flight details of the families’ arrival are highly confidential. This is to protect the privacy and well-being of the families during this difficult time and to respect their space. Our position is not to reveal any information on the flight or movements of the families.

Malaysia Airlines’ primary focus at this point in time is to care for the families of the passengers and crew of MH370. This means providing them with timely information, travel facilities, accommodation, meals, medical and emotional support. The costs for these are all borne by Malaysia Airlines.

All other Malaysia Airlines’ flights are as per schedule. The safety of our passengers and crew has always been and will continue to be of utmost importance to us.

The airline continues to work with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all local and international parties and agencies during this critical and difficult time.

Malaysia Airlines reiterates that it will continue to be transparent in communicating with the general public via the media on all matters affecting MH370.

UPDATE 8:30 AM UTC Press Conference: * Seach and rescue remain the main focus of the authorities. * SAR region in straits of malacca is now widened. * SAR charts would be release soon to the press. * Object resemble inverted lifecraft is reported. Vessels are sent for verification by Vietnamese authorities. * No update on the analysis of the oil slicks yet. * Chinese delegation from different ministries are in Malaysia to assist in false passport investigaton, search & rescue and dealing with chinese families. * Malaysia, US & Chinese are working together on the investigation of the stolen passport. * Security measure in Malaysia Airport are not being heightned, as authorotiers are not treating it as security threat yet. * Immigration officer will be attending next PC to address airport security matters.


Central Propaganda Department: The media may not independently analyze or comment on the lost Malaysia Airlines flight. Related coverage must strictly accord with authoritative information issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and with Xinhua News Agency wire copy. The domestic aviation department can promptly provide related information to passengers’ family members. All media must refrain from interviewing family members without permission, and must not incite any discontented sentiment. All media continue to give increased publicity to the Two Sessions. Caution should be exercise as the directive is verified to be authentic, the wording are not.


  • SAR area covers 50 nautical miles radius and covers possible turnback area
  • Various neighbouring countries are assisting to locate missing aircrafts. 34 aircraft, 40 ships, +100 men, +1000 man hours have been deployed. Countries: Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, Australia and the Phillipines
  • Air search daily 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., ship search continues through the night.
  • Nothing has been found that appears to be debris from the aircraft, let alone the aircraft
  • Various reports of sighting of objects in the media. Vietnamese authorities have reported locating a piece of the aircraft – a door – but that report has not been verified officially by Vietnamese authorities today. SAR has spotted two areas where the aircraft’s tail might be, but it turns out these sightings turn up not being pieces of the aircraft’s tail.
  • Oilslick samples have been sent to labs. Malaysia Air is hoping they can report the slicks some from the missing aircraft.
  • Authorities are investigating the case of two passengers on the aircraft with fraudulent passport. authorities going through all CCTV, all records.
  • There are issues with 5 passengers who did not fly on the aircraft. MAS reiterates baggage from these 5 passengers were removed.
  • No possibility has been ruled out.

“For the aircraft to just go missing just like that, from the radar blip, there are many theories that have been said in media, there are many experts around the world that have contributed knowledge about what could have happened. and as far as we are concerned, we are equally puzzled. the honourable prime minister used the word ‘perplexing’. we are equally puzzled. to confirm what happened on this aircraft, we need concrete evidence, pieces of the aircraft, to do forensic study. unfortunately again, we are unable to secure any parts of the aircraft to date.”

“We understand you want answers from us, you want details, we are equally eager as you are to find details and parts of the aircraft and we hope you will be patient and our boys in the rescue control centre on the ships now are trying their best to locate whatever they can find in the areas that we have identified and maybe those beyond that. we are every hour, every minute, every second, looking at every inch of the sea.”

Thanks to /u/kikibroadway for the transcription.

UPDATE 3:56 AM UTC: Vietnamese Navy says they cannot find rectangle object thought to be door from missing passenger jet. Yahoo

UPDATE 3:09 AM UTC (corrected timestamp): Malaysia aviation regulator to send team to Vietnam once parts of missing jet are positively ID’d. Source


There seems to be a crowdsourced map hunt for the flight going on Tomnod.


MYT is GMT/UTC + 8.

Keep in mind that there are lots of stories going around right now, and the updates you see here are posted only after I’ve verified them with reputable news sources. For example, stories about phones ringing are because of the phones going to voicemail or call forwarding – they are not actually the passengers’ phones themselves ringing. To my knowledge, none of the passengers’ phones have been reported as active or responsive.

UPDATE 5:21 PM UTC: White House Press Secretary says NTSB, FAA officials have arrived in Malaysia; still not enough information to know cause of plane’s disappearance.

UPDATE 4:06 PM UTC: China to adjust search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight over expanded range and involve more ships in rescue work, state news agency says. Source

THIRTEENTH MEDIA STATEMENT, 11:30 PM MYT/3:30 PM UTC: In response to these allegations:

Malaysia Airlines has become aware of the allegations being made against First Officer, Fariq Ab Hamid which we take very seriously. We are shocked by these allegations.

We have not been able to confirm the validity of the pictures and videos of the alleged incident. As you are aware, we are in the midst of a crisis, and we do not want our attention to be diverted.

We also urge the media and general public to respect the privacy of the families of our colleagues and passengers. It has been a difficult time for them.

The welfare of both the crew and passenger’s families remain our focus. At the same time, the security and safety of our passengers is of the utmost importance to us.

UPDATE 1:03 PM UTC: Relatives of Chinese passengers on board missing the flight have refused to accept money from Malaysia Airlines as distrust and frustration at the carrier mounted, AFP reports. The airline said it had offered “financial assistance” of 31,000 yuan (£3,040) to the family of each missing traveller. But a relative of one of the passengers, from east China’s Shandong province, told AFP: “We’re not really interested in the money.”

UPDATE 10:35 AM UTC: Interpol has revealed the names of two Iranians who boarded flight MH370 on the stolen passports.Interpol’s chief Ronald Noble named one as Pouri Nour Mohammadi who was born on 30 April 1995. The other was Delavar Syed Mohammad Reza born 21 September 1984. He later added that he was inclined to thing the disappearance of the plane was not a terrorist incident. The Guardian

UPDATE 10:24 AM UTC: Malaysia’s military believes it tracked missing plane on radar to Strait of Malacca, military source says. Reuters.


This statement is in reference to the many queries on the alleged five (5) passengers who checked-in but did not board MH370 on 8 March 2014 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing despite having valid tickets to travel.

Malaysia Airlines wishes to clarify that there were four (4) passengers who had valid booking to travel on flight MH370, 8 March 2014, but did not show up to check-in for the flight.

As such, the issue of off-loading unaccompanied baggage did not arise, as the said four passengers did not check in for the flight. Hence, the above claim is untrue.

03:00 pm MYT / 07:00 am GMT – PRESS CONFERENCE

  • No confirmation of any findings of debris
  • Passenger using stolen Austrian passport has been identified as 19 year old Iranian, Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehdad. He’s a asylum seeker heading to Frankfurt to see his mother. It’s “not likely” they were involved with terrorist organisation.
  • Investigation is ongoing for the passenger using stolen Italian passport. CCTV image.
  • Malaysian police confirms there was no passenger that did not board the flight (in contrary of the previous 5 missing passenger, as told by DCA)
  • Malaysian police is investigating a range of theories including hijacking and sabotage, but also any possible psychological problems of those on board.

UPDATE 5:06 AM UTC: China is pushing insurers to quickly settle claims in missing Malaysian plane case. Source

UPDATE 4:01 AM UTC: CNN reporters, citing the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Dept., say Cathay Pacific Airways pilots have spotted ‘large solid debris.’ Previous reports about debris have been confirmed false. Source


As we enter into Day 4, the aircraft is yet to be found.

The search and rescue teams have expanded the scope beyond the flight path. The focus now is on the West Peninsular of Malaysia at the Straits of Malacca. The authorities are looking at a possibility of an attempt made by MH370 to turn back to Subang. All angles are being looked at. We are not ruling out any possibilities.

The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (longitude) and 1033443 East (latitude).

The mission is aided by various countries namely Australia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and the United States of America. The assets deployed to cover the search and rescue is expensive. In total there are nine aircraft and 24 vessels deployed on this mission.

Apart from the search in the sea, search on land in between these areas is also conducted.

The search and rescue teams have analysed debris and oil slick found in the waters. It is confirmed that it does not belong to MH370.

The B777-200 aircraft that operated MH370 underwent maintenance 10 days before this particular flight on 6 March 2014. The next check is due on 19 June 2014. The maintenance was conducted at the KLIA hangar and there were no issues on the health of the aircraft.

The aircraft was delivered to Malaysia Airlines in 2002 and have since recorded 53,465.21 hours with a total of 7525 cycles. All Malaysia Airlines aircraft are equipped with continuous data monitoring system called the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) which transmits data automatically. Nevertheless, there were no distress calls and no information was relayed.

Malaysia Airlines has a special task force to take care of families. Mercy Malaysia and Tzu Chi and others are also helping Malaysia Airlines by providing special psychological counseling to families and also the MH crew.

The Chinese government officials in Malaysia are also working closely with Malaysia Airlines. A representative from the embassy is stationed at the Emergency Operations Centre to assist with the emergency management and matters related to families in Kuala Lumpur.

In Beijing, the Prime Minister’s special envoy to China, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting is there to assist and coordinate all operational matters with Malaysia Airlines.

We regret and empathise with the families and we will do whatever we can to ensure that all basic needs, comfort, psychological support are delivered. We are as anxious as the families to know the status of their loved ones.

To the families of the crew on-board MH370, we share your pain and anxiety. They are of the MAS family and we are deeply affected by this unfortunate incident.

Malaysia Airlines reiterates that it will continue to be transparent in communicating with the general public via the media on all matters affecting MH370.

UPDATE 1:10 AM UTC: CNN’s National Security reporter Jim Sciutto @jimsciutto says US officials tell him that the stolen passports used to board MH370 fit the pattern of human trafficking.

UPDATE 12:53 AM UTC: : Per @CNBCWorld, Malaysian authorities have indefinitely postponed news conferences on the search for flight MH370.


UPDATE 11:29 PM UTC: Underwater search expert: ‘Crucial time is passing’ in search for vanished Malaysia Airlines flight. @CNNbrk

UPDATE 9:19 PM UTC: Report: US intelligence official says Malaysian officials gave US images and biometrics of men believed to have used stolen passports to board missing flight. CNN

UPDATE 6:47 PM UTC: FBI is waiting for thumbprints taken by airport security in Malaysia to compare with US database. @NBCNews

UPDATE 6:22 PM UTC: Report: Iranian man booked tickets used by fake passport-carrying passengers, travel agent tells Financial Times. NBCNews

UPDATE 5:12 PM UTC: Boeing shares have dropped 2.8% amid safety concerns. Source


There seems to be a crowdsourced map hunt for the flight going on at Tomnod.

TOMNOD THREAD, BY REQUEST. Please direct your findings to over there. There’s also /r/TomNod370 for those wishing for a more organized experience.


MYT is GMT/UTC + 8.

UPDATE 9:11 PM UTCPhoto Chinese state website releases pics of what could be debris of MH 370 in South China Sea.

UPDATE 9:01 PM UTC: Chinese government says floating objects seen by satellite in ‘suspected crash area’ of missing flight. CNN


Malaysia Airlines wishes to clarify the claims that some families of the passengers were flown to India instead of Malaysia. This is not true.

Malaysia Airlines flies directly from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur without a transit. There is also no Malaysia Airlines direct flights from Hong Kong to Mumbai or any part of India.

The welfare of both the crew and passenger’s families remain our focus. At the same time, the security and safety of our passengers is of the utmost importance to us.


Similar to the situation in Kuala Lumpur, the focus of Malaysia Airlines team in Beijing is to provide care for the families of passengers.

Malaysia Airlines has to-date deployed a team of 112 caregivers to provide assistance to the family members during this trying time.

Once the news of the incident became known, a total of 94 caregivers including the Senior Management members of Malaysia Airlines were deployed to Beijing immediately. In the days that followed, an additional 18 caregivers were deployed.

