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The Qabbalah, the Secret Doctrine of Israel

ALBERT PIKE, quoting from Transcendental Magic, thus sums up the importance of Qabbalism as a key to Masonic esotericism:

“One is filled with admiration, on penetrating into the Sanctuary of the Kabalah, at seeing a doctrine so logical, so simple, and at the same time so absolute. The necessary union of ideas and signs, the consecration of the most fundamental realities by the primitive characters; the Trinity of Words, Letters, and Numbers; a philosophy simple as the alphabet, profound and infinite as the Word; theorems more complete and luminous than those of Pythagoras; a theology summed up by counting on one’s fingers; an Infinite which can be held in the hollow of an infant’s hand; ten ciphers and twenty-two letters, a triangle, a square, and a circle,–these are all the elements of the Kabalah. These are the elementary principles of the written Word, reflection of that spoken Word that created the world!” (Morals and Dogma.)

Hebrew theology was divided into three distinct parts. The first was the law, the second was the soul of the law, and the third was the soul of the soul of the law. The law was taught to all the children of Israel; the Mishna, or the soul of the law, was revealed to the Rabbins and teachers; but the Qabbalah, the soul of the soul of the law, was cunningly concealed, and only the highest initiates among the Jews were instructed in its secret principles.

According to certain Jewish mystics, Moses ascended Mount Sinai three times, remaining in the presence of God forty days each time. During the first forty days the tables of the written law were delivered to the prophet; during the second forty days he received the soul of the law; and during the last forty days God instructed him in the mysteries of the Qabbalah, the soul of the soul of the law. Moses concealed in the first four books of the Pentateuch the secret instructions that God had given him, and for centuries students of Qabbalism. have sought therein the secret doctrine of Israel. As the spiritual nature of man is concealed in his physical body, so the unwritten law–the Mishna and the Qabbalah–is concealed within the written teachings of the Mosaic code. Qabbalah means the secret or hidden tradition, the unwritten law, and according to an early Rabbi, it was delivered to man in order that through the aid of its abstruse principles he might learn to understand the mystery of both the universe about him and the universe within him.

The origin of Qabbalism is a legitimate subject for controversy. Early initiates of the Qabbalistic Mysteries believed that its principles were first taught by God to a school of His angels before the fall of man. The angels later communicated the secrets to Adam, so that through the knowledge gained from an understanding of its principles fallen humanity might regain its lost a estate. The Angel Raziel was dispatched from heaven to instruct Adam in the mysteries of the Qabbalah. Different angels were employed to initiate the succeeding patriarchs in this difficult science. Tophiel was the teacher of Shem, Raphael of Isaac, Metatron of Moses, and Michael of David. (See Faiths of the World.)

Christian D. Ginsburg has written:

“From Adam it passed over to Noah, and then to Abraham, the friend of God, who emigrated with it to Egypt, where the patriarch allowed a portion of this mysterious doctrine to ooze out. It was in this way that the Egyptians obtained some knowledge of it, and the other Eastern nations could introduce it into their philosophical systems. Moses, who was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt, was first initiated into it in the land of his birth, but became most proficient in it during his wanderings in the wilderness, when he not only devoted to it the leisure hours of the whole forty years, but received lessons in it from one of the angels. * * * Moses also initiated the seventy Elders into the secrets of this doctrine and they again transmitted them from hand to hand. Of all who formed the unbroken line of tradition, David and Solomon were most initiated into the Kabbalah.” (See The Kabbalah.)

According to Eliphas Levi, the three greatest books of Qabbalism are the Sepher Yetzirah, The Book of Formation; the Sepher ha Zohar, The Book of Splendor; and the Apocalypse, The Book of Revelation. The dates of the writing of these books are by no means thoroughly established. Qabbalists declare that the Sepher Yetzirah was written by Abraham. Although it is by far the oldest of the Qabbalistic books, it was probably from the pen of the Rabbi Akiba, A.D. 120.

The Sepher ha Zohar presumably was written by Simeon ben Jochai, a disciple of Akiba. Rabbi Simeon was sentenced to death about A.D. 161 by Lucius Verus, co-regent of the Emperor Marc Aurelius Antoninus. He escaped with his son and, hiding in a cave, transcribed the manuscript of the Zohar with the assistance of Elias, who appeared to them at intervals. Simeon was twelve years in the cave, during which time he evolved the complicated symbolism of the “Greater Face” and the “Lesser Face.” While discoursing with disciples Rabbi Simeon expired, and the “Lamp of Israel” was extinguished. His death and burial were accompanied by many supernatural phenomena. The legend goes on to relate that the secret doctrines of Qabbalism had been in existence since the beginning of the world, but that Rabbi Simeon was the first man permitted to reduce them to writing. Twelve hundred years later the books which he had compiled were discovered and published for the benefit of humanity by Moses de León. The probability is that Moses de León himself compiled the Zohar about A.D. 1305, drawing his material from the unwritten secrets of earlier Jewish mystics. The Apocalypse, accredited to St. John the Divine, is also of uncertain date, and the identity of its author has never been satisfactorily proved.

Because of its brevity and because it is the key to Qabbalistic thought, the Sepher Yetzirah is reproduced in full in this chapter. So far as is



From Kircher’s Œdipus Ægyptiacus.

This rare cut shows the name of God in seventy-two languages inscribed upon the petals of a symbolic sunflower. Above the circle are the seventy-two powers of God according to the Hebrew Qabbalah. Below two trees, that on the left bearing the symbols of the planets and that on the right the signs of the zodiac and the names of the tribes of Israel. The esoteric doctrines of the Qabbalah are in alignment with the secret teachings of all the schools of philosophy, but the method by which its secrets are revealed to the wise and concealed from the ignorant is most unusual. As the religious world interprets its scriptures with twentieth-century educational facilities, it becomes ever more apparent that the sacred books were not historical documents, but that the kings, sages, prophets, and saviors whom Bible students ham revered for ages as once-existing personalities are in reality only personified attributes of man himself.

known, the Sepher ha Zohar has never been completely translated into English, but it can be obtained in French. (S. L. MacGregor-Mathers translated three books of the Zohar into English.) The Zohar contains a vast number of philosophical tenets, and a paraphrase of its salient points is embodied in this work.

Few realize the influence exerted by Qabbalism over mediæval thought, both Christian and Jewish. It taught that there existed within the sacred writings a hidden doctrine which was the key to those writings. This is symbolized by the crossed keys upon the papal crest. Scores of learned minds began to search for those arcane truths by which the race should be redeemed; and that their labor was not without its reward, their subsequent writings have demonstrated.

The theories of Qabbalism are inextricably interwoven with the tenets of alchemy, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry. The words Qabbalism andHermeticism are now considered as synonymous terms covering all the arcana and esotericism of antiquity. The simple Qabbalism of the first centuries of the Christian Era gradually evolved into an elaborate theological system, which became so involved that it was next to impossible to comprehend its dogma.

The Qabbalists divided the uses of their sacred science into five sections. The Natural Qabbalah was used solely to assist the investigator in his study of Nature’s mysteries. The Analogical Qabbalah was formulated to exhibit the relationship which exists between all things in Nature, and it revealed to the wise that all creatures and substances were one in essence, and that man–the Little Universe–was a replica in miniature of God–the Great Universe. The Contemplative Qabbalah was evolved for the purpose of revealing through the higher intellectual faculties the mysteries of the celestial spheres. By its aid the abstract reasoning faculties cognized the measureless planes of infinity and learned to know the creatures existing within them. The Astrological Qabbalah instructed those who studied its lore in the power, magnitude, and actual substance of the sidereal bodies, and also revealed the mystical constitution of the planet itself. The fifth, orMagical Qabbalah, was studied by such as desired to gain control over the demons and subhuman intelligences of the invisible worlds. It was also highly valued as a method of healing the sick by talismans, amulets, charms, and invocations.

The Sepher Yetzirah, according to Adolph Franck, differs from other sacred books in that it does not explain the world and the phenomena of which it is the stage by leaning on the idea of God or by setting itself up as the interpreter of the supreme will. This ancient work rather reveals God by estimating His manifold handiwork. In preparing the Sepher Yetzirah for the consideration of the reader, five separate English translations have been compared. The resulting form, while it embodies the salient features of each, is not a direct translation from any one Hebrew or Latin text. Although the purpose was to convey the spirit rather than the letter of the ancient document, there are no wide deviations from the original rendition. So far as known, the first translation of the Sepher Yetzirah into English was made by the Rev. Dr. Isidor Kalisch, in 1877. (See Arthur Edward Waite.) In this translation the Hebrew text accompanies the English words. The work of Dr. Kalisch has been used as the foundation of the following interpretation, but material from other authorities has been incorporated and many passages have been rewritten to simplify the general theme.

At hand also was a manuscript copy in English of the Book of the Cabalistick Art, by Doctor John Pistor. The document is undated; but judging from the general type of the writing, the copy was made during the eighteenth century. The third volume used as a reference was the Sepher Yetzirah, by the late Win. Wynn Westcott, Magus of the Rosicrucian Society of England. The fourth was the Sepher Yetzirah, or The Book of Creation, according to the translation in the Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, edited by Prof. Charles F. Horne. The fifth was a recent publication, The Book of Formation, by Knut Stenring, containing an introduction by Arthur Edward Waite. At hand also were four other copies–two German, one Hebrew, and one Latin. Certain portions of the Sepher Yetzirah are considered older and more authentic than the rest, bur the controversy regarding them is involved and nonproductive that it is useless to add further comment. The doubtful passages are therefore included in the document at the points where they would naturally fall.


Chapter One

  1. YAH, the Lord of Hosts, the living Elohim, King of the Universe, Omnipotent, the Merciful and Gracious God, Supreme and Extolled, Dweller in the Height whose habitation is Eternity, who is Sublime and Most-Holy, engraved His name and ordained (formed) and created the Universe in thirty-two mysterious paths (stages) of wisdom (science), by three Sepharim, namely, Numbers, Letters, and Sounds, which are in Him one and the same.
  2. Ten Sephiroth (ten properties from the Ineffable One) and twenty-two letters are the Foundation of all things. Of these twenty-two letters three are called “Mothers,” sewn “Double,” and twelve “Simple.”
  3. The ten numbers (Sephiroth) out of Nothing are analogous to the ten fingers and the ten toes: five over against five. In the center between them is the covenant with the Only One God. In the spiritual world it is the covenant of the voice (the Word), and in the corporeal world the circumcision of the flesh (the rite of Abraham).
  4. Ten are the numbers (of the Sephiroth) out of Nothing, ten–not nine; ten–not eleven. Comprehend this great, wisdom, understand this knowledge and be wise. Inquire into the mystery and ponder it. Examine all things by means of the ten Sephiroth. Restore the Word to Its Creator and lead the Creator back to His throne again. He is the only Formator and beside Him there is no other. His attributes are ten and are without limit.
  5. The ten ineffable Sephiroth have ten infinitudes, which are as follows:

The infinite beginning and the infinite end;

The infinite good and the infinite evil;

The infinite height and the infinite depth;

The infinite East and the infinite West;

The infinite North and the infinite South;

and over them is the Lord Superlatively One, the faithful King. He rules over all in all from His holy habitation for ages of ages.

  1. The appearance of the ten spheres (Sephiroth) out of Nothing is as a flash of lightning or a sparkling flame, and they are without beginning or end. The Word of God is in them when they go forth and when they return. They run by His order like a whirlwind and prostrate themselves before His throne.
  2. The ten Sephiroth have their end linked to their beginning and their beginning linked to their end, cojoined as the flame is wedded to the live coal, for the Lord is Superlatively One and to Him there is no second. Before One what can you count?
  3. Concerning the number (10) of the spheres of existence (Sephiroth) out of Nothing, seal up your lips and guard your heart as you consider them, and if your month opens for utterance and your heart turns towards thought, control them, returning to silence. So it is written: “And the living creatures ran and returned.” (Ezekiel i. 14.) And on this wise was the covenant made with us,
  4. These are the ten emanations of number out of Nothing:

1st. The spirit of the living Elohim, blessed and more than blessed be the living Elohim of ages. His Voice, His Spirit, and His Word are the Holy Spirit.

2nd. He produced air from the spirit and in the air. He formed and established twenty-two sounds–the letters. Three of them were fundamental, or mothers; seven were double; and twelve were simple (single); but the spirit is the first one and above all.

3rd. Primordial water He extracted from the air. He formed therein twenty-two letters and established them out of mud and loam, making them like a border, putting them up like a wall, and surrounding them as with a rampart. He poured snow upon them and it became earth, as it reads: “He said to the snow be thou earth.” (Job. xxxvii. 6.)

4th. Fire (ether) He drew forth from the water. He engraved and established by it the Throne of Glory. He fashioned the Seraphim, the Ophanim, and the Holy Living Creatures (Cherubim?), as His ministering angels; and with (of) these three He formed His habitation, as it reads: “Who made His angels spirits, His ministers a flaming fire.” (Psalms civ. 4.)



By arranging the four letters of the Great Name, י ה ו ה, (I H V H), in the form of the Pythagorean Tetractys, the 72 powers of the Great Name of God are manifested. The key to the problem is as follows:

. = I = 10 = 10
. . = H I = 5+10 = 15
. . . = V H I = 6+5+10 = 21
. . . . = H V H I = 5+6+5+10 = 26
The Great Name of God = 72

5th. He selected three consonants (I, H, V) from the simple ones–a secret belonging to the three mothers, or first elements; א מ ש (A, M, Sh), air, water, fire (ether). He sealed them with His spirit and fashioned them into a Great Name and with this sealed the universe in six directions. He turned towards the above and sealed the height with י ה ו (I, H, V).

6th. He turned towards the below and sealed the depth withה י ו (H, I, V).

7th. He turned forward and sealed the East with ו י ה (V, I, H).

8th. He turned backward and sealed the West with ו ה י (V H, I).

9th. He turned to the right and sealed the South with י ו ה (I, V, H).

10th. He turned to the left and sealed the North with ה ו י (H, V, I).

NOTE. This arrangement of the letters of the Great Name is according to the Rev. Dr. Isidor Kalisch.

  1. These are the ten ineffable existences out of nothing; From the spirit of the Living God emanated air; from the air, water; from the water, fire (ether); from the fire, the height and the depth, the East and the West, the North and the South.

Chapter Two

  1. There are twenty-two basic (sounds and) letters. Three are the first elements (water, air, fire), fundamentals, or mothers; seven are double letters; and twelve are simple letters. The three fundamental letters א מ ש have as their basis the balance. At one end of the scale are the virtues and at the other the vices, placed in equilibrium by the tongue. Of the fundamental letters מ (M) is mute like the water, ש (Sh) hissing like fire, א (A) a reconciling breath between them. t
  2. The twenty-two basic letters having been designed, appointed, and established by God, He combined, weighed, and exchanged them (each with the others), and formed by them all beings which are in existence, and all which will be formed in time to come.
  3. He established twenty-two basic letters, formed by the voice and impressed upon the air by the breath. He set them to be audibly uttered in five different parts of the human mouth: namely, Gutturals, א ה ח ע; Palatals, ג י כ ק; Linguals, ד ט ל נ ת Dentals, ז ש ס ר ץ; Labials, ב ו מ ף.
  4. He fixed the twenty-two basic letters in a ring (sphere) like a wall with two hundred and thirty-one gates, and turned the sphere forward and backward. Turned forward, the sphere signified good; when reversed, evil. Three letters may serve for an illustration: There is nothing better than ע נ ג (O, N, G), pleasure (joy), and nothing worse than נ ג ע (N, G, O), plague (sorrow).
  5. How was it all accomplished? He combined, weighed, and changed: the א (A) with all the other letters in succession, and all the others again with א (A), and all again with ב (B); and so with the whole series of letters. Hence it follows that there are two hundred and thirty-one formations, or gates, through which the powers of the letters go forth; every creature and every language proceeded from One Name and the combinations of its letters.
  6. He created a reality out of Nothing. He called the nonentity into existence and hewed colossal pillars from intangible air. This has been shown by the example of combining the letter א (A) with all the other letters, and all the other letters with א. By speaking He created every creature and every word by the power of One Name. As an illustration, consider the twenty-two elementary substances from the primitive substance of א. The production of every creature from the twenty-two letters is proof that they are in reality the twenty-two parts of one living body.

Chapter Three

  1. The first three elements (the Mother letters, א מ ש) resemble a balance, in one scale virtue and in the other vice, placed in equilibrium by the tongue.
  2. The three Mothers, א מ ש, enclose a great, wonderful, and unknown mystery, and are sealed by six wings (or elementary circles), namely, air, water, fire–each divided into an active and a passive power. The Mothers, א מ ש, gave birth to the Fathers (the progenitors), and these gave birth to the generations.
  3. God appointed and established three Mothers, א מ ש, combined, weighed, and exchanged them, forming by them three Mothers, in the universe, in the year, and in man (male and female).
  4. The three Mothers, א מ ש, in the universe are: air, water, and fire. Heaven was created from the elementary fire (or ether) ש, the earth, comprising sea and land, from the elementary water, מ, and the atmospheric air from the elementary air, or spirit, א, which establishes the balance among them. Thus were all things produced.
  5. The three Mothers, א מ ש, produce in the year heat, coldness, and the temperate state. Heat was created from fire, coldness from water, and the temperate state from air, which equilibrates them.
  6. The three Mothers, א מ ש, produce in man (male and female) breast, abdomen, and head. The head was formed from the fire, ש; the abdomen from the water, מ; and the breast (thorax) from air, א, which places them in equilibrium.
  7. God let the letter א (A) predominate in primordial air, crowned it, combined it with the other two, and sealed the air in the universe, the temperate state in the year, and the breast in man (male and female).
  8. He let the letter מ (M) predominate in primordial water, crowned it, combined it with the other two, and sealed the earth in the universe (including land and sea), coldness in the year, and the abdomen in man (male and female).
  9. He let the letter ש (Sh) predominate in primordial fire, crowned it, combined it with the other two, and sealed heaven in the universe, heat in the year, and the head of man (male and female).

Chapter Four

  1. The seven double letters, ב ג ד כ פ ר ת (B, G, D, K, P, R, Th), have a duplicity of pronunciation (two voices), aspirated and unaspirated, namely: פּ ת, רּ ר, פּ פ, כּ כ, דּ ד, גּ גThey serve as a model of softness and hardness, strength and weakness.
  2. The seven double letters symbolize wisdom, riches, fertility life, power, peace, and grace.
  3. The seven double letters also signify the antitheses to which human life is exposed. The opposite of wisdom is foolishness; of riches, poverty; of fertility, sterility; of life, death; of power, servitude; of peace, war; and of beauty, deformity.
  4. The seven double letters point out the six dimensions, height, depth, East and West, North and South, and the Holy Temple in the center, which sustains them all.
  5. The double letters are seven and not six, they are seven and not eight; reflect upon this fact, search into it and reveal its hidden mystery and place the Creator on His throne again.
  6. The seven double letters having been designed, established, purified, weighed, and exchanged by God, He formed of them seven planets in the universe, seven days in the Year, and seven gateways of the senses in man (male and female). From these seven He also produced seven heavens, seven earths, and seven Sabbaths. Therefore He loved seven more than any other number beneath His throne.
  7. The seven planets in the universe are: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. The seven days in the Year are the seven days of the week (possibly the seven creative days are meant). The seven gateways in man (male and female) are two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, and the mouth.
  8. NOTE. Knut Stenring differs from other authorities in his arrangement of the planets and days of the week in the following seven stanzas. Kircher has still a different order. Rev. Dr. Isidor Kalisch, Wm. Wynn Westcott, and The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East adopt the following arrangement.



In the central triangle are the three Mother Letters from which come forth the seven Double Letters–the planets and the heavens. Surrounding the black star are the signs of the zodiac symbolized by the twelve Simple Letters. In the midst of this star is the Invisible Throne of the Most Ancient of the Ancients–the Supreme Definitionless Creator.

1st. He caused the letter. ב (B) to predominate in wisdom, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them the Moon in the universe, the first day in the year, and the right eye in man (male and female).

2nd. He caused the letter ג (G) to predominate in riches, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them Mars in the universe, the second day in the year, and the right ear in man (male and female).

3rd. He caused the letter ד (D) to predominate infertility, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them the Sun in the universe, the third day in the year, and the right nostril in man (male and female).

4th. He caused the letterכ (K) to predominate in life, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them Venus in the universe, the fourth day in the year, and the left eye in man (male and female).

5th. He caused the letter פ (P) to predominate in power, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them Mercury in the universe, the fifth day in the year, and the left ear in man (male and female).

6th. He caused the letter ר (R) to predominate in peace, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them Saturn in the universe, the sixth day in the year, and the left nostril in man (male and female).

7th. He caused the letter ת (Th) to predominate in grace, crowned it, combined each with the others, and formed by them Jupiter in the universe, the seventh day in the year, and the mouth of man (male and female).

  1. With the seven double letters He also designed seven earths, seven heavens, seven continents, seven seas, seven rivers, seven deserts, seven days, seven weeks (from Passover to Pentecost), and in the midst of them His Holy Palace. There is a cycle of seven years and the seventh is the release year, and after seven release years is the Jubilee. For this reason God loves the number seven more than any other thing under the heavens.
  2. In this manner God joined the seven double letters together. Two stones build two houses, three stones build six houses, four stones build twenty-four houses, five stones build 120 houses, six stones build 720 houses, and seven stones build 5,040 houses. Make a beginning according to this arrangement and reckon further than the mouth can express or the ear can hear.

Chapter Five

  1. The twelve simple letters ה ו ז ח ט י ל נ ס ע צ ק (H, V, Z, Ch, T, I, L, N, S, O, Tz, Q) symbolize the twelve fundamental properties: speech, thought, movement, sight, hearing, work, coition, smell, sleep, anger, taste (or swallowing), and mirth.
  2. The simple letters correspond to twelve directions: east height, northeast, east depth; south height, southeast, south depth; west height, southwest, west depth; north height, northwest, north depth. They diverge to all eternity and are the arms of the universe.
  3. The simple letters having been designed, established, weighed, and exchanged by God, He produced by them twelve zodiacal signs in the universe, twelve months in the year, and twelve chief organs in ` human body (male and female).

