Bilderberg Documents Exposed! Wait Until You See What’s Inside

By Lisa Haven 


“American Friends of Bilderberg” that is the name under which the devious group known as the Bilderbergs operate in the United States as a nonexempt charitable trust. The reason we were able to acquire these documents is because the IRS requires “charities” to have certain public reports. Because of this their tax returns have been made known to the public eye, including the people who donate to this tyrannical group, including: the Washington Post, Microsoft, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, the Thiel Foundation, Henry R. Kravis, and many others.


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Here is the list of official Bilderberg Members found on the “American Friends of Bilderberg” website: 


Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
Josef Ackermann Business 7-Feb-1948   CEO of Deutsche Bank
Umberto Agnelli Business 1-Nov-1934 27-May-2004 Chairman of Fiat, 2003-04
Fouad Ajami Author 9-Sep-1945   Director of Middle East Studies, SAIS
Keith B. Alexander Military 1952   Director, National Security Agency
Paul Allaire Business 21-Jul-1938   Twice CEO of Xerox
Graham T. Allison Scholar 23-Mar-1940   Kennedy School of Government
Joaquin Almunia Politician 17-Jun-1948   EU Economic Affairs Commissioner
Roger C. Altman Business c. 1945   CEO of Evercore Partners
Ed Balls Politician 25-Feb-1967   British MP, Normanton
Robert L. Bartley Editor 12-Oct-1937 10-Dec-2003 Editor of the Wall Street Journal, 1979-2003
Evan Bayh Politician 26-Dec-1955   US Senator from Indiana, 1999-2011
Queen Beatrix I Royalty 31-Jan-1938   Queen of the Netherlands
Ben Bernanke Economist 13-Dec-1953   Federal Reserve Chairman
Prince Bernhard Royalty 29-Jun-1911 1-Dec-2004 Prince of the Netherlands
Carl Bildt Head of State 15-Jul-1949   Foreign Minister of Sweden
Conrad Black Business 25-Aug-1944   Rapacious newspaper mogul
Charles G. Boyd Military 15-Apr-1938   Retired General, US Air Force
John Browne Business 20-Feb-1948   CEO of British Petroleum, 1995-2007
John H. Bryan Business 5-Oct-1936   CEO of Sara Lee, 1975-2000
William F. Buckley Columnist 24-Nov-1925 27-Feb-2008 National Review
William Bundy Government 24-Sep-1917 6-Oct-2000 Cold War advisor to JFK, LBJ
Peter Carington Government 6-Jun-1919   UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82
Henri de Castries Business c. 1954   CEO of AXA
Ahmed Chalabi Government 30-Oct-1944   Prominent on the Iraqi Provisional Council
Raymond Chrétien Diplomat 20-May-1942   Canadian Ambassador to the US, 1995-2000
W. Edmund Clark Business c. 1947   CEO of Toronto Dominion Bank
Kenneth Clarke Politician 2-Jul-1940   Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1993-97
Bill Clinton Head of State 19-Aug-1946   42nd US President, 1993-2001
Marshall A. Cohen Business c. 1935   CEO of Molson, 1988-96
Timothy C. Collins Business c. 1956   Private equity, Ripplewood Holdings
Bertrand P. Collomb Business c. 1943   CEO of Lafarge SA, 1987-2003
Jon Corzine Politician 1-Jan-1947   Governor of New Jersey, 2006-10
Chester A. Crocker Government 29-Oct-1941   Asst. Secy. State, African Affairs, 1981-89
Claes Dahlbäck Business c. 1948   CEO of Investor AB, 1978-99
Tom Daschle Politician 9-Dec-1947   US Senator from South Dakota, 1987-2005
Paul G. Desmarais, Jr. Business 3-Jul-1954   Co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada
John Deutch Government 27-Jul-1938   CIA Director, 1995-96
Chris Dodd Politician 27-May-1944   US Senator from Connecticut, 1981-2011
Thomas E. Donilon Government c. 1955   US National Security Advisor
Esther Dyson Business 14-Jul-1951   EDventure Holdings, former ICANN director
Murray Edwards Business c. 1959   Canadian Natural Resources
Martha J. Farah Psychologist c. 1955   Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, UPenn
Dianne Feinstein Politician 22-Jun-1933   US Senator from California
Martin Feldstein Economist 25-Nov-1939   Reagan economist
Anthony S. Fell Business c. 1941   Chairman, RBCCAPITAL MARKETS
Harold Ford Politician 11-May-1970   Congressman from Tennessee, 1997-2007
Stephen Friedman Business 21-Dec-1937   Former Partner, Goldman Sachs
Thomas Friedman Journalist 20-Jul-1953   New York Times
Melinda Gates Philanthropist 15-Aug-1964   Married to Bill Gates
Timothy F. Geithner Government 18-Aug-1961   US Secretary of the Treasury
David Gergen Columnist 9-May-1942   Advisor to Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton
Paul Gigot Columnist 1955   Wall Street Journal columnist
Donald E. Graham Journalist 22-Apr-1945   CEO of Washington Post
Katharine Graham Publisher 16-Jun-1917 17-Jul-2001 Washington Post publisher, 1966-79
Richard Haass Government 28-Jul-1951   President, Council on Foreign Relations
Chuck Hagel Politician 4-Oct-1946   US Senator from Nebraska, 1997-2009
