SWEDEN is asking its citizens to commit hara-kiri (ritual suicide)

And they are even providing the knives – disguised as a suicidal Muslim immigration policy – otherwise known as white genocide.

*Hara-kiri is ceremonial suicide by ripping open one’s own abdomen with a knife or sword, mainly practiced by the Japanese, after being disgraced, dishonoring one’s family or country, or being sentenced to death.


A new propaganda campaign promoting the colonization of Sweden by Muslim invaders features a video called “Det Nya Landet” (the new country), made by the Swedish charity organization IM, who wants to redefine what it means to be Swedish by forcing native Swedes to change their culture, traditions and values in order to accommodate people who refuse to accommodate anyone else’s.

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GERMAN TV now telling German women that ‘tolerance’ means wearing an Islamic supremacist bag on your head

Apparently, being a ‘tolerant German’ in the future will mean dressing like a Muslim. No ads about what being a ‘tolerant Muslim’ will mean in the future, because there is no such thing.

In this TV advertisement, a veiled woman stands in front of a text that spells “Turkish women wear the Hijab”. The woman looks to the camera and turns out to be a blonde German woman, Charlotte Würdig, an actress and TV moderator, who proudly exclaims that “I wear one (a Hijab) too, it’s beautiful.”

The above ad follows the declaration a few months ago by a German leftist “scholar” who said, “Being German in the future will mean having a (Muslim) migrant background. “No more blue eyes, blonde hair, while claiming ‘We are all German!’” Even worse, a Greens Party leftist said “it is a good thing that Germans will soon be a minority in German cities.”

GERMAN GIRLS who willingly get into a swimming pool with Muslim men are just asking to be molested and/or raped

What you are seeing here is the Arab Muslim game called  “Taharrush”  which has spread to Europe. It’s a ‘game’ where women and girls get surrounded by large groups of Muslim men who pretend to dance/play with them, but then sexually assault/gang rape them while others not directly involved watch or divert outsiders’ attention to what is occurring.

And don’t even get me started about the Muslim male habit of pooping in the pool before they get out.

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GERMANY: Anti-rape tattoos, wristbands, and colorful posters aren’t stopping the rape epidemic by Muslim invaders

6-ban-running-shoes-for-womenSo, what do you do? No, of course you don’t stop Muslim rapists from flooding your country, you advise German women and young girls to wear sneakers so they’ll be able to run away faster from their attackers.


Gateway Pundit (h/t Larry A)  The past year, more than one million Muslim invaders from the third world, almost exclusively younger men, came to Germany, and the country is currently experiencing a historic rape wave without its equal, which many expected would happen.

This has led the Germany’s Federal Criminal Police, BKA, to advise German women on how to best protect themselves against rape by Muslims.

No means NO? Guess not when it comes to Muslims

“No means NO?? Guess not, when your rapist is a Muslim supremacist

If a woman gets an unsafe feeling when she encounters a group of Muslim men, or perceives that a situation could pose a risk, she should always trust her intuition and avoid getting into such situations, says Markus Koth, spokesman for BKA, according to shz.de.

'Don't tape little girls' signs don't do much either

‘Don’t molest little girls’ signs don’t do much either

Women must continue, if necessary, to be ready “to take detours.” In addition, women should see if there are “any policemen nearby that can be contacted,” according to Koth.


If, despite all precautions, she is attacked by Muslim asylum seekers, nevertheless, it is very important to be able to protect yourself by trying to run away.

“Here you have to behave as boldly and decisively as possible. Even shouting loudly, one could make passersby aware of what is going on,” (so they can run away too?) said the BKA spokesman.

WELL, LOOK AT THAT! Now bleeding heart Muslim invader sympathizers in Britain are making it even easier for Muslim rapists to pick out their next victim

BRITAIN – Home of the motherlode of stupid leftist ideas – #SafetyPin: A campaign to get you to wear a safety pin to show your solidarity with illegal alien Muslim invaders and the rest of the Muslim supremacists who are turning the city of London into an Islamic hellhole.


MW News  In the wake of last week’s Brexit vote, there has been a rise in hate crimes against immigrants, and now liberals feel the need to speak out against those opposed to the violent infiltration of their country. They have now come up with another utterly useless trend to show their feigned outrage towards those they perceive as “racists.”

Despite numerous rapes and physical attacks being committed by the barbaric Muslim immigrants flooding into countries across Europe, there are a startling number of halfwits who still support these invaders, legal and illegal, and defend their violent antics. Leftists are now banding together by wearing a safety pin on their clothing as a symbolic “anti-racism” gesture to show their solidarity with these violent invaders.

This “solidarity” is exactly what got Europe into the position they’re sitting in today. Despite what the left wants people to believe, there is no way to integrate people into a civilized 21st-century society who haven’t progressed past the ideals of the 7th century.

Wearing a to show solidarity with EU citizens and immigrants here in the UK.

Huffington Post UK As an antidote to all the hate spouting out from people who now feel emboldened to take racist views that once would have been confined to their back gardens to a more public place like a bus-stop, someone has come up the idea of wearing a safety pin as a pledge of solidarity.

While I think it’s great – amazing, even – that people are protesting en masse against Brexit racism, and are saying it’s not okay, this isn’t how solidarity works. Although it is awful that racist attacks have increased, the reassuring difference between racism then and now – like when someone yelled Paki at me from a bus or called me a coloured piece of shit in school – is that social media and the ability to film an attack happening using your phone, is making it a far less safe place for racists.