4, The signs of the zodiac are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The months of the year are: Nisan, liar, Sivan, Tammuz, Ab, Elul, Tisri, Marcheshvan, Kislev, Tebet, Sebat, and Adar. The organs of the human body are: two hands, two feet, two kidneys, gall, small intestine, liver, esophagus, stomach, and spleen.

  1. NOTE. In the following twelve stanzas, Knut Stenring again differs, this time as to the arrangement of properties:

1st. God caused the letter ה (H) to predominate in speech, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Aries (the Ram) in the universe, the month Nisan in the year, and the right foot of the human body (male and female).

2nd. He caused the letter ו (V) to predominate in thought, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Taurus (the Bull) in the universe, the month liar in the year, and the right kidney of the human body (male and female).

3rd. He caused the letter ז (Z) to predominate in movement, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Gemini (the Twins) in the universe, the month Sivan in the year, and the left foot of the human body (male and female).

4th. He caused the letter ח (Ch) to predominate in sight, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Cancer (the Crab) in the universe, the month Tammuz in the year, and the right hand of the human body (male and female).

5th. He caused the letter ט (T) to predominate in hearing, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Leo (the Lion) in the universe, the month Ab in the year, and the left kidney of the human body (male and female).

6th. He caused the letter י (I) to predominate in work, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Virgo (the Virgin) in the universe, the month Elul in the year, and the left hand of the human body (male and female).

7th. He caused the letter ל (L) to predominate in coition, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Libra (the Balance) in the universe, the month Tisri in the year, and the gall of the human body (male and female).

8th. He caused the letter נ (N) to predominate in smell, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Scorpio (the Scorpion) in the universe, the month Marcheshvan in the year, and the small intestine in the human body (male and female).

9th. He caused the letter ס (S) to predominate in sleep, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Sagittarius (the Archer) in the universe, the month Kislev in the year, and the stomach in the human body (male and female).

10th. He caused the letter ע (O) to predominate in anger, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Capricorn (the Goat) in the universe, the month Tebet in the year, and the liver in the human body (male and female).

11th. He caused the letter צ (Tz) to predominate in taste (or swallowing), crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Aquarius (the Water Bearer) in the universe, the month Sebat in the year, and the esophagus in the human body (male and female).

12th. He caused the letter ק (Q) to predominate in mirth, crowned it, combined it with the others, and fashioned by them Pisces (the Fishes) in the universe, the month Adar in the year, and the spleen in the human body (male and female).

  1. He made them as a conflict, He arranged them as provinces and drew them up like a wall. He armed them and set one against another as in warfare. (The Elohim did likewise in the other spheres.)

Chapter Six

  1. There are three Mothers or first elements, א מ ש (A, M, Sh), from which emanated three Fathers (progenitors)–primordial (spiritual) air, water, and fire–from which issued the seven planets (heavens) with their angels, and the twelve oblique points (zodiac).
  2. To prove this there are three faithful witnesses: the universe, the year, and man. There are the twelve, the balance, and the seven. Above is the Dragon, below is the world, and lastly the heart of man; and in the midst is God who regulates them all.
  3. The first elements are air, water, and fire; the fire is above, the water is below, and a breath of air establishes balance between them. The token is: the fire carries the water. The letterמ (M) is mute; ש (Sh) is hissing like fire; there is א (A) among them, a breath of air which reconciles the two.
  4. The Dragon (Tali) is in the universe like a king upon his throne; the celestial sphere is in the year like a king in his empire; and the heart is in the body of men like a king in warfare.
  5. God also set the opposites against each other: the good against the evil, and the evil against the good. Good proceeds from good, evil from evil; the good purifies the bad, the bad the good. The good is reserved for the good, and the evil for the wicked.
  6. There are three of which each stands by itself: one is in the affirmative (filled with good), one is in the negative (filled with evil), and the third equilibrates them.
  7. There are seven divided three against three, and one in the midst of them (balance). Twelve stand in warfare: three produce love and three hatred; three are life-givers and three are destroyers.
  8. The three that cause love are the heart and the two ears; the three that produce hatred are the liver, the gall, and the tongues; the three life-givers are the two nostrils and the spleen; and the three destroyers are the mouth and the two lower openings of the body. Over all these rules God, the faithful king, from His holy habitation in all eternity. God is One above three, three are above seven, seven are above twelve, yet all are linked together.
  9. There are twenty-two letters by which the I AM (YAH), the Lord of Hosts, Almighty and Eternal, designed and created by three Sepharim (Numbers, Letters, and Sounds) His universe, and formed by them all creatures and all those things that are yet to come.
  10. When the Patriarch Abraham had comprehended the great truths, meditated upon them, and understood them perfectly, the Lord of the Universe (the Tetragrammaton) appeared to him, called him His friend, kissed him upon the head, and made with him a covenant. First, the covenant was between the ten fingers of his hands, which is the covenant of the tongue (spiritual); second, the covenant was between the ten toes of his feet, which is the covenant of circumcision (material); and God said of him, “Before Abraham bound the spirit of the twenty-two letters (the Thora) upon his tongue and God disclosed to him their secrets. God permitted the letters to be immersed in water, He burned them in the fire and imprinted them upon the winds. He distributed them among the seven planets and gave them to the twelve zodiacal signs.


Fundamentals of Qabbalistic Cosmogony

THE Qabbalists conceive of the Supreme Deity as an Incomprehensible Principle to be discovered only through the process of eliminating, in order, all its cognizable attributes.

That which remains – when every knowable thing has been removed – is AIN SOPH, the eternal state of Being. Although indefinable, the Absolute permeates all space. Abstract to the degree of inconceivability, AIN SOPH is the unconditioned state of all things.

Substances, essences, and intelligences are manifested out of the inscrutability of AIN SOPH, but the Absolute itself is without substance, essence, or intelligence. AIN SOPH may be likened to a great field of rich earth out of which rises a myriad of plants, each different in color, formation, and fragrance, yet each with its roots in the same dark loam–which, however, is unlike any of the forms nurtured by it. The “plants” are universes, gods, and man, all nourished by AIN SOPH and all with their source in one definitionless essence; all with their spirits, souls, and bodies fashioned from this essence, and doomed, like the plant, to return to the black ground–AIN SOPH, the only Immortal–whence they came.

AIN SOPH was referred to by the Qabbalists as The Most Ancient of all the Ancients. It was always considered as sexless. Its symbol was a closed eye. While it may be truly said of AIN SOPH that to define It is to defile It, the Rabbis postulated certain theories regarding the manner in which AIN SOPH projected creations out of Itself, and they also assigned to this Absolute Not-Being certain symbols as being descriptive, in part at least, of Its powers. The nature of AIN SOPH they symbolize by a circle, itself emblematic of eternity. This hypothetical circle encloses a dimensionless area of incomprehensible life, and the circular boundary of this life is abstract and measureless infinity.

According to this concept, God is not only a Center but also Area. Centralization is the first step towards limitation. Therefore, centers which form in the substances of AIN SOPH are finite because they are predestined to dissolution back into the Cause of themselves, while AIN SOPH Itself is infinite because It is the ultimate condition of all things.

The circular shape given to AIN SOPH signifies that space is hypothetically enclosed within a great crystal-like globe, outside of which there is nothing, not even a vacuum. Within this globe–symbolic of AIN SOPH–creation and dissolution take place. Every element and principle that will ever be used in the eternities of Kosmic birth, growth, and decay is within the transparent substances of this intangible sphere. It is the Kosmic Egg which is not broken till the great day “Be With Us,” which is the end of the Cycle of Necessity, when all things return to their ultimate cause.

In the process of creation the diffused life of AIN SOPH retires from the circumference to the center of the circle and establishes a point, which is the first manifesting One–the primitive limitation of the all-pervading O. When the Divine Essence thus retires from the circular boundary to the center, It leaves behind the Abyss, or, as the Qabbalists term it, the Great Privation.

Thus, in AIN SOPH is established a twofold condition where previously had existed but one. The first condition is the central point–the primitive objectified radiance of the eternal, subjectified life. About this radiance is darkness caused by the deprivation of the life which is drawn to the center to create the first point, or universal germ. The universal AIN SOPH, therefore, no longer shines through space, but rather upon space from an established first point.

Isaac Myer describes this process as follows: “The Ain Soph at first was filling All and then made an absolute concentration into Itself which produced the Abyss, Deep, or Space, the Aveer Qadmon or Primitive Air, the Azoth; but this is not considered in the Qabbalah as a perfect void or vacuum, a perfectly empty Space, but is thought of as the Waters or Crystalline Chaotic Sea, in which was a certain degree of Light inferior to that by which all the created [worlds and hierarchies] were made.” (See The Qabbalah.)

In the secret teachings of the Qabbalah it is taught that man’s body is enveloped in an ovoid of bubble-like iridescence, which is called the Auric Egg. This is the causal sphere of man. It bears the same relationship to man’s physical body that the globe of AIN SOPH bears to Its created universes. In fact, this Auric Egg is the AIN SOPH sphere of the entity called man. In reality, therefore, the supreme consciousness of man is in this aura, which extends in all directions and completely encircles his lower bodies.

As the consciousness in the Kosmic Egg is withdrawn into a central point, which is then called God–the Supreme One–so the consciousness in the Auric Egg of man is concentrated, thereby causing the establishment of a point of consciousness called the Ego. As the universes in Nature are formed from powers latent in the Kosmic Egg, so everything used by man in all his incarnations throughout the kingdoms of Nature is drawn from the latent powers within his Auric Egg. Man never passes from this egg; it remains even after death.

His births, deaths, and rebirths all take place within it, and it cannot be broken until the lesser day “Be With Us,” when mankind–like the universe–is liberated from the Wheel of Necessity.


On the accompanying circular chart, the concentric rings represent diagrammatically the forty rates of vibration (called by the Qabbalists Spheres) which emanate from AIN SOPH.

The circle X 1 is the outer boundary of space. It circumscribes the area of AIN SOPH. The nature of AIN SOPH Itself is divided into three parts, represented by the spaces respectively between X 1 and X 2, X 2 and X 3, X 3 and A 1; thus:

X 1 to X 2, אין, AIN, the vacuum of pure spirit.
X 2 to X 3, אין סוף, AIN SOPH, the Limitless and Boundless.
X 3 to A 1, אין סוף אור, AIN SOPH AUR, the Limitless Light.

It should be borne in mind that in the beginning the Supreme Substance, AIN, alone permeated the area of the circle; the inner rings had not yet come into manifestation. As the Divine Essence concentrated Itself, the rings X 2 and X 3 became apprehensible, for AIN SOPH is a limitation of AIN, and AIN SOPH AUR, or Light, is a still greater limitation. Thus the nature of the Supreme One is considered to be threefold, and from this threefold nature the powers and elements of creation were reflected into the Abyss left by the motion of AIN SOPH towards the center of Itself. The continual motion of AIN SOPH towards the center of Itself resulted in the establishment of the dot in the circle. The dot was called God, as being the supreme individualization of the Universal Essence.

Concerning this the Zohar says:

“When the concealed of the Concealed wished to reveal Himself He first made a single point: the Infinite was entirely unknown, and diffused no light before this luminous point violently broke through into vision.”

The name of this point is I AM, called by the Hebrews Eheieh. The Qabbalists gave many names to this dot. On this subject Christian D. Ginsberg writes, in substance: The dot is called the first crown, because it occupies the highest position. It is called the aged, because it is the first emanation. It is called the primordial or smooth point. It is called the white head, the Long Face–Macroprosophus–and the inscrutable height, because it controls and governs all the other emanations.

When the white shining point had appeared, it was called Kether, which means the Crown, and out of it radiated nine great globes, which arranged themselves in the form of a tree. These nine together with the first crown constituted the first system of Sephiroth. These ten were the first limitation of ten abstract points within the nature of AIN SOPH Itself. The power of AIN SOPH did not descend into these globes but rather was reflected upon them as the light of the sun is reflected upon the earth and planets. These ten globes were called the shining sapphires, and it is believed by many Rabbins that the word sapphire is the basis of the wordSephira (the singular of Sephiroth).

The great area which had been privated by the withdrawal of AIN SOPH into the central point, Kether, was now filled by four concentric globes called worlds, or spheres, and the light of the ten Sephiroth was reflected down through each of these in turn. This resulted in the establishment of four symbolical



The Qabbalists used the letter ש, Shin, to signify the trinity of the first three Sephiroth. The central circle slightly above the other two is the first Sephira–Kether, the White Head, the Crown. The other two circles represent Chochmah, the Father, and Binah, the Mother. From the union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother are produced the worlds and the generations of living things. The three flame-like points of the letter ש have long been used to conceal this Creative Triad of the Qabbalists.

trees, each hearing the reflections of the ten Sephirothic globes. The 40 spheres of creation out of AIN SOPH are divided into four great world chains, as follows:

  • A 1 to A 10, Atziluth, the Boundless World of Divine Names.
  • B 1 to B 10, Briah, the Archangelic World of Creations.
  • C 1 to C 10, Yetzirah, the Hierarchal World of Formations.
  • D 1 to D 10, Assiah, the Elemental World of Substances.

Each of these worlds has ten powers, or spheres–a parent globe and nine others which conic out of it as emanations, each globe born out of the one preceding.

On the plane of Atziluth (A 1 to A 10), the highest and most divine of all the created worlds, the unmanifested AIN SOPH established His first point or dot in the Divine Sea–the three spheres of X. This dot–A 1–contains all creation within it, but in this first divine and uncontaminated state the dot, or first manifested. God, was not considered as a personality by the Qabbalists but rather as a divine establishment or foundation. It was called the First Crown and from it issued the other circles of the Atziluthic World: A 2, A 3, A 4, A 5, A 6, A 7, A 8, A 9, and A 10. In the three lower worlds these circles are intelligences, planers, and elements, but in this first divine world they are called the Rings of the Sacred Names.

The first ten great circles (or globes) of light which were manifested out of AIN SOPH and the ten names of God assigned to them by the Qabbalists are as follows:

  • From AIN SOPH came A 1, the First Crown, and the name of the first power of God was Eheieh, which means I Am [That I Am].
  • From A 1 came A 2, the first Wisdom, and the name of the second power of God was Jehovah, which means Essence of Being.
  • From A 2 came A 3, the first Understanding, and the name of the third power of God was Jehovah Elohim, which means God of Gods.
  • From A 3 came A 4, the first Mercy, and the name of the fourth power of God was El, which means God the Creator.
  • From A 4 came A 5, the first Severity, and the name of the fifth power of God was Elohim Gibor, which means God the Potent.
  • From A 5 came A 6, the first Beauty, and the name of the sixth power of God was Eloah Vadaath, which means God the Strong.
  • From A 6 came A 7, the first Victory, and the name of the seventh power of God was Jehovah Tzaboath, which means God of Hosts.
  • From A 7 came A 8, the first Glory, and the name of the eighth power of God was Elohim Tzaboath, which means Lord God of Hosts.
  • From A 8 came A 9, the first Foundation, and the name of the ninth power of God was Shaddai, El Chai, which means Omnipotent.
  • From A 9 came A 10, the first Kingdom, and the name of the tenth power of God was Adonai Melekh, which means God.
  • From A 10 came B 1, the Second Crown, and the World of Briah was established.

The ten emanations from A 1 to A 10 inclusive are called the foundations of all creations.

The Qabbalists designate them the ten roots of the Tree of Life. They are arranged in the form of a great human figure called Adam Qadmon–the man made from the fire mist (red dirt), the prototypic Universal Man. In the Atziluthic World, the powers of God are most purely manifested. These ten pure and perfect radiations do not descend into the lower worlds and take upon themselves forms, but are reflected upon the substances of the inferior spheres. From the first, or Atziluthic, World they are reflected into the second, or Briatic, World. As the reflection always lacks some of the brilliancy of the original image, so in the Briatic World the ten radiations lose part of their infinite power. A reflection is always like the thing reflected, but smaller and fainter.

In the second world, B 1 to B 10, the order of the spheres is the Name as in the Atziluthic World, but the ten circles of light are less brilliant and more tangible, and are here referred to as ten great Spirits–divine creatures who assist in the establishment of order and intelligence in the universe. As already noted, B 1 is born out of A 10 and is included within all the spheres superior to itself. Out of B 1 are taken nine globes–B 2, B 3, B 4, B 5, B 6, B 7, B 8, B 9, and B 10–which constitute the World of Briah. These ten subdivisions, however, are really the ten Atziluthic powers reflected into the substance of the Briatic World. B 1 is the ruler of this world, for it contains all the other rings of its own world and also the rings of the third and fourth worlds, C and D.

In the World of Briah the ten spheres of light are called the Archangels of Briah. Their order and powers are as follows:

  • From A 10 came B 1, the Second Crown; it is called Metatron, the Angel of the Presence.
  • From B 1 came B 2, the second Wisdom; it is called Raziel, the Herald of Deity who revealed the mysteries of Qabbalah to Adam.
  • From B 2 carne B 3, the second Understanding; it is called Tsaphkiel, the Contemplation of God.
  • From B 3 came B 4 ‘ the second Mercy; it is called Tsadkiel, the justice of God.
  • From B 4 came B 5, the second Severity; it is called Samael, the Severity of God.
  • From B 5 came B 6, the second Beauty; it is called Michael, Like Unto God.
  • From B 6 came B 7, the second Victory; it is called Haniel, the Grace of God.
  • From B 7 came B 8, the second Glory; it is called Raphael, the Divine Physician.
  • From B 8 came B 9, the second Foundation; it is called Gabriel, the Man-God.
  • From B 9 came B 10, the second Kingdom; it is called Sandalphon, the Messias.
  • From B 10 came C 1, the Third Crown, and the World of Yetzirah was established.

The ten Archangels of Briah are conceived to be ten great spiritual beings, whose duty is to manifest the ten powers of the Great Name of God existent in theAtziluthic World, which surrounds and interpenetrates the entire world of creation.

All things manifesting in the lower worlds exist first in the intangible rings of the upper spheres, so that creation is, in truth, the process of making tangible the intangible by extending the intangible into various vibratory rates. The ten globes of Briatic power, while themselves reflections, are mirrored downward into the third or Yetziratic World, where still more limited in their expression they become the spiritual and invisible zodiac which is behind the visible band of constellations. In this third world the ten globes of the original Atziluthic World are greatly limited and dimmed, but they are still infinitely powerful in comparison with the state of substance in which man dwells. In the third world, C 1 to C 10, the globes become hierarchies of celestial creatures, called the Choirs of Yetzirah. Here again, all are included within the ring C 1, the power which controls the Yetziratic World and which includes within itself and controls the entire world D.

The order of the globes and the names of the hierarchies composing them are as follows:

  • From B 10 came C 1, the Third Crown; the Hierarchy is the Cherubim, Chaioth Ha Kadosh, the Holy Animals.
  • From C 1 came C 2, the third Wisdom; the Hierarchy is the Cherubim, Orphanim, the Wheels.
  • From C 2 came C 3, the third Understanding; the Hierarchy is the Thrones, Aralim, the Mighty Ones.
  • From C 3 came C 4, the third Mercy; the Hierarchy is the Dominations, Chashmalim, the Brilliant Ones.
  • From C 4 came C 5, the third Severity; the Hierarchy is the Powers, Seraphim, the Flaming Serpents.
  • From C 5 came C 6, the third Beauty; the Hierarchy is the Virtues, Melachim, the Kings.
  • From C 6 came C 7, the third Victory; the Hierarchy is the Principalities, Elohim, the Gods.
  • From C 7 came C 8, the third Glory; the Hierarchy is the Archangels, Ben Elohim, the Sons of God.
  • From C 8 came C 9, the third Foundation; the Hierarchy is the Angels, Cherubim, the Scat of the Sons.
  • From C 9 came C 10, the third Kingdom; the Hierarchy is Humanity, the Ishim, the Souls of Just Men.
  • From C 10 came D 1, the Fourth Crown, and the World of Assiah was established.

From the Yetziratic World the light of the ten spheres is reflected into the World of Assiah, the lowest of the four.

The ten globes of the original Atziluthic World here take upon themselves forms of physical matter and the sidereal system is the result. The World of Assiah, or the elemental world of substance, is the one into which humanity descended at the time of Adam’s fall. The Garden of Eden is the three upper worlds, and for his sins man was forced into the sphere of substance and assumed coats of skin (bodies).

All of the spiritual forces of the upper worlds, A, B, C, when they strike against the elements of the lower world, D, are distorted and perverted, resulting in the creation of hierarchies of demons to correspond with the good spirits in each of the higher worlds. In all the ancient Mysteries, matter was regarded as the source of all evil and spirit the source of all good, for matter inhibits and limits, often so clogging the inner perceptions that man is unable to recognize his own divine potentialities.

Since matter thus prevents humanity from claiming its birthright, it is called the Adversary, the power of evil. The fourth world, D, is the world of solar systems,



According to the Qabbalists, the life of the Supreme Creator permeates all substance, all space, and all time, but for diagrammatic purposes the Supreme, All-Inclusive Life is limited by Circle 3, which may be called “the boundary line of Divine existence.” The Divine Life permeating the area bounded by Circle 3 is focused at Point 1, which thus becomes the personification of the impersonal life and is termed “the First Crown.” The creative forces pouring through Point 1 come into manifestation as the objective universe in the intermediate space, Circle 2.

comprising not only the one of which the earth is a part but all the solar systems in the universe.

Opinions differ as to the arrangement of the globes of this last world, D 1 to D 10 inclusive. The ruler of the fourth world is D 1, called by some the Fiery Heaven; by others the Primum Mobile, or the First Motion. From this whirling fire emanates the material starry zodiac, D 2, in contradistinction to the invisible spiritual zodiac of the Yetziratic World. From the zodiac, D 2, are differentiated the spheres of the planets in concatenate order.

The ten spheres of the World of Assiah are as follows:

  • From C 10 came D 1, the Fourth Crown; Rashith Ha-Galagalum, the Primum Mobile, the fiery mist which is the beginning of the material universe.
  • From D 1 came D 2, the fourth Wisdom; Masloth, the Zodiac, the Firmament of the Fixed Stars.
  • From D 2 came D 3, the fourth Understanding; Shabbathai, the sphere of Saturn.
  • From D 3 came D 4, the fourth Mercy; Tzedeg, the sphere of Jupiter.
  • From D 4 came D 5, the fourth Severity; Madim, the sphere of Mars.
  • From D 5 came D 6, the fourth Beauty; Shemesh, the sphere of the Sun.
  • From D 6 came D 7, the fourth Victory; Nogah, the sphere of Venus.
  • From D 7 came D 8, the fourth Glory; Kokab, the sphere of Mercury.
  • From D 8 came D 9, the fourth Foundation; Levanah, the sphere of the Moon.
  • From D 9 came D 10, the Fourth Kingdom; Cholom Yosodoth, the sphere of the Four Elements.