Richard C. Holbrooke Diplomat 24-Apr-1941 13-Dec-2010 US Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan
Allan Hubbard Economist 8-Sep-1947   George W. Bush economist
Kenneth Jacobs Business c. 1958   CEO of Lazard North America
Merit E. Janow Educator 13-May-1958   Professor of Int’l Affairs, Columbia University
Peter Jennings Journalist 29-Jul-1938 7-Aug-2005 Former anchor, ABC World News Tonight
James A. Johnson Business 24-Dec-1943   CEO of Fannie Mae, 1991-98
J. Bennett Johnston Politician 10-Jun-1932   US Senator from Louisiana, 1972-97
Vernon Jordan Business 15-Aug-1935   Advisor to Bill Clinton
Muhtar Kent Business c. 1952   CEO of Coca-Cola
Henry Kissinger Government 27-May-1923   US Secretary of State, 1973-77
Klaus Kleinfeld Business 6-Nov-1957   President and COO of Alcoa
Andrew S. B. Knight Journalist 1-Nov-1939   Editor of The Economist, 1974-86
Henry Kravis Business 6-Jan-1944   Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Marie-Josée Kravis Economist 11-Sep-1949   President of MoMA
Bill Kristol Columnist 23-Dec-1952   Editor of The Weekly Standard
Neelie Kroes Government 19-Jul-1941   EU Commissioner of Competition
Jan Leschly Business ?   CEO of SmithKline Beecham, 1994-2000
William J. Luti Military c. 1952   NSC Defense Policy Adviser
Peter Mandelson Politician 21-Oct-1953   EU Commissioner forTRADE
Jessica Tuchman Mathews Government 1946   Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Charles Mathias Politician 24-Jul-1922 25-Jan-2010 US Senator from Maryland, 1969-87
Charlie McCreevy Politician 30-Sep-1948   EU Commissioner, Internal Market and Services
William J. McDonough Business c. 1934   President of New York Fed, 1993-2003
Frank J. McKenna Politician 19-Jan-1948   Canadian Ambassador to the US, 2005-06
Tom McKillop Business 19-Mar-1943   Chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland
George J. Mitchell Politician 20-Aug-1933   US Senator from Maine, 1980-95
Bill Moyers Journalist 6-Jun-1934   NOW with Bill Moyers
Craig Mundie Business c. 1949   CTO of Microsoft
George Pataki Politician 24-Jun-1945   Governor of New York, 1995-2006
Henry M. Paulson Business 28-Mar-1946   US Secretary of the Treasury, 2006-09
Frank H. Pearl Business 27-May-1943 4-May-2012 CEO of Perseus LLC
Richard Perle Government 16-Sep-1941   Prince of Darkness
Rick Perry Politician 4-Mar-1950   Governor of Texas
Fredrik Reinfeldt Head of State 4-Aug-1965   Prime Minister of Sweden
Bill Richardson Politician 15-Nov-1947   Governor of New Mexico, 2003-11
Rozanne L. Ridgway Diplomat 22-Aug-1935   Asst. Secy. of State for Europe, 1985-89
Don Riegle Politician 4-Feb-1938   US Senator from Michigan, 1976-95
David Rockefeller Business 12-Jun-1915   Founder of the Trilateral Commission
Charlie Rose Talk Show Host 5-Jan-1942   Charlie Rose Show
Dennis B. Ross Diplomat c. 1949   US Middle East Envoy, 1992-2000
Lynn Forester de Rothschild Business 2-Jul-1954   Telecom executive
Barnett R. Rubin Educator c. 1950   The Fragmentation of Afghanistan
Mark Sanford Politician 28-May-1960   Governor of South Carolina, 2003-11
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer Politician 3-Apr-1948   NATO Secretary General, 2004-09
Eric Schmidt Business 27-Apr-1955   CEO of Google, 2001-11
Robert W. Scully Business c. 1950   Morgan Stanley Asset Management
Kathleen Sebelius Politician 15-May-1948   US Secretary of HHS
John Shad Government 27-Jun-1923 Jul-1994 SEC Chairman, 1981-87
Robert B. Shapiro Business 4-Aug-1938   CEO of Monsanto, 1995-2000
George Shultz Government 13-Dec-1920   US Secretary of State, 1982-89
George Soros Business 12-Aug-1930   Financial speculator
Lesley Stahl Journalist 16-Dec-1941   60 Minutes
James B. Steinberg Government 7-May-1953   Deputy Secretary of State
Dennis Stevenson Business 19-Jul-1945   Chairman of HBOS
Lawrence H. Summers Economist 30-Nov-1954   US Treasury Secretary, 1999-2001
Peter Sutherland Government 25-Apr-1946   First Director General of the WTO
Peter Thiel Business 11-Oct-1967   Co-Founder of PayPal
Jean-Claude Trichet Business 20-Dec-1942   President, European Central Bank
Sanam Vakil Educator ?   Mideast Scholar, SAIS
John Vinocur Journalist ?   International Herald Tribune correspondent
Vin Weber Politician 24-Jul-1952   Congressman from Minnesota, 1981-93
John C. Whitehead Business 2-Apr-1922   US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89
Christine Todd Whitman Government 26-Sep-1946   GWB’s first head of EPA
Michael H. Wilson Politician 4-Nov-1937   Canadian Ambassador to the US
James Wolfensohn Business 1-Dec-1933   World Bank president, 1995-2005
Paul Wolfowitz Government 22-Dec-1943   President of the World Bank, 2005-07
Daniel Yergin Author 6-Feb-1947   The Prize
Fareed Zakaria Journalist 20-Jan-1965   Time columnist
Philip Zelikow Government 21-Sep-1954   9-11 Commission executive director
Robert Zoellick Government 25-Jul-1953   World Bank president, 2007-12