I think that racists keep on going unless they are challenged, and if the situation calls for it and I feel safe enough to do so, I will challenge them. (In the meantime, I will show them my safety pin?)


Wearing my today and every day until I live in a country where I don’t have to anymore

How about we force all the Muslim migrant men to wear safety pins on their zippers to protect young girls and women from being raped?

I’m not wearing a to prove that I’m not a halfwit.

@piersmorgan @BumpinGemz wearing a safety pins is about identifying with your SJW tribe and marginalising everyone else.

The signifies a safe person on the street, bus, or to have a conversation with. http://glblctzn.me/29bkGRN 

Photo published for How humor and safety pins are helping heal the UK post-Brexit

How humor and safety pins are helping heal the UK post-Brexit

People are stopping the hate through kindness, humor and #SafetyPin.


I just want to remind you all how important it is to wear a at all times.

If you are grown man or woman wearing a as a protest then you desperately need a long, very long, hard look at yourself


If you don’t wear a , immigrants may assume you want to hurt them. Please wear one at all times to avoid causing stress and fear.

I knock on peoples doors, know you are safe. solidarity against racism & hate crimes. Hope wins over fear

Walk around Molenbeek at night as a white person and see how far your gets you. Good luck.

Wearing my to show that I stand with anyone suffering racism or racist abuse.

Today, a Latvian man saw my solidarity and burst into tears. “You are good person,” he said. He hugged me, and we wept openly.

@melindiscott I’m getting the gay hates now!

@Battsby Follow the money & see who’s profiting from this. oh, the lefty media




Leaked German police report confirms surge in child rapes by Muslim invaders in swimming pools

CjQBUj6UUAAZQZ5A leaked report into a surge in sexual assaults and rapes by Muslim invaders posing as refugees at public swimming pools in Germany is a ‘grave concern’, according to officials. The secret report’s authenticity has been confirmed by the authorities in Dusseldorf which outlines the particular worry over rapes and sexual abuse of children.


UK Daily Mail  It comes just months after the nightmare scenes in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when hundreds of women were sexually abused by marauding gangs of migrants and less than a month since an Iraqi migrant was jailed for raping a 10-year-old boy in an Austrian swimming pool.

The internal report was issued for officers of the Criminal Commisariat 12 – responsible for sex crimes and missing persons – and states: ‘The K12 can confirm a surge in sex crimes at these establishments.

‘In particular rape and the sexual abuse of children by Muslims in bathing establishments have given us grave cause for concern. The perpetrators are, for the most part, Muslim immigrants.’

The Bild newspaper revealed the document on Monday – just six months after the nightmare scenes in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when the German welcome mat for refugees was well and truly rolled up.

In and around the main railway station on December 31 hundreds of women were sexually abused and robbed by marauding gangs of migrants as the police failed to tackle the situation.


Ever since then the number of migrants – men from sexually repressive Muslim countries – attacking scantily clad women and children at swimming baths has continue to soar.

Many cities, including Munich and Berlin, have posted charts in numerous languages stating that women wearing skimpy bathing costumes are not telegraphing that they are available for sex and must not be touched inappropriately in any way.

The memo from the Duesseldorf sex crimes unit comes as the open-air pool season in Germany is in full swing. It stemmed from a meeting of sex crime officers on June 15 in which the escalating incidents – including two rapes at a swimming pool – were discussed.

Asylum seekers in Finland with preteen girls 2

The clarification of the cases was ‘particularly difficult’ because of the numbers of people in the mobs. Officers vowed to improve their policing methods including more photofits of suspects together with accurate description of their clothing at the time of the attacks.

A police spokesman confirmed the authenticity of the document and said it was a meeting designed to assure the quality of investigative work and that there had been a meeting.

In December last year, a 10-year-old was raped in an Austrian swimming pool by an Iraqi migrant. The asylum seeker, who had not had sex for four months, said it was a medical emergency when he raped the boy in a swimming pool changing room.


The 20-year-old, who had been taken to the Austrian swimming pool Theresienbad, pictured, to be taught how to integrate into his now community, was found guilty of serious sexual assault and rape of a minor and was sentenced to six years in jail.

The migrant had been taken to the pool in December 2015 with a 15-year-old helper and translator who was helping him to integrate into life in the Austrian capital Vienna.

But while there, the 20-year-old man dragged a boy, 10, into the change rooms and attacked him.


The boy, known only as Goran, was also the son of an immigrant family from the Balkans who grew up in Austria with his Serbian mother.

The horrific attack was so violent that the young boy needed to be treated at the Children’s Hospital, and is now plagued by massive post-traumatic stress disorder.

Goran went to a lifeguard in tears after the attack but the Iraqi involved in the attack was so brazen that he had not even left the swimming pool. Instead, he was jumping off a three-metre diving board when police arrived to arrest him.


He told police the attack was a sexual emergency as he had not had sex for four months after leaving his wife behind and coming to Austria as an asylum seeker in September 2015. Court Psychiatrist Gabriele Woergotter confirmed the 10-year-old victim now suffers frequent panic attacks.

Refugee officials have pleaded for calm after the publication of the Duesseldorf memo and have stressed they are making more efforts to educate young immigrant men about the rights of women and children in Germany.