By inserting a sphere (which he calls the Empyrean) before the Primum Mobile, Kircher moves each of the other spheres down one, resulting in the elimination of the sphere of the elements and making D 10 the sphere of the Moon.

In the World of Assiah are to be found the demons and tempters. These are likewise reflections of the ten great globes of Atziluth, but because of the distortion of the images resulting from the base substances of the World of Assiah upon which they are reflected, they become evil creatures, called shells by the Qabbalists.

There are ten hierarchies of these demons to correlate with the ten hierarchies of good spirits composing the Yetziratic World.

There are:



In the above chart the dark line between X 3 and A 1 constitutes the boundary of the original dot, while the concentric circles within this heavier line symbolize the emanations and the worlds which came forth from the dot. As this dot is contained within the outer rings X 1, X 2, and X 3, and represents the first establishment of an individualized existence, so the lower universe symbolized by the forty concentric circles within the dot represents the lower creation evolved out of and yet contained within the nature of the first Crown, which may be called God, within whom the divine powers, the celestial beings the sidereal worlds, and man, live and move and have their being. It is highly important that all the rings within A 1 be considered as being enclosed by the primitive dot, which is itself encircled by the great ring X 1, or the Auric Egg of AIN SOPH.

Each ring includes with in its own nature all the rings within itself and is included within the natures of all the rings outside of itself. Thus, A 1–the primitive dot–controls and contains the thirty-nine rings which it encloses, all of these partaking of its nature in varying degrees according to their respective dignities. Consequently, the entire area from A 1 to D 10 inclusive is the original dot, and the rings symbolize the divisions which took place with in it and the emanations which poured out from it after its establishment in the midst of the abstract nature of AIN SOPH. The powers of the rings decrease towards the center of the diagram, for Power is measured by the number of things controlled, and each ring controls the rings within it and is controlled by the rings outside of it. Thus, while A 1 controls thirty-nine rings besides itself, B 1 controls only twenty-nine rings besides its own. Therefore, A 1 is more powerful than B 1. As the greatest spiritual solidity, or permanence, is at the circumference and the greatest material density, or impermanence, is at the center of the diagram, the rings as they decrease in Power become more material and substantial until the center sphere, D 10, symbolizes the actual chemical elements of the earth. The rates of vibration are also lower as the rings approach the center. Thus, the vibration of A 2 is lower than A 1 but higher than A 3, and so on in decreasing scale towards the center, A 1 being the highest and D 10 the lowest sphere of creation. While A 1, the ruler of creation, controls the circles marked A, B, C, and D, it is less than the three rings of AIN SOPH–X 1, X2, and X3–and therefore bows before the throne of the ineffable Creator from whose substances it was individualized.

also ten Archdemons, corresponding to the ten Archangels of Briah. The black magicians use these inverted spirits in their efforts to attain their nefarious ends, but in time the demon destroys those who bind themselves to it.

The ten orders of demons and the ten Archdemons of the World of Assiah are as follows:

  • D 1, the evil Crown; the hierarchy is called Thaumiel, the doubles of God, the Two-headed; the Archdemons are Satan and Moloch.
  • From D 1 came D 2, the evil Wisdom; the hierarchy is called Chaigidiel, those who obstruct; the Archdemon is Adam Belial.
  • From D 2 came D 3, the evil Understanding; the hierarchy is called Satharial, the concealment of God, the Archdemon is Lucifuge.
  • From D 3 came D 4, the evil Mercy; the hierarchy is called Gamchicoth, the disturber of things; the Archdemon is Astaroth.
  • From D 4 came D 5, the evil Severity; the hierarchy is called Golab, incendiarism and burning; the Archdemon is Asmodeus.
  • From D 5 came D 6, the evil Beauty; the hierarchy is called Togarini, the wranglers; the Archdemon is Belphegor.
  • From D 6 came D 7, the evil Victory; the hierarchy is called Harab Serap, the dispensing Raven; the Archdemon is Baal Chanan.
  • From D 7 came D 8, the evil Glory; the hierarchy is called Samael, the embroiler; the Archdemon is Adramelek.
  • From D 8 came D 9, the evil Foundation; the hierarchy is called Gamaliel, the obscene; the Archdemon is Lilith.
  • From D 9 came D 10, the evil Kingdom; the hierarchy is called Nahemoth, the impure; the Archdemon is Nahema.

The Qabbalists declare that the worlds, intelligences, and hierarchies were established according to the vision of Ezekiel.

By the man of Ezekiel’s vision is symbolized the World of Atziluth; by the throne, the World of Briah; by the firmament, the World of Yetzirah; and by the living creatures the World of Assiah. These spheres are the wheels within wheels of the prophet. The Qabbalists next established a human figure in each of the four worlds: A 1 was the head and A 10 the feet of the man of Atziluth; B 1 was the head and B 10 the feet of the man of Briah; C 1 was the head and C 10 the feet of the man of Yetzirah; D 1 was the head and D 10 the feet of the man of Assiah. These four are called the World Men. They are considered androgynous and are the prototypes of humanity.

The human body, like that of the universe, is considered to be a material expression of ten globes or spheres of light.

Therefore man is called the Microcosm–the little world, built in the image of the great world of which he is a part. The Qabbalists also established a mysterious universal man with his head at A 1 and his feet at D 10. This is probably the secret significance of the great figure of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, with its head in the World of Atziluth, its arms and hands in the World of Briah, its generative system in the World of Yetzirah, and its legs and feet in the World of Assiah.

This is the Grand Man of the Zohar, of whom Eliphas Levi writes:

“It is not less astonishing to observe at the beginning of the Zohar the profundity of its notions and the sublime simplicity of its images. It is said as follows: ‘The science of equilibrium is the key of occult science. Unbalanced forces perish in the void. So passed the kings of the elder world, the princes of the giants. They have fallen like trees without roots, and their place is found no more. Through the conflict of unbalanced forces, the devastated earth was void and formless, until the Spirit of God made for itself a place in heaven and reduced the mass of waters.

All the aspirations of Nature were directed then towards unity of form, towards the living synthesis (if equilibrated forces; the face of God, crowned with light, rose over the vast sea and was reflected in the waters thereof. His two eyes were manifested, radiating with splendour, darting two beams of light which crossed with those of the reflection. The brow of God and His eyes formed a triangle in heaven, and its reflection formed a second triangle in the waters. So was revealed the number six, being that of universal creation.’

The text, which would be unintelligible in a literal version, is translated here by way of interpretation. The author makes it plain that the human form which he ascribes to Deity is only an image of his meaning and that God is beyond expression by human thought or representation by any figure. Pascal said that God is a circle, of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere. But how is one to imagine a circle apart from its circumference?

The Zohar adopts the antithesis of this paradoxical image and in respect of the circle of Pascal would say rather that the circumference is everywhere, while that which is nowhere is the center. It is however to a balance and not to a circle that it compares the universal equilibrium of things. It affirms that equilibrium is everywhere and so also is the central point where the balance hangs in suspension. We find that the Zohar is thus more forcible and more profound than Pascal. * * * The Zohar is a genesis of light; the Sepher Yetzirah is a ladder of truth.

Therein are expounded the two-and-thirty absolute symbols of speech–being numbers and letters. Each letter produces a number, an idea and a form, so that mathematics are applicable to forms and ideas, even as to numbers, in virtue of an exact proportion, and a perfect correspondence. By the science of the Sepher Yetzirah, the human mind is rooted in truth and in reason; it accounts for all progress possible to intelligence by means of the evolution of numbers.

Thus does the Zohar represent absolute truth, while the Sepher Yetzirah furnishes the method of its acquisition, its discernment and application.” (History of Magic.)

By placing man himself at the point D 10, his true constitution is revealed.

He exists upon four worlds, only one of which is visible. It is then made evident that his parts and members upon the material plane are, by analogy, hierarchies and intelligences in the higher worlds. Here, again, the law of interpenetration is evidenced. Although within man is the entire universe (the 43 spheres interpenetrating D 10), he is ignorant of its existence because he cannot exercise control over that which is superior to or greater than himself. Nevertheless, all these higher spheres exercise control over him, as his functions and activities demonstrate. If they did not, he would be an inert mass of substance. Death is merely the result of deflecting the life impulses of the higher rings away from the lower body.

The control of the transubstantial rings over their own material reflection is called life, and the spirit of man is, in reality, a name given to this great host of intelligences, which are focused upon substance through a point called the ego, established in the midst of themselves. X 1 is the outside boundary of the human Auric Egg, and the entire diagram becomes a cross section of the constitution of man, or a cross section of the Kosmic constitution, if correlated with the universe. By the secret culture of the Qabbalistic School, man is taught how to climb the rings (unfold his consciousness) until at last he returns to AIN SOPH. The process by which this is accomplished is called the Fifty Gates of Light. Kircher, the Jesuit Qabbalist, declares that Moses passed through forty-nine of the gates, but that Christ alone passed the fiftieth gate.

To the third edition of the Sepher Yetzirah translated from the Hebrew by Wm. Wynn Westcott are appended the Fifty Gates of Intelligence emanating from Binah, the second Sephira. The source of this information is Kircher’s Œdipus Ægyptiacus. The gates are divided into six orders, of which the first four have each ten subdivisions, the fifth nine, and the sixth only one.

The first order of gates is termed Elementary and its divisions areas follows:

(1) Chaos, Hyle, the First Matter

(2) Formless, void, lifeless

(3) The Abyss

(4) Origin of the Elements

(5) Earth (no seed germs)

(6) Water

(7) Air

(8) Fire

(9) Differentiation of qualities

(10) Mixture and combination

The second order of gates is termed Decad of Evolution and its divisions areas follows:

(11) Minerals differentiate

(12) Vegetable principles appear

(13) Seeds germinate in moisture

(14) Herbs and Trees

(15) Fructification in vegetable life

(16) Origin of low forms of animal life

(17) Insects and Reptiles appear

(18) Fishes, vertebrate life in the waters

(19) Birds, vertebrate life in the air

(20) Quadrupeds, vertebrate earth animals

The third order of gates is termed Decad of Humanity and its divisions are as follows:

(21) Appearance of Man

(22) Material human body

(23) Human Soul conferred

(24) Mystery of Adam and Eve

(25) Complete Man as the Microcosm

(26) Gift of five human faces acting exteriorly

(27) Gift of five powers to the soul

(28) Adam Kadmon, the Heavenly Man

(29) Angelic beings

(30) Man in the image of God

The fourth order of gates is termed World of Spheres and its divisions are as follows:

(31) The Heaven of the Moon

(32) The Heaven of Mercury

(33) The Heaven of Venus

(34) The Heaven of the Sun

(35) The Heaven of Mars

(36) The Heaven of Jupiter

(37) The Heaven of Saturn

(38) The Firmament

(39) The Primum Mobile

(40) The Empyrean Heaven

The fifth order of gates is termed The Angelic World and its divisions are as follows:

(41) Ishim–Sons of Fire

(42) Orphanim–Cherubim

(43) Aralim–Thrones

(44) Chashmalim–Dominions

(45) Seraphim–Virtues

(46) Melachim–Powers

(47) Elohim–Principalities

(48) Ben Elohim–Angels

(49) Cherubim–Archangels

[The order of the Angels is a matter of controversy, the arrangement above differing from that accepted in other sections of this volume. The Rabbins disagree fundamentally as to the proper sequence of the Angelic names.]

The sixth order is termed The Archetype and consists of but one gate:

(50) God, AIN SOPH, He whom no mortal eye hath seen

The fiftieth gate leads from creation into the Creative Principle and he who passes through it returns into the unlimited and undifferentiated condition of ALL.

The fifty gates reveal a certain evolutionary process and it was declared by the Rabbins that he who would attain to the highest degree of understanding must pass sequentially through all of these orders of life, each of which constituted a gate in that the spirit, passing from the lower to the higher, found in each more responsive organism new avenues of self-expression.


The Tree of the Sephiroth

THE Tree of the Sephiroth may be considered an invaluable compendium of the secret philosophy which originally was the spirit and soul of Chasidism. The Qabbalah is the priceless heritage of Israel, but each year those who comprehend its true principles become fewer in number. The Jew of today, if he lacks a realization of the profundity of his people’s doctrines, is usually permeated with that most dangerous form of ignorance, modernism, and is prone to regard the Qabbalah either as an evil to be shunned like the plague or as a ridiculous superstition which has survived the black magic of the Dark Ages. Yet without the key which the Qabbalah supplies, the spiritual mysteries of both the Old and the New Testament must remain unsolved by Jew and Gentile alike.

The Sephirothic Tree consists of ten globes of luminous splendor arranged in three vertical columns and connected by 22 channels or paths. The ten globes are called the Sephiroth and to them are assigned the numbers i to 10. The three columns are called Mercy (on the right), Severity (on the left), and, between them,Mildness, as the reconciling power. The columns may also be said to represent Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, which form the triune support of the universe, for it is written that the foundation of all things is the Three. The 22 channels are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and to them are assigned the major trumps of the Tarot deck of symbolic cards.

Eliphas Levi declared that by arranging the Tarot cards according to a definite order man could discover all that is knowable concerning his God, his universe, and himself. When the ten numbers which pertain to the globes (Sephiroth) are combined with the 22 letters relating to the channels, the resultant sum is 32–the number peculiar to the Qabbalistic Paths of Wisdom. These Paths, occasionally referred to as the 32 teeth in the mouth of the Vast Countenance or as the 32 nerves that branch out from the Divine Brain, are analogous to the first 32 degrees of Freemasonry, which elevate the candidate to the dignity of a Prince of the Royal Secret. Qabbalists also consider it extremely significant that in the original Hebrew Scriptures the name of God should occur 32 times in the first chapter of Genesis. (In the English translations of the Bible the name appears 33 times.) In the mystic analysis of the human body, according to the Rabbins, 32 spinal segments lead upward to the Temple of Wisdom–the skull.

The four Qabbalistic Trees described in the preceding chapter were combined by later Jewish scholars into one all-inclusive diagram and termed by them not only the Sephirothic but also the Archetypal, or Heavenly, Adam. According to some authorities, it is this Heavenly Adam, and not a terrestrial man, whose creation is described in the opening chapters of Genesis. Out of the substances of this divine man the universe was formed; in him it remains and will continue even after dissolution shall resolve the spheres back into their own primitive substance. The Deity is never conceived of as actually contained in the Sephiroth, which are purely hypothetical vessels employed to define the limits of the Creative Essence. Adolph Franck rather likens the Sephiroth to varicolored transparent glass bowls filled with pure light, which apparently assumes the color of its containers but whose essential nature remains ever unchanged and unchangeable.

The ten Sephiroth composing the body of the prototypic Adam, the numbers related to them, and the parts of the universe to which they correspond are as follows:

1 Kether–the Crown Primum Mobile The Fiery Heavens
2 Chochmah–Wisdom The Zodiac The First Motion
3 Binah–Understanding Saturn The Zodiac
4 Chesed–Mercy Jupiter Saturn
5 Geburah–Severity Mars Jupiter
6 Tiphereth–Beauty Sun Mars
7 Netsah–Victory Venus Sun
8 Hod–Glory Mercury Venus
9 Jesod–the Foundation Moon Mercury
10 Malchuth–the Kingdom Elements Moon

It must continually be emphasized that the Sephiroth and the properties assigned to them, like the tetractys of the Pythagoreans, are merely symbols of the cosmic system with its multitude of parts. The truer and fuller meaning of these emblems may not be revealed by writing or by word of mouth, but must be divined as the result of study and meditation. In the Sepher ha Zohar it is written that there is a garment–the written doctrine-which every man may see. Those with understanding do not look upon the garment but at the body beneath it–the intellectual and philosophical code. The wisest of all, however, the servants of the Heavenly King, look at nothing save the soul–the spiritual doctrine–which is the eternal and ever-springing root of the law. Of this great truth Eliphas Levi also writes declaring that none can gain entrance to the secret House of Wisdom unless he wear the voluminous cape of Apollonius of Tyana and carry in his hand the lamp of Hermes. The cape signifies the qualities of self-possession and self-reliance which must envelope the seeker as a cloak of strength, while the ever-burning lamp of the sage represents the illumined mind and perfectly balanced intellect without which the mystery of the ages can never be solved.

The Sephirothic Tree is sometimes depicted as a human body, thus more definitely establishing the true identity of the first, or Heavenly, Man–Adam Kadmon–theIdea of the Universe. The ten divine globes (Sephiroth) are then considered as analogous to the ten sacred members and organs of the Protogonos, according to the following arrangement. Kether is the crown of the Prototypic Head and perhaps refers to the pineal gland; Chochmah and Binah are the right and left hemispheres respectively of the Great Brain; Chesed and Geburah (Pechad) are the right and left arms respectively, signifying the active creative members of the Grand Man; Tiphereth is the heart, or, according to some, the entire viscera; Netsah and Hod are the right and left legs respectively, or the supports of the world; Jesod is the generative system, or the foundation of form; and Malchuth represents the two feet, or the base of being. Occasionally Jesod is considered as the male and Malchuth as the female generative power. The Grand Man thus conceived is the gigantic image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, with head of gold, arms and chest of silver, body of brass, legs of iron, and feet of clay. The mediæval Qabbalists also assigned one of the Ten Commandments and a tenth part of the Lord’s Prayer in sequential order to each of the ten Sephiroth.

Concerning the emanations from Kether which establish themselves as three triads of Creative Powers–termed in the Sepher ha Zohar three heads each with three faces–H. P. Blavatsky writes: “This [Kether] was the first Sephiroth, containing in herself the other nine ספּירות Sephiroth, or intelligences. In their totality and unity they represent the archetypal man, Adam Kadmon, the πρωτόγονος, who in his individuality or unity is yet dual, or bisexual, the Greek Didumos, for he is the prototype of all humanity. Thus we obtain three trinities, each contained in a ‘head.’ In the first head, or face (the three-faced Hindu Trimurti),



The forty concentric circles shown in the large circular cut in the preceding chapter are here arranged as four trees, each consisting of ten circles. These trees disclose the organization of the hierarchies controlling the destinies of all creation. The trees are the same in each of the four world but the powers vested in the globes express themselves differently through the substances of each world, resulting in endless differentiation.

we find Sephira [Kether], the first androgyne, at the apex of the upper triangle, emitting Hachama [Chochmah], or Wisdom, a masculine and active potency–also called Jah, יה–and Binah, בינה, or Intelligence, a female and passive potency, also represented by the name Jehovah יהוה. These three form the first trinity or ‘face’ of the Sephiroth. This triad emanated Hesed, הסד, or Mercy, a masculine active potency, also called El, from which emanated Geburah גבורה, or justice, also called Eloha, a feminine passive potency; from the union of these two was produced Tiphereth טפּארת, Beauty, Clemency, the Spiritual Sun, known by the divine name Elohim; and the second triad, ‘face,’ or ‘head,’ was formed. These emanating, in their turn, the masculine potency Netzah, נצה, Firmness, or Jehovah Sabaoth, who issued the feminine passive potency Hod,הוד, Splendor, or Elohim Sabaoth; the two produced Jesod, יסוד, Foundation, who is the mighty living oneEl-Chai, thus yielding the third trinity or ‘head.’ The tenth Sephiroth is rather a duad, and is represented on the diagrams as the lowest circle. It is Malchuth or Kingdom, מלכות, and Shekinah, שכינה, also called Adonai, and Cherubim among the angelic hosts. The first ‘Head’ is called the Intellectual world; the second ‘Head’ is the Sensuous, or the world of Perception, and the third is the material or Physical world.” (See Isis Unveiled.)

Among the later Qabbalists there is also a division of the Sephirothic Tree into five parts, in which the distribution of the globes is according to the following order:

(1) Macroprosophus, or the Great Face, is the term applied to Kether as the first and most exalted of the Sephiroth and includes the nine potencies or Sephiroth issuing from Kether.

(2) Abba, the Great Father, is the term generally applied to Chochmah–Universal Wisdom–the first emanation of Kether, but, according to Ibn Gebirol, Chochmah represents the Son, the Logos or the Word born from the union of Kether and Binah.

(3) Aima, the Great Mother, is the name by which Binah, or the third Sephira, is generally known. This is the Holy Ghost, from whose body the generations issue forth. Being the third person of the Creative Triad, it corresponds to Jehovah, the Demiurgus.

(4) Microprosophus, or the Lesser Face, is composed of the six Sephiroth–Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netsah, Hod, and Jesod. The Microprosophus is commonly called the Lesser Adam, or Zauir Anpin, whereas the Macroprosophus, or Superior Adam, is Arikh Anpin. The Lesser Face is properly symbolized by the six-pointed star or interlaced triangles of Zion and also by the six faces of the cube. It represents the directions north, east, south, west, up, and down, and also the first six days of Creation. In his list of the parts of the Microprosophus, MacGregor-Mathers includes Binah as the first and superior part of the Lesser Adam, thus making his constitution septenary. If Microprosophus be considered as sexpartite, then his globes (Sephiroth) are analogous to the six days of Creation, and the tenth globe, Malchuth, to the Sabbath of rest.

(5) The Bride of Microprosophus is Malchuth–the epitome of the Sephiroth, its quaternary constitution being composed of blendings of the four elements. This is the divine Eve that is taken out



From Fludd’s Collectio Operum.

The above diagram has been specially translated from the Latin as being of unique value to students of Qabbalism and also as an example of Robert Fludd’s unusual ability in assembling tables of correspondences. Robert Fludd ranks among the most eminent Rosicrucians and Freemasons; in fact, he has often been called “the first English Rosicrucian.” He has written several valuable documents directly bearing upon the Rosicrucian enigma. It is significant that the most important of his works should be published at the same time as those of Bacon, Shakespeare, and the first Rosicrucian authors.



Translated from Kircher’s Œdipus Ægyptiacus.