OOPS: 3 Billion Gallons of Fracking Wastewater ‘Accidentally’ Pumped into California Aquifers

Melissa Melton
The Daily Sheeple

First, the state experiences an historic drought, which some have charged is actually being engineered.
Quick question: What in the hell is going on in California?fracking

Then, new legislation was passed just a few months ago which aims to control and regulate the use of groundwater on a never-before-seen level on one’s privately-owned land. These laws will even create agencies that basically serve as “water police.” Private wells will have to be registered and metered, and landowners who fail to comply will have their wells forcibly shut down by the government.

It’s to the point that $500-a-day fines are being handed out for not obeying water restrictions, people are turning into snitches and “droughtshaming” each other on social media, and if it continues, the cost of produce could soar nationwide (considering much of the country’s fruits and veggies are grown there).

Now, it has come to light that three billion gallons of fracking wastewater has “accidentally” been pumped into clean aquifers there.

Via Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden:

Dear California readers: if you drank tapwater this morning (or at any point in the past few weeks/months), you may be in luck as you no longer need to buy oil to lubricate your engine: just use your blood, and think of the cost-savings. That’s the good news.

Also, the bad news, because as the California’s Department of Conservation’s Chief Deputy Director, Jason Marshall, told NBC Bay Area, California state officials allowed oil and gas companies to pump up to 3 billion gallons (call it 70 million barrels) of oil fracking-contaminated waste water into formerly clean aquifers, aquifers which at least on paper are supposed to be off-limits to that kind of activity, and are protected by the government’s EPA – an agency which, it appears, was richly compensated by the same oil and gas companies to look elsewhere.

And the scariest words of admission one can ever hear from a government apparatchik: “In multiple different places of the permitting process an error could have been made.”[his emphasis, not mine]


With natural gas — primarily shale natural gas from fracking — as the trendy new market in the U.S. and elsewhere, fracking operations are a booming business these days (and so are the earthquake swarms which have been tied to it in studies). The Council on Foreign Relations, the secretive para-government think tank, even issued a report explicitly identifying fracking as one of the main keys to new North American energy markets in the coming years.