The caregiver’s primary role is to provide family members with emotional support and ensure their basic needs are met to try and make this difficult time relatively bearable.

Malaysia Airlines also provided equal amount of initial financial assistance to all families of passengers, over and above meeting their basic needs. All travel arrangements, accommodation, meals, and medical support are also absorbed by the Airline.

Regular briefings are conducted to update the families on current progress. During these briefings, the team also takes questions from the families to clear any doubt that they may have. We have arranged a team of translators to convey our messages in Mandarin. We also continue to keep the Chinese media informed and updated via regular press conferences.

Malaysia Airlines also received support from the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCAM), who deployed two of their officers to join the team in Beijing. This was to facilitate questions and provide information on the search and rescue mission which is coordinated by the DCAM.

The Airline continues to work closely with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all local and international agencies during this critical period.

Our top priority remains to provide any and all assistance to the families of the passengers and crew. Malaysia Airlines reiterates that it continues to be transparent in communicating with the general public via the media on all matters affecting MH370.

UPDATE 12:01 PM UTC: Vietnam, which had said it was scaling back its search efforts, has said it will resume a full scale operation on Thursday. Straits Times

UPDATE 10:19 AM UTC: Last communication received from Malaysia Airlines jet suggests everything was normal, crew replied ‘All right, roger that’ to an air control radio message. BBC


  • 12 country, 42 ships, 39 aircraft in SAR operation.
  • Japan, Brunei, India have joined the SAR operation.
  • More experts are to be brought in to assist in investigation.
  • Operation still classified as search & rescue, rather than search & recovery
  • Authorities cannot confirm the life-raft found at 10 miles off Port Dickson, Malaysia is related to MH370.
  • Impossible to answer on speculation without cold hard fact.
  • SAR area remained focus on South China Sea and Straits of Malacca.
  • Secondary radar talk to aircraft transponder, while primary radar just have plot information. Primary radar reading requires analysis.
  • Secondary radar reading revealed that MH370 is cruising at 01:21 am, and lost contact at 1:30 am.
  • Primary radar reading revealed that the aircraft might have turned back.
  • Unidentified plot is detected at 02:15 am MYT, 200 miles NorthWest of Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Radar operator concluded the unidentified item is going up-north, not a threat, so no interception. Authorities are unsure the unidentified plot is MH370, and are corroborating with other parties’ radar reading to confirm this.
  • Not sure if the primary radar is pick up the same aircraft that attempted turn back is MH370, to be on the safe side, SAR is expanded to Straits of Malacca.
  • Military & commercial data is being shared with FAA & NTSB.
  • Data from Rolls-Royce, the engine manufacturer, has been passed on to the authorities.
  • MAS reiterated the aircraft is airworthy by FAA standard despite earlier warning of fuselage issue.
  • Out of 227 passenger, 4 are standby passengers who replaced the other 4 who did not turned up for the flight (no check in).
  • Daily basis PC at 5:00 pm MYT / 9:00 am GMT.


Malaysia Airlines’ primary focus at this point in time is to care for the families of the passengers and crew of MH370. This means providing them with timely information, travel facilities, accommodation, meals, medical and emotional support. All these costs are borne by Malaysia Airlines.

We have deployed teams of caregivers consisting of trained MAS staff and volunteers from Mercy Malaysia and Tzu Chi Foundation. These caregivers are stationed at five different locations at Beijing and four different locations in Kuala Lumpur.

As of now, we have 115 family members in Kuala Lumpur and they are taken care of by 72 different caregivers. At least one caregiver is assigned to each family together with a Mandarin translator for the families from China.

The caregivers have been keeping the families updated on the search and rescue efforts as well as provide emotional support.

Equal amount of initial financial assistance are being given out to all families of passengers and crew over and above their basic needs. This amount is extended to families of all crew and passengers in Malaysia as well those from other nations.

We regret and empathise with the families and we will do whatever we can to ease their burden. We are as anxious as the families to know the status of their loved ones.

UPDATE 3:15 AM UTC: Chinese state media has reported that vessels searching for the Malaysia Airlines plane have pulled floating debris from water. It is not confirmed that the debris is related to the missing flight. You can see pictures here.

UPDATE 2:41 AM UTC: Malaysia expands search for missing plane to Andaman Sea, civil aviation chief says. Straits Times

UPDATE 2:17 AM UTC: Malaysia air force chief denies saying lost plane tracked to west. Reuters

UPDATE 2:03 AM UTC: Vietnam scales back search for missing jet. Source

UPDATE 1:46 AM UTC: China says efforts to find missing plane expanded to land areas. Reuters


UPDATE 10:20 PM UTC: Friend of Iranian who used stolen documents on missing jet says the 19-year-old sought a ‘better life.’ NBCNews

UPDATE 7:24 PM UTC: Senior US official: Malaysian government believes it has exhausted search of airliner’s route; now ‘shifting the search to the west of Malaysia.’ Source

UPDATE 5:23 PM UTC: CNN reports that “the Malaysian Air Force has traced the last known location of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 to a spot above Pulau Perak, a very small island in the Straits of Malacca and hundreds of miles from the usual Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight path, according to a senior Malaysian Air Force official. The official declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media.”

UPDATE 5:21 PM UTC: White House Press Secretary says NTSB, FAA officials have arrived in Malaysia; still not enough information to know cause of plane’s disappearance.

UPDATE 3:06 PM UTC: India has joined the search for the missing plane in the Malacca Straits. Source


If I’m away, check out /u/de-facto-idiot‘s current update thread! He also has a comprehensive thread and areading list/FAQ for those of you that are just joining us.

There seems to be a crowdsourced map hunt for the flight going on at Tomnod.

TOMNOD THREAD, BY REQUEST. Please direct your findings to over there. There’s also /r/TomNod370 for those wishing for a more organized experience.

MYT is GMT/UTC + 8.

Keep in mind that there are lots of stories going around right now, and the updates you see here are posted only after I’ve verified them with reputable news sources. For example, stories about phones ringing are because of the cellular networks’ voicemail or call forwarding services – they are not actually the passengers’ phones themselves ringing. To my knowledge, none of the passengers’ phones have been reported as active or responsive.

UPDATE 2:26 AM UTC: Two US officials say the shutdown of two communication systems happened separately, 14 minutes apart, indicating a possible deliberate act. ABC

UPDATE 11:10 PM UTCWashington Post and ABC News cite senior unnamed U.S. officials saying data suggests the engines of missing Malaysia Airlines jet continued to run for hours after it disappeared.

UPDATE 9:17 PM UTC: US Navy will contribute new state-of-the-art surveillance aircraft, P-8A Poseidon to the search for MH370.

UPDATE 7:38 PM UTC: WSJ has corrected their story stating the missing Malaysia Airlines plane flew for up to 4 hours after dropping from radar to note that satellite, not engine, data reveals this. See this comment for transcription.

UPDATE 6:02 PM UTC: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney asked if he has confidence in Malaysian government in missing plane search; says ‘I can’t evaluate this process until it comes to an end.’ Source

UPDATE 5:54 PM UTC: White House says US consulting with international partners on ‘appropriate assets to deploy’ in search for missing flight. Reuters

UPDATE 5:41 PM UTC: White House says ‘an additional search area’ may be opened in the Indian Ocean in effort to find MH 370. Source

UPDATE 5:30 PM UTC: A Reuters report citing ‘a source close to the investigation’ says communications satellites picked up faint electronic pulses from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight after it went missing on Saturday.

UPDATE 5:16 PM UTC: House Homeland Security Committee members question security of passport checks on flights that reach US. The Hill

UPDATE 3:33 PM UTC: Report: USS Kidd being moved to Indian Ocean after ‘indication’ MH370 may have gone down there, senior Pentagon official says. ABC News


  • MAS confirm reports on that aircraft continues to fly after losing contact is inaccurate. Last engine data transmission at 01:07 indicates everything is normal. Confirmed by Roll-Royce & Boeing.
  • Malaysia authorities found nothing at the area indicated by Chinese satellite image.
  • Chinese government did not authorize the previously released satellite image on SASTIND website.
  • The aircraft was fully serviced and ready to fly. Last service was at 23 Feb, and was scheduled for next service at 19 Jun.
  • Military radar doesn’t show what aircraft is turning back. It’s the authorities duty to investigate the possibilities of the flight may reached Straits of Malacca, hence the expanded SAR area. Main effort remained at South China Sea.
  • FAA & NTSB working on the aircraft turn back with provided data, found it’s reasonable to continue to search at Straits of Malacca. ICAO is also working on the radar readings.
  • Malaysian authorities have shared military radar reading with their counterparts to help with investigation.
  • Authorities deny report that house of MH370’s crew was searched by police.
  • All passengers on the manifest are being examined by authorities.
  • Same amount of financial allowance is given to families of all passengers.
  • No distress signal was received.
  • Radar reading is requested from neighbouring data.
  • Malaysia lost the aircraft from radar when aircraft transferred from Malaysia ATC to Vietnam ATC at IGARI waypoint.
  • No other data is transmitted from aircraft beyond the last engine data transmission.
  • ACARS can be programmed to report at preset condition, last transmission indicate everything is ok.
  • Investigation on the connecting passenger phone is still ongoing.
  • 20 families from China travelled to Kuala Lumpur.
  • Military will be present on next PC to brief media on the technical details of the SAR operation.
  • 43 ships and 40 aircraft are involved in the search.

UPDATE 5:46 AM UTC: CCTV News said on Twitter that relatives asked Malaysian diplomats in Beijing whether the military had shot down the plane – a suggestion the Malaysians swiftly denied.

UPDATE 4:53 AM UTC: No plane debris found at spot shown by China’s satellite images, Malaysian aviation chief says. @AP

UPDATE 4:32 AM UTC: Report: Engine data suggests missing Malaysia Airlines flight was airborne for hours [I’m hearing 4-5] after radar disappearance, US investigators say. WSJ Paywall See this comment for transcription.


As a mark of respect to the passengers and crew of MH370 on 8 March 2014, the MH370 and MH371 flight codes will be retired from the Malaysia Airlines’ Kuala Lumpur- Beijing-Kuala Lumpur route.

With effect from 14 March 2014, the new flight number to replace MH370 and MH371 will be:

MH 318 – Kuala Lumpur – Beijing

MH 319 – Beijing – Kuala Lumpur

There are no changes to the frequency of our services and we will continue to operate double daily services to Beijing.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of our colleagues and passengers of MH 370.

UPDATE 3:06 AM UTC: Chinese Premier tells CNN in presser “As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will not stop searching for the plane.”

UPDATE 2:03 AM UTC: Vietnam military officials say they will recheck area for MH 370 after China satellite spots objects. Reuters

UPDATE 1:32 AM UTC: China’s civil aviation chief says they can’t confirm satellite images are connected to missing plane. Reuters


UPDATE 11:54 PM UTC: US 7th Fleet tells CNBC no plans to change its MH370 search area after release of Chinese satellite imagery. Source

UPDATE 9:22 PM UTC: US defense/military officials tell NBCNews that they have no info on Chinese satellite imagery some say might be MH 370 wreckage. The Guardian

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MYT is GMT/UTC + 8.

Keep in mind that there are lots of stories going around right now, and the updates you see here are posted only after I’ve verified them with reputable news sources.

UPDATE 5:07 AM UTC: Large crowd gathering at location of MAS press conference. Now scheduled for approximately 1:30 AM ET. LIVE VIDEO

UPDATE 4:39 AM UTC: Malaysian Prime Minister Razak scheduled to speak at 1 am ET press conference about missing Malaysia Airlines jet, according to Daily Telegraph.

UPDATE 4:02 AM UTC: The Associated Press is reporting that an anonymous Malaysian official said investigators have concluded that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight was hijacked. However, THIS REPORT HAS NOT YET BEEN CONFIRMED.

UPDATE 12:54 AM UTC: State media: Chinese patrol ship heads to Strait of Malacca to search for MH370. Source


UPDATE 10:17 PM UTC: The New York Times is reporting that unnamed American officials said the military radar track of the missing Malaysia Airlines showed it climbed to 45,000 feet after disappearing from civilian radar and altered its course more than once. The radar track information has not released by the Malaysian government.