Having demonstrated that the Qabbalists divided the universe into four worlds, each consisting of ten spheres, it is necessary to consider next how the ten spheres of each world were arranged into what is called the ”Sephirothic Tree.” This Tree is composed of ten circles, representing the numbers 1 to 20 and connected together by twenty-two canals–the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The ten numbers plus the twenty-two letters result in the occult number 32, which, according to the Mishna, signifies the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom. Letters and numbers, according to the Qabbalists, are the keys to all knowledge, for by a secret system of arranging them the mysteries of creation are revealed. For this reason they are called “the Paths of Wisdom.” This occult fact is carefully concealed in the 32nd degree of Freemasonry.

There are four trees, one in each of the four worlds established in the preceding chapter. The first is in the Atziluthic World, the ten circles being the ten globes of light established in the midst of AIN SOPH. The powers and attributes of this Tree are reflected into each of the three lower worlds, the form of the Tree remaining the same but its power diminishing as it descends. To further complicate their doctrine, the Qabbalists created another tree, which was a composite of all four of the world trees but consisted of only ten globes. In this single tree were condensed all the arcana previously scattered through the voluminous archives of Qabbalistic literature.

of the side of Microprosophus and combines the potencies of the entire Qabbalistic Tree in one sphere, which may be termed man.

According to the mysteries of the Sephiroth, the order of the Creation, or the Divine Lightning Flash which zigzags through the four worlds according to the order of the divine emanations, is thus described: From AIN SOPH, the Nothing and All, the Eternal and Unconditioned Potency, issues Macroprosophus, the Long Face, of whom it is written, “Within His skull exist daily thirteen thousand myriads of worlds which draw their existence from Him and by Him are upheld.” (See The Greater Holy Assembly.) Macroprosophus, the directionalized will of AIN SOPH, corresponding to Kether, the Crown of the Sephiroth, gives birth out of Himself to the nine lesser spheres of which He is the sum and the overbrooding cause. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, by the various combinations of which the laws of the universe are established, constitute the scepter of Macroprosophus which He wields from His flaming throne in the Atziluthic World.

From this eternal and ancient androgyne–Kether–come forth Chochmah, the great Father, and Binah, the great Mother. These two are usually referred to as Abba and Aima respectively–the first male and the first female, the prototypes of sex. These correspond to the first two letters of the sacred name, Jehovah, יהוה, IHVH. The Father is the י, or I, and the Mother is the ה, or H. Abba and Aima symbolize the creative activities of the universe, and are established in the creative world of Briah. In the Sepher ha Zohar it is written, “And therefore are all things established in the equality of male and female; for were it not so, how could they subsist? This beginning is the Father of all things; the Father of all Fathers; and both are mutually bound together, and the one path shineth into the other–Chochmah, Wisdom, as the Father; Binah, Understanding, as the Mother.”

There is a difference of opinion concerning certain of the relationships of the parts of the first triad. Some Qabbalists, including Ibn Gebirol, consider Kether as the Father, Binah as the Mother, and Chochmah as the Son. In this later arrangement, Wisdom, which is the attribute of the Son, becomes the creator of the lower spheres. The symbol of Binah is the dove, a proper emblem for the brooding maternal instinct of the Universal Mother.

Because of the close similarity of their creative triad to the Christian Trinity, the later Qabbalists rearranged the first three Sephiroth and added a mysterious point called Daath–a hypothetical eleventh Sephira. This is located where the horizontal line connecting Chochmah and Binah crosses the vertical line joining Kether and Tiphereth. While Daath is not mentioned by the first Qabbalists, it is a highly important element and its addition to the Sephirothic Tree was not made without full realization of the significance of such action. If Chochmah be considered the active, intelligent energy of Kether, and Binah the receptive capacity of Kether, thenDaath becomes the thought which, created by Chochmah, flows into Binah. The postulation of Daath clarifies the problem of the Creative Trinity, for here it is diagrammatically represented as consisting of Chochmah (the Father), Binah (the Mother, or Holy Ghost), and Daath, the Word by which the worlds were established. Isaac Myer discounts the importance of Daath, declaring it a subterfuge to conceal the fact that Kether, and not Chochmah; is the true Father of the Creative Triad. He makes no attempt to give a satisfactory explanation for the symbolism of this hypothetical Sephira.

According to the original conception, from the union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother is produced Microprosophus–the Short Face or the Lesser Countenance, which is established in the Yetziratic World of formation and corresponds to the letter ו, or V, in the Great Name. The six powers of Microprosophusflow from and are contained in their own source, which is Binah, the Mother of the Lesser Adam. These constitute the spheres of the sacred planets; their name is Elohim, and they move upon the face of the deep. The tenth Sephira–Malchuth, the Kingdom–is described as the Bride of the Lesser Adam, created back to back with her lord, and to it is assigned the final, ה, or H, the last letter of the Sacred Name. The dwelling place of Malchuth is in the fourth world–Assiah–and it is composed of all the superior powers reflected into the elements of the terrestrial sphere. Thus it will be seen that the Qabbalistic Tree extends through four worlds, with its branches in matter and its roots in the Ancient of Ancients–Macroprosophus.

Three vertical columns support the universal system as typified by the Sephirothic Tree. The central pillar has its foundation in Kether, the Eternal One. It passes downward through the hypothetical Sephira, Daath, and then through Tiphereth and Jesod, with its lower end resting upon the firm foundation of Malchuth, the last of the globes. The true import of the central pillar is equilibrium. It demonstrates how the Deity always manifests by emanating poles of expression from the midst of Itself but remaining free from the illusion of polarity. If the numbers of the four Sephiroth connected by this column be added together (1 +6 +9 + 10), the sum is 26, the number of Jehovah. (See chapter on Pythagorean Mathematics.)

The column on the right, which is called Jachin, has its foundation on Chochmah, the outpouring Wisdom of God; the three globes suspended from it are all masculine potencies. The column at the left is called Boaz. The three globes upon it are feminine and receptive potencies, for it is founded in Understanding, a receptive and maternal potency. Wisdom, it will be noted, is considered as radiant or outpouring, and Understanding as receptive, or something which is filled by the flowing of Wisdom. The three pillars are ultimately united in Malchuth, in which all the powers of the superior worlds are manifested.

The four globes upon the central column reveal the function of the creative power in the various worlds. In the first world the creative power is Will–the one Divine Cause; in the second world, the hypothetical Daath–the Word coming forth from the Divine Thought; in the third world, Tiphereth–the Sun, or focal point between God and Nature; in the fourth world it is twofold, being the positive and negative poles of the reproductive system, of which Jesod is the male and Malchuth the female.

In Kircher’s Sephirothic Tree it should be especially noted that the ornaments of the Tabernacle appear in the various parts of the diagram. These indicate a direct relationship between the sacred House of God and the universe–a relationship which must always be considered as existing between the Deity through whose activity the world is produced and the world itself, which must be the house or vehicle of that Deity. Could the modern scientific world but sense the true profundity of these philosophical deductions of the ancients, it would realize that those who fabricated the structure of the Qabbalah possessed a knowledge of the celestial plan comparable in every respect with that of the modern savant.

The Tetragrammaton, or the four-lettered Name of God, written thus יהוה, is pronounce Jehovah. The first letter is י, Yod, the Germ, the Life, the Flame, the Cause, the One, and the most fundamental of the Jewish phallic emblems. Its numerical value is 10, and it is to be considered as the 1 containing the 10. In the Qabbalah it is declared that the a Yod is in reality three Yods, of which the first is the beginning, the second is the center, and the third is the end. Its throne is the Sephira Chochmah (according to Ibn Gebirol, Kether), from which it goes forth to impregnate Binah, which is the first ה, He. The result of this union is Tiphereth, which is the ו Vau, whose power is 6 and which symbolizes the six members of the Lesser Adam. The final ה, He, is Malchuth, the Inferior Mother, partaking in part of the potencies of the Divine Mother, the first He. By placing the four letters of the Tetragrammaton in a vertical column, a figure closely resembling the human body is produced, with Yod for the head, the first He for the arms and shoulders, Vau for the trunk of the body, and the final He for the hips and legs. If the Hebrew letters be exchanged for their English equivalents, the form is not materially changed or the analogy altered. It is also extremely significant that by inserting the letter ש,Shin, in the middle of the name Jehovah, the word Jehoshua, or Jesus, is formed thus:


In the Qabbalistic Mysteries, according to Eliphas Levi, the name Jehovah is occasionally written by connecting together 24 dots–the 24 powers before the throne–and it is believed that the name of the Power of Evil is the sign of Jehovah reversed or inverted. (See Transcendental Magic.) Of the Great Word, Albert Pike writes: “The True Word of a Mason is to be found in the concealed and profound meaning of the Ineffable Name of Deity, communicated by God to Moses; and which meaning was long lost by the very precautions taken to conceal it. The true pronunciation of that name was in truth a secret, in which, however, was involved the far more profound secret of its meaning. In that meaning is included all the truth that can be known by us, in regard to the nature of God.” (See Morals and Dogma.)



From Maurice’s Indian Antiquities.

Thomas Maurice reproduces the above engraving, which is modification of the elaborate tree on the preceding page. The Sephiroth are here superimposed, decreasing in size as they decrease in power and dignity. Thus, the Crown is the greatest and the all-inclusive, and the Kingdom–which represents the physical universe–is the smallest and of least importance.

Qabbalistic Keys to the Creation of Man

HENRIE STEPHEN, in A World of Wonders, published in 1607, mentions a monk of St. Anthony who declared that while in Jerusalem the patriarch of that city had shown him not only one of the ribs of the Word made flesh and some rays from the Star of Bethlehem, but also the snout of a seraph, a finger nail of a cherub, the horns of Moses, and a casket containing the breath of Christ! To a people believing implicitly in a seraph sufficiently tangible to have its proboscis preserved, the more profound issues of Judaistic philosophy must necessarily be incomprehensible. Nor is it difficult to imagine the reaction taking place in the mind of some ancient sage should he hear that a cherub–which, according to St. Augustine, signifies the Evangelists; according to Philo Judæus, the outermost circumference of the entire heavens, and according to several of the Church Fathers, the wisdom of God–had sprouted finger nails. The hopeless confusion of divine principles with the allegorical figures created to represent them to the limited faculties of the uninitiated has resulted in the most atrocious misconceptions of spiritual truths. Concepts well-nigh as preposterous as these, however, still stand as adamantine barriers to a true understanding of Old and New Testament symbolism; for, until man disentangles his reasoning powers from the web of venerated absurdities in which his mind has lain ensnared for centuries, how can Truth ever be discovered?

The Old Testament–especially the Pentateuch–contains not only the traditional account of the creation of the world and of man, but also, locked within it, the secrets of the Egyptian initiators of the Moses concerning the genesis of the god-man (the initiate) and the mystery of his rebirth through philosophy. While the Lawgiver of Israel is known to have compiled several works other than those generally attributed to him, the writings now commonly circulated as the purported sixth and seventh books of Moses are in reality spurious treatises on black magic foisted on the credulous during the Middle Ages. Out of the hundreds of millions of pious and thoughtful students of Holy Writ, it is almost inconceivable that but a mere handful have sensed the sublimity of the esoteric teachings of Sod (the Jewish Mysteries of Adonai). Yet familiarity with the three Qabbalistical processes termed Gematria, Notarikon, and Temurah makes possible the discovery of many of the profoundest truths of ancient Jewish superphysics.

By Gematria is meant not only the exchange of letters for their numerical equivalents but also the method of determining by an analysis of its measurements the mystic purpose for which a building or other object was constructed. S. L. MacGregor-Mathers, in The Kabbalah Unveiled, gives this example of the application of Gematria:

“Thus also the passage, Gen. xviii. 2 VHNH SHLSHH, Vehenna Shalisha, ‘And lo, three men,’ equals in numerical value ‘ALV MIKAL GBRIAL VRPAL, Elo Mikhael Gabriel Ve-Raphael,’ These are Mikhael, Gabriel and Raphael; ‘for each phrase = 701.”

Assuming the sides of a scalene to be 11, 9, and 6 inches, a triangle of such dimensions would then be an appropriate symbol of Jehovah, for the sum of its three sides would be 26, the numerical value of the Hebrew word IHVH. Gematria also includes the system of discovering the arcane meaning of a word by analyzing the size and arrangement of the strokes employed in the formation of its various letters. Gematria was employed by the Greeks as well as the Jews. The books of the New Testament–particularly those attributed to St. John–contain many examples of its use. Nicephorus Callistus declared the Gospel according to St. John to have been discovered in a cavern under the Temple at Jerusalem, the volume having been secreted “long anterior to the Christian æra.” The existence of interpolated material in the fourth Gospel substantiates the belief that the work was originally written without any specific reference to the man Jesus, the statements therein accredited to Him being originally mystical discourses delivered by the personification of the Universal Mind. The remaining Johannine writings–the Epistles and the Apocalypse–are enshrouded by a similar veil of mystery.

By Notarikon each letter of a word may become the initial character of a new word. Thus from BRASHITH, first word in the book of Genesis, are extracted six words which mean that “in the beginning the Elohim saw that Israel would accept the law.” Mr. MacGregor-Mathers also gives six additional examples of Notarikon formed from the above word by Solomon Meir Ben Moses, a mediæval Qabbalist. From the famous acrostic ascribed to the Erythræan Sibyl, St. Augustine derived the word ΙΧΘΥΣ, which by Notarikon was expanded into the phrase, “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” By another use of Notarikon, directly the reverse of the first, the initial, last, or middle letters of the words of a sentence may be joined together to form a new word or words. For example, the name Amen, ἁμήν, maybe extracted from ארנימלרנאטז, “the Lord is the faithful King.” Because they had embodied these cryptic devices in their sacred writings, the ancient priests admonished their disciples never to translate, edit, or rewrite the contents of the sacred books. .

Under the general heading of Temurah several systems may be grouped and explained in which various letters are substituted for other letters according to prearranged tables or certain mathematical arrangements of letters, regular or irregular. Thus the alphabet may be broken into two equal parts and written in horizontal lines so that the letters of the lower row can be exchanged for those of the upper row, or vice versa. By this procedure the letters of the word Kuzu may be exchanged for those of IHVH, the Tetragrammaton. In another form of Temurah the letters are merely rearranged., שתיה is the stone which is found in the center of the world, from which point the earth spread out on all sides.



From The “Bear” Bible.

This plate, which is from the first Protestant Bible published in Spanish, shows the Mercavah, or chariot of Jehovah, which appeared to Ezekiel by the river Chebar. The prophet beheld four strange creatures (E), each having four heads, four wings, and brazen hoofs like those of a calf. And there were four wheels (F) filled with eyes. Where the cherubim went the wheels went also. The space between the cherubim and the wheels was filled with coals of fire. Upon the top of the chariot was a throne, upon which sat the likeness of a man (H). Ezekiel fell upon his knees when he beheld the Mercavah surrounded by a whirlwind of clouds and flames (A, B, C). A hand (K) reached out from the clouds and the prophet was ordered to eat of a scroll which the hand held forth.

According to the mystics, the wheels supporting the throne of God represent the orbits of the planets, and the entire solar system is properly the Mercavah, or chariot of God. One of the divisions of the Qabbalah–that dealing with the arts and sciences of those planes which are under the heavens–is called the Mercavah. In the Zohar it is written that the celestial throne or Ezekiel’s vision signifies the traditional law; the appearance of a man sitting upon the throne represents the written law, Philo Judæus in describing the cherubim upon the Ark of the Covenant declares that the figures are an intimation of the revolutions of the whole heavens, one of the cherubim representing the outer circumference and the other the inner sphere. Facing each other, they represent the two hemispheres of the world. The flaming sword of the cherubim of Genesis is the central motion and agitation of the heavenly bodies. In all probability it also represents the solar ray.

When broken in two the stone is שת יה, which means “the placing of God.”(See Pekudei Rakov, 71, 72.) Again, Temurah may consist of a simple anagram, as in the English word live, which reversed becomes evil. The various systems of Temurah are among the most complicated and profound devices of the ancient Rabbins.

Among theological scholars there is a growing conviction that the hitherto accepted translations of the Scriptural writings do not adequately express the spirit of the original documents.

“After the first copy of the Book of God,” writes H. P. Blavatsky, “has been edited and launched on the world by Hilkiah, this copy disappears, and Ezra has to make a new Bible, which Judas Maccabeus finishes; * * * when it was copied from the horned letters into square letters, it was corrupted beyond recognition; * * * the Masorah completed the work of destruction; finally, we have a text, not 900 years old, abounding with omissions, interpolations, and premeditated perversions.” (See Isis Unveiled.)

Prof. Crawford Howell Toy of Harvard notes:

“Manuscripts were copied and recopied by scribes who not only sometimes made errors in letters and words, but permitted themselves to introduce new material into the text, or to combine in one manuscript, without mark of division, writings composed by different men; instances of these sorts of procedure are found especially in Micah and Jeremiah, and the groups of prophecies which go under the names of Isaiah and Zachariah.” (SeeJudaism and Christianity.)

Does the mutilated condition of the Holy Bible–in part accidental–represent none the less a definite effort to confuse the uninitiated reader and thus better conceal the secrets of the Jewish Tannaim? Never has the Christian world been in possession of those hidden scrolls which contain the secret doctrine of Israel, and if the Qabbalists were correct in their assumption that the lost books of the Mosaic Mysteries have been woven into the fabric of the Torah, then the Scriptures are veritably books within books. In rabbinical circles the opinion is prevalent that Christendom never has understood the Old Testament and probably never will. In fact, the feeling exists–in some quarters, at least–that the Old Testament is the exclusive possession of the Jewish faith; also that Christianity, after its unrelenting persecution of the Jew, takes unwarranted liberties when it includes strictly Jewish writings in its sacred canon. But, as noted by one rabbi, if Christianity must use the Jewish Scriptures, it should at least strive to do so with some degree of intelligence!

In the opening chapter of Genesis it is stated that after creating light and separating it from darkness, the seven Elohim divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. Having thus established the inferior universe in perfect accord with the esoteric teachings of the Hindu, Egyptian, and Greek Mysteries, the Elohim next turned their attention to the production of flora and fauna and lastly man. “And God said, Let us make man in ourimage, after our likeness. * * * So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, * * *.”

Consider in thoughtful silence the startling use of pronouns in the above extract from “the most perfect example of English literature.” When the plural and androgynous Hebrew word Elohim was translated into the singular and sexless word God, the opening chapters of Genesis were rendered comparatively meaningless. It may have been feared that had the word been correctly translated as “the male and female creative agencies,” the Christians would have been justly accused of worshiping a plurality of gods in the face of their repeated claims to monotheism! The plural form of the pronouns us and our reveals unmistakably, however, the pantheistic nature of Divinity. Further, the androgynous constitution of the Elohim (God) is disclosed in the next verse, where he (referring to God) is said to have created man in his own image, male and female; or, more properly, as the division of the sexes had not yet taken place, male-female. This is a deathblow to the time-honored concept that God is a masculine potency as portrayed by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The Elohim then order these androgynous beings to be fruitful. Note that neither the masculine nor the feminine principle as yet existed in a separate state! And, lastly, note the word “replenish.” The prefix re denotes “back to an original or former state or position,” or “repetition or restoration.” (See Webster’s International Dictionary, 1926.)

This definite reference to a humanity existing prior to the “creation of man” described in Genesis must be evident to the most casual reader of Scripture.

An examination of Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and commentaries discloses the plural form of the word Elohim to be beyond the comprehension of their respected authors and editors. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge thus sums up the controversy over the plural form of the word Elohim: “Does it now or did it originally signify plurality of divine being?” A Dictionary of the Bible, edited by James Hastings, contains the following conclusion, which echoes the sentiments of more critical etymologists of the Bible: “The use of the plur. Elohim is also difficult to explain.” Dr. Havernick considers the plural form Elohim to signify the abundance and super-richness existing in the Divine Being. His statement, which appears in The Popular and Critical Bible Encyclopædia, is representative of the efforts made to circumvent this extremely damaging word. The International Standard Bible Dictionary considers the explanations offered by modern theologians–of which Dr. Havernick’s is a fair example–to be too ingenious to have been conceived by the early Hebrews and maintains that the word represents the survival of a polytheistic stage of Semitic thought. The Jewish Encyclopedia supports the latter assumption with the following concise statement:

“As far as epigraphic material, traditions, and folk-lore throw light on the question, the Semites are shown to be of polytheistic leanings.”

Various schools of philosophy, both Jewish and Gentile, have offered explanations erudite and otherwise of the identity of Adam. In this primordial man the Neo-Platonists recognized the Platonic Idea of humanity–the archetype or pattern of the genus homo. Philo Judæus considered Adam to represent the human mind, which could understand (and hence give names to) the creatures about it, but could not comprehend (and hence left nameless) the mystery of its own nature. Adam was also likened to the Pythagorean monad which by virtue of its state of perfect unity could dwell in the Edenic sphere. When through a process akin to fission the monad became the duad–the proper symbol of discord and delusion–the creature thus formed was exiled from its celestial home. Thus the twofold man was driven from the Paradise belonging to the undivided creation and cherubim and a flaming sword were placed on guard at the gates of the Causal World. Consequently, only after the reestablishment of unity within himself can man regain his primal spiritual state.

According to the Isarim, the secret doctrine of Israel taught the existence of four Adams, each dwelling in one of the four Qabbalistic worlds. The first, or heavenly, Adam dwelt alone in the Atziluthic sphere and within his nature existed all spiritual and material potentialities. The second Adam resided in the sphere of Briah. Like the first Adam, this being was androgynous and the tenth division of its body (its heel, Malchuth) corresponded to the church of Israel that shall bruise the serpent’s head. The third Adam–likewise androgynous–was clothed in a body of light and abode in the sphere of Yetzirah. The fourth Adam was merely the third Adam after the fall into the sphere of Assiah, at which time the spiritual man took upon himself the animal shell or coat of skins. The fourth Adam was still considered as a single individual, though division had taken place within his nature and two shells or physical bodies existed, in one of which was incarnated the masculine and in the other the feminine potency. (For further details consult Isaac Myer.)