Sadly, with a crony government that protects big business interests over people every chance it gets pretty much without fail, this probably won’t be the last time we see a disgusting headline like this in the coming years.

– See more at:

Gates & Pfizer Team Up on New Depo-Provera For Developing Nations Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | The US Independent
November 14, 2014

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have partnered with Pfizer to provide financing to a new contraceptive product called the Sayana Press (SP) in order to deliver a new version of Depo-Provera to women in developing nations.

The target global areas are:

• Africa
• Asia
• Latin America
• Eastern Europe

Along with the BMGF, other corporations and groups have invested in this project:

• Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
• United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
• United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID)
• United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

John Young, president of Pfizer, commented : “This is a great example of applying innovation to a Pfizer heritage product to help broaden access to family planning. Pfizer saw an opportunity to address the needs of women living in hard-to-reach areas, and specifically enhanced the product’s technology with public health in mind. I’m so pleased with the leadership from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and other collaborating organizations that are helping create a sustainable market through an approach that could be a model for other medicines.”

SP is “a three-month, progestin-only injectable contraceptive product packaged in the Uniject™ injection system, a small prefilled autodisable device. It contains 104 mg per 0.65 mL dose of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) and is administered via subcutaneous injection.”

Uniject “is little more than a small bubble of plastic attached to a needle. It is precisely filled with a single dose, ensuring that the correct amount of drug is delivered and that none is discarded unnecessarily. It cannot be reused, eliminating the possibility of disease transmission. And it reduces the burden on health systems by combining the vaccine, needle, and syringe into a single unit.”

The new device is “already being used in several African countries” and Pfizer said it will “expand distribution through a financial partnership that would allow the product, which typically costs about $1.50 a dose, to be sold to health care institutions in those countries for about $1.”

Chris Alias, president for global development at the BMGF explained: “The Sayana Press could be an important new choice for the estimated 225 million women worldwide who would like access to contraception but do not have it. Family planning is an important priority for us, and this is expanding the range of methods.”

Ariel Pablos-Mendez, assistant administrator for USAID remarked: “USAID has invested in Sayana Press for many years, and we are thrilled that these efforts have finally come to fruition. This public-private collaboration will now help more women access injectable contraceptives. Expanding contraceptive choice is crucial to helping women plan and space their pregnancies, which we believe contributes to the health and economic wellbeing of families and communities across the globe.”

Depo-Provera is a favorite of Melinda Gates of the BMGF because it enables women to “receive a shot behind [their] husband’s back.”

The injectable Depo-Provera is being sold to under-developed nations and being administered by healthcare workers and nonmedical providers, or by the women themselves.

Policy and training systems are underway to ensure these drugs are utilized in areas like the sub-Saharan Africa. By using these areas as testing grounds for new fertility drugs, as well as forcible sterilization schemes, the BMGF are focusing on preventative situations over dealing with abortable pregnancies which become complicated.

Death Toll Rises: Did Bill Gates & UK Pay For Sterilizations in India?


Government-funded sterilization surgeries performed in India has resulted in the deaths of 13 women and left 52 other in critical condition because of efforts to “help slow the country’s population growth”.

It is presumed that because of “sterilization quotas” in India these women were victims of “health authorities [pressuring] patients into [sterilization] surgery rather than advising them on other forms of contraception.”

At a meeting of the Indian Congress, spokesman Shobha Oza explained that this latest incident was part of a long line of botched sterilization schemes that have left 200 women dead in order to “usurp money under the National Rural Health Mission.”

Oza said: “Every time such an incident happens, committees are formed but no one was held responsible earlier also. A judicial inquiry should take place in this incident. It’s time that women in Chhattisgarh are protected from ‘sarkarimaut’ (government-sponsored death).”

The Congressional spokesperson pointed out that there were “very unhygienic” conditions in the “ family planning camp (FPC) at Bilaspur where the surgeries were carried out.”

The women were all under the age of 32 and from “poor villages” who were patients at a “FPC outside Bilaspur city in the central state of Chhattisgarh.”

According to SK Mandal, chief medical officer for the government of India, “all 83 surgeries were conducted within six hours. Each of the women had received a payment of 600 rupees, or about $10, to participate in the program.”