UPDATE 10:11 PM UTC: Citing an unnamed U.S. official, ABC News is reporting that the search of the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner is focusing on two quadrants, one in the Malacca Straits and the other in the northern Bay of Bengal.

UPDATE 9:41 PM UTC: Malaysian authorities say missing flight MH370 pilots investigated but their homes have not been searched; ‘That is in the realm of the police,’ transport minister says. ABC

UPDATE 6:56 PM UTC: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on missing Malaysian airliner: President Obama is ‘very concerned about the suffering the families have to endure.’

UPDATE 3:07 PM UTC: Inmarsat, the satellite company, registered “routine, automated signals” from MH370 on its network, the company said in a brief statement on its website. The statement does not mention for how long the signals were received or when they stopped. Inmarsat

UPDATE 2:55 PM UTC: India’s navy says it has nearly doubled the number of ships and planes deployed to search the Andaman Sea. AFP

UPDATE 10:55 AM UTC: Rolls-Royce says information shared with Malaysian authorities on missing flight is confidential and cannot be shared with the media yet. Reuters


  • 13 countries in SAR operation.
  • Main focus remained in finding the aircraft.
  • Search area is expanding to Andaman Sea, Indian Ocean & South China Sea
  • Reject claims that aircraft remained flying for 4 hours after ATC lost contact.
  • 2 oil slicks spotted in region nearby to last contact point. 1 slick was analyzed to contains small portion of jet fuel, but it’s not believed to related to MH370; 2nd oil slick is not related.
  • Authorities looking at all possibilities.
  • Did not receive any distress signal.
  • No signal received from transporter, no information on why the transponder is not transmitting data.
  • No confirmation of report of seismic activity on sea-floor between Vietnam & Malaysia as possible MH370 crash.
  • Authorities insisted that conflicting information about the missing plane is coming from external speculation, not the Malaysian government.
  • Authorities did not pressure Boeing/Rolls-Royce into making/not making statement, when being probed by CNBC.

Thanks to /u/cincauhangus for the transcription.

UPDATE 8:34 AM UTC: Radar suggested the plane was deliberately flown west after losing contact with air traffic control. Waypoint route derived from radar plot: IGARI – VAMPI – GIVAL – IGREX (Map via The Guardian). Reuters

UPDATE 7:48 AM UTC: Malaysia Airlines official says there are 8 life raft with emergency kit on MH370, capable to sustain 290 passengers basic needs for 7 days, in a meeting with passenger’s families in Beijing. Phoenix News.

UPDATE 6:49 AM UTC: Vietnam has “downgraded but not stopped” its search effort. A Vietnamese spokesman, Lt. Col. Nguyen Ngoc Son, said the status of the hunt has switched from “emergency to regular”. AP


Malaysia Airlines reiterates that we will continue to give our full support in cooperating with the search and rescue mission which is coordinated by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA) under the purview of the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines is fully aware of the on-going media speculations and we have nothing further to add to the information we have already provided.

Our primary focus at this point in time is to care for the families of the passengers and crew of MH370. This means providing them with timely information, travel facilities, accommodation, meals, medical and emotional support.

Malaysia Airlines will continue to provide regular updates to the general public via the media and our website on all matters affecting MH370.

There is some contradiction coming through in the news regarding reports of the plane continuing on after disappearing from radar. I have pulled this snippet from the Washington Post to clarify what is being reported at this time:

The Wall Street Journal first reported that U.S. investigators suspect that the engines on the Malaysia Airlines flight kept running for up to four more hours after the plane reached its last known location. The newspaper later corrected its report to say that this belief was based on satellite data that was designed to report on the status of some onboard systems, not signals from monitoring systems embedded in the plane’s Rolls-Royce engines. The Malaysian government denied the initial report.

In Washington, one senior administration official said the signals came from the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), with which planes maintain contact with ground stations using radio or satellite signals. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, said Malaysian authorities shared the flight data with the administration. The fact that the signals did not reveal the plane’s location suggested that it came from the engine.

On Thursday, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya strongly denied that the ACARS system continued to function after the plane disappeared from civilian radar at 1:30 a.m. Saturday. The last transmission came 26 minutes after its takeoff from Kuala Lumpur, he said.

“The last transmission was received at 1:07,” Ahmad told reporters. “It said everything is operating normally… As far as the ACARS data, that was the last transmission.”

Several media reports Friday said that the ACARS system was not sending data, but rather “pings” — the result of trying to establish satellite contact. Reuters reported that these pings were transmitted by MH370 once every hour five or six times.

Representatives of both Boeing and Rolls-Royce have been in Kuala Lumpur working with the airline, and neither received data after 1:07 a.m., Ahmad said. A Rolls-Royce spokeswoman refused to comment on the reports.

UPDATE 2:26 AM UTC: Two US officials say the shutdown of two communication systems happened separately, 14 minutes apart, indicating a possible deliberate act. ABC


Keep in mind that there are lots of stories going around right now, and the updates you see here are posted only after I’ve verified them with reputable news sources.

UPDATE 5:54 PM UTC: Air traffic controllers at Kolkata have ruled out the possibility of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 flying over Indian airspace. Times of India

UPDATE 1:07 PM UTC: The Indian navy’s coordinated search has so far covered more than 250,000 square kilometers (100,579 square miles) in the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal “without any sighting or detection,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. The Guardian

UPDATE 11:30 AM UTC: Vietnam stopped searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in its flight-information region after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said “deliberate action” was to blame for the plane’s disappearance. WSJ

UPDATE 11:06 AM UTCAn infographic showing how far could the MH370 may have gone by Washington Post.

UPDATE 10:09 AM UTC: The plane could have landed in Kyrgyzstan or China, according to Malaysian officials. The Guardian

UPDATE 10:04 AM UTC: China urges Malaysia to continue providing it with “thorough and exact information” about missing flight. Xinhua News

UPDATE 10:02 AM UTCMap issued by the Malaysian authorities. The red lines are the two possible corridors where MH370 was detected by a satellite over the Indian Ocean. The authorities would not say who operated the satellite.Source

UPDATE 9:48 AM UTC: The northern corridor described by the Malaysian PM is heavily militarised while the southern corridor is mostly open sea. NYT


Further to the statement by the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak earlier today into the ongoing search for Flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines has shared all available information with the relevant authorities since the moment we learned that the aircraft had disappeared, in the early hours of Saturday 8th March. This includes the very first indications that MH370 may have remained airborne for several hours after contact was lost, which the Prime Minister referred to today.

This is truly an unprecedented situation, for Malaysia Airlines and for the entire aviation industry. There has never been a case in which information gleaned from satellite signals alone could potentially be used to identify the location of a missing commercial airliner. Given the nature of the situation and its extreme sensitivity, it was critical that the raw satellite signals were verified and analysed by the relevant authorities so that their significance could be properly understood. This naturally took some time, during which we were unable to publicly confirm their existence.

We were well aware of the ongoing media speculation during this period, and its effect on the families of those on board. Their anguish and distress increases with each passing day, with each fresh rumour, and with each false or misleading media report. Our absolute priority at all times has been to support the authorities leading the multinational search for MH370, so that we can finally provide the answers which the families and the wider community are waiting for.

We remain absolutely committed to sharing confirmed information with family members and the wider public in a fully open and transparent manner. However given the nature of the situation, the importance of validating new information before it is released into the public domain is paramount.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of the 227 passengers and our 12 Malaysia Airlines colleagues and friends on board flight MH370. They will remain at the centre of every action we take as a company, as they have been since MH370 first disappeared.

UPDATE 9:42 AM UTC: Intriguingly, an Indian Express report today suggests the radars for the Andaman Islands “are not always switched on”. The Guardian

UPDATE 9:21 AM UTC: Police have finished their search of the pilot’s home but now the Malaysian authorities have cancelled a press conference.

UPDATE 7:59 AM UTC: Citing a senior Malaysian police official, Reuters claims that police are searching the home of the pilot.

UPDATE 7:46 AM UTC: The commercial director of Malaysia Airlines has told the shocked relatives of passengers and crew in Beijing that information on MH370 will henceforth be released by the government as it is now a ‘criminal investigation.’ The Star Online



  • Prime Minister has arrived.
  • Malaysian authorities have been instructed to share information openly with all allies
  • 14 countries, 43 ships, 53 aircraft involved. Grateful to all governments.
  • Information with experienced authorities has been shared in real time. Working nonstop, putting national security 2nd to find the missing plane.
  • Search has been over land, South China Sea, Andaman Sea, Straits of Malacca, Indian Ocean. Been following credible leads.
  • Only corroborated information is being released.
  • First phase: near MH 370’s last known position (S China Sea). Then it was brought to attention that based on primary radar an unidentified aircraft made a turn back. The a/c continued to an area north of the Straits of Malacca. Area of search was expanded to Straits of Malacca and Andaman Sea.
  • Investigators include FAA, NTSB, AAIB, Malaysian authorities, and Minister of Transport.
  • Based on new satellite communication, it is known with a high degree of certainty that, the aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS) was disabled just before the aircraft reached the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. Afterwards, near the border between Malaysia and Vietnamese ATC, the aircraft transponder was switched off. Primary data showed that an aircraft that was believed, but not confirmed, to be MH 370, did indeed turn back. It then flew in a westerly direction over Peninsula Malaysia, before turning northwest. Up until it left military primary radar coverage, the movements are consistent withdeliberate action by someone on the aircraft. Today, based on raw satellite data which was obtained from the satellite data service provider, it is CONFIRMED that the aircraft shown in primary radar data WAS MH 370. FAA, NTSB, AAIB, Malaysian authorities, working separately on the same data, concur.
  • The last confirmed communication between the plane and the satellite was at 8:11am Malaysian time, on Saturday 8th March.
  • Unable to confirm precise location of the plane when it last made contact with satellites. However, based on new data, the aviation authorities of Malaysia, and the international counterparts, the last communication of MH 370 was in 1 of 2 possible corridors: Northern (border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to Northern Thailand) or Southern (from Indonesia to southern Indian Ocean).
  • Malaysian authorities focusing on crew and passengers onboard. All possibilities are still being researched.

“Despite media reports that the plane was hijacked, I wish to be very clear – we are still investigating all possibilities as to what caused MH370 to deviate from this original flight path.”

  • Ending operation in South China Sea and refocusing assets.


6:05 AM UTC / 2:07 PM MYT

Full transcript of yesterday (16 March) press conference can be found here

4:05 AM UTC / 12:05 PM MYT

As per recent speculation, New Straits Times is reporting that the plane dropped 1500 m (~5000 ft) to avoid radar detection.

3:40 AM UTC / 11:40 AM MYT

Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia will help coordinate MH370 southern arc search after receiving call from Malaysian prime minister. Source


2:55 PM UTC / 10:55 PM MYT

The person in control of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 issued their last communication to air traffic control after the first set of aircraft communications was disabled, Malaysian authorities have confirmed, adding further weight to suspicion that the plane was hijacked. The Guardian

1:08 PM UTC / 9:08 PM MYT

A BBC image showing the possible last known of the MH370, based on the satellite data received


Attended by Minister of Transport, DCA Chief, MAS CEO, IGP.

  • Search area expanded, nature of search has changed.
  • Numbers of countries involved in SAR operation have increased from 14 to 25 countries.
  • Foreign ministry have met representative from countries coved by northern/southern airway corridor.
  • Both northern/southern corridors being treated equally the same.
  • US, China & France are asked to provide further satellite data.
  • Surveillance aircraft & vessels are required for southern corridor.
  • Aircraft movement consistent with deliberate action
  • Refocusing on all crew, passenger & ground staff of MH370.
  • Pilot’s flight simulator is being examined by export & police.
  • Co-pilot & pilot did not request to fly together
  • MH370 is airworthy, complies to the safety bulletin issued by Boeing.