The universal nature of Adam is revealed in the various accounts concerning the substances of which he was formed. It was originally ordained that the “dirt” to be used in fashioning him was to be derived from the seven worlds. As these planes, however, refused to give of their substances, the Creator wrenched from them by force the elements to be employed in the Adamic constitution. St. Augustine discovered a Notarikon in the name of Adam. He showed that the four letters, A-D-A-M, are the first letters of the four words Anatole Dysis Arktos Mesembria, the Greek names for the four corners of the world. The same author also sees in Adam a prototype of Christ, for he writes:

“Adam sleeps that Eve may be formed: Christ dies, that the Church may be formed. While Adam sleeps, Eve is formed from his side. When Christ is dead, His side is smitten with a spear, that there flow forth sacraments to form the church. * * * Adam himself was the figure of Him that was to come.”

In his recent work, Judaism, George Foote Moore thus describes the proportions of the Adamic man: “He was a huge mass that filled the whole world to all the points of the compass. The dust of which his body was formed was gathered from every part of the world, or from the site of the future altar. Of greater interest is the notion that man was created androgynous, because it is probably a bit of foreign lore adapted to the first pair in Genesis. R. Samuel bar Nahman (third century), said, when God created Adam, He created him facing both ways (דיו פרעופים); then He sawed him in two and made two backs, one for each figure.

The Zohar holds the concept of two Adams: the first a divine being who, stepping forth from the highest original darkness, created the second, or earthly, Adam in His own image. The higher, or celestial, man was the Causal sphere With its divine potencies and potentialities considered as a gigantic personality; its members, according to the Gnostics, being the basic elements of existence. This Adam may have been symbolized as facing both ways to signify that with one face it looked upon the proximate Cause of itself and with the other face looked upon the vast sea of Cosmos into which it was to be immersed.

Philosophically, Adam may be regarded as representative of the full spiritual nature of man–androgynous and nor subject to decay. Of this fuller nature the mortal man has little comprehension. Just as spirit contains matter within itself and is both the source and ultimate of the state denominated matter, so Eve represents the lower, or mortal, portion that is taken out of, or has temporal existence in the greater and fuller spiritual creation. Being representative of the inferior part of the individual, Eve is the temptress who, conspiring with the serpent of mortal knowledge, caused Adam to sink into a trancelike condition in which he was unconscious of his own higher Self. When Adam seemingly awoke, he actually sank into sleep, for he no longer was in the spirit but in the body; division having taken place within him, the true Adam rested in Paradise while his lesser part incarnated in a material organism (Eve) and wandered in the darkness of mortal existence.

The followers of Mohammed apparently sensed more accurately than the uninitiated of other sects the true mystic import of Paradise, for they realized that prior to his fall the dwelling place of man was not in a physical garden in any particular part of the earth but rather in a higher sphere (the angelic world) watered by four mystical streams of life. After his banishment from Paradise, Adam alighted on the Island of Ceylon, and this spot is sacred to certain Hindu sects who recognize the old Island of Lanka–once presumably connected with the mainland by a bridge–as the actual site of the Garden of Eden from which the human race migrated. According to the Arabian Nights (Sir Richard Burton’s translation), Adam’s footprint may still be seen on the top of a Ceylonese mountain. In the Islamic legends, Adam was later reunited with his wife and after his death his body was brought to Jerusalem subsequent to the Flood for burial by Melchizedek. (See the Koran.)

The word ADM signifies a species or race and only for lack of proper understanding has Adam been considered as an individual. As the Macrocosm, Adam is the gigantic Androgyne, even the Demiurgus; as the Microcosm, he is the chief production of the Demiurgus and within the nature of the Microcosm the Demiurgus established all the qualities and powers which He Himself possessed. The Demiurgus, however, did not possess immortality and, therefore, could not bestow it upon Adam. According to legend, the Demiurgus strove to keep man from learning the incompleteness of his Maker. The Adamic man consequently partook of the qualities and characteristics of the angels who were the ministers of the Demiurgus. It was affirmed by the Gnostic Christians that the redemption of humanity was assured through the descent of Nous (Universal Mind), who was a great spiritual being superior to the Demiurgus and who, entering into the constitution of man, conferred conscious immortality upon the Demiurgic fabrications.

That phallic symbolism occupies an important place in early Jewish mysticism is indisputable. Hargrave Jennings sees in the figure of Adam a type of the lingam of Shiva, which was a stone representative of the creative power of the World Generator.

“In Gregorie’s works * * *,” writes Jennings, “is a passage to the effect that ‘Noah daily prayed in the Ark before the Body of Adam,’ i.e., before the Phallus–Adam being the primitive Phallus, great procreator of the human race. ‘It may possibly seem strange,’ he says, ‘that this orison should be daily said before the body of Adam,’ but ‘it is a most confessed tradition among the eastern men that Adam was commanded by God that his dead body should be kept above ground till a fullness of time should come to commit it פדככאלאועto the middle of the earth by a priest of the Most High God.’ This means Mount Moriah, the Meru of India. ‘This body of Adam was embalmed and transmitted from father to son, till at last it was delivered up by Lamech into the hands of Noah.'” (See Phallicism.)

This interpretation somewhat clarifies the Qabbalistic assertion that in the first Adam were contained all the souls of the Israelites. (See Sod.) Though according to the Aurea Legenda Adam was buried with the three seeds of the Tree of Knowledge in his mouth, it should be borne in mind that apparently conflicting myths were often woven around a single individual. One of the profound mysteries of Qabbalism is that set forth in the Notarikon based upon the letters of the name Adam (ADM). These three letters form the initials of the names Adam, David, and the Messiah, and these three personalities were said to contain one soul. As this soul represents the World Soul of humanity, Adam signifies the involving soul, the Messiah the evolving soul, and David that condition of the soul termed epigenesis.

In common with certain philosophic institutions of Asia, the Jewish Mysteries contained a strange doctrine concerning the shadows of the Gods. Gazing down into the Abyss, the Elohim beheld their own shadows and from these shadows patterned the inferior creation.

“In the dramatic representation of the creation of man in the Mysteries,” writes the anonymous Master of Balliol College, “the Aleim [Elohim] were represented by men who, when sculpturing the form of an Adamite being, of a man, traced the outline of it on their own shadow, or modelled it on their own shadow traced on the wall. This is how the art of drawing originated in Egypt, and the hieroglyphic figures carved on the Egyptian monuments have so little relief that they still resemble a shadow.”

In the ritualism of the early Jewish Mysteries the pageantry of creation was enacted, the various actors impersonating the Creative Agencies. The red dirt from which the Adamic man was fashioned may signify fire, particularly since Adam is related to the Yod, or fire flame, which is the first letter of the sacred nameJehovah. In John ii. 20 it is written that the Temple was forty and six years in the building, a statement in which St. Augustine sees a secret and sacred Gematria; for, according to the Greek philosophy of numbers, the numerical value of the name Adam is 46. Adam thus becomes the type of the Temple, for the House of God-like primitive man–was a microcosm or epitome of the universe.

In the Mysteries, Adam is accredited with having the peculiar power of spiritual generation. Instead of reproducing his kind by the physical generative processes, he caused to issue from himself–or, more correctly, to be reflected upon substance–a shadow of



From Myer’s Qabbalah.

The early Church Father–notably Tertullian, Firmilian, St. Cyprian, St. Augustine, and St. Chrysostom–recognized in the ark a type or symbol of the Holy Catholic Church. Bede the Venerable, declared that Noah in all things typified Christ as Noah alone of his generation was just, so Christ alone was without sin. With Christ there was a sevenfold spirit of grace: with Noah seven righteous Persons. Noah by water and wood saved his own family Christ by baptism and the cross saves Christians. The ark was built of wood that did not decay. the church is composed of men who will live forever, for this ark means the church which floats upon the waves of the world.

The diagram shown above is also reproduced in The Rosicrucians, by Hargrave Jennings. This author adds to the original diagram appearing in Antiquitatum Judaicarum Libri IX the signs of the zodiac, placing Aries at the head and continuing in sequential order to Leo, which occupies the fifth cross section of the ark. Jennings assigns the panel containing the door to the undivided constellation of Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (which is continued into the first subdivision of the second section) and the remaining four cress sections to the constellations of Sagittarius to Pisces inclusive. A study of the plate discloses the ark to be divided into eleven main sections, and along the base and roof of each section are shown three subdivisions, thus making in all the sacred number 33. Occupying the position corresponding to the generative system of the human body will also be noted the cross upon the door of the central section. Two openings are shown in the ark: one–the main door representing the orifice through which the animal lives descend into physical existence; the other a small window proximate to the crown of the head through which the spirit gains liberty according to the ancient rites.

“When the androgenic Scorpio-Virgo was separated and the Balance or Harmony made from Scorpio, and placed between Scorpio, i.e., male, and Virgo, i.e., female, then appeared the 32 constellations or signs, as we now have them. The ark is three stories high (perhaps to symbolize Heaven, Man, Earth). In the figure of the Man, notice the parting of the hair in the middle of the forehead and the arrangement of the beard, whiskers, moustache and the hair, on the back of the neck and shoulders.” (See The Qabbalah by Isaac Myer.)

himself. This shadow he then ensouled and it became a living creature. These shadows, however, remain only as long as the original figure of which they are the reflections endures, for with the removal of the original the host of likenesses vanish with it. Herein is the key to the allegorical creation of Eve out of the side of Adam; for Adam, representative of the idea or pattern, is reflected into the material universe as a multitude of ensouled images which collectively are designatedEve. According to another theory, the division of the sexes took place in the archetypal sphere; hence the shadows in the lower world were divided into two classes consistent with the orders established in the Archetype. In the apparently incomprehensible attraction of one sex for the other Plato recognized a cosmic urge toward reunion of the severed halves of this archetypal Being.

Exactly what is to be inferred by the division of the sexes as symbolically described in Genesis is a much-debated question. That man was primarily androgynous is quite universally conceded and it is a reasonable presumption that he will ultimately regain this bisexual state. As to the manner in which this will be accomplished two opinions are advanced. One school of thought affirms that the human soul was actually divided into two parts (male and female) and that man remains an unperfected creature until these parts are reunited through the emotion which man calls love. From this concept has grown the much-abused doctrine of “soul mates” who must quest through the ages until the complementary part of each severed soul is discovered. The modern concept of marriage is to a certain degree founded upon this ideal.

According to the other school, the so-called division of the sexes resulted from suppression of one pole of the androgynous being in order that the vital energies manifesting through it might be diverted to development of the rational faculties. From this point of view man is still actually androgynous and spiritually complete, but in the material world the feminine part of man’s nature and the masculine part of woman’s nature are quiescent. Through spiritual unfoldment and knowledge imparted by the Mysteries, however, the latent element in each nature is gradually brought into activity and ultimately the human being thus regains sexual equilibrium. By this theory woman is elevated from the position of being man’s errant part to one of complete equality. From this point of view, marriage is regarded as a companionship in which two complete individualities manifesting opposite polarities are brought into association that each may thereby awaken the qualities latent in the other and thus assist in the attainment of individual completeness. The first theory may be said to regard marriage as an end; the second as a means to an end. The deeper schools of philosophy have leaned toward the latter as more adequately acknowledging the infinite potentialities of divine completeness in both aspects of creation.

The Christian Church is fundamentally opposed to the theory of marriage, claiming that the highest degree of spirituality is achievable only by those preserving the virginal state. This concept seemingly originated among certain sects of the early Gnostic Christians, who taught that to propagate the human species was to increase and perpetuate the power of the Demiurgus; for the lower world was looked upon as an evil fabrication created to ensnare the souls of all born into it–hence it was a crime to assist in bringing souls to earth. When, therefore, the unfortunate father or mother shall stand before the Final Tribunal, all their offspring will also appear and accuse them of being the cause of those miseries attendant upon physical existence. This view is strengthened by the allegory of Adam and Eve, whose sin through which humanity has been brought low is universally admitted to have been concerned with the mystery of generation. Mankind, owing to Father Adam its physical existence, regards its progenitor as the primary cause of its misery; and in the judgment Day, rising up as a mighty progeny, will accuse its common paternal ancestor.

Those Gnostic sects maintaining a more rational attitude on the subject declared the very existence of the lower worlds to signify that the Supreme Creator had a definite purpose in their creation; to doubt his judgment was, therefore, a grievous error. The church, however, seemingly arrogated to itself the astonishing prerogative of correcting God in this respect, for wherever possible it continued to impose celibacy, a practice resulting in an alarming number of neurotics. In the Mysteries, celibacy is reserved for those who have reached a certain degree of spiritual unfoldment. When advocated for the mass of unenlightened humanity, however, it becomes a dangerous heresy, fatal alike to both religion and philosophy. As Christendom in its fanaticism has blamed every individual Jew for the crucifixion of Jesus, so with equal consistency it has maligned every member of the feminine sex. In vindication of Eve philosophy claims that the allegory signifies merely that man is tempted by his emotions to depart from the sure path of reason.

Many of the early Church Fathers sought to establish a direct relationship between Adam and Christ, thereby obviously discounting the extremely sinful nature of man’s common ancestor, since it is quite certain that when St. Augustine likens Adam to Christ and Eve to the church he does not intend to brand the latter institution as the direct cause of the fall of man. For some inexplicable reason, however, religion has ever regarded intellectualism–in fact every form of knowledge–as fatal to man’s spiritual growth. The Ignaratitine Friars are an outstanding example of this attitude.

In this ritualistic drama–possibly derived from the Egyptians–Adam, banished from the Garden of Eden, represents man philosophically exiled from the sphere of Truth. Through ignorance man falls; through wisdom he redeems himself. The Garden of Eden represents the House of the Mysteries (see The Vision of Enoch) in the midst of which grew both the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Man, the banished Adam, seeks to pass from the outer court of the Sanctuary (the exterior universe) into the sanctum sanctorum, but before him rises a vast creature armed with a flashing sword that, moving slowly but continually, sweeps clear a wide circle, and through this “Ring Pass Not” the Adamic man cannot break.

The cherubim address the seeker thus:

“Man, thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return. Thou wert fashioned by the Builder of Forms; thou belongest to the sphere of form, and the breath that was breathed into thy soul was the breath of form and like a flame it shall flicker out. More than thou art thou canst not be. Thou art a denizen of the outer world and it is forbidden thee to enter this inner place.”

And the Adam replies:

“Many times have I stood within this courtyard and begged admission to my Father’s house and thou hast refused it me and sent me back to wander in darkness. True it is that I was fashioned out of the dirt and that my Maker could not confer upon me the boon of immortality. But no more shalt thou send me away; for, wandering in the darkness, I have discovered that the Almighty hath decreed my salvation because He hath sent out of the most hidden Mystery His Only Begotten who didst take upon Himself the world fashioned by the Demiurgus. Upon the elements of that world was He crucified and from Him hath poured forth the blood of my salvation. And God, entering into His creation, hath quickened it and established therein a road that leadeth to Himself. While my Maker could not give me immortality, immortality was inherent in the very dust of which I was composed, for before the world was fabricated and before the Demiurgus became the Regent of Nature the Eternal Life had impressed itself upon the face of Cosmos. This is its sign–the Cross. Do you now deny me entrance, I who have at last learned the mystery of myself?”

And the voice replies: “He who is aware, IS! Behold!”

Gazing about him, Adam finds himself in a radiant place, in the midst of which stands a tree with flashing jewels for fruit and entwined about its trunk a flaming, winged serpent crowned with a diadem of stars. It was the voice of the serpent that had spoken.

“Who art thou?” demands the Adam.

“I,” the serpent answers, “am Satan who was stoned; I am the Adversary–the Lord who is against you, the one who pleads for your destruction before the Eternal Tribunal. I was your enemy upon the day that you were formed; I have led you into temptation; I have delivered you into the hands of evil; I have maligned you; I have striven ever to achieve your undoing. I am the guardian of the Tree of Knowledge and I have sworn that none whom I can lead astray shall partake of its fruits.”

The Adam replies:

“For uncounted ages have I been thy servant. In my ignorance I listened to thy words and they led me into paths of sorrow. Thou hast placed in my mind dreams of power, and when I struggled to realize those dreams they brought me naught but pain. Thou hast sowed in me the seeds of desire, and when I lusted after the things of the flesh agony was my only recompense. Thou hast sent me false prophets and false reasoning, and when I strove to grasp the magnitude of Truth I found thy laws were false and only dismay rewarded my strivings. I am done with thee forever, O artful Spirit! I have tired of thy world of illusions. No longer will I labor in thy vineyards of iniquity. Get thee behind me, rempter, and the host of thy temptations. There is no happiness, no peace, no good, no future in the doctrines of selfishness, hate, and passion preached by thee. All these things do I cast aside. Renounced is thy rule forever!”

And the serpent makes answer: “Behold, O Adam, the nature of thy Adversary!” The serpent disappears in a blinding sunburst of radiance and in its place stands an angel resplendent in shining, golden garments with great scarlet wings that spread from one corner of the heavens to the other. Dismayed and awestruck, the Adam falls before the divine creature.

“I am the Lord who is against thee and thus accomplishes thy salvation, ” continues the voice. “Thou hast hated me, but through the ages yet to be thou shalt bless me, for I have led thee our of the sphere of the Demiurgus; I have turned thee against the illusion of worldliness; I have weaned thee of desire; I have awakened in thy soul the immortality of which I myself partake. Follow me, O Adam, for I am the Way, the Life, and the Truth!”





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The universal Garden of Eden

Astrology and spirituality in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden

This article is telling  the  astrological  story of Adam and Eve being told in the heaven giving a different insight on it.

The biblical story

History of the Eden garden 
And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

Inner organization of the garden
And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

Rules inside the garden
And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

The woman

And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
They ate from the fruits of the knowledge of good and evil
Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:
But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

The punishment
And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

The astrological perspective

When this story is read by an astrologer, he would understand the following (and it really sounds more real than any other perspective I have read so far…):
So the story tells us that God created Adam and Eve, and put them in the garden of Eden. In the middle of the garden there were the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.
From an astrological point of view we consider that the first man ever created may be symbolized by a circle with a point in it:  (the Sun) Then God created the woman which astrologically is associated with this sign  (the Moon). The glyph of the Moon is very similar to a rib, therefore it was said that the woman was created from a man’s rib.
In order to make the further astrological parallels with the biblical story, we need the two trees, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. How about these glyphs, do they look like trees?   ,
These glyphs have a circle which would be the branches and the leaves, a vertical line (the trunk) which is crossed by a horizontal line (the earth level) and then the vertical line continues below, this part representing the roots of the tree. There are all the main elements of a tree (leaves, branches, trunk and roots) as we learned in botany. Children usually draw a tree like this.
These two glyphs symbolize the planets Mercury and Venus. It is easy to further identify them: the glyph of Mercury stands for the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the glyph of Venus stands for the tree of life.
Why the tree of knowledge (Mercury) has two little horns is obvious: since eating its fruits was the cause of expulsion from the Garden of Eden and since the devil is usually represented with two horns, it was logical to add those two horns here as well.
But why would Venus be the tree of life?
In Egypt, there is this symbol named ankh, or the crux ansata, whose glyph is very similar to Venus’:  ankh is the force of the eternal life.
Also, for thousands of years humans know and use the golden number and the golden proportion, which represents a divine proportion and is found everywhere in the nature. Its value is 1.618339 and has countless uses in art, architecture, pyramids. The pyramidal energy is a healing and life supporting energy (the pyramid effect). The very same proportion is also found in the movement of Venus and the Earth around the Sun.
Another interesting observation is this: in Revelation 22:13-14 the Lord says “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. ”
The glyph for Taurus is a tilt alpha , while the glyph of Libra is an omega with a horizontal line below it . These zodiacal signs are both ruled by Venus.
We further notice that these elements are all inside Earth’s orbit: the Sun, Mercury, Venus and sometimes the Moon, which sometimes passes outside this circle (ellipse) of the orbit (when there is a Full Moon for instance).
And actually it was the woman (the Moon) who made the mistake to listen to the snake: The snake may be well represented by Mars, its glyph showing the snake coming out from the apple of the temptation .
We notice that only the quick moving planets are represented in the Garden of Eden. God is not represented, that would be impossible, of course. He is the one who sets the rules.
There is no other information on the other animals or trees. They are less important to the story. However it is possible that, following the same pattern, they would be represented by Jupiter and Saturn.
Moving further with the interpretation, we remember that God planted this garden “eastward”. An astrologer knows that the east is the Ascendant. Also there was a river who divided in four parts – maybe these are the four axis of a horoscope: ASC-DSC, MC-IC.
And so, little by little, we came to see this whole biblical story of the Eden garden as a huge astrological design or a horoscope.
So, actually the biblical story of the Garden of Eden is actually a situation of our present life, because the astrology and the horoscopes are active today as well as they were in the ancient times.

The spiritual perspective

God’s interdiction referred to ” eating the fruits ” from the tree of knowledge of good and evil refers not to some story of the biblical times, but to some moral and spiritual laws of the existence, to a wrong attitude towards knowledge and life which are abused by humans, by an egoistic attitude. So “eating the fruits” means actually doing something for oneself, in order to feed the ego, and not for other superior reasons.
The divine state of the man is the harmony and the communion with the nature, but humans have misused the knowledge in order to harm the others, and for other malefic purposes and for this reason they have lost the divine state and turned to misery. That is what ‘feeling naked in the garden of Eden’ really means.
The nakedness itself is not shameful; this is how people are born, it is natural. But the egoistic attitude and actions, the misuse of knowledge, the other sins have undressed us from the purity and other virtues and we remained empty of those. And this is shameful.
The result was the interdiction of the Christian church to knowledge, for thousands of years, not understanding that it is not the knowledge which represents a sin, but the use of it.
There is also the possibility for the man to live hundreds of years: the ancient patriarchs who lived a pure and virtuous life demonstrated that it is possible. Please notice that the interdiction of eating the fruits from the tree of life has come only after the first rule regarding the tree of knowledge has been broken. So, those biblical Patriarchs who all lived many hundreds of years, they have all eaten from the fruits of the tree of life and being wise, they haven’t sinned through knowledge.
So, sinning has brought us both nakedness from the blessings of the Lord and a short life by the impossibility to eat the fruits of life.
The present efforts of the scientists for prolonging life represent a modern desperate strive to reach to the fruits of the tree of life, but the problem is that humans are not interested much in spirituality, in living by the spiritual, moral rules, quite on the contrary, and that’s why scientists’ efforts are in vain and prolonging people’s life while not trying to increase its spiritual value represents a sin.
This is how I think that the biblical story of the Eden garden should be interpreted and not literally.