Amar Singh, deputy health director for the government of India told the press that these patients were sent home after the surgeries, only to be rushed back to “private hospitals” in ambulances where 8 – 10 died of “either blood poisoning or hemorrhagic shock.”

Because of the deaths and patients still in critical condition, the government of India suspended “4 government medical doctors including the surgeon who performed the operations and the district’s chief medical officer.”

The Indian government is also offering the victim’s families $6,600 for their loss.

Interestingly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has launched an initiative called Family Planning 2020 (FP2020), a “global partnership” with “private sector” donors investing in “expanding access to voluntary family planning.”

One country which is part of BMGF’s “deepest engagement” for “expanding access to high-quality, voluntary family planning” is India.

In an op-ed piece, Bill Gates explained that the BMGF “has invested more than $1 billion in programs to fight disease and poverty in India.”

Gates praises the UK government for their “long history of extraordinary generosity and an established track record of making an impact on the lives of the poorest people in the world” – referencing India in particular.

It is through foreign aid to countries like India that the UK has had a major impact on the population.

In fact, tens of millions of “aid” funds from the UK have been used to forcibly sterilize women in India. The US and the World Bank is also sending funds through “foreign-aid programs”.

The campaign for mass sterilization originated in the 1970’s. Its first incarnation was halted after mass riots which forced the Indian government to back down.

Steven Mosher, chief of the Population Research Institute (PRI) explained: “They’re using bad science, outdated theories of population and an unproven theory about climate change to justify real harm to real people in real time.”

The Indian government has been attempting to curb the Indian population from growing by sterilizing over 1 million women each year.

Due to the controversy surrounding the population control campaign, the Indian Supreme Court investigated the issue as foreign governments attempted to distance themselves so they will not be implicated.

One sterilization office was set up in a local school. Police raided the makeshift sterilization camp and found video evidence that the NGO who run the “facility” were abusing the women who came to have the sterilization procedure.

In the police report, it was discovered that many of the NGOs that the Indian government uses to run sterilization camps are being funded by the UK with “aid” money.

The UK has donated millions of pounds to India to fund these sterilization camps. According to documents, the UK is interested in reducing the Indian population in the name of cutting greenhouse gases and combat global warming.

Foreign-aid and “family planning” funds are being used by the Indian government to coerce and forcibly sterilize Indian women. They are threatened, bribed and lied to about the procedure to get the women to acquiesce.

Dr. Abhuit Das, the director of the Centre for Health and Social Justice, said that this discovery “smells of racism” referencing population control in India under the guise of saving the planet as a plot to simply reduce the Indian population for its sake.

Das said that the UK should worry about their own greenhouse emissions and leave the Indian population alone: “[The UK] says that the poor is the problem when it comes to greenhouse gases. This is simply unacceptable.”

Women’s rights advocates were angered by this misappropriation of the sterilization procedure.

To simply mass sterilize women for the concentrated agenda of eliminating the Indian population is a violation of women’s rights, say the advocates. There is evidence of quotas to be reached by the sterilization camp directors and bonuses for exceeding those quotas.

This reduces this procedure to a business opportunity and not a medical procedure that needs to be handled with respect and care.

The UK government , of course, responded to the recent scandal over forced sterilizations by denying that taxpayers were funding it. “British aid has not been used for forced sterilization now or in the past,” a DFID spokesperson claimed in a recent statement, though an official with the department later told the press that tax funds were indeed being used for “voluntary” sterilizations.

Some of the women who are operated on did not fully understand the procedure before they agreed, and most procedures are carried out under unsanitary and horrific conditions; conditions that cause deaths from excessive bleeding and rampant infections.

Through foreign aid funding, the Indian government is financing the forced sterilization of women; without regard for their safety or health.

This idea has been in the works, behind the curtains for several decades. Under the leadership of top establishment figure Henry Kissinger, for instance, the U.S. National Security Council outlined widely criticized official policies to curb population growth among the poor in the infamous “ Memorandum 200.”

Citing dubious theories about alleged overpopulation, the report proposed a massive global campaign that included propaganda, contraception, the use of food for coercion, and more.

India was one of the top targets.

U.S. government tried to cover up pandemic that killed 50 million

adams flu pandemic

by J. D. Heyes

Natural News


Have you noticed that, in the past few weeks, the mainstream media has stopped reporting onsuspected cases of Ebola in the United States? That’s because they’ve been asked not to do so — at least until those suspected of having the virus test positive for it with a lab test. The implication is that the mainstream media — The Associated Press in particular — was asked to refrain from reporting on the suspected cases by the Obama Administration.

