In Justin Trudeau’s ‘Canadastan,’ you get arrested for speaking out against Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris

TORONTO: Free speech activist Eric Brazau was arrested for publicly expressing his outrage at the bloodbath in Paris by Muslim terrorists. Looks like the newly-elected government of Justin Trudeau wasted no time in accommodating the powerful Muslim lobby that helped him come to power.


Blogwrath  The events shown in the video took place on November 13, 2015. After hearing about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, the free speech activist Eric Brazau decided to express his frustration by speaking with people on the street. However, any criticism of Islam is taboo among the Muslims and leftists who dominate downtown Toronto. Though he didn’t say anything hateful, Brazau was physically assaulted and verbally attacked. In the end his attackers called the police and he was taken away in handcuffs.

Eric Brazau, no stranger to controversy, is a Canadian political prisoner who spent nearly two years in jail for ridiculing and criticizing Islam in flyers and street shows (he is a licensed street art performer).

Just like in Germany, a crackdown on those who dare criticize Islam is underway. On the day of the Paris attacks Trudeau’s government threw out the appeal against allowing Muslim supremacists to mock the citizenship ceremony by appearing in face-covering headbags.

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FEELING SAFER YET, CANADIANS? Your new shiny pony ‘prime minister’ says “Islamic terrorists should NOT lose their Canadian citizenship”

Canadian-Muslims1CTV News has obtained a recording leaked by the Conservative Party of Justin Trudeau’s answer in July to a question about Bill C-24, a law that allows dual citizens – those who are convicted terrorists – to be stripped of their Canadian citizenship and deported.

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CTV News  “The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do,” Trudeau told a Winnipeg town hall in July. “And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.

C-24 allows the federal government to revoke the citizenship of dual citizens convicted of terrorism, treason or espionage inside or outside of Canada. It also applies to dual citizens who take up arms against Canada by joining an international terrorist organization or fighting with a foreign army.

One member of the Toronto 18, convicted of being involved in the plot to bomb the city, has already been paroled. The so-called mastermind behind the plot is eligible for release next year, and the government announced Friday plans to revoke his citizenship and deport him to Jordan – the first such case in Canada since the new law was enacted.

The Conservatives criticize Trudeau for telling his Winnipeg audience the revocation of citizenship allowed in Bill C-24 is about “good behaviour,” when it actually is intended to target dual citizens who have been convicted of terrorism here or abroad convicted of treason, spying, or armed conflict against Canada.

Justin Trudeau lifts his ass to Allah at a mosque

“Mr. Trudeau’s position suggests that he really doesn’t value Canadian citizenship,” Conservative candidate Jason Kenney said. “If you can take up arms against this country, join a terrorist organization that wants to commit mass violence against your fellow citizens –you’re forfeiting your own citizenship.”

Listen to the entire clip here:


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