  • Inmarsat received 6 ping back from aircraft. Last communication is at 8:11 am MYT / 12:11 am UTC.
  • Fuel for typical KL – Beijing flight for 6.5 hours. Extra fuels are for emergency situation. MH370 is fuel up to 7.5-8 hours.
  • No SOP was breached despite the aircraft (unidentified at the time) flew past military radar.
  • Investigation & background check was performed on the passenger, crew & ground staff. Some foreign intelligence agencies have cleared the background check.
  • Authorities deny reports that the aircraft have landed somewhere.
  • The aircraft turn back is not pre-determined.
  • Immediate financial assistance is given to the families.
  • No additional fuel was carried by the aircraft apart from the required + emergency diversion.
  • Authorities denied the report that Pilot moved out from the house the day before the incident.
  • Pilot’s flight simulator has been taken in for investigation.
  • RMP defend the decision of not investigate pilot & co-pilot earlier.
  • Information of aircraft altitude is available, is being corroborated with the radar service operator.
  • Both possible corridors are being investigated.
  • Flight re-enactment was performed with Boeing 777 simulators.
  • The cargo manifest reveals no hazardous material.
  • 2 Iranians with the stolen passports have been cleared and are not associated with any terrorist groups.
  • The aircraft’s minimum speed, maximum speed, location, altitude has been gleaned from the 6 satellite ping back. Concurred by independent interpolation from both US & UK investigator.

8:15 AM UTC / 5:15 PM MYT – 20th MEDIA STATEMENT

The current general enquiry number +60378841234 for the MH370 incident will change effective Monday, 17 March 2014 at 12.00 noon.

Moving forward, families of passengers and crew of MH370 may call +603-87775770. This is a dedicated number for families only.

For media queries, kindly contact +603 8777 5698/ +603 8787 1276.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and our colleagues on board MH 370 as well as their families and loved ones.

7:10 AM UTC / 4:10 PM MYT

Investigators probing the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 piloted an identical Boeing 777-200 on the missing plane’s suspected flight path, in a re-enactment aimed at determining whether the radar and satellite data that it generated matches up with data on MH370’s flight. AFP via NewStraitsTimes

6:30 AM UTC / 3:30 PM MYT

Malaysia’s government says police are examining flight simulator belonging to pilot of missing jet and investigating engineers who might have had contact with plane. AP

6:32 AM UTC / 3:32 PM MYT

Malaysian defence minister has tweeted that he is talking to all countries involved in the revised search. The countries include Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia & France. Among others. Source

6:41 AM UTC / 2:41 PM MYT

Media Statement from Ministy of Transport, Malaysia. Source

NOTE: Formatted to allow better readability

** 1. Search and rescue operational update**

a. The search and rescue operation continues to be a multi-national effort, led by Malaysia.

b. Malaysian officials are contacting countries along the northern and southern corridors about MH370. These countries include: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and France. Officials are requesting assistance from these countries.

c. Malaysian officials are currently discussing with all partners how best to deploy assets along the two corridors.

d. Malaysian officials are also asking countries to provide further assistance in the search for the aircraft, including: satellite data and analysis; ground-search capabilities; radar data; and maritime and air assets.

e. Both the northern and southern corridors are being treated with equal importance.

** 2. Update on the police investigation into MH370’s crew and passengers**

a. As per normal procedure, the Royal Malaysia Police are investigating all crew and passengers on board MH370, as well as engineers who may have had contact with the aircraft before take-off.

b. Police searched the home of the pilot on Saturday 15 March. Officers spoke to family members of the pilot and experts are examining the pilot’s flight simulator. On 15 March, the police also searched the home of the co-pilot.

c. We appeal to the public not to jump to conclusions regarding the police investigation.

6:30 AM UTC / 2:30 PM MYT

Press conference delayed to 9:30 am UTC / 5:30 pm MYT. Reuters

If there are more streams, please post them in the comments.

4:20 AM UTC / 12:20 PM MYT

Malaysian police schedule press conference about missing flight for 1 AM ET / 5 AM UTC / 1 PM MYT. Daily Telegraph

3:17 AM UTC / 11:17 AM MYT

India puts search for MH 370 on hold at request of Malaysian government, officials say. Straits Times


3:29 AM UTC / 11:29 AM MYT

Chinese ambassador to Malaysia: We have ruled out the possibility that Chinese passengers on MH370 were involved in terrorism. The investigation should not be excessively covered by media since criminal probe could be involved. Priority of the investigation is to rule out one of the corridors for a more specific search range. CCTV News

1:08 AM UTC / 9:08 AM MYT

There has been no evidence of communication — including those from mobile phones — from anyone onboard MH 370 since it was diverted. New York Times

9:31 PM UTC / 5:31 AM MYT

US Navy confirms it has completed its search of the Andaman Sea in hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines jet; “no debris or wreckage” found. NBC News

7:27 PM UTC / 3:27 AM MYT

The U.S. Navy prepared to pull back military search operations for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet on Monday, defense officials said. The USS Kidd will cease search efforts in the Strait of Malacca and return to carrying out its normal Navy operations, officials told NBC News. Note that this has not yet been officially announced.


3:44 PM UTC / 11:43 PM MYT

Aviation officials in Pakistan, India and Central Asia as well as Taliban militants said they knew nothing about the whereabouts of a missing Malaysian jetliner. The Guardian

12:43 PM UTC / 8:43 PM MYT

Kazakhstan has played down Malaysia’s suggestion that the missing plane could have reached its airspace. A statement for its civil aviation committee said MH370 would have been detected by Kazakhstan’s radar, if had got that far.

Reuters quoted the statement as saying that nine Malaysia Airlines flights travelled over Kazakhstan on 8 March. None of them was MH370. The Guardian

10:20 AM UTC / 6:20 PM MYT

Two image released by Malaysia Authorities, illustrating both northern & southern corridor. Source


Attended by minister of Transport, minister of Foreign Affairs, DCA chief, MAS CEO.

Opening statement

  • Radar, SAR assets and plan were requested from countries in search corridor,
  • 26 countries involved in SAR operation.
  • Southern corridor split to 2. Australia & Malaysia will lead the search in these areas.
  • Search in both corridors has started.
  • Malaysia navy has deployed vessels to southern corridor.
  • US Navy’s P8A will be travelling to Perth to assist in SAR operation.
  • Civil aviation from China will be joining the investigation team, as well as French counterparts.
  • Investigation on all crew including ground staff started on 8 March. Pilot & co-pilot house was revisited at 15 March. Flight simulator was taken away. FBI, Interpol is working on investigation.

NOTE: Full text of the opening statement can be found here. (via The Guardian)


  • Authorities decline to comment on the ongoing investigation on pilot & co-pilot.
  • The pilot did not request to fly together. It was based on rosters.
  • 4 tonnes of mangosteen was the answer when probed by journalist on potentially high value cargo on the aircraft.
  • Possibility of the aircarft was remotely controlled is low.
  • ACARS was turned off at Kota Bahru, transponder was turned off at IGARI waypoint.
  • MAS has tightened their security procedures.
  • All emergency system must be checked & armed prior to take off.
  • Don’t have any evidence from Telco on the possibilities of call/text being made after the aircraft have turned west yet. Authorities are still going through the records.
  • Background check on passenger is still going on.
  • Initial investigation indicates the last communication was from the co-pilot, at 1:19 am MYT.
  • Last ACARS communication was recieved at 1:07 am MYT, it was supposed to transmit new data after 30 minutes. Authorities do not know the exact time ACARS was switched off.
  • ATC have no indication that the aircraft ACARS was turned off.
  • The last 6 ping back was from geo-satellite. No coordinate could be derived from the data.
  • From the point of 8:11 am MYT ping back, the aircraft should have additional 30 minutes flight time, based on the flight speed.

Special thank to /u/Mookiewook for the transcription on Q&A session

8:57 AM UTC / 4:57 PM MYT

The English edition of the state run Global Times has run a series of critical articles questioning the way the search for the Beijing-bound flight is being handled. Now it is accusing Malaysia of incompetence and suggests it may need to hand over responsibility for the search after its “lousy” efforts. Global Times

6:21 AM UTC / 2:21 PM MYT

Search area now comprised of 30 million square miles. WSJ

Putting things in perspective, that would be looking for 1 faulty pixel in 20 gigapixel photo. –de-facto-idiot

6:15 AM UTC / 2:15 PM MYT

Press statement by Ministry of Transport Malaysia. Source

NOTE: Formatted for better readability

1. Search and rescue operational update

a. The number of countries involved in the search and rescue operation has increased from 14 to 26. These countries are: Malaysia, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkmenistan, UAE, UK, US, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

b. Today, the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Royal Malaysian Air Force will deploy their assets to the southern corridor.

c. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent diplomatic notes to all countries along the northern and southern corridors; and all countries from which we are requesting assistance.

d. The above mentioned diplomatic notes set out the specific support and assistance required, including: – Radar and satellite information – Land, sea and aerial search operations – Search and rescue action plans for relevant countries – Details of any information required from Malaysia

e. Today, three French officials from the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la sécurité de l’aviation civile (BEA) arrived in Kuala Lumpur to help with the search and rescue operation. The officials will share their expertise and knowledge based on their experience from the search for Air France Flight 447.

2. Update on the police investigation into MH370’s crew and passengers

a. On Saturday 8 March, the Royal Malaysia Police started investigations into all crew members on board MH370, including the pilot and co-pilot, as well as all ground staff handling the aircraft.

b. On Sunday 9 March, police officers visited the homes of the pilot and co-pilot. Officers also spoke to family members of the pilot and co-pilot.

c. Police visited the homes of the pilot and co-pilot again on Saturday 15 March. The pilot’s flight simulator was taken from his house with the assistance of his family. The simulator was re-assembled at police headquarters.


8:34 PM UTC / 4:34 AM MYT

CNN, citing unnamed US officials, claims that a search of the pilots computers and emails revealed no indication that the course deviation was planned. The US officials were supposedly briefed by Malaysian authorities — however, the Malaysian authorities have not yet publicly confirmed this. Please also take this with a grain of salt.

5:14 PM UTC / 1:14 AM MYT

White House spokesman Jay Carney said at his daily briefing, calling the search “a difficult and unusual situation”. When asked about the notion that the plane could have landed at Diego Garcia, the US military base in the central Indian Ocean, Carney was dismissive: “I’ll rule that one out.” The Guardian

4:24 PM UTC / 12:24 AM MYT

The aerial search for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight has been hampered by refusal from Indonesia to let planes overfly their territory. BBC


3:28 PM UTC / 11:28 PM MYT

New profiles of Zaharie Ahmad Shah and Fariq Abdul Hamid, the pilot and co-pilot of MH370 have been published by Reuters & New York Times. The story is the same: nothing about these men or the lives they led seems to point to likely complicity in a plot to divert the plane. Reuters articleNYT article

3:13 PM UTC / 11:13 PM MYT

Thailand’s military announced Tuesday that it had radar data that seems to corroborate Malaysian military radar data tracking a plane likely to be MH370 flying west over the Malacca Strait.

Why didn’t Thailand release the data before Tuesday? Because it wasn’t specifically asked for it, military officials says. AP via ABC

10:21 AM UTC / 6:21 PM MYT

Search area of 2.24 million sq nautical miles, putting that into perspective would be:

  • Looking for 1 faulty pixel in a photo of 2067 megapixels. –de-facto-idiot
  • Searching in an area larger than Australia. Source provided by
  • Finding an airplane in the USA, without Alaska —/u/ViciousNakedMoleRat
  • There’s about 3.5M letters in an English Bible. You’ll be looking for one out of place letter in nearly 600 Bibles, Genesis to Revelation —/u/RUSSELL_SHERMAN


Attended by minister of transport, minister of foreign affairs, DCA chief & MAS CEO.

Opening Statement

  • Focus is on 4 tasks: gathering information from satellite surveillance, analysis of surveillance radar data, increasing air and surface assets, and increasing the number of technical and subject matter experts.
  • Every relevant country that has access to satellite data has been contacted
  • Australia & Indonesia lead SAR operation in southern corridor. China & Kazakhstan lead the northern corridor.
  • Each of both northern & southern corridor divided to 7 quadrants, spanning area of 160000 sq nautical miles.
  • Total search area of 2.24 million sq nautical miles.
  • ACARS was disabled just before reaching the East coast of peninsular Malaysia.
  • Transponder was switched off near the border between Malaysian and Vietnamese ATC.
  • Reiterate ACARS was disabled just before reaching east coast of Malaysia. No exact time on when ACARS is turn off is available.
  • Consistent with deliberate action of someone on the plane.
  • Exact time ACARS was switched off have no bearing of SAR operation
  • Investigation on crew remained ongoing.
  • Full statement can be read here

Statement from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • 25 counties involved in SAR operation.
  • Response has been excellence from the countries involved.
  • 9 other countries, which are not covered in either corridor, have come forward to assist in the investigation.