The human civilization along the zodiacal ages and era 

Taking a closer look at the history of the humankind, an attentive observer may identify historical ages that may be correlated with the twelve zodiacal signs, beginning with Pisces and going back to Aries. each ages last about  2160 year give or take a 100 year   the world came in to begin in gemini the first man  , jesus was born in pisces the fish and now  we are in the age of aquarius the chart above help explain a bite

I also put a zodiac era  )we are  in the era of  gemini ) with the maya time period to show different and simmerity
These zodiacal ages and era  represent general influences over the humankind, with no strict delimitation from one to another.


i started withe the national level the beginning is more of and explaining

Your viewpoint is sacred because no one else in creation can have your viewpoint What is consciousness?  Consciousness is being conscious of being aware  What is a calendar?  It is the pinpoint center of any civilization, because everything in society revolves around the calendar.

  The Mayan calendar is constructed in nine levels.
Each of those levels is divided into 13 parts.
On the Mayan calendar, there are seven periods of light and six periods of dark.
We heard that in Genesis.  Every civilization knew that.
Each day is a period of enlightenment or increase in consciousness and each night is a period of applying that consciousness – sometimes we learn more from the application of that consciousness – that is called a ‘mistake’ but even that is part of the learning process.

The Mayan consciousness is divided into 13 levels
Action – reaction
Then stimulus – response – which is the next step
Stimulous – individual response – is the next step

  Indigenous calendars, though physical also includes spiritual aspects and thus were shunned by the Catholic church In every case – there is consciousness – then ‘light’ – then ‘thought – then ‘action’

We have all been brainwashed with the focus on the Gregorian calendar
All indigenous calendars were 360 days long
The Mayans had a  360 day calendar – but they also knew how many days it took to go around the sun
The HAAB calendar was 365 1/4 days long – it was used for taxes only – and was used by the city-state for administration purposes
The Mayans also had the Tzolkin calendar – which means count of days.  It was 260 days long
It is the astrological calendar of the Maya – Or the personal calendar of the Maya
There are 13 Intentions on the part of Creation and 20 different aspects of Creation that are represented on this calendar
So this calendar is a 20 X 13 calendar
The purpose of each day resonates to the intention and aspect of the calendar and that is the purpose of the life of the person born on that day
Your first name was the name of the day that you were born
The Mayans believed that you chose to be born that day above all others so that was your intention for this life – therefore each Mayan knew why they were here on earth and so did every other person

 There is a third Mayan calendar – The TUN calendar

The TUN calendar is the divine and prophetic calendar. It is not as well known by the archaeologists as well.  It is a 360 day calendar.
Every 52  revolutions of the TUN calendar matches the same spot on the 360 day calendar.  On this date of celebration – every bit of fire was extinguished and the next day runners from the temple went to all the people and relit the fires. The next day all debts were absolved and the people could start over again.
Each day was divided into 13 hours, each hour into 13 minutes and each minute into 13 seconds, etc. etc.
There are no planetary objects going around the earth in 260 days, but all plantery objects spin in 360 degrees.

During the 5th night when art was discovered – Neanderthal went extinct
consciousness changed – and its changing again
In the ethics period – what we should be seeing is meeting our galactic neighbors
1873 – 1893 – is when Nicola Tesla discovered free energy , but ‘power’ squashed him, but its coming back again
In 2008 – free is energy is returning
Everything is changing 360 days, but its coming that change is coming every 20 days now, and that’s difficult for our mind to comprehend – 24 frames per second is all we can handle.  We can process less and less of what is going on – and that causes stress.
So we started adapt to stress – by fight or flight syndrome – then if we can’t handle it, the mind goes unconscious or we don’t notice – we find distractions from the stress
There is a whole other thing we are born with – intuition
Everyone is going to go out of their minds soon – your intuition doesn’t have a speed limit – its your own connection to your own personal knowing which is all that an be known
Consciousness is always oriented by time and place
This place is what is called 3-D –
From 5-D comes a flow of potential to the 4th dimension to the third. that’s when it comes into manifestation.  Have you noticed that intuition is always right?
When you are centered in your intuition – you are in the ‘zone’ – it feels natural and you know the right thing to do.  That is the staging for creating your future – that’s when you create your next moment.
We see these in consecutive moments, but its actually all a ‘flow’ – creation’s flow
What we can do is entrain to this ‘flow’

  The Mayan calendar was never a calendar – it was a meter – keeping track of creation, the flow, the rate, and the intent of creation.

Familial consciousness – the recognition of individuals
Sometimes you are part of the herd – sometimes you an individual
It took 41 million years to get this far in consciousness
What you pay attention to, you become conscious of. You can’t break that rule. Once you pay attention to, you become conscious of.
If you are paying attention to something – now you are conscious of it.
The whole purpose of the Mayan calendar,  and the civilization, if you are paying attention to it, day by day, to the flow of creation, what do you become conscious of?    The flow of creation, and the flow of creation contains all that can be known including intuition.  The truth is always simple.
Intuition is going to be our lifeline through all coming situations.
The whole purpose of the Mayan calendar is to engage your intuition.
The calendar us to entraiin your consciousness to allow your intuition to open.
From our time and place, we pay attention to what is in front of us, what’s actually there.  Our mind is really not there, its always in the past or the future.  When you mind is really on what you are doing, you aren’t really thinking at all  you’re just doing.
How you address 3-D is by paying attention to the time and place where you’re at,   then you develop an intent – or ‘intention’ and the intention is the focus of your attention.  What is it you desire in the next moment.
The stronger your attention, the better your intention.
Once you have the intention, then you have the integrity.  We address the physical universe with our own personal integrity.  When you use your integrity, then you bring it about.
Intuition, knowing the right thing to do at the right moment.
This is the kind of thing we’re going to move further and further into, as we evolve consciousness.
Intuition is going to be the key.
Now is when it has to be applied.
We are all creators, but what we want to create is peace of mind.


IAN Explains how long each of the 13 part takes in the billions of years.
He explains it as though it is Darwin’s theory of life, but he doesn’t mention Darwin
Monkeys showed up 40 million years ago – with individual response to stimuli – before that it was herds and flocks – where the whole herd or flock or school of fish take off all at the same time when startled.
3.2 million years built the concept of family – which is the recognition of the individual
2 million years ago, we started the tribal cycle – the first Palis ape.
160 thousands years ago – Homo Saspiens showed up. – that was the beginning of the 7th day.


 Anytime anything came into my life that I didn’t intend – peace of mind went and mind took over.
How do you build peace of mind and get it back every time?  Peace of mind only happens when you are centered.
Centeredness is the criteria for peace of mind.  How do you get that?
Centeredness come from certainty.
Every time certainty leaves, look for the pattern.  Look for the reason
The more you recognize the pattern, the more you achieve certainty and centeredness.
So, repeating the pattern is comfortable, and  familiar is done by our society.  That’s what our culture does.  That is hypnosis.
How do you break out out of a hypnotic state?  Do something different.
Hypnotism is being done on purpose.  Kings and rulers have had 5,000 years to hypnotize people.  When people are being hypnotized, they are being created. They are being made into Christians, or Catholics, or Americans or Russians, or Britany Spears wannabes, or Howard Hughes wannabes.  


tribal consciousness is  similarities and differences Human tribal day

Speaking to one another – reasons for things

8 thousands years ago – we developed agriculture
3115 BC – The national cycle – the modern nation was produced in that consciousness – also when we learned to write – it began with ‘her’ story (mother nature?) and after we learned to write it became ‘his’ story.
Each state is approximately 415 years.
King Menos started the first nation – calling it Egypt.  It had borders, tariffs, armies, law.
3115 BC is approximately when the Bible’s Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. There were reasons but there were no laws – once they left the garden. – there were human laws and this has evolved to where we are now.


 Americans are hypnotized. That’s why we can’t see our nose on the front of our faces.  In nature this doesn’t happen.  Nature doesn’t run on a regular schedule – it doesn’t run in a repetitive nature.  It constantly throws you curves.
As above, so below – that also means so below – as above – its not a one way street. This translates into higher aspects.
A gyroscope is a balanced mass around an agreed upon center.  We each have a center, and that center is intuition.
The way a gyroscope works, the faster it goes, the more change happens, and it becomes more and more balanced and stable it becomes.
We have a more  constant acceleration of change in our future.  Everything is going to change faster and faster and faster.  As a being, if you remain centered, you will be more and more stable. More and more people know that intuition is the tool to remain stable and balanced.
The animals in the tsunami of 2004 used intuition and none of the elephants died. (They all left the shore before the tsunami arrived.)
What happens if you take a chunk out of the gyroscope and it loses it’s integrity, it becomes unbalanced and loses its centered.  Some people don’t believe in intuition. If you look at their lives, you are going to see integrity issues.
When I’m talking about your integrity, I’m talking about following your heart.
There are two brands of integrity – your personal integrity, fullness and forthrightness, and institutional integrity. Institutional integrity – Power integrity is:  ‘can you keep a secret?’. If you can you are an honorable man, and if you can’t, you can’t go any higher. That’s the way that works. Power has had its own brand of integrity, but it doesn’t have any wholeness – it has holes.  Corporations, religions and relations fall apart from lack of integrity.  Integrity is the issues and will become more and more so from hereon forward.
There is no thing to do about this – there is no doing here – there is no having – there is just being.   This is where we are headed.
We need to know how to manifest ourselves into new states of being, of havingness and doing.  There is a formula to follow.
These are the foundations of manifestation in the third dimension.  Attention, registering, showing up, witnessing what is going on.  This is not easy.

Human tribal night


This is similarities and differences and are part of the mind – our survival took is now the mind d- before that it was fangs and claws.
Homo Erectus came up with the consciousness of fire.
We no longer react – we decide and make choices.


We have an intent what you will be in the future.  When you are paying close attention to what’s actually going on and having an intention, you are set you manifest your future.  Attention – then intention – is integrity.
If you don’t have personal integrity, you will not be able to touch or contact your intuition, which is your connection to ‘source’, and there your ability to manifest goes right out the window.  Attention, intention, integrity, and intuition.
This is about manifesting the next steps in our evolution.  It’s not only about ‘stuff’.  What is going to take for us to  continue to go to higher and higher  in our abilities and being more responsible and it takes these steps and stages.
We’ve been doing ‘stuff’, in order to ‘have’.  Now we have to do ‘stuff’ just to keep going.  But we’ve forgotten about the ‘being’ part.  Be – do  – have.  You have these tools – you can use these tools, you can do the paying of attention, setting of intention, working on your integrity – being forthright and honest, the admitting of mistakes, and connecting to your intuition. This is what makes it happen.
Integrity means sustainability.  A system without integrity falls apart.
This is going to happen faster and faster.
We have more and more coincidences and synchronicities.  When you sent out an intention, its going to manifest ‘right there’.

The PISCES age– lasted until around the year 4500 B.C. It is the matriarchal period of the history of the humankind after the mythical Flood, when the people had a peaceful tribal organization, ruled by women, worshipping the maternity and the Neolithic art and spirituality in Europe was blooming.


Speech culture day

Version 1:  Some of the changes are good – we now think of them as miracles because several cycles ago – none of these things could have happened.
The bad thing is that you are getting overwhelmed. The good thing is that more things can happen all the time.
This process is a constant acceleration, and goes faster and faster and faster – each time it goes 20 times faster.
In the 5th day – is the biggest event – the birthday of our solar system. The biggest opening for consciousness.  315 million years ago. All development of life was under water, and then came crawling out onto the beach. Color vision was installed in mammals. Fire was discovered by homo erectus when their consciousness became aware of it.

In the 5th night – everything gets applied.
All the moons still have all the craters showing, from the meteors, but the earth doesn’t show them all anymore.  All the water on earth is from the meteors that came flying in.
97% of all life went extinct from a comet slamming into the earth.
All life evolved back.  The monkeys made it or we wouldn’t be here.


Version 2  As things go faster and faster, you will become more and more certain than you can manifest your own future.
From your first breath, you have intended your next one.  Most of what shows up in your life is what you intend – that is true for most everyone.
Now, more and more of what you intend exactly shows up.
Now you have to pay attention to more and more things, including the media. You have more and more opportunities for you.  The only thing that can hold you back is your integrity.
Ethics and integrity is the key.
What the Mayans say is that the being (God)  Itsamna –  where he came from we really don’t know.
Itsamna came down to the Mayans and delivered the information about language, writing, mathematics and the calendar.  So they received the information as a gift.
They have sacrificed generations of people to hold this information.
Even though all their written information was destroyed by the Catholics who came from Spain and other countries, the Mayans still held this information within themselves.
We are now receiving some of the information from them (The Mayans).
There is a calendar stone in the grotto of the King, and it is 12 feet high. On one side of the stone is Mayan writing – all that is there is the periods of time.   


Speech culture night

680,000 years ago we had the Ilonian Ice Age .

102 thousand years ago – we started the cultural cycle
The cultural cycle had its own brand of consciousness – reasons
The Shamans came up with the reasons for things.
The basis for culture is shared reasons

40,000 years ago in the Cultural Cycle was the development of art.  cave art, carved stone. Art was the consciousness of future.  The first expression of future.
The art was done so that future things would occur.  They carved a pregnant woman so there would be a pregnancy.  The drew a bear so they could catch one for food. It was like magic – shamanic for the future.
32,000 years ago was the 5th night.
Neanderthal went extinct.  Why?  Because they never changed.  They didn’t travel. When they interacted with homo erectus, they started copying things,  but they never did anything on their own – they couldn’t imagine the future.


680 thousand years ago was the Ionian ice age.
40 thousand years ago – the consciousness of art and future came to humanity.  They painted theiri future – not their past – the Shamans painted their prayers – the Bisosn they wanted for food – it was their power.  Art was not decoration – It was Shamanic.
32 thousand years ago – Neanderthal went extinct – because they never changed – they never did anything different.  They had no imagination for the future – so they didn’t survive.
40 A.D. We learned that we are all Divine.  We learned that we a re conscious co-creators.  We learned Integrity.

Some people want – no motion – no change – They think that people out on the fringe can’t do what they say is possible, especially related to intuition.
The Venus transit of JUNE 8, 2004 shifted people consciousness
Men are having emotions they never used to have.

Wrting national day

In WWII all life did not go extinct. People had predicted nuclear winter and it didn’t happen.  The Jewish people did not go extinct.  There was no 30 year war like when Rome fell.  Things are getting better.  Back when – women had no rights – now even animals have rights. Things are getting dramatically better, and you should expect it to get even better. All this accelerating is happening and it’s getting faster and faster.

The mind:  The mind is a tool that consciousness uses to distinguish difference and similarities between things.  Some people think they ‘are’ their mind – get over that right away. The mind has a ‘flicker frequency.’  It is used in subliminal advertising.  The mind works in a series of pictures.  The ‘flicker frequency’ is 24 frames per second. That is how fast your mind works.  It is the speed limit of the mind.  You can still clearly remember traumatic events in your life.  That is a demonstration of that you are not your mind. This ‘flicker frequency – 24 frames per second is as fast as your mind can work.  When the mind is self-preservating – it has a built in safety over-ride system.  The first stage is called ‘stress’.  When your mind is not sure of what’s coming, it sends you a signal, which is to get up and walk away.  Animals do this really well. Humans, parents, and teachers would have us not get up and walk away so we have adapted to stress. How much stress can you handle?  The business world demands that of us. 80%  of what goes wrong with your body starts with stress.  It’s a pandemic.
Consciousness is busy making 5 billion decisions a second – nano seconds – 1/100,000th of a second. Consciousness has sped away from your mind. People used to build everything with their own hands in their own house.  Very few exceptions.


There is still a lot of resistance to change.
We are in the 4th day – 2007 – heading for the 5th night, which is 2008.
The resistance coming is against the fact that ‘We are God!’
The whole creation thing is becoming more and more structured and we are getting more and more control.
Change – good and bad – is becoming more and more specific. This resistance is going to create more heat – our consciousness is becoming more and more refined.
Consciousness is not going to tear up the planet when it’s got conscious co-creation in mind.
There may be some earth destructions, but it’s not going to destroy the whole world.
We are not in debt.  Debt was manufactured.
Animals have to expand energy to live.  We have to do the same – but more of a variety – but there is no debt for that.
The idea of commerce – is manufactured – Merchant Law. Merchant Law, Contract Law, British Law – which is our law. This system was built to fail, over and over again, and then one final failure.  Every 20 years, it fails.
Every one of the nights – it goes down – every one of the days, it goes back up.
In the 5th night – everything gets applied – that is 2008.

The PISCES age– lasted until around the year 4500 B.C. It is the matriarchal period of the history of the humankind after the mythical Flood, when the people had a peaceful tribal organization, ruled by women, worshipping the maternity and the Neolithic art and spirituality in Europe was blooming.

Writing national night

The Shamans had the information of consciousness – the reasons for living and sharing reasons with each other
Then came the National cycle and when we learned how to write
First comes ‘his’ story – then comes ‘her’ story
The next cycle is ‘law’ – this goes past ‘reason’. there are 16 million laws on the books and you need to know them all

NATIONAL CYCLE – 1st Day – 3115 BC – The very first ‘Day’ of the ‘First God’.
The ‘First Idea’ – During the ‘First Night’ – Abraham moved to Canaan and started up a church.
The ‘Third Day’ – Always when the truth comes forward – Moses received the 10 Commandments. ‘The ‘Law’ was laid down.
‘Third Night’  – Islam was created. 
Pythagoras was developing his theories of geometry.
‘Fourth Day’ –
ConfuciusLao Tsu – Buddha – and the idea of reincarnation in India.
‘Fifth Day’ – Jesus
‘Sixth Day’ – Crusades – Catholic Church -Pilgrims and more Islamic development.

In the National cycle – 40 AD – Jesus died, and he had told us that we were divine – every single one of us is a son or daughter of God, and nobody should get between us and God to do our speaking for us.  That was his basic message.
In the next 400 years, his message was being spread.
In 416 – Rome fell – the most powerful nation on earth.  Consciousness of Caesar became known that he wasn’t a God and Rome was very far away so people stopped worshipping him as a God.  Recognition of that undermined the authority of Rome.

  Go home and build a light-bulb. There is a source for stress. The stress just keeps building.  If you can’t handle the stress, the mind goes into fight or flight.  All logic is suspended – there is no similarity or difference anymore. A drop of adrenaline in your system, and you have to flee or fight to preserve your idea of survival. This is desk rage, road rage, Columbine High School, terrorism, and all wars. That’s what this is and this is on mass increase also.  If you can’t fight or run away, what’s left?  One last ditch effort to survive – unconsciousness.  Animals use this technique – they play dead.  It is a survival technique.  It is the mother of all addictions and the father of all suicides.  It is a denial of experience.  All addictions are a chosen method to stay unconscious.  This is the kind of thing that is going to happen in the future because of acceleration because things are going to happen faster and faster.  This is why the world looks like its going to pieces.
The minds was not built for speed.  It looks like we are going to all be going out of our minds.  What’s out there is intuition – your own personal knowing – your own personal power.  Intuition is personal knowing.  The Catholics in the Inquisition murdered over 44 million women for having intuition They were  declared a witch and then killed.  So intuition went out of style.  Intuition is your own personal power.
The Pope recently asked forgiveness for doing that.  [Killing all the women]

The AQUARIUS age – from 4500 B.C. until around 1500 B.C. This is the time when the Egyptian civilization was at its top, the pyramids were built, the period of some of the most important human discoveries such as the writing, the medicine, the astrology, the alchemy, the philosophy. Hermes Mercurius Trismesgistus (around 2000 B.C.) was the most representative figure of this period. He was considered as the “divine intellect”; therefore he might be associated with the superior level of Mercury, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.
The CAPRICORN age – from 1500 B.C. until 200 A.D. This is the time when the Great Masters of the humankind Zarathustra (for the Mesopotamians), Moses (for the Jews), Zamolxis (for the Thracians) received from God a set of rules of living for their people, for them to obey and respect. Moses brought to the Israelis the Decalogue containing the 10 laws (Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac). This is also the time of the great empires of the antiquity (the Roman, the Macedonian, the Thracian Empires).
The SAGITTARIUS age – from 200 A.D. until 1000 A.D. This is the era of the great migrations from Asia to Europe, the epoch of the dissemination of Christianity and the birth of the second largest world religion, the Islamism (year 632 A.D.), the foundation of the monastic community of Mount Athos, now in Greece, the
The SCORPIO age – from 1000 A.D. until 1500 A.D. This is the “dark period” of the Middle Age, of the crusades and the inquisition, of the proliferation of the magic practices, the witchcraft and the alchemy. A representative figure of this period was the legendary Dracula, on his real name, Vlad the Impaler. He was always represented wearing an 8 point star (Scorpio is the 8th zodiacal sign) and is renowned for his favorite way to punish the convicts – by impaling them into the anus (which astrologically corresponds also to Scorpio).

Industry planetary day

The Planetary consciousness started in 1755 A.D.
This is when the Industrial Revolution started.
Each of these ‘days and nights’ were approximately 19.7 of our years.
This whole consciousness cycle now is all about ‘power’ – raw unmittigated power.
Water wheels, steam power, electrical power, internal combustion nuclear – all the beginning evolved from the one before.
The beginning of the 7th day is 1992 – – the internet – manifesting the Planetary consciousness

There is no money – there is no debt – read my website about this.
Start allowing things to happen – do not resist anything.
Witness things but do not resist them.
Our consciousness is time and place – but the Mayans had more – they had intuition and attention, and intension and integrity.
They had an 8 section heaven – {See the chart in the video}
There is nothing we have to do with our emotions as they are already in place.
Ecstacy, enthusiasm, interest, conservancy, boredom, antagonism, covert hostility, (sarcasm), pain, anger, fear, sympathy, grief, propitiation (please don’t hurt me), apathy, death.
There is more and more personal choice the higher your emotional status is.

The LIBRA age – from around 1500 A.D. until 1800 A.D. This is the period of the Renaissance, of the flourishing of the arts and the culture, of the French Revolution with its slogan “liberty, equality, fraternity”, of the American Revolution and the basis of the modern democracy.


