Wakanda Africa

I like the black Panther Movie it’s looks realistic even though it a Sci Fi movie. black people are portrayed in a more positive light rather than some 3rd world country because Africa is the cornerstone of information and technology


Wakanda remind me of wat Africa should be before European and other black people like our self tear down wat foundation that was there.


Wakanda is known for vibratium Africa is resource rich but the European stole it’s resource, Technology and its people to build up its societies free of charge in the opening of the movie u have that begin portrayed by the stealing vibratium from Wakanda to build up their societies.


The Wakandan try their best to keep its knowledge, Technology and resources by working together something we as black people don’t do and they are using the Trump mantra build a wall limit outsider’s and help it’s people before others.


Remember whatever technology u c in the movie is already there in some form hidden they put it out in movie so that u can get used to it before it comes out


If u have seen the video I posted in the group in the movie there seems to be the 2016 election theme played out in the group


The black Panther has the Obama or the elite view no walls open borders help everyone without exception which doesn’t support for a good nation in the long run just ask some of the European countries.


If the black Panther depicts Obama then this movie may be predicting Obama begin the head of the UN


Killmonger the guy who challenge t challa for the throne like u said represent every African descendant in the west who believe 1. Africa didn’t do anything to help them 2 . because they are African descendant everything in Africa belong to them 3. Because of their European education they believe that they are more educated and can dictate to other African how to run thing


If u realize I talk about slavery last bcuz that’s a story by itself.


Wen people talk about slavery we think of the western slave trade but there was an eastern slave trade which lasted until the 1950s that’s y some African adopt Islam bcuz they believe it’s part of their culture but it’s not.


Even in the us people c the republican as races true but the Democrat are no different bcuz the politician at the time who freed the slave didn’t but it was done for more economic reason and we black should no that and realize that they are in no man land and it our fault.


If u look at all the race all help their race except for us black all races have their large empires were ours where our black countries govern by black we have nun bcuz we don’t wan to work with our race and that’s y I like Wakanda we should have had a Wakanda in Africa as large as Africa in the movie it self u c all the tribes came together except 1 but the good things is that they came to their sense in the end.


I agree that the western African countries should give some apology because they didn’t put their lives on the line to protect the cave plain and simple bcuz u said it we don’t work together. Wat happen is they allow the lesser African to be taken as to protect them self but it didn’t save then well most of them.


As u said we will never know our full ancestry but we need to have the royalty thinking and start documenting our bloodline bcuz if we don’t our children will not bcuz they care not about history. We need to do it n pass it to our family n encourage them to continue it. I have done it before for some people I am doing it again so that I can keep it and to pass it down to my family n descendant un like me yall have Better tools like ancestry.com so work on it would love to know ur history I will share mine wen i am done.


I agree with u Killmonger have the angry of  black people n it wat keeping us down and behind as I said earlier.