  • Deny Malaysia is a terrorist haven.
  • Not discounting any possibilities, including decompression theory.
  • Investigation is not influence by political issue.
  • Authorities have request Thai air force to restudy on the radar reading when being probe by journalist on reports that MH370 had straddled over into Thai airspace when flew across the peninsular.
  • Efforts are being done to reduce the area of concentration. Until then both corridor are equal in priority.
  • MAS reiterate that it have given sufficient and accurate information to passenger’s families.
  • Insisted that Malaysia is the only country that has publicly released all the satellite and radar data about flight MH370.
  • Other countries had shared such data but declined to name which ones.
  • MAS have never flown route along northern corridor before.
  • Radar reading are only available to county’s authorities, but not media due to it’s sensitivity.
  • MAS iterate the aircraft is programmed to fly to Beijing as part of SOP. But anything is possible once the aircraft has took off.

8:44 AM UTC / 4:44 PM MYT

Relatives of some of the missing Chinese passengers are threatening to go on hunger strike in an effort to get more information from the Malaysian authorities. AFP via The Guardian

8:30 AM UTC / 4:30 PM MYT

China says it has started searching its territory and deployed 21 satellites to help with the search. BBC

7:15 AM UTC / 3:15 PM MYT

China finds no terrorism link among its passengers on MaH370. CNNThe Guardian

6:27 AM UTC / 2:30 PM MYT

Australian authority admits MH370 search in Indian Ocean may take weeks. Four Australian planes, with one each from the US and New Zealand, will search an area of 600,000 square kilometres. Video of the press conference

Map shows where the Australian Maritime Safety Authority plans to search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on March 18, 2014. The Guardian

4:34 AM UTC / 12:33 PM MYT

Aircraft from the US and New Zealand will start hunting for MH 370 in a new search area 3,000 kilometers southwest of Perth, Australia. ABC News

3:33 AM UTC / 11:33 AM MYT

Citing “senior American officials,” New York Times claims that the divergent turn on MH 370 was preprogrammed into the aircraft’s computer. Their sources are unnamed. They do not provide an explanation as to how they know that the route was programmed rather than flown manually. Thus, we advice you to take this report with a pinch of salt until we receive official confirmation.

Comment from MrGandW: Aircraft fly routes which are programmed into their FMS (flight management system) via autopilot. Thus, NYT may be trying to report that the aircraft was on autopilot when its route was changed.


2:46 PM UTC / 10:46 PM MYT

Copies of the hard drives from computers of pilot, co-pilot from From MH 370 have been given to the FBI for analysis. Source

2:02 PM UTC / 10:02 PM MYT

“We don’t have any theories,” says US Attorney General Eric Holder.

12:00 PM UTC / 8:00 PM MYT

Australian authorities said it halved the size of its designated search area to about 89,000 square nautical miles, based on an analysis by the U.S. NTSB that factored in the aircraft’s fuel reserves. Searches so far hadn’t found anything of significance. WSJ

11:45 AM UTC / 7:45 PM MYT

The Malaysian government has ordered an inquiry into the scuffles between and police officers and relatives of the missing passengers that overshadowed today’s press conference. The Guardian

11:00 AM UTC / 7:00 PM MYT

Indonesian authorities has cleared all seven Indonesian passengers aboard missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 of any terrorist links. WSJ


Opening statement

  • Maldives authorities confirm report of the aircraft sighted is not true.
  • Appealed to other countries to volunteer more satellite and radar data about the flight.
  • Aircraft flew on normal routing until IGARI way point.
  • All passengers, crew and ground staff handling the aircraft are being investigated.
  • All passenger’s background checks have been recieved from all countries apart from Ukraine and Russia.
  • Some data had been deleted from the pilot’s flight simulator and forensic work to retrieve this data is on-going.
  • Passengers, the pilots and the crew remain innocent until proven otherwise.
  • A high-level team fom Malaysia will immediately travel to Beijing to give briefings & updates to the next of kin on the latest situation, and on search and rescue plans.
  • The full statement can be read hereVideo link, from /u/givethemabreak


  • DCA Chief dismissed a report that the plane was programmed to change course before the co-pilot issued the “all right, goodnight” sign off.
  • One of the main priorities is how to manage emotions and how to appease the families
  • Hisshammudin played down a report by Reuters which claimed investigators had a “working assumption” that the plane is likely to be lost far into the southern flight corridor in the southern Indian ocean.
  • Both corridors are both equally important. But the southern corridor is much more challenging.
  • Pilot’s flight simulator data was cleared on the 3 February,

Today PC is compiled from The GuardianBBC & transcription provided by /u/pharotekton

9:09 AM UTC / 5:03 PM MYT

Maldives autorities have stated that no indication of flight MH370 has been observed on any military radar’s in the country. Source

8:57 AM UTC / 4:57 PM MYT

Relatives of those missing on the plane have been thrown out of the daily press conference by the Malaysia authorities in Kuala Lumpur after seeking more information on the search.

Both Sky News and the New Straits Times report scuffles and chaotic scenes.

More details on this is covered by /u/schmoker1 in this comment thread

8:46 AM UTC / 4:46 PM MYT

China hasn’t found evidence that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ever entered its territory. WSJ

8:10 AM UTC / 4:10 PM MYT – 21st MEDIA STATEMENT

The passengers and crew on-board flight MH370, their families and loved ones, have been at the centre of every action Malaysia Airlines has taken as a Company since we first learned the flight disappeared.

The Malaysian Government is coordinating an unprecedented international search effort covering 2.24 million square nautical miles. With this simply enormous area we cannot determine how long it will take to locate the aircraft.

Considering these challenges, our caregivers have informed the family members of the missing passengers and crew that we have taken the decision to continue to provide information and assistance through the further enhanced Family Support Centre (FSC) based in Kuala Lumpur which has been operational since 8 March 2014 rather than the various Family Assistance Centers (FACs).

The Family Support Centre will continue to proactively provide relatives waiting for news at home with daily updates. In addition to personal phone calls, Malaysia Airlines will now send out SMS blasts with brief updates to the families. We have also set up an email address for family members as a channel for them to communicate with us. Updates via the Malaysia Airlines website are also available.

This Family Support Centre will be open round-the-clock and will house family support representatives trained to assist those who are seeking answers and further information. The representatives will be divided into four shifts with ten staff handling each shift. This will ensure that someone is available to attend to the families at all times. The centre will also have Mandarin speaking personnel.

Below are the toll-free numbers that has been set-up for eight different countries. A back-up number is also given to the families in the event they are not able to reach the toll-free number. The number to call to get in touch with this centre is +603 8777 5770.

Countries Toll-free number
China 10-800-130-1364 (South China) / 10-800-713-1404 (North China)
Malaysia 1800-81-4819
Indonesia 001-803-015-203-7708
Australia 1800-198-163
US/Canada 877-504-4210
New Zealand 080-045-4029
India 000-800-100-3449
France 080-091-2622

All this while, the families have always been briefed first, followed by the media and then the public whenever new information surfaces. However, the often conflicting information and wild speculation have caused a major distress to the families.

The Airline continues to work closely with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all local and international agencies during this critical and traumatic period.

Our top priority remains to provide any and all assistance to the families of the passengers and crew.

6:56 AM UTC / 2:56 PM MYT

Source close to the investigation say, investigators probing the disappearance of the MH370 believe it most likely flew into the southern Indian Ocean. Reuters

1:35 PM UTC / 9:35 PM MYT

A statement from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority confirmed that the search operation has finished for today and will resume again on Friday. No sightings were reported. AMSA (PDF)

11:08 AM UTC / 7:08 PM MYT

The Norwegian ship, Hoegh St. Petersburg reaches area where Malaysia plane debris may have been spotted.Reuters

10:42 AM UTC / 6:42 PM MYT

The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the UK is sending HMS Echo – a coastal survey ship – to the southern search corridor. BBC


Attended by minister of transport, minister of foreign affair, DCA chief, MAS CEO

Opening Statement

  • At 10 AM MYT, two possible object potentially related to MH370 were spotted by satellite image in Southern Indian Ocean, southwest of Perth, Australia.
  • AMSA is coordinating the search, assisted by other countries’ authorities.
  • HMAS Success is heading to the area, but remained days away the site.
  • Chinese ambassador, together with Malaysian authorities will brief the passenger families in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Search and rescue will continue overnight.
  • Full text of opening statement can be read here (via The Guardian)


  • Not de-intensified SAR operation in northern corridor.
  • Duty roster is typically released few weeks before the flight, according to MAS CEO.
  • Could not confirmed when the image is taken, but the news is received this morning in Malaysia.
  • Reiterate on the 4 passengers who did not turn up, were replaced by standby-passenger.
  • If debris is confirmed, next step would be to recover the black-box.
  • Passenger families are given 2-3 updates on the situation every day.
  • Passenger families will be arranged to fly to Australia if the debris is confirmed.
  • Regretful of how authorities handled the confrontation on the press conference yesterday.
  • French authorities are guiding Malaysian authorities on how to handle/comfort passenger’s families.

9:45 AM UTC / 5:45 PM MYT

‘Extremely poor’ visibility hampers Australian debris search. RAAF P3 crew unable to locate debris.Further aircraft to continue search for MH370. 3 NewsAMSA

7:24 AM UTC / 3:24 PM MYT

It is important to point out that the satellite imagery of the objects released by Australia are four days old. They are dated Sunday 16 March.

In ASMA GM’s media statement, suggested the authorities have taken their time to analyse the images before stating that they could have been debris from MH370.

To repeat he said: “RCC Australia received an expert assessment of commercial satellite imagery on Thursday.”

“The images were captured by satellite. They may not be related to the aircraft. The Guardian

7:04 AM UTC / 3:04 PM MYT

Two satellite images(Image1Image2) have now been released by Australia’s maritime Safety Agency that show the objects they believe to be “credible” findings. The Guardian3News, Large Image by AMSA via /u/gelastic_farceur.

Object location on google map by The Guardian

5:41 AM UTC / 1:41 PM MYT

Press statement from Malaysian Defence Minister.

At 10:00 this morning, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak received a call from Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia, informing him that ‘two possible objects related to the search’ for MH370 had been identified in the Southern Indian Ocean. The Australian High Commissioner has also briefed me on the situation.

At this stage, Australian officials have yet to establish whether these objects are indeed related to the search for MH370.