Industry planetary night

What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of
Yout free will constitutes what you pay attention to
1582 – was called ‘Year of our Lord’ by Pope Gregory
This is when the Gregorian calendar began
We go around the sun every 365 1/4 days
Our whole concept of time is about this cycle and movement of moving things
The Gregorian calendar did not go down well with indigenous people
Most civilizations had their own calendars
Millions and millions of people were killed to get them to follow the Gregorian calendar which was the physical measurement of our orbit around the sun through space
It has pinned our civilization to physical evidence only
But out consciousness has changed over time to include things that are other then physical because our calendar has directed our consciousness and that is ‘insiduous

Planetary consciousness started in 1752 AD – all about the production and consolidation of ‘power’.

Planetary Cycle – 5th day – 1913 – e = Mc2 – Einstein’s work was being published.
There is the blueprint of our reality.
1924 – Mr. Hubble discovered that we live in an infinite Universe.  Before that – people thought that the Milky Way was the whole of creation.
In an infinite Universe – everything is possible. There is an opening for consciousness.
1932 – we applied all that acceleration and understanding into WWII – we blew off the atomic bomb and brought upon ourselves the responsibility and knowing that we could be the ‘last.  That has been our consciousness ever since.


We can afford to forgive them because we have greater understanding of the reasons for that.  [The church]
Athletes, on the field, under very stressful conditions, instead of going into the fight or flight syndrome, routinely go into the ‘zone’ and they make spectacular plays under tremendous stress. – they see and know everything that is happening ‘in the moment’.  They see the play in slow motion. That’s how they stay in the game – riding their intuition – with no time to think about it.  If you think about it, you’ve lost.  That’s why we pay them the money, because they are doing something we admire.  We only pay for what we admire.  That is really the basis for all exchange – what we admire.  That is what beings exchange – admiration between one and another.  The economy is moving away from money – it’s moving between one and another.  The economy is moving into admiration.
Being in the zone is very, very important – when it comes to the rapid change that is coming, that is the only thing that will work. In thinking, is all the fears, doubts and worry.  When you are engaged in your intuition, there is no fear – you just do it.  Direct action.  Your intuition will always be calm and knowing. Your mind will throw in the kitchen sink.  Even on 9/11 – those who followed their intuition survived.  (This is just an example) 



The lower levels have less choice  – particularly death.
Ian describes the emotions and how to acknowledge them.
In anger, we have less choice.
In propitiation – there is no choice “Please don’t hurt me!” – you are being made to do things.
In apathy – there are only a couple of choices – to care or not – or to die or not.
In death – the only choice is to stay dead or not.
There is one famous man who shoed us this choice. His initials are J.C.
As we move forward, there becomes more and more choices.
We can now be brought back to life medically.
The emotional tone scale – emotions go up and down – in higher there are more choices. –
In lower emotions – there is less choice.
Evolution – more choices – we are more highly evolved with more cells – so we have more choices.
In our human experience – we have more choices available, we get to choose which emotion we are in –  this is the key.
How many people have been in angry in one moment and laughing the next?
It can be changed instantly.  When we get new data, we make a choice to change. There is an escape door out of your mind.
Your mind has only one occupation – to give you choice – options – when you make a choice – your mind is out of a job – for a time.
When you make a choice – your mind becomes unplugged until it is time to make a new choice.
When you pay attention to your mind – you have a better opportunity and options to choose.  You can choose.  You can choose to be in that emotion – when you choose, you are automatically not in that emotional anymore.
If you’ve ever seen yourself as angry – you can’t look at yourself and stay angry – but you can’t stay that way – As soon as you choose – you pop up to the next line.
You can never evaluate for another person what emotion they are in.
The main thing is: Choose to be in the emotion you are in.
As we move forward – for every 13 stages we go  through – there are 20 changes to make.

The VIRGO age – from 1800 A.D. until 1948 A.D.

This is a period of accelerated development of all sciences, such as the mathematics, the physics, the chemistry, and the modern medicine, the boom of the communications and of the industry. This is also the period of the Jews’ holocaust and the foundation of the Israeli state in 1948 (the Israeli national symbol is the 6 point star – Virgo is the 6th zodiacal sign).

The LEO age– from 1948 until 1989

This is the Cold War period, the ego war between the two superpowers, the USA and the Soviet Union (symbolized by the red 5 point star – Leo is the 5th zodiacal sign), the nuclear arming race, the dictatorial regimes of Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu.

Galatic day

  It is now a global consciousness – turned on www,com  We ‘are on a schedule.
The next cycle – is the Galactic consciousness cycle – which just started – January 5, 1999 – we are learning faster and faster.
Each day and night is now 360 days – it’s called ‘ethics.

This will become more and more critical as we move forward.  How do we find our intuition?  Usually it is fleeting – it comes quickly and then goes away – unfortunately the mind jumps in and starts making excuses.  It is not our friend. The mind would rather be right than be alive and will make different decisions.
Intuition is your own personal knowing.
All knowledge comes from a source – we don’t have to name it.  It comes in a flow of creation.
The source of this flow is the source of all knowing.  Your consciousness is in this flow of events.
When you are in an intuitive moments, it’s like there is no time at all.  In that moment, there is a flow.  When you are centered in the flow of information – the trick is to stay there.
Our consciousness is oriented by time and place.  They Maya had some other help – personal intent – 1 thru 13.
Have you ever been somewhere you didn’t intend to be?  Did you feel centered?
The Maya knew their personal intent – they could recognize when they weren’t in their personal intention.  They also had a Divine Plan.  In our own place, we have no Divine Plan.
That’s the way our science looks at it.  There were  20 different aspects to their creation.  Personal intent and their orientation to the Divine plan produce a symbol – Called the 8 Division – sky – place.  That symbol stands for Heaven.
There are some occasions we have been in that place and that we were feeling larger than ourselves.  It feels Heavenly.  That is the importance of the Mayan calendar. The calendar was never about ‘Time’ – it’s about the flow of creation.
There is one law in the universe – what we pay attention to, we become conscious of.  What would be conscious of?  Would it be easier to have our consciousness attuned to your intuition?  It’s  automatic -without effort – it’s just there.  Each morning when you wake up – know what your daily intent of creation for that day is and then went about their day doing that.
Do you know what entrainment is?  It is the automatic syncopation of life forms or even mechanical objects.   

Changes are happening faster and faster.
You will have more and more options for experiences as long as you are paying attention.
There will come a time when there is no death.
We are all creating our own experiences in the future.  There will be more and more opportunities to rise towards enthusiasm or ecstacy with ascension.
There is nothing you have to study about it or leaders to follow – just take advantage of more and more opportunities offered to you.
The Mayans had knowledge of what happens after death – in their cosmology – which goes toward Orion’s belt – when someone passes on – he passes into the black hole and then is regurgitated back out.
Medical technology has brought us from the age of 45 to 75 to 80.  Our life span has almost doubled in the last few years. That gives us more choices and more opportunities.
In the 4th night we get free energy.
In the 5th day we get telepathy, levitation, free energy, gene therapy.
How old do you want to be?
Time travel – electrons have been teleported.
What day is it really?
The mind is going to have a hard time with this.
We have so much change and opportunity, we have to wear ‘shades’ because the future is so bright.
The mind has one purpose – to look for danger – we have to know all about it, once we know, we can move on to life – food, survival, maybe even sex.
That’s why bad new sells.
When we lose our job, we discover that we aren’t our job.
It is a huge lesson and we get freed up from being stuck in just one thing.
Integrity has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.
We are all creating our own experience – no excuses – we are all making it as we go. Sometimes we aren’t conscious of how we created it.  As evolution continues, especially as ethics and integrity become the focal point of your consciousness, you won’t be able to create bad experiences.


The CANCER age– from 1989 until 2001 This is a period of increasing nationalist agitation (the Palestinian uprisings against the Israelis, the war in Bosnia), of an important international role of NATO (symbolized by the 4 point star – Cancer is the 4th zodiacal sign), the creation of the European Union as a big family of the member states.


Galatic night


  Galactic consciousness began in 1999 – its all about ‘ethics’.  What is right and wrong
Morals are ‘reasons’.  Morals are from ‘outer’, ethics are from ‘inside us’.
ethics and integrity are the issue of the day.  There is a struggle between ‘ethics’ and ‘power’.
This is level of the 4th day 1874 – 1894 – Law overcame ‘Power” on the 4th day.
The last time we were on the 4th day was in 1873-1893 when ‘power’ overcame ‘law’ and that came in a court decision.

ENTRAINMENT:  When a mother and baby are together and the baby is nursing, their heartbeats start beating together – that is entrainment.  It’s a natural matching up – even cuckoo clocks will be ticking and tocking at the same time within a week. 13 and 20 –  It’s a weave of those two numbers.  Only what you know from inside is for your benefit.
Consciousness is the awareness of being aware.  Consciousness has a job to do – Consciousness divides creations.
When you are really conscious – you can see the vein on a leaf, or the colors of a butterfly’s wings –  When you aren’t conscious, everything looks the same – the more conscious you  are, the more prejudiced you are.  The job of consciousness is to notice the differences. That’s how you appreciate the experiences –  But noticing the differences.
The Mayan calendar divides by 13 all consciousness.  That is the number that consciousness operates under.
Creation has a job too.  All creation multiplies.  And all of creation multiplies by the factor of 20.  So, by following how this weave goes of 13 and 20 – by being aware of that entrains your conscious mind to the interplay of creation.
Everyone wants peace of mind. Peace of mind has a lot to do with intuition.  The only way to have peace of mind has a lot to do with intuition.  The only way to have peace of mind is when you are centered. How do you get centered?  There is only one time when you can be centered and that isi when you are ‘certain’.  When you are ‘centered, then you are centered. There is only one source of certainty – the recognition of patterns.  They more you recognize the patterns, the more certain you are. The more you are centered – the more you have ‘peace of mind’.

At one time in history, we experienced cannibalism.  We don’t do that anymore – that was the consciousness at one – not anymore.
We are in judgment day .  What is the difference between judgment and discernment? Judgment means that if you don’t like something – the other person can’t be allowed to do that thing – however, discernment means that you can see something that you don’t like – but you can still allow another person to do it.  That is discernment – so be in allowment.
There is not an innocent victim anywhere. There are no victims – Those people created what is happening to themselves – they made the choice to go there and what is harming them.
What is on this planet now is only 1% of what had already gone before us and gone extinct.
Sharing what you know is your duty.
What you know is extremely important to pass on – but you need to allow everyone to be who they are and what they want.
Active resistance is not healthy at all.

The GEMINI age– from 2001 until 2008 This period began with the plane attack to the twin towers of WTC (keywords for Gemini: plane, aerial, twin, trade center).
The TAURUS age– from the year 2008 This period began with the global economic crisis: property (= earth, Taurus is an earth sign) devaluated, bank system well shaken. This is the age we are living right now.

Universal day

The Universal consciousness cycle is coming next.  Begins Feb. 10, 2011 –  each shift and change will then take about 20 days.
The Power Elite Corporations are being called on their ethics and questioned

  Corporations were guaranteed all the rights of individuals, and now people are also Corporations.  corporations overcame government.  You can’t have ethics unless you have some ‘power’ first.  If you are running for your life, ‘ethics’ has no place in it, but if you are standing your ground ‘ethics’ comes first.
Universal consciousness cycle.  Conscious co-creation – starts Feb. 10, 2011.
This is what our evolution has been all about. We are becoming conscious creators
This conscious co-creation is why we’re here.  We do this with every situation through our whole lives.
Each Day in our creations is 20 times shorter than the one before.
More and more is available to us now than there ever was in any previous civilization
There will be more and more acceleration to be possible and more and more opportunities coming.
All you have to do is participate in the possibilities.
During the 5th day is when things really get going –
These are the previous stages”
1-the development of the solar system,
2 -when life moved out of the water onto land
3 – color vision occurred
4 – man discovered fire
5 – art
6 – Jesus message went out all over the planet
7 – 1913 – 1932 – EMC=Mc2 – Mr. Hubble discovered the Universe when we discovered that everything is possible. 

  The pattern of history shows us that things are getting better and better.  We are evolving and that will go forward into our future too, because this ‘Ethics’ will overcome ‘Power’.
‘Law’ overcame ‘Reason’.  ‘Power’ overcomes ‘Law’.  There is very little reason or sanity in the way laws are written.  ‘Power’ overcame ‘Law’, when Carnegie, Rockefeller and Westinghouse became powers and overcame the laws of nations and people.
We have ‘Ethics’ coming in now {2005] – ‘Ethics’ will overcome ‘Power’.  We are watching the throes of a dying animal now. There are more people worried than certain these days.  There are more people afraid of the future than looking forward to it.

We are watching the throes of a dying animal but things are getting better.
In a plant, there are certain parts that go on to propagate more plants, the seeds, and seeds are pieces of the plant that decided to be a seed, some of the plant decided to be a leaf, or root, or stalk.  That’s where they felt they fit in – that part of the plant’s consciousness.  What happens to all those other parts – Like the stalk and the root and the leaves.  It gets to be mulch – it’s very useful.  It goes in and builds ground that supports other seeds for other cycles.
This is 16 billion years.  Time is mental – it doesn’t exist.
We are not the first ones to go through this.  There were other people who went through this whole cycle before us – other consciousness.  Now we call them angels because they are not limited to physical.  They already went through this graduation ceremony – and we are coming up on it.  (graduation)   Not everyone makes it through it – in one time.
Remember ‘Allow, allow, allow’.  We are all doing this collectively. – We are creating this situation, but we are putting out own two cents in. – This is our investment. – We are paying attention. The more you can allow things to occur and not resist, the more you can be in your intuition and the more you can be in your flow.
The next cycle starts in 2011 and lasts 260 days.
June 1st is the exact middle of this cycle.  {2005]
‘Ethics’ is looming over ‘Power’ – It’s going to be traumatic for some people and exalting for others.
These ‘New World Order’ people want 80% of you dead.  – These guys have diabolical plants – Chemtrails, Soy, Aspertame, Fluoride, Coca Cola, etc.  On the other hand, Creation has a much grander plan and no disasters in mind.  These people have horrible Draconian plans.  It’s going to be a test to  ‘Allow’.
The media has already changed track – you read the ‘crawl’ at the bottom and you will get a wonderful education. – Look for ‘Ethics’ – Watch for that word.  The ‘Whistle Blowers’ that are coming out.  It’s tremendous.
Soy is a carcinogen – It’s a brain poison.
Crop circles are a communication and that is Life.  What Life does is communicate.

Universal night 

Consciousness is not just people.  It is all of creation.
We are now in conscious co-creation
We are already co-creating our experiences
The cycles are now 360 days long
All of the Mayan cycles end on October 28, 20ll
There is a constant acceleration in these cycles.
It seems like time is speeding up  it isn’t – but creation is accelerating – faster and faster.
What used to happen every 19.7 years, now happens every 360 days
The time will come with these changes – where they will happen every 20 days

Some form of life is producing these [crop circles]   as a ramp-up.  Crop circles are a good interaction with extraterrestrials.  Very ethical. Nobody gets hurt – nobody ‘has’ to look. The crops actually grow better the next year.  It’s a soft touch.  People get impressions from them.  They are talking to their intuition.
The reason the calendar ends is because everything has been moving faster and faster in every moment, so finally – everything happens which is infinitely possible happens all at the same time – which is the truth in the first place.  It’s just that our consciousness hasn’t caught up to that yet.  That’ s what this evolution is all about.  So once we get to that point, there is no – not one single limit to time and space whatsoever – end of Mayan calendar and of calendars  and open to your own personal creation of whatever it is you wish to experience with no limit whatsoever – or anyone else either.
They Maya -current living Maya – they didn’t present a clear idea of creation’s purpose. They knew that they have the pattern and that the prophecies are important. They knew they could predict what is going to happen. and that seems to be where their consciousness is mostly focused – providing the warnings of what might happen, or what is going to happen in the future.

On my website, are the health articles you should read.
The Mayan elder is also presented on my website.  He is saying basically, “It’s over”.
The general plan for the government is to cause absolute chaos.  People are going to be dealt with very harshly.
Don’t participate in the resistance.
The limits of our experience will come

World history time line

The sages of India and Tibet affirmed that the evolution of the life is not chaotic or linear, but it is cyclic, passing to a superior level after completing the previous cycle. They also said that we are living the blackest age of the humankind, called Kali Yuga, characterized by spiritual ignorance and moral degradation, after which a spiritual rebirth would occur with the return to the spiritual values.

Time is running out ! We see the end of this zodiacal cycle approaching fast, the ages getting shorter as they pass. The remaining two ages, TAURUS and ARIES, will last probably at most a few years each. The end of this cycle is expected in 2011 – 2012, when Neptune passes to its domicile, Pisc

[2][deep meaning]


To begin Some title use my many  people have their meaning in astrology for eg

A Cardinal = 4 season

A bishop = 3 degree

A deacon = 10 degree

Bible = babble

Ceremony = Ceres

Minister = mini star

Monk = moon

Sir = sirus

Master degree= master of ur degree



In the gospel of Matthew and luck begin in December  Capricorn the goat

In the gospel of mark and john begin in March  Aries the ram

There is the zodiac of mark

1:1 _ 3 – 35 ares

4: 1_44. Taurus

4: 35 _6: 39 Gemini

6: 30_ 8:26 Cancer

8:27_ 9:27 Leo

9:30_  9:50 virgo

10: 1 31 libra

10: 32 52 scorpio

11: 1 26 Sagittarius

11: 27 _12 44 Capricorn

13: 1 _ 14: 6 Aquarius

14: 17 _ 16: 18 Pisces


In summer begin spring and the Passover

March = mars = mark

In Virgo  begin the death of the sun or the journey in to the under world

Winter is the judgment that when the sun is lowest and is directly over the crux constellation


There are 36 deacon

21 of them are in the Northern deacon

15 the rest are in the southern deacon

The deacon are just important just as the 12 sign of the zodiac



The serpent = sept

The spiral = sprite

Sine = sin


There are a few number that keep on repeating that is 3 4 7 12



Every part of the plant has a planet and a taste bud associated with it

Root = Saturn. Rim

Stem = sun

Bark = mars. Shape

Leave= moon. Moist

Fruit= Jupiter

Seed = mercury. Taste

Plant = Venus. Smell


There are some part of the crucifixion story that match up with the zodiac sign



hydra  the serpent 16- 1

Castor = the cup 14 -22

Carvus = the cow 14 -30



Coma = the infant 11 8-9

Centaurus             11 7

Boot = the shepherd 14 27



Crux = the cross 15 21

Lupus = the victim 15 37

Corona = the crown 15 17


As above so below


Jacob  below   Israel  above

Abram              Abraham


The four horse men are also found in bible

Green = libra

Red = scopion

White = Sagittarius

Black =Capricorn


Rev 12 : 14

14 The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent’s reach.



10 _ 6






Venus the lesser

Jupiter the grater


Ra, Allah, mekabah, la


Hopi and Tibet

If you could draw a line through the Earth from the Hopi Reservation to the other side of the world, you would come out in Tibet. The Tibetan word (sound) for “sun” is the Hopi word (sound) for “moon”, and Vise Veser the Hopi word for “sun” is the Tibetan word for “moon”.


“When the iron eagle flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered over the earth and the dharma will go to the land of the red man.” —Tibetan Prophecy

“When the iron bird flies, the red-robed people of the East who have lost their land will appear, and the two brothers from across the great ocean will be reunited.” — Hopi Prophecy








El is male

La is female


J arrow d


A  e  h I o u z

M m v I a  j s




Moon  alpha

Saturn omega


Aries Libra and scorpion


Horus hour

7 5


Taurus  Capricorn

Goat lamb











Ari sun.        Mas fem






From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sirius appears bright because of both its intrinsic luminosity and its proximity to Earth. At a distance of 2.6parsecs (8.6 ly), as determined by the Hipparcos astrometry satellite,[5][19][20] the Sirius system is one of Earth’s near neighbors. Sirius is gradually moving closer to the Solar System, so it will slightly increase in brightness over the next 60,000 years. After that time its distance will begin to recede, but it will continue to be the brightest star in the Earth’s sky for the next 210,000 years.[21]

Sirius A is about twice as massive as the Sun (M) and has an absolute visual magnitude of 1.42. It is 25 times more luminous than the Sun[7] but has a significantly lower luminosity than other bright stars such as Canopus or Rigel. The system is between 200 and 300 million years old.[7] It was originally composed of two bright bluish stars. The more massive of these, Sirius B, consumed its resources and became a red giantbefore shedding its outer layers and collapsing into its current state as a white dwarf around 120 million years ago.[7]

Sirius is also known colloquially as the “Dog Star“, reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major(Greater Dog).[12] The heliacal rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile in Ancient Egypt and the “dog days” of summer for the ancient Greeks, while to the Polynesians it marked winter and was an important star for navigation around the Pacific Ocean.



Jan 1  sirus earth sun The New Year’s Star

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. Every New Year’s Eve at midnight, Sirius reaches its highest point in the sky directly on the meridian, known as its zenith point. It’s as close as it gets to your crown chakra (the top of your head). No matter where you live, just look due south and up to see this dazzling star heralding in the New Year. Star maps If you miss it at New Year’s, you can still see Sirius in this location through the first week of January. Find Sirius anytime of the evening by Navigating with Orion.

BTW: When we look at Sirius we see the light that left it 8 1/2 years ago!

The Ageless Wisdom teaches us that the energies and powers of this star are instrumental in our creation and in the establishment of the guiding forces of our planet and the mysteries of initiation. It has been referred to as the Christ Star. It is also said that a sacred planet is responsive to the life of Sirius. What the Soul is to our personality is what Sirius is to our Solar System. For this reason Sirius is known as the God Star. It is also known as the Dog Star, for it is the brightest star in Canis Major.

The Sirius system is directly “upstream” of our solar system within the galactic arm of our Milky Way Galaxy. Because of this, we now know that the polarized energies of Sirius do indeed wash over us. Modern science is yet to discover if this vast current of highly charged particles affects solar activity or life on Earth.

By coming directly towards us, Sirius creates an axis of rotation with Earth relative to the stellar background. Because of this, of all the stars in the sky, only the annual heliacal rising of Sirius exactly matches the length of our solar year, 365.25 days.