If so, that is far from the only example of federal government duplicity in dealing with pandemics and potential pandemics. As Washington’s Blog notes, citing a National Institutes of Health (NIH) report from 2005 called, “The Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Are We Ready?,” the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak that killed 50 million people worldwide was mishandled badly by our government, and governments around the world.

The context of the outbreak is very noteworthy. The year, 1918, was the final year of World War I, a near-global conflict concentrated largely in Europe and the Near East which decimated entire populations and after which 37 million were dead, wounded or missing (not including civilian deaths). Entire cities laid in ruin; local and national economies were in a shambles.

‘The first casualty is truth’

According to the NIH report:

In the United States, national and local government and public health authorities badly mishandled the[1918 Spanish Flu] epidemic [which killed up to 50 million people worldwide], offering a useful case study. …

Every country engaged in World War I tried to control public perception. To avoid hurting morale, even in the nonlethal first wave the press in countries fighting in the war did not mention the outbreak. (But Spain was not at war and its press wrote about it, so the pandemic became known as the Spanish flu).

The United States was no different. In 1917, California Senator Hiram Johnson, an isolationist Progressive-Party-member-turned-Republican, stated: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” At the time, Congress passed a measure, signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, that made it punishable by up to 20 years in prison to “utter, print, write or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the government of the United States” — a blatant violation of the First Amendment’s free speech protections.

“One could go to jail for cursing or criticizing the government, even if what one said was true,” the NIH report said, noting that even a U.S. congressman was eventually put in jail for violating the law.

At the same time, the federal government launched a huge propaganda effort, which prompted one of the architects of it to remark, “Truth and falsehood are arbitrary terms…. There is nothing in experience to tell us that one is always preferable to the other…. The force of an idea lies in its inspirational value. It matters very little if it is true or false.”

As reported by Washington’s Blog, the NIH report further stated:

The combination of rigid control and disregard for truth had dangerous consequences. Focusing on the shortest term, local officials almost universally told half-truths or outright lies to avoid damaging morale and the war effort. They were assisted–not challenged–by the press, which although not censored in a technical sense cooperated fully with the government’s propaganda machine.

(Much like the press does today.)

Pattern was repeated in city after city

The result was that, as the Spanish Flu approached a city or town — “one could watch it march from place to place” — local officials initially advised the public not to be concerned, because public health officials would ensure that the town was protected from the virus.

When influenza appeared, officials almost always insisted it was the regular flu, not the feared and deadly Spanish Flu. And as the outbreak worsened, officials would advise the public, nearly every day, that the worst of it was past.

That pattern was repeated over and over again. Chicago is a case in point; the city’s public health commissioner said he would do “nothing to interfere with the morale of the community…. It is our duty to keep the people from fear. Worry kills more people than the epidemic.”

And that notion (“Fear kills more than the disease”) became the national mantra, in city after city.

Is the same pattern still being repeated, this time with the Ebola virus?

Learn all these details and more at the FREE online Pandemic Preparedness course

It Will Take 6.25 BILLION “Man Years” to Pay Off Federal Government Liabilities: “A Mathematical Impossibility”

Mac Slavo

We often hear government officials and mainstream financial pundits throwing around numbers like a billion or trillion. To most Americans these numbers are indiscernible. They are so incredibly enormous that we can’t even imagine what one billion dollars actually looks like, let alone what it takes to generate such capital. And a trillion, or better yet, the $17.9 Trillion that is our national debt? Forget about it! That’s so much money that we’re talking piles of cash the size of skyscrapers.robots



But even a visualization like this makes it difficult to understand how much money this actually is.

Ann Barnhardt, who in 2011 shut the doors to her investment firm and urged her clients to withdraw their money from all markets because she says the entire system has been utterly destroyed, will blow your mind in her most recent blog post.

It turns out money the way we were taught to understand it in school isn’t really how we should be valuing economies or debt. Instead, we need to be looking at what that money represents.