5:01 AM UTC / 1:01 PM MYT

To see how the search has now been narrowed this is the revised search zone that was being examined on Wednesday:

via The Guardian

4:30 AM UTC / 12:30 PM MYT – AMSA PRESS CONFERENCE – Image of statement

John Young – Australian Maritime Safety Authority

  • All times are in Canberra Time
  • Coordinating Southern Corridor search with assistance from RNZAF, US Navy
  • Satellite imagery has been received. RCC Australia conducted an assessment.
  • Image is in vicinity of search area. Further images are expected after commercial satellites were redirected to take high quality images. Will be provided in due course.
  • Images taken 2500 km SW of Perth – 4 aircraft repositioned.
  • Orion arrived at 1:50 pm. 3 more aircraft are tasked to arrive. US P-8, another Orion. P-8 is on scene now. Second Orion will arrive on scene at 6 pm. New Zealand Orion will depart at 4 pm and will be on scene 8 pm. RAAF C-130 has been tasked to drop data marker buoys.
  • HMAS Success fleet oiler ship en route to area – will take some days to reach.
  • Focus of AMSA – continue search with all available ships and aircraft. Grave concern for passengers and crew onboard.
  • Weather: moderate in the Southern Indian Ocean. But poor visibility has been reported. Weather “not playing.”
  • Objects may be not from MH 370 and may be difficult to find.
  • Full statement can be read here


  • Objects are indistinct on imagery. They are ‘credible sightings.’ Objects that are of reasonable size and are awash with water.
  • Size of the objects: largest object is assessed as being 24 meters (78.74 feet) long “blob”.
  • 1:50 pm: Orion reported the weather on scene. No debris sightings.
  • Merchant ship: most likely scenario is if an aircraft finds an object, it will mark the area with GPS and the ship will be sent to investigate the area.
  • Satellite imagery is progressively provided to AMSA. Discovered to reveal a possible object part of a possible debris field.
  • This is credible enough to divert research to this area on the basis that it provides a promising lead that this may be a debris field. May not be related to the search even if debris looks “good.”
  • Water may be several thousand meters deep.
  • The area is 4 hours flying time for the P3. Aircraft can search for about 2 hours due to fuel load.
  • Advice for families: AMSA is doing its very best to find any possible survivors IF the aircraft came into the southern corridor and IF the objects are indeed the aircraft

4:20 AM UTC / 12:20 PM MYT

ABC News correspondent David Wright reports that a U.S. Navy P-8 crew says there is intel of some sort of unidentified debris in the Indian Ocean.

4:12 AM UTC / 12:12 PM MYT

Malaysian minister confirms there is a new lead in investigation of missing plane. Reported by Reuters

4:02 AM UTC / 12:02 PM MYT

US Navy commander tells @ABC a US P-8 is nearing search area where Australian PM says satellite has noted 2 objects of interest.

3:30 AM UTC / 11:30 AM MYT

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says objects have been found possibly related to search for missing Malaysia Airlines jet. He stresses it is not yet clear whether objects are parts of the plane; P-3 aircraft has been diverted to investigate. Australian Maritime Safety Authority is to hold a briefing at 3:30pm AEDT. He says locating these objects will be extremely difficult; reiterates that ‘it may turn out that they aren’t related to the search for [Malaysia Airlines] flight.’ Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Video

Conference is at 9:30 PM PT, 12:30 AM ET, 4:30 AM UTC, 12:30 PM MYT. I will post updates as fast as I can as they roll in.

2:05 AM UTC / 10:05 AM MYT

President Obama says that United States has put “every resource we have available” to help find MH 370. Full videohere.

5:41 PM UTC / 1:41 AM MYT

In an interview with a CNN correspondent, Malaysia opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim says that Capt Zaharie Ahmad Shah “was no extremist.” Video


2:59 PM UTC / 10:59 PM MYT

AMSA released new image, depicting the location of both sighted object & reported position from Chinese satellite imagery.

2:21 PM UTC / 10:41 PM MYT

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said one of its aircraft reported sighting a number of “small objects” with the naked eye, including a wooden pallet, within a radius of 5 km.

A Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3 Orion aircraft took a closer look but only reported seeing clumps of seaweed. It dropped a marker buoy to track the movement. Reuters

1:38 PM UTC / 9:38 PM MYT

Since 17 March, planes have undertaken 15 sorties in the search area and “more than 150 hours of air time have been committed by the air crews to the task,” Australian officials say. BBC

10:14 AM UTC / 6:14 PM MYT

Satellite image released by China SASTIND, depicting the 22.5m x 13m object. CCTV News


Attended by minister of Transport, DCA chief & MAS CEO

  • Multiple countries in northern corridor, based on preliminary analysis, reported no sighting of the aircraft.
  • No sighting of item of interest off the coast of Australia.
  • Northern corridor search area comprised of 10500 sq nautical miles.
  • Challenging condition on southern corridor.
  • The audio transcript between aircraft & ATC was not released and doesn’t reveal anything abnormal.
  • Cargo hold manifest was with investigator.
  • Reiterate the transportation of battery on an aircraft is not a problem as long as it is packed according to ICAO & IATA standard.
  • Battery used in MH370 aircraft’s operation is NOT Lithium Ion.
  • DCA chief emphasis that the audio transcript revealed by Daily Telegraph is NOT accurate.
  • MAS CEO believed an upgraded satellite reporting system, which increase the satellite communication bandwidth would not helped in this incident. The current system in place fulfilled existing operation need of MAS.
  • Category 1 cyclone has hit Christmas Island, but it may not affect the search area.
  • No date being considered on when the SAR operation will stop.
  • BREAKING: New debris with dimension of 22 m x 30 m 22.5 m x 13 m (official clarification note) was spotted by Chinese authorities, more details will be release in the next few hour. The minister was handed a note bearing the news during the press conference.
  • Full opening statement can be read here.
  • Video of the press conference can be watched here

4:43 AM UTC / 12:43 PM MYT

Australian deputy prime minister says that they will start joint search operations for MH370 with China from Sunday.CCTV News

3:47 AM UTC / 11:47 AM MYT

3 aircraft are now in MH370 search area. A RAAF P3 Orion and NZ P3 Orion aircraft are also now en route. AMSA News


Malaysia Airlines wishes to clarify that the lithium ion batteries carried onboard MH370 on 8 March 2014 was in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) requirements where it is classified as Non Dangerous Goods.

7:16 PM UTC / 3:16 AM MYT

Pentagon: US considering Malaysian request for undersea surveillance gear to search for MH 370. Reuters

4:10 PM UTC / 12:10 AM MYT

Pentagon says $4 million allotted for Malaysia Airlines search; has cost $2.5 million so far. Source


2:27 PM UTC / 10:27 PM MYT

US Navy Poseidon searching for Malaysia Airlines plane returns to Perth, Australia; crew says they found nothing in search area, weather conditions were clear. Source

2:02 PM UTC / 10:02 PM MYT

Chinese icebreaker vessel Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, is to join the search for debris in the southern Indian Ocean.BBC


  • Still awaiting information for Australian authorities regarding the suspected debris.
  • HMAS Success is due to reach the search area tomorrow.
  • Ukraine has finished background checks on Ukraine passengers, and found no issue.
  • Russia remained the only country not to report back on passenger background check.
  • Will establish a new SAR centre for northern corridor if new information comes to light.
  • Rumours of India do not allow Chinese warships to enter it’s waters is not true.
  • Authorities had not found anything unusual in the list of individuals in the passenger manifest.
  • Reiterate Malaysians have received good support from the Chinese authorities
  • The aircraft did carry some lithium ion batteries in the cargo, but they are treated as dangerous goods. It was check rigorously to ensure they are packed properly. Many airlines across the world transport these, not just MAS.
  • Kazakhstan has no confirmation that the plane was in their airspace.
  • Full text of the opening statement can be read here
  • Video of the press conference can be view here.

Compiled from /u/Naly_D ‘s transcription & The Guardian

8:45 AM UTC / 4:45 PM MYT

The first RAAF P3 Orion has returned to Perth, with its flight commander saying conditions are “great” at the search site but no items of interest have been spotted. 3 News

6:32 AM UTC / 2:32 PM MYT

AMSA update on the search operation.

  • The aircraft did a radar search yesterday and made no sightings.
  • All aircraft are currently airborne, the first aircraft is currently on the way back.
  • Last aircraft will leave the search area by about 10pm AEDST.
  • The search area is much smaller than we started with it nonetheless is a broad area.
  • Search area will be move according to where the water has moved overnight
  • Will be looking to see if more satellite imagery could be acquired that would provide new or refined information.
  • Latest search map by AMSA (via /u/presumenothing)
  • Full statement can be read here. (Provided by /u/Naly_D)Video (mp4)

4:05 AM UTC / 12:05 PM MYT

Australian PM stands by decision to release satellite images when asked whether he had been too quick to make the announcement to parliament. The Guardian

3:43 AM UTC / 11:43 AM MYT

China has announced that it is sending three warships to join the search for possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean. AP via The Guardian

3:00 AM UTC / 11:00 AM MYT

Australian Prime Minister Abbott speaks with Chinese President Jinping about MH 370. Says Jinping is ‘devastated’ about missing jet and that Australia will follow all possible leads. ABCNews

11:45 PM UTC / 7:45 AM MYT

Five aircraft will be involved in today’s search for MH370. Due to the distance to and from the search area, the aircraft involved have an endurance of approximately 2 hours of search time. AMSA (PDF)

11:36 PM UTC / 7:36 AM MYT

A satellite image company said on Thursday that the sheer number of images covering a large swath of ocean contributed to a delay in revealing what could be debris from the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that has been missing for nearly two weeks. Reuters

8:51 PM UTC / 4:51 AM MYT

First ship reaches area of possible MH 370 debris in Indian Ocean. Source




SUNDAY, 23 MARCH 2014, 5:30PM

1. Search and rescue operational update

a. The search and rescue operation remains an international effort, co-ordinated by Malaysia. A number of countries are leading in their respective search areas and all countries involved are displaying unprecedented levels of co-operation.

b. This morning, Malaysia received new satellite images from the French authorities showing potential objects in the vicinity of the southern corridor. Malaysia immediately relayed these images to the Australian rescue co-ordination centre.

c. Two Chinese Ilyushin IL-76s have arrived in Perth, and will depart for the search and rescue operation tomorrow at 05:00 and 06:00.

d. Two Japanese P3 Orions today left Subang airport for Perth.

e. The Australian rescue co-ordination centre will deploy eight aircraft (four military and four civilian) to the southern corridor today, to conduct visual searching.

f. The Australian Defence Vessel ‘Ocean Shield’, which has a sub-sea remotely operated vehicle, is currently en route to the southern corridor.

g. As of 2:30pm Malaysia time, Australian officials have informed us that they have not made any new sightings regarding MH370.

h. One Indian Navy P8 Poseidon and one Indian Air Force C130 left Subang airport today to join the search and rescue operation in the northern part of the southern corridor, which is being led by Indonesia.

i. A number of other sorties from Subang airport to the southern corridor were cancelled today due to bad weather caused by tropical cyclone Gillian.

j. Australia, China and France have now released satellite images that show potential objects, which may be related to MH370, in the vicinity of the southern corridor. All this information has been forwarded to Australia, as the lead country in the area of concern.

2. Family briefing

a. The Malaysian high level team started a briefing in Beijing this morning for relatives of those on board MH370. The meeting lasted more than 6 hours. This is the third such meeting that has been held. The team presented information to the relatives and answered questions. The Government wishes to reiterate its commitment and continued engagement with the relatives of those on board MH370.

3. Update on ACARS transmission

a. The last ACARS transmission, sent at 1.07am, showed nothing unusual. The 1.07am transmission showed a normal routing all the way to Beijing.

Source: Ministry of Transport Malaysia’s Facebook page

4:55 AM UTC /12:55 PM MYT

NASA says it will check archives of satellite data and use space-based assets such as the Earth-Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite and the ISERV camera on the International Space Station to scour for possible crash sites. The resolution of these images could be used to identify objects of about 98 feet (30 meters) or larger. CNN

3:20 AM UTC / 11:20 AM MYT

The Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, who is currently in Papua New Guinea, gave a press conference a short time ago where he reiterated that there did appear to be a number of small objects that were visually identified. He said he learnt about the possible sightings late last night.

It is important to stress that at this stage the objects identified by the observers have still not been recovered, despite other vessels undertaking a more thorough search of the area. The Guardian

1:51 AM UTC / 9:51 AM MYT

Australia’s Maritime Search Agency has just issued their 11th update for the search operation.

