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News since brexit ( June 23rd 2016 )


Theresa may now has officially trigger article 50 which will separate Britain from the EU within 2 years.

The question everyone seem to be asking is that’s what are the consequence and benefits of brexit on both side
Well depending on what’s your point of view brexit can mark the downfall of the English language as the dominant linga franka of the world yes you heard me.
Since brexit there is a lost of interest in learning English as their second language and since English is not the national language of any other EU country a new language need to be chosen and it has been decided that Esperanto will be that language to bridge the EU nation. The language is not the national language of any EU nation but the language is not new as 2 million people speak it as their second language and there are many native speakers this will make it the first constructed language to make it on the international.