How do we define the sizes of economies?  In dollars?  Nope.  These systems should be measured in terms of a transcendent, invariant unit.  Currencies are, by definition, variant, because they are constantly changing relative to one another.  This includes the dollar, which is itself measured against a BASKET of other currencies.  I propose that GDP should be measured in the unit of MAN HOURS or MAN YEARS.  $20 per hour average wage.  2000 hour average work year.  Because the buying power of an average man hour or man year shouldn’t change much at all.  Think about it.

So, if we take the latest bee-ess GDP for the former US of $16.8 trillion, and if we use an average wage of $20 per hour, or $40,000 per year, we get an economy of 840 billion man hours, or 420 million man years.

Puts a different spin on it, huh?  Now, you really want your mind blown?  Do that same calculation with the debt (now $18 trillion).  Now do it with the unfunded liabilities of the FEDGOV (conservatively $250 trillion).

450 million man years, and 6.25 billion man years respectively.

Source: Notes for Apres la Guerre Part 2: Banking and Financial Market Theory

So, when we talk about trillions of tax dollars being spent on banks or infused into shadow investment houses around the globe, we’re actually not just talking about money being stolen from one group of people that’s being distributed to another. What we’re talking about is the literal theft of our lives – our time and energy.

The unfunded liabilities are estimated at $250 trillion, or as Barnhardt noted, 6.25 Billion man years.

To put that into perspective, it will take roughly 139 million Americans working non-stop for 45 years just to cover the government’s unfunded liabilities at their current levels. 

Currently, there are about 144 million working Americans with about 100 million not in the labor force for various reasons. So, just to pay off those liabilities, every single working American would have to spend the next 45 years of their lives sending 100% of their income to the government.

That’s how bad of a situation this is.

The arithmetic is clear: Repaying our national debt and unfunded liabilities is a mathematical impossibility. It will never happen.

Barnhardt understands the frustrations of many Americans who are fed up with having their livelihoods stolen on a wholesale basis by government, as well as business leaders who claim they are doing God’s work. She has a solution:

Since you’re probably sitting there thinking that people need to be executed for this mess, let me throw out an idea for how to go about meting out justice for these massive financial crimes after the war.  I would simply say that the amount of a theft should be converted to man years, and if the man years-equivalent of what was stolen is in excess of the average working life of a man, say 50 years, then the offense would be a capital offense and execution would be on the table.  For anything less than that, the man years conversion would inform the judge or jury as to incarceration terms.

So, just pulling a completely random number out of the sky, say $1.6 billion, and converting that to man years at an average wage of $40,000 per year, that is 40,000 man years, which equals exactly twelve feet of rope, which happily, can be reused an almost unlimited number of times.

Over $1.6 billion in shareholder deposits were vaporized at MF Global under the watchful eye of Former New Jersey Governor John Corzine (left). He served no prison time.

We’re talking massive amounts of time and energy here that have been pillaged from the American people, as well as tens of millions of others in Europe and Asia.

As Ann Barnhardt notes in her post, the end result can only come in the form of widespread warfare and a total collapse of the system as we have come to know it.

We are on the tail end of a paradigm built upon debt and false promises. The numbers are now so incredibly large that the trajectory is irreversible.

Our banking system, monetary dominance and geo-political influence are at a breaking point and those who want to come out the other side of the coming disaster need to be making final preparations.

The U.S. government has war-gamed and simulated these very scenarios. They know a massive economic collapse is not only on the horizon – it’s happening right now. They also know that as more people lose their jobs, homes and ability to put food on the table they’re going to come looking for someone to blame. There will be panic and violence. There will be bloodshed and war.

This is the future that awaits.

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Global Warming the whole story is not true


Did you know that the most expensive purchase we have ever made as American citizens is our government? That’s right! Government costs the average person more than their home, more than their healthcare, and more than their child’s college education. Yet most people spend little time checking to see if the government, that sucks so much of their hard earned money, is doing their job or for that matter telling the truth?


Unfortunately, many of us are aware that the we live under a government who constantly lies to us yet we tend to believe those lies? Why?  After all if the government lies how do we know anything they say is for certain? If you had a son who constantly lied to you would you believe anything he says? I wouldn’t.


The truth is our government has an agenda and often times they try to trick us into agreeing with whatever their own purposes happen to be. Be it that they want to drive us into World War III or some other devious agenda; they have a goal.


That being said we must pay attention to one of the biggest lies they are pushing today. What is the purpose for that lie and why are they doing it. In the video below I dive into the “biggest lie” told by our government and I believe you will find the information rather…tantalizing…