The Guardian

12:45 AM UTC / 8:45 AM MYT

Chinese research vessel MV Xue Long has joined the search area. Most recently it was involved in a rescue operation in December 2013 to free another ship, the Akademic Shokalskiy, which had become trapped in ice off the Antarctic coast. The Xue Long subsequently became trapped in ice itself and was assisted by a United States icebreaker. The Guardian

10:50 PM UTC / 6:50 AM MYT

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he was told late last night a civilian aircraft had sighted a number of objects within the search zone. It is the first direct sighting of debris and follows two hits by satellite in the past week. He said the debris was: “A number of small objects, fairly close together within the Australian search zone, including a wooden pallet.” Source


Estimated route[edit]

Possible last known locations of MH370 in red, based on final satellite ping at 08:11 Malaysia time

On 11 March, it was reported that military radar indicated the aircraft had turned west and continued flying for 70 minutes before disappearing off the Malaysian radar near Pulau Perak,[36][37] and that it was tracked flying at a lower altitude across Malaysia to the Malacca Strait. This location was approximately 500 kilometres (310 mi) from its last contact with civilian radar.[38] The next day, theRoyal Malaysian Air Force chief distanced himself from the report saying it should not be misinterpreted.[39][40] According to theVietnamese Deputy Minister of Transport, Pham Quy Tieu, “We informed Malaysia on the day we lost contact with the flight that we noticed the flight turned back west but Malaysia did not respond.”[41]

US experts, assigned to assist with the investigation while maintaining a low profile that did not upstage Malaysian authorities,[42]analysed the radar data and subsequently reported that the radar data did indeed indicate that the aircraft had headed west back across the Malay Peninsula, with Reuters and The New York Times saying that the route changes suggested that the aircraft remained under a trained pilot’s control.[8][10][43] The New York Times also said the aircraft experienced significant changes in altitude.[8]

Although Bloomberg News said that analysis of the last satellite “ping” received suggested a last known location approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) west of Perth, Australia,[44] the Malaysian Prime Minister on 15 March said that the last signal, which was received at 08:11 Malaysian time, might have originated from as far north as Kazakhstan.[45] Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak explained that the signals could not be more precisely located than to one of two possible loci: a northern locus stretching approximately from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, or a southern locus stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.[46] China, Thailand and India all stated that there was no evidence that the aircraft ever entered their airspace.[47]

On 17 March, The New York Times, citing “senior American officials,” said that the scheduled flight path was pre-programmed to unspecified western coordinates through the flight management system before the ACARS stopped functioning,[48] and a new waypoint “far off the path to Beijing” was added.[48] With such a reprogramming the aircraft would make a banked turn at a comfortable angle of around 20 degrees and the passengers would not feel anything unusual.[48]



Satellite images of possible debris

Chinese image released on 22 March of 44°57′30″S 90°13′40″E

Map of locations published 1: March 12 (disproved), 2: March 20 and 3: March 22

Early search efforts generated multiple false leads. An admiral of the Vietnamese Navy reported that radar contact with the aircraft was last made over the Gulf of Thailand.[13][49] Oil slicks detected off the coast of Vietnam on 8 and 9 March later tested negative for aviation fuel.[50][51] Alleged discovery of debris about 80 km (50 mi) south of Thổ Chu Island on 9 March was also found to be not from an aircraft.[52] Searches following a Chinese website’s satellite images, taken on 9 March, showing three floating objects measuring up to 24 by 22 metres (79 ft × 72 ft) at 6.7°N 105.63°E also turned up blank;[53][54] Vietnamese officials said the area had been “searched thoroughly”.[55][56]

The Royal Thai Navy shifted its focus in the search away from the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea at the request of its Malaysian counterpart, which was investigating the possibility that the aircraft had turned around and could have gone down in the Andaman Sea, near Thailand’s border.[57] The chief of theRoyal Malaysian Air Force, Rodzali Daud, claimed that military recordings of radar signals did not exclude the possibility of the aircraft turning back on its flight path.[58][59] The search radius was increased from the original 20 nautical miles (37 km; 23 mi) from its last known position,[60] south of Thổ Chu Island, to 100 nautical miles (190 km; 120 mi), and the area being examined then extended to the Strait of Malaccaalong the west coast of the Malay Peninsula, with waters both to the east of Malaysia in the Gulf of Thailand, and in the Strait of Malacca along Malaysia’s west coast, being searched.[4][61][62]

On 12 March, authorities also began to search the Andaman Sea, northwest of the Strait of Malacca, and the Malaysian government requested help from India to search in the area.[63] On 17 March, Australia agreed to lead the search in the southern locus from Sumatra to the southern Indian Ocean.[64][65] The search would be coordinated by theAustralian Maritime Safety Authority, with an area of 600,000 km2 (230,000 sq mi) between Australia and the Kerguelen Islands lying more than 3,000 kilometres (1,900 mi) fromPerth to be searched by ships and aircraft of Australia, New Zealand and the United States.[66]

It emerged on 17 March that the last ACARS message at 01:07 did not mean the system was turned off at that moment, as had been previously suggested.[22] Malaysian authorities said ACARS had been switched off sometime between 01:07 and the next scheduled ACARS contact, due at 01:37[67]

On 20 March, the Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, announced in parliament that two objects that might be related to the aircraft, one of them 24 m (79 ft) long, had been spotted by a satellite in the Indian Ocean on 16 March, 2,500 km (1,600 mi) south-west of Perth (coordinates 44°03′02″S 91°13′27″E), where the ocean depth could reach 5,000 metres (16,000 ft).[68][69][70][71] An Australian Lockheed P-3 Orion arrived in the area at 02:50 UTC. The Australian naval ship HMAS Success, a United States Navy Boeing P-8 Poseidon, two more Orions (one Australian and one from New Zealand), Myanmar naval vessels, and a Lockheed C-130 Hercules were also tasked to the area.[72] A Norwegian merchant ship, Höegh St. Petersburg, also diverted to the area.[72] A civilian Gulfstream V joined the search on 21 March.[73] A civilian Bombardier Global Express[74] and two Chinese Ilyushin Il-76s joined the search the following day.[75][76]

On 22 March, a Chinese satellite image was released, from four days earlier, of potential debris, about 120 km (75 mi) south west of the earlier images.[77][78][79] The object’s size was estimated at 22.5 m × 13 m (74 ft × 43 ft), at coordinates 44°57′29″S 90°13′43″E, near one of the 45×90 points approximately 3,170 km (1,970 mi) south west of Perth.

International participation[edit]

Crew onboard ship searching in theAndaman Sea

Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft of five nations including Australia are participating in the search

RSS Steadfast from Singapore is one of the naval vessels deployed in the search

In response to the incident, the Malaysian government mobilised its civil aviation department, air force, navy, and Maritime Enforcement Agency; and requested international assistance under Five Power Defence Arrangements provisions and from neighbouring states. Various nations mounted a search and rescue mission in the region’s waters.[80][81] Within two days, the countries had already dispatched more than 34 aircraft and 40 ships to the area.[4][5][62] The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Preparatory Commission analysed information from its network of infrasound detection stations, but failed to find any sounds made by Flight 370.[82]

On March 11, 2014[83] Chinese authorities[84] activated the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, a 15 member international organization whose purpose is to “…provide a unified system of space data acquisition and delivery to those affected by natural or man-made disasters through Authorized Users.”[85]

Another 11 countries joined the search efforts by 17 March, after more assistance was requested by Malaysia, bringing the total to 26.[15]While not participating in the search itself, Sri Lanka gave permission for search aircraft to use its airspace.[86] Assets deployed by Malaysia included military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.[87] and vessels from the navy and Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.[87][88][89] A co-ordination centre at the National Disaster Control Centre (NDCC) in Pulau Meranti, Cyberjaya was established.[90]The country of destination, China, deployed Type 053H3 frigate Mianyang, marine police vessel No. 3411[91]Type 052C destroyerHaikouType 071 amphibious transport dock JinggangShanKunlunShan, patrol ship Haixun 31Type 925 submarine support shipYongxingdao[92], research vessel Xuelong, rescue ship Haixun 01, and merchant ships[93], rescue vessel Nanhaijiu 101 and Type 903 replenishment ship Qiandaohu.[94] Furthermore, several of its military satellites were retasked.[95][96][97] Other nations provided the following asset types:

Information sharing[edit]

Although Malaysia’s acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also the country’s Defence Minister, denied the existence of problems between the participating countries, academics said that because of regional conflicts, there were genuine trust issues involved in co-operation and sharing intelligence, and that these were hampering the search.[154][155] International relations experts said entrenched rivalries over sovereignty, security, intelligence, and national interests made meaningful multilateral co-operation very difficult.[154][155] A Chinese academic made the observation that the parties were searching independently, thus it was not a multilateral search effort.[155]

Malaysia had initially declined to release raw data from its military radar, deeming the information “too sensitive”, but later acceded.[154][155] Defence experts say that giving others access to radar information may be sensitive on a military level. As an example: “The rate at which they can take the picture can also reveal how good the radar system is”. One suggested that some countries may already have had radar data on the aircraft and were reluctant to share any information that could potentially reveal their defence capabilities and compromise their own security.[154] Similarly, submarines patrolling the South China Sea might have information in the event of a water impact, and sharing such information could reveal the subs’ locations and listening capabilities. However, The Guardian noted the Vietnamese permission given for Chinese aircraft to overfly its airspace as a positive sign of co-operation.[155]

Satellite imagery is also being analysed by the public with the help of crowdsourcing site Tomnod[156].


Flight 370 was operated with a Boeing 777-2H6ER,[c] serial number 28420, registration 9M-MRO. The 404th Boeing 777 produced,[158] it first flew on 14 May 2002, and was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on 31 May 2002. The aircraft is powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines,[158] and is configured to carry 282 passengers – 35 in business class and 247 in economy.[159] 9M-MRO had accumulated 53,460 hours and 7,525 cycles in service,[160] and had not previously been involved in any major incidents,[161] though a minor incident while taxiing at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in August 2012 resulted in a broken wingtip.[162] Its last maintenance ‘A’ check was carried out on 23 February 2014.[160]

The Boeing 777 is generally regarded by aviation experts as having an “almost flawless” safety record,[163] one of the best of any commercial aircraft.[164] Since its first commercial flight in June 1995, there have been only two serious accidents, in 2008 with British Airways Flight 38 and in 2013 with Asiana Airlines Flight 214.

Passengers and crew[edit]

Nationalities of people on board Flight 370

Nationality Pass Crew Total












 Hong Kong[165]



















 New Zealand












 United States



Total (15 nationalities)




Malaysia Airlines released the names and nationalities of the 227 passengers and 12 crew members, based on the flight manifest.[167]


Two-thirds of the 227 passengers are Chinese citizens, including a group of 19 artists with six family members and four staff returning from a calligraphy exhibition of their work in Kuala Lumpur; 38 passengers are Malaysian. The remaining passengers come from 13 different countries.[168] Of the total, 20 are employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a company based in Austin, Texas – twelve are from Malaysia and eight from China.[169][170]

Malaysia Airlines sent a team of caregivers and volunteers to provide assistance to family members of the passengers.[171] In its press releases, the carrier stated that it would bear the expenses of bringing family members of the passengers to Kuala Lumpur and providing them with accommodation, medical care, and counselling.[172] Altogether, 115 family members of the Chinese passengers flew to Kuala Lumpur.[173] Other family members chose to remain in China, fearing they would feel too isolated in Malaysia.[174] The airline offered an ex gratia condolence payment of US$5,000 to the family of each passenger,[175] but relatives considered the conditions unacceptable and asked the airline to review them.[176]


All the crew members were Malaysian citizens. The flight’s captain was 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah of Penang; he joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981 and had 18,365 hours of flying experience.[177] Zaharie was also an examiner qualified to conduct simulator tests for pilots.[178]

The first officer was 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid, an employee of Malaysia Airlines since 2007, with 2,763 flying hours.[179][180]Fariq was transitioning to the Boeing 777-200 after having completed his simulator training.[180]


Timeline of response[edit]

Source:[97] [183]

International participants[edit]

On 8 March, Boeing announced that it was assembling a team of experts to provide technical assistance to investigators,[184] in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) protocols. In addition, the United States National Transportation Safety Board announced in a press release on the same day that a team of investigators had been sent along with technical advisers from the Federal Aviation Administration to offer assistance in the investigation.[151] The country that would lead the investigation would not be determined until the missing aircraft was found.[185] Because a formal (ICAO-sanctioned) investigation had not yet started, cooperation and coordination between involved parties could suffer, there being “a risk that crucial early detective work could be hampered, and potential clues and records lost”, according to experts.[186]

On March 11, 2014[187] Chinese authorities[188] activated the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, a 15 member organization consisting of international space agencies[189] whose purpose is to “…provide a unified system of space data acquisition and delivery to those affected by natural or man-made disasters through Authorized Users.”[190]

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had already deployed technical experts and agents to investigate the disappearance.[191] A senior US law enforcement official clarified that FBI agents had not been sent to Malaysia.[192] By 17 March the investigation was also being assisted by Interpol and other relevant international law enforcement authorities according to the Malaysian government.[193][194] United States and Malaysian officials were reviewing every passenger named on the manifest in addition to the two passengers who were confirmed as possessing stolen passports.[195] On 18 March the Chinese government announced that it had checked all of the Chinese citizens on the aircraft and ruled out the possibility that any were potential hijackers.[196]

Stolen passports[edit]

Two men identified on the manifest, an Austrian and an Italian, had reported their passports stolen in 2012 and 2013, respectively.[13][197] Interpol stated that both passports were listed on its database of lost and stolen passports, and that no check had been made against its database.[198][199] Malaysia’s Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, criticised his country’s immigration officials for failing to stop the passengers travelling on the stolen European passports.[199]

The two one-way tickets purchased for the holders of the stolen passports were booked through China Southern Airlines.[200] It was reported that an Iranian had ordered the cheapest tickets to Europe via telephone in Bangkok, Thailand. The tickets were paid for in cash.[201][202] The two passengers were later identified as Iranian men, one aged 19 and the other 29, who had entered Malaysia on 28 February using valid Iranian passports. The head of Interpol said they were “inclined to conclude that it was not a terrorist incident”.[166] The two men were believed to be asylum seekers.[203][204]

China Daily reported that there was also a passenger on the boarding list provided by Malaysia Airlines whose name did not match the passport owner’s name and passport number.[205]


Police searched the homes of the pilot and co-pilot.[206] CNN reported that police investigated a flight simulator in the pilot’s home and that US Intelligence officials were leaning towards the view that those in the cockpit had been responsible for the aircraft’s disappearance.[207]


On 21 March, the chief executive officer of Malaysia Airlines, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, said that potentially flammable lithium batteries, “packed as recommended by the ICAO,” were on the flight.[208] There was concern about this because the investigation into UPS Airlines Flight 6 of September 3, 2010 had concluded “with reasonable certainty” that the fire which caused the crash originated in a cargo container which held thousands of lithium batteries.[209]

Criticism and response[edit]

Public communication from Malaysian officials regarding the loss of the flight was initially beset with confusion.

  • Malaysian authorities initially reported that four passengers used stolen passports to board the aircraft before settling on two – one Italian and one Austrian.[210]
  • Malaysia abruptly widened the search area to the west on 9 March, and only later explained that military radar had detected the aircraft turning back.[210] This was later formally denied by Rodzali Daud.[40]
  • Malaysian authorities visited the homes of pilot Zaharie and co-pilot Fariq on 15 March, during which they took away a flight simulator belonging to Zaharie. Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said this was the first police visit to those homes. On 17 March, the government contradicted this by saying police first visited the pilots’ homes the day following the flight’s disappearance,[211] although this had been previously denied.[212]
  • On 16 March, Malaysia’s acting transport minister contradicted the prime minister’s account on the timing of the final data and communications received. Najib Razak said that the ACARS system was switched off at 01:07, while Hishammuddin said that the last ACARS transmission was received at 01:07, and the transmission expected at 01:37 was missed.[213]

The New York Times noted that the Malaysian government and the airline released imprecise, incomplete, and sometimes inaccurate information, with civilian officials sometimes contradicting military leaders.[214] Malaysian officials were also criticised after the persistent release of contradictory information, most notably regarding the last point and time of contact with the aircraft.[215]

Vietnam temporarily scaled back its search operations after the country’s Deputy Transport Minister cited a lack of communication from Malaysian officials despite requests for more information.[216] China, through the official Xinhua News Agency, said that the Malaysian government ought to take charge and conduct the operation with greater transparency,[154] a point echoed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry days later: “Help all sides in the search to make their search more effective and accurately targeted”.[217]Questions and criticisms were raised by air force experts and the Malaysian opposition about the current state of Malaysia’s air force and radar capabilities.[218][219][220] TheWashington Post reported that Malaysia Airlines had also declined an upgrade for a system called Swift that would have provided critical information about the aircraft even after the ACARS system and the transponder went dead, a key element that helped significantly during the search for Air France 447 previously.[221]

Criticism was also levelled at the delay of the search efforts. A report in the Wall Street Journal suggested that British satellite company Inmarsat had provided officials with data on 11 March, three days after the aircraft disappeared, suggesting the plane was nowhere near search areas at the time in the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea and may have diverted its course through a southern or northern corridor, information only publicly acknowledged and released by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on 15 March in a press conference.[222] Responding to criticisms that information about satellite signals had not been made available earlier, Malaysia Airlines said that it was critical that the raw satellite signals were verified and analysed “so that their significance could be properly understood”. While this was being done, the airline was unable to publicly confirm their existence.[223]

As anxious relatives in Kuala Lumpur awaited news of missing Flight 370, some found comfort from Buddhist volunteers from the Tzu Chi Foundation, based in Taiwan. While hoping their family members were still alive, families were preparing for the worst.[224]

On 14 March 2014, Malaysia Airlines retired the MH370 and MH371 flight number pair for the Kuala Lumpur–Beijing–Kuala Lumpur route, replacing them with MH318 and MH319 respectively.[225]

First of all I wanna introduce myself shortly. My name is Satenetas Rotenetor. [snipped] Anyways, that was then and it was meant to show you people and a lot of other people that are interested in conspiracies and the truth, not to believe everything they read, but do some research.


Anyways ,back to more important things…

All over the web there are messages about the trident symbol and a possible ongoing conspiracy in preparation of world war III.

I’ll sum some of these discoveries up for you:

About the Maserati Commercial from the Superbowl:

A trident / is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and historically as a polearm. The trident is the weapon of Poseidon, or Neptune, the god of the sea in classical mythology. In Hindu mythology it is the weapon of Shiva, known as trishula (Sanskrit for “triple-spear”).
The word “trident” comes from the French word trident, which in turn comes from the Latin word tridens or tridentis: tri “three” and dentes “teeth”. Sanskrit trishula is compound of tri “three” + “thorn”.
The Greek equivalent is (tríaina), from Proto-Greek trianja (threefold).
The trident in the Coat of Arms of Ukraine is known as Tryzub , the literal translation of “trident”.
[link to]

(In Hindu mythology, SHIVA is the God of destruction.)

TRIDENTS everywhere……….
The first Trident warned us they would strike when least expected:

(Logo of Maserati is a trident)

Here the video:

The Second trident happened:
The dissappearance of the Malaysian airlines 370.
Rotate the Malaysian airlines logo sideways, and you get a double trident. (We’ll come to why its a double trident in a minute.)
The word “M A L A Y S I A N” , has 3 “A”‘s

These ‘a’s written in small letters look like a reversed 6. So aaa = 666 .
The number 6 itself has this ‘spike’ on top, so 3 sixes can be thought of as 3 spikes or a trident.

The logo:

The trident memorial at the WTC, was taken from the ruins of the twin towers. Why the tridents at the WTC memorial?
Those tridents , are from the side of the original WTC twin towers.

The Trident of The WTC:

1.Here you have your warning,the super bowl,maserati. TRIDENT
[link to]

2,The symbol on the tail of a Malaysian aircraft. TRIDENT

3 The UKRAINE coat of arms. TRIDENT.

4.Just erected last night on the 9/11 memory site.double TRIDENT.

5.The fuzzy satelite image / china sent Americans
on a wild goose chase to see if they would follow orders.
9/11 written on it.

6.A combined pre planned un/nato exercise will take place
in the ukraine in JULY called Rapid TRIDENT

Are you getting it yet people ?

want some more tridents?

-M370. A 777

-Two Navy Seals found dead on the Maersk Alabama? they worked for Trident Maritime Security

-Alphonso Doss ~ US Navy found dead in Florida ~ was a student at Trident University International.

-777 is also found in the title of the book 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley pertaining to the law of thelema ~

– Christian religions consider 7 to be a Holy Number because in Genesis the first book of the Bible it says that God rested on the 7th day and man was created on the 6th day so therefore 777 is thought to be the antithesis of 666

– The Afrikaaner Resistance Movement (Afrikaaner Weerstandsbeweging, AWB), a Boer-nationalist movement in South Africa, utilized the number 777 as part of their emblem. The number refers to a triumph of “God’s number” 7 over the Devil’s number 666. [4] On the AWB flag, the numbers are arranged in a triskelion shape.

their symbol? pretty much a trident swastika
[link to]

But when I did a search for trident in music he above all became very interesting…


Trident Studios was a British recording facility, located at 17 St. Anne’s Court in London’s Soho district between 1968-1981. It was constructed in 1967 by Norman Sheffield, a drummer of former 1960’s group The Hunters, and his brother Barry.
“My Name’s Jack” by Manfred Mann was recorded at Trident in March 1968, and helped launch the studio’s reputation. Some well-known albums and singles recorded at Trident include The Beatles’ White Album (though recording was largely done at Abbey Road Studios) and “Hey Jude”, Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” and David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. Rick Wakeman was the in-house session keyboard player at the time and can be heard on many recordings, including “Life on Mars?” and “Changes”.
Other artists recorded at Trident included the Bee Gees, Carly Simon, Chris de Burgh, Genesis, Brand X, James Taylor, Joan Armatrading, Joe Cocker, Kiss, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Tina Turner, T-Rex, Van der Graaf Generator, Yes and John Entwistle.
The Sheffield brothers had a relaxed working attitude, but also emphasized high standards of audio engineering.[1] The studio’s state-of-the-art recording equipment helped to attract many major artists to record there.

Spread the word please, beware of tridents!!

theory on mh370

1) The plane was hijacked… With a mobile phone

MH370 may well have been hijacked with a mobile phone. This information supposedly comes from anti-terror experts and a former Home Office advisor, who evidently don’t understand how technology works.

The claim is that a phone can be used to wirelessly hack into the plane’s systems and, “change the plane’s speed, altitude and direction by sending radio signals to its flight management system. It could then be landed or made to crash by remote control.” This is apparently possible because MH370 is one of the first iterations of what is known as a ‘smart plane’ a fly-by-wire aircraft controlled by electronic signals. Oh and apparently, this sort of hijacking can also be done with a USB stick.


2) It was a life insurance scam

According to The Mirror, this is a theory that the Malaysian Government has not ruled out. The idea that the plane was deliberately destroyed to get hold of a passenger’s life insurance payout is not that ridiculous if you consider that they may have got the pilot involved. It’s worth mentioning that there is absolutely no evidence for this, but if it were true it fits in well with what we know. We know that the transponder was probably switched off manually, the last communication was nothing out of the ordinary, and the plane probably changed course. It’s not hard to believe that the pilot/co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane for some financial reason. Then again, this was the plot of an episode of Doctor Who

3) The plane will return… as a nuclear weapon

One such theory is that the plane was hijacked by Iran who intend to transform it into a nuclear weapon. .

4) The plane is hidden in Western Asia

This one comes courtesy of everybody’s “favourite” media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who has declared that the plane was most likely hijacked and is hiding where it  can’t find it.

5) It was orchestrated to obtain patent rights

As I mentioned before, there were some 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor onboard flight MH370. One theory that has come to light is that, similar to the life insurance scam, the plane was deliberately destroyed to get hold of patent rights. Apparently, a patent was approved four days after the disappearance of the flight, and it’s being reported that the right to the patent were split five ways — 20% to Freescale Semiconductor and 20% each to four employees, all of whom were passengers on the plane. With them out of the way, Freescale Semiconductor have complete control of the patent (reportedly #8671381).

6) The pilot shadowed another 777 to stay off the radar

One of the biggest mysteries is how MH370 disappeared from the radar so suddenly. A theory has arisenthat if the disappearance is down to the pilot, he could have shadowed another 777 aircraft in the vicinity in order to hide from radar pings. The flight in question, Singapore Airlines 68, was in the same general area as MH370 at the time and a skilled pilot could follow closely enough to fly undetected. If this is the case it could mean the plane  could be anywhere from Thailand to Turkmenistan.