Even today, unbeknownst to most of the people of the world, our New Years Eve celebration is a continuation of a most ancient ritual honoring the return of Sirius to the midheaven position at midnight. Occurring down through the ages around January 1, this midnight alignment marks the moment when the energies of Sirius, directly overhead, most closely touch our lives with her most singular purity. For countless thousands of years and all around the world, without knowing the hidden reason, we have marked this midnight moment by jumping for joy as the rush of this vital connection surges through us. Freya Owlsdottir

These Sirian forces can aid in the service of those who are spiritually attuned. If you are one of these people, just open your crown chakra and allow the evolutionary energies to flow in and take hold. May only the Greatest Good come forth for all of us this New Year!

Think of it … the brightest star visible from our planet reaches its highest point above the horizon at midnight every year on New Year’s Eve. How wonderful, how poetic, almost like a cosmic reminder that this most brilliant of stellar lights is welcoming in and shining on the new year, giving us all hope for a bright new beginning.

Time delta

Jan 4th prehelion July 4th aphelion

By one astronomical convention, the four seasons are determined by flanges, the solstices—the point in the orbit of maximum axial tilt toward or away from the Sun—and the equinoxes, when the direction of the tilt and the direction to the Sun are perpendicular. In the northern hemisphere winter solstice occurs on about December 21, summer solstice is near June 21, spring equinox is around March 20 and autumnal equinox is about September 23. The axial tilt in the southern hemisphere is exactly the opposite of the direction in the northern hemisphere. Thus the seasonal effects in the south are reversed.

In modern times, Earth’s perihelion occurs around January 3, and the aphelion around July 4 (for other eras, seeprecession and Milankovitch cycles). The changing Earth-Sun distance results in an increase of about 6.9%[3] in solar energy reaching the Earth at perihelion relative to aphelion. Since the southern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun at about the same time that the Earth reaches the closest approach to the Sun, the southern hemisphere receives slightly more energy from the Sun than does the northern over the course of a year. However, this effect is much less significant than the total energy change due to the axial tilt, and most of the excess energy is absorbed by the higher proportion of water in the southern hemisphere.[4]

The Hill sphere (gravitational sphere of influence) of the Earth is about 1.5 Gm (or 1,500,000 kilometers) in radius.[5][nb 2] This is the maximum distance at which the Earth’s gravitational influence is stronger than the more distant Sun and planets. Objects orbiting the Earth must be within this radius, otherwise they can become unbound by the gravitational perturbation of the Sun.

The following diagram shows the relation between the line of solstice and the line of apsides of Earth’s elliptical orbit. The orbital ellipse (with eccentricity exaggerated for effect) goes through each of the six Earth images, which are sequentially the perihelion (periapsis—nearest point to the Sun) on anywhere from 2 January to 5 January, the point of March equinox on 19, 20, or 21 March, the point of June solstice on 20 or 21 June, the aphelion (apoapsis—farthest point from the Sun) on anywhere from 3 July to 5 July, the September equinox on 22 or 23 September, and the December solstice on 21 or 22 December. Note that the diagram shows an exaggerated representation of the shape of Earth’s orbit. The actual path of Earth’s orbit is not as eccentric as that portrayed in the diagram.


Because of the axial tilt of the Earth in its orbit, the maximum intensity of sun rays hits the earth 23.4 degrees north of equator at the June Solstice (at the Tropic of Cancer), and the maximum intensity of sun rays hits the earth 23.4 degrees south of equator at the December Solstice (at the Tropic of Capricorn).


Sun 14 of cancer


Primboula  heaven

Christaline sea  24 elder

Ferment      Jupiter & mars







The hexagram

N  nouse

E. Earth

W  west

S. Spite


Sun. Moon.           Death


3 h

6 horo

9. Libra

12 d f


Work  rest 7





M s



Abikg of eclipse


M 2 5 m

Mount nebo



Sola one


Alvin Bon Kun


In the Alphabet Qrst Spell Or sound close to Christ









Hot cold

Dry wet


Saturn great

Mars. Lesser


Jupiter and Mars  birth rate rise


The table below shows the bodily locations of common diseases, based on the moment of

birth. This relation is based on the three decanates (or decans for short) per Zodiac sign. A

decan is the division of the full period of a Zodiac sign (of 30 degrees of arc) into three equal

periods (of 10 degrees of arc). Roughly, we can say that the people who were born on the day

numbers of 21 and higher belong to the first decan. The second decan corresponds to the day

numbers from 1 to 10. The remaining day numbers (11 up to 20) belong to the third decan.

The table below shows the corresponding disease for each decan per Zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign Focus 1st Decan 2nd Decan 3rd Decan


Aries Head Skull Migraine Concentration

Taurus Throat Nose Throat Ears

Gemini Arms Smell Lungs Speak

Cancer Chest Skin Body Fat Touch

Leo Heart Heart Blood Circulation

Virgo Belly Appetite Stomach Digestion

Libra Kidneys Metabolism Bowels Excrement

Scorpio Genitals Sexuality Genitals Hormones

Sagittarius Thighs Farsightedness Eyes Nearsightedness

Capricorn Knees Spine Bones Joints

Aquarius Ankle Arms Legs Movement

Pisces Feet Concentration Nerves Reflexes


These 36 extra decans (on top of the 12 Zodiac signs) correspond to 36 extra constellations of

stars. Please note that these 36 extra (astrological) constellations of stars are only visible from

the northern hemisphere (in total, astrology distinguishes 88 different star constellations). The

table above shows these 36 extra astrological constellations.




A simple Explanation of the zodiac

Aries= Is

Taurus= i Have

Gemini= They

Cancer= i Feel

Leo= i Will

Virgo= Anxiety

Libra= Balance

Scopio = i Desire

Sagittarus= i See

Capricorn= i Use

Aqurius= i Know

Pisces= i Believe


PC  patic NL


Physical feature of the zodiac Introduction

As we all know, physical appearance is mainly determined by our parents, our grand-parents and our ancestors’ physique. It is always amazing for an astrologer to compare the natal chart of a person with his father and his mother’s charts. Indeed, his Sun sign or his Ascendant is almost always the same as the parents’, along with many other similarities between natal characteristics.

The topic of external appearance is far more enigmatic as that of health which is quite easy to understand by analysing the Ascendant, the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon), the Ascendant ruler, the 6th and 8th houses (accidents or traumas), as well as the 12th House, though the latter gives more indirect and covert clues.

After having read a host of books and analysed thousands of charts, we believe that some circumspection is needed. However, we think that it is interesting to try to provide a few concrete indications which proved accurate quite often.

In this article, we deal with the physical appearance, health, and dietary habits which are associated with the Ascendant or the Sun sign. The reason why we start with the Ascendant is because the Sun sign is more revealing in terms of deep motivation, hidden drive, intellectual and moral resources, and willpower than in terms of vitality and health, although the latter depend on the Sun among other factors.


The following information applies to pure signs. You ought to check your Ascendant, and then look up your Sun sign in order to get a description of your outward appearance which, for obvious reasons, is only an approximation.

For instance, if you are a Taurus with a Scorpio Ascendant, your must FIRSTLY read Scorpio for hints on health, behaviour, and above all, physical appearance and food. And only THEN, you may read Taurus.

Indeed, the Ascendant is much more representative of your physical appearance and your health than your Sun sign in most cases. However, if strongly highlighted planets are gathered in a different sign, the Ascendant’s characteristics might be weakened. Let’s get back to our Taurus Sun with a Scorpio Ascendant example. If there are 3 or 4 out of 5 personal planets (the Moon through Mars) in Leo, it becomes obvious that you partially take on Leo’s characteristics and that your appearance fits more Leo description than that of Scorpio.

In general, the Ascendant often describes half, sometimes two-thirds, of the physical appearance, and the Sun sign, approximately one-third only. As already stated, caution is necessary in this regard.

Although Johnny Hallyday, a famous French Rocker, has a Virgo Ascendant, the features of this sign are not too obvious! In addition to a stellium of planets and the Midheaven in Gemini, he has a beautiful Pluto-Venus conjunction in Leo trine Mars in Aries. These are the reasons why Virgo, which is tenanted only by the collective planet Neptune, is not highlighted. Furthermore, Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant, is also in Gemini, his own sign. As a result, Hallyday’s physique is much more a blend of Gemini and Leo, with the strength of a most harmonious Mars in the 8th House, than a representation of Virgo.

Another example which reinforces our urge to be cautious is the chart of Benjamin Castaldi, now a successful French television and radio presenter. He has the Sun in Aries and the Ascendant in Virgo. In his case, Aries features are obviously prevailing in his outward appearance.

We advise that you check the physical characteristics of both your Ascendant and your Sun sign. Even if you do not have your natal chart analysis, these two pieces of information are most likely to provide you with three-thirds of your actual physical portrait. If you perform an experiment on the members of your entourage, you can observe that, from a statistic point of view, the Ascendant is more representative and that the Sun sign comes next. This has a mere statistical value since differences stemming from the natal chart’s peculiarities bring about the varied features which are present in all of us, thank God!

The selection criterion of the celebrities quoted as examples is the Ascendant. We took the Sun sign as criterion whenever we deemed that the outward appearance agrees well with the astrological sign typology.

Ascendant in Aries or Sun in Aries

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Aries?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Aries?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Aries, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Aries people have strong and angular features, with a prominent chin, nose and mouth. They are athletic, of average height and build, with fair or red hair, a protruding arch of the eyebrows, tan complexion, a virile deportment for males, and a dynamic one for females. The whole physique gives an impression of might and ruggedness.

The look is usually gaudy or eccentric, quite often sportive, energetic and unrefined. Red colours are frequent. Indeed, Aries people do not belong to the discreet type!

Example : French TV Host Benjamin Castaldi

French TV host Benjamin CastaldiFrench TV host Benjamin Castaldi


Your health is usually good thanks to your great energy and stamina. In spite of your tendency to have accidents and all sorts of incidents due to your intense activity, you are very tough. Your potential weakness is the head, which is ruled by Aries. You may suffer from headaches, migraines, or issues involving the face. Therefore, you must be vigilant in these areas and, for instance, never forget to wear a helmet when you go for a motorbike ride.


Since you use up a great deal of energy, your food must be rich and energy-giving: proteins, meat, rice, pasta, dried fruits, etc. In any case, there are no overweight issues looming on the horizon because everything you gain is burnt in fiery sports activities and a wild life rhythm.

You are usually fond of spices, tex-mex dishes, curry, fried food, and also grilled meat in quite appalling quantities.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: chilli, coriander, raw garlic and onion, ginger, mustard, parsley, and rosemary.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Aries (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Aries (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Taurus or Sun in Taurus

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Taurus?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Taurus?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Taurus, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Taurus people often have a harmonious face, quite thick features with full sensual lips. The face is usually square or oval with a prevailing middle part, and the nose is round-shaped or turned up. The complexion is fair and the hair, thick and shiny. The body is nicely proportioned. The whole physique gives an impression of softness with some degree of strength at the same time.

Taurus people take their look very seriously, and they dress with real flair. Their clothes are always stylish, rather classical, of fine quality and good taste, and meant to last a long time. Their favourite colours are green and brown.

Example : French Olympic judoka champion David Douillet

French Olympic judoka champion David DouilletFrench Olympic judoka champion David Douillet


Your health is usually good. You are very robust, and during childhood, there are no serious threats. Of course, you must watch your fondness for food which may endanger your waistline as time goes by… and make you gain a few curves. A mild diet once in a while may do you a lot of good, but if you don’t like this idea… cultivate your garden and quietly try on a few outdoors activities several times a week.


Since you use up little energy, your food should be neither too rich nor energetic. Your inertia and your appetite may prove really harmful, and it is advisable that you reduce your food intake if possible and indulge in great gastronomic pleasure less often.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: apple, cherry, ginseng, French bean, fish, grape, juniper berry, olive, pear, red currant, rosemary, thyme, and leek.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Taurus (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Taurus (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Gemini or Sun in Gemini

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Gemini?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Gemini?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Gemini, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Gemini people have sparkling eyes and expressive mobile traits which are nice and well-defined. They are of slim build and of average to tall height, with a supple, slender, and nervous musculature. The limbs are often long like those of fashion models.

Their look gives an impression of fineness and swiftness, with a seemingly controlled yet laid-back style. Furthermore, since Mercury is their ruler, Gemini people are real chameleons which adjust to all situations and rapidly correct they appearance according to the context and to their best interests!

Their favourite colours are yellow and silver.

Example : Actress and humorist Michèle Laroque

Actress and humorist Michèle LaroqueActress and humorist Michèle Laroque


Your health is usually frail, but there is no serious concern. You are always overexcited, full of nervousness, and you may suffer from overwork and insomnia. You may also be affected by respiratory troubles such as asthma during your childhood and by infections or flu when you become an adult. In order to avoid them, you ought to practise some daily exercises such as walking in the heart of the countryside. The question is whether you have the time to do so.


There is no weight problem in sight since you are not too interested in simple terrestrial pleasures. Your lack of appetite is not really innate. It is the consequence of the state of constant intellectual stimulation in which you are. You are so wrapped up in the virtual world that you forget your basic physical needs and you often skip a meal, nibbling at anything when you think of it, and when you happen to have a downtime between two frenzied activities.

You need simple, light, and varied foods with many vegetables and mixed salads, and not necessarily a lot of meat since you have no intense physical activity. This all that is required to make you happy.

Dried apricot and banana, dill, hazelnut and walnut, kola, lavender, magnesium, marjoram, parsley, thyme, and green vegetables are excellent for your health.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Gemini (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Gemini (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Cancer or Sun in Cancer

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Cancer?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Cancer?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Cancer, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Cancer people have round-shaped features and tend to become stout when they reach their thirties. The hair is dark and thin or sparse. The nose is small, the eyes stick out, the chin is round, and the complexion, fair. The height is small to average.

Expressions and attitudes suggest softness, dream, astonishment, sometimes naivety. The entire appearance is subtle, reassuring and protective.

Their favourite colours are white and black.

Example : Actor Tom Hanks

Actor Tom HanksActor Tom Hanks


Your health is usually good, but the lack of physical exercise may prove harmful. Similarly to Taurus people, who are definitely more active than you, there is a danger that, with time, you put on too much weight because you do not practice enough outdoors or sports activity. In addition, your extreme sensitivity and your mood swings may play tricks on you in the long run and cause stomach pains, anguish, and tears. It takes very little to upset you. You ought to learn to remain Zen under all circumstances, for this little effort would enable you to save so much time.


You must start to be careful about what you eat as early as possible since, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure… You tremendously enjoy good dishes in rich gravy, and creamy desserts or ice creams, and therefore, you must be vigilant! Desserts, ice-creams, and chocolate, which you like very much, are typical lunar food.

The potential dangers are gastric ulcer, indigestion, and colitis.

Seaweeds and trace elements against weight gain, as well as sufficient hours of sleep and balanced meals against stress should be enough to avoid problems.

The following foodstuffs and trace element are good for you: banana, basil, cabbage, lavender, linden, magnesium, mango, mushroom, pineapple, strawberry, and watercress.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Cancer (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Cancer (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Leo or Sun in Leo

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Leo?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Leo?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Leo, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Leo people have strong features, a wide forehead, a thick and fair hair, often blond or red, and a quite large aquiline nose. The proportions are harmonious with a rather tall stature and long legs. The musculature is elegant or very strong. Indeed, two types of personalities may be found in Leo, the Herculean type and the idealistic type. The latter is more moral and spiritual, and the former, practical and much more physical. The general appearance always gives an impression of nobleness, class, pride, and harmony.

The look is of course showy, often enhanced with jewellery and adornments. The clothes are often yellow and orange, Leo’s favourite colours, and in any case, they are of the highest quality.

Example : Rock Star Mick Jagger

Rock Star Mick JaggerRock Star Mick Jagger


Your health is good thanks to your robustness which is above average, but your energy is such that you need to watch out several areas. Leo rules the heart and the backbone, and it is also believed that like Aries, it symbolically rules the sight and the brain. It is certain that the major danger comes from the heart, and that there is a risk of developing a heart condition if you experience situations of severe stress and serious annoyances. Back pains or backbone issues may also affect you if you are not careful, particularly during adolescence, a period when it is recommended that you stand up straight! Regular bodybuilding exercises may be a great help in controlling your overflow of energy and letting off some steam, at times.


Your appetite is legendary, and your constitution does not predispose to obesity. You are able to swallow amazingly big quantities of food, probably in order to replenish the huge energy used up during your sports feats or your thundering fits of anger! You are not a vegetarian, and like a lion, you enjoy eating double or triple servings of grilled meat. However, you must be aware that in the long run, in your fifties, you may suffer from weight problems.

The following foodstuffs and trace element are good for you: fruits and dried fruits such as pineapple, mango, banana, almond, hazelnut, cashew nut, and blackcurrant, black radish, linden, magnesium, hawthorn, and royal jelly.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Leo (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Leo (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Virgo or Sun in Virgo

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Virgo?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Virgo?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Virgo, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Virgo people look serious, discreet, rather preppy and elegant. They usually are persons of good taste and they are reluctant to show off.. The height is from average to tall with a quite slender build, particularly for males. There is no distinctive mark for this sign which loathes being noticed.

As a consequence, their look is neutral. The British chic may be one of their favourite attires. All of green and yellow hues are their favourite colours.

Example : Actress Uma Thurman

Actress Uma ThurmanActress Uma Thurman


Your health is good, particularly owing to your constant concern to improve yourself and think before you leap and… eat! You always have in mind the balance of your diet. Furthermore, your innate propensity for moderation constitutes an automatic defence against potential weight gain and aggressions resulting from careless eating patterns which are inappropriate for your lifestyle.

However, since you have a nervous and quite compulsive nature, you keep on analysing everything around you, including your own health. You worry when there is no reason to do so, you grow anxious and become the cause of psychosomatic disorders, the very victim of your excessive mistrust of everything related to your health. You are often a big hypochondriac.

Nevertheless, in the long run, you are one of the signs which are most unlikely to experience health problems thanks to your carefulness. Your potential weak point is the intestines, which are ruled by your sign.


Your appetite is quite moderate, and in some cases, you do not feel hungry at all. You are more intellectual than physical, and nutrition is not your first concern. On the other hand, you are generally picky and demanding regarding the quality and the variety of what you eat. You are prone to digestive troubles and intestinal infections, but you are endowed with innate protection against the dangers of imbalance diet.

You particularly enjoy diet low-fat food such as the Japanese cuisine or the French nouvelle cuisine. You also appreciate natural and healthy dishes served in carefully calculated amount. You are often an expert in dietetics.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: coriander, honey, marjoram, mint, olive oil, orange blossom, parsley, rice, green vegetables, watercress, wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, and yoghurt.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Virgo (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Virgo (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Libra or Sun in Libra

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Libra?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Libra?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Libra, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Libra people are harmonious, with regular, fine, and pleasant facial features in an oval face. Their height is average to tall, of average build. There is a tendency to put on weight during the second part of life. The entire appearance gives an impression of straightforwardness, calm, class, sympathy, charm, and finesse.

Their look is extremely sophisticated and indicates that clothes and adornments are smartly and carefully chosen. Regardless of the style Libra opts for, and whatever the quality of the materials and the choice of colours may be, the end result is inevitably… perfect. Libra’s favourite colours are all the hues of blue and red.

Example : Actress and model Laëtitia Casta

Actress and model Laëtitia CastaActress and model Laëtitia Casta


Your health is good owing in particular to your constant concern to remain beautiful, young, and attractive. You are prone to weight gain, especially when your romantic relationships are not too fulfilling. However, your need to please is so strong that you quickly take action in order to get back to your so nice, delicate, deeply charming and elegant look.

Your potential weak point is the kidneys and the bladder, which are ruled by your sign. Therefore, food is the main area you need to watch. It is also recommended that you do not get rid of your frustrations by eating chocolate, cakes, hearty dishes, and wines!


Your appetite is quite moderate, but you have a strong taste for parties and pleasure owing to your Venusian nature, since Venus rules Taurus and Libra. As a final result, you eat more often than you reasonably should.

You are particularly fond of delicate dishes, haute cuisine, and especially desserts. Actually, more than food, it is the setting, the decor, and the people with whom you share your meal that mean the most to you.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: artichoke, basil, French bean, cinnamon, date, dried fruits, garlic, linden, marjoram essence, mulberry, onion, raspberry, and rosemary.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Libra (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Libra (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Scorpio or Sun in Scorpio

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Scorpio?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Scorpio?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Scorpio, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Scorpio people are quite sturdy and often have wide strong shoulders. In any case, they are well-built and very resistant. The face is square with clear-cut features, penetrating and magnetic eyes, and well-defined sensual lips. The hair is often brown and thick. The general appearance conveys an impression of charm, power, secrecy, and seriousness at the same time.

Scorpio people know their strength as well as their innate capacity for provocation, and they never need to resort to a gaudy look in order to assert themselves. By nature, they are quite secretive and prefer a serious, even sober, look which contrasts all the more strongly with their essence which is sheer concealed power. Their favourite colours are red and black.

Example : Actor Alain Delon

Actor Alain DelonActor Alain Delon


Your health is very strong. However, owing to your tormented nature your propensity to take risks, you are prone to numerous more or less severe accidents. Besides, Scorpio is in analogy with the 8th House which represents surgical operations. Therefore, there is a possibility that you undergo some small “repairs”.

You are particularly resistant, actually, the most resistant sign of the Zodiac with Capricorn, and you always recover remarkably well. The ability to come to life again after a painful fall or an ordeal is one of your best innate qualities. It goes without saying that your life is not a long quiet river…

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, the sex, the prostate gland, the anus, and the intestines. Potential dangers stem from excesses or carelessness related with sexuality. You ought to ensure that you take the most drastic precautions in order to avoid the worst. Psychosomatic disorders affecting the intestines may constitute another weak point which is all the more active because you refrain from expressing your emotions throughout your life. You may suffer from constipation or other digestive problems.


Your appetite is quite hearty because you are extremely resistant and tough and you need a sufficient amount of replenished energy. You prefer a diet rich in proteins and meat in general, and you should not forget vegetables and fruits which are indispensable to your nutritional balance.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: beetroot, garlic, ginseng, onion, parsley, potato, rice, royal jelly, green vegetables and mixed salads, watercress, and wheat germ.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Scorpio (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Scorpio (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Sagittarius or Sun in Sagittarius

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Sagittarius?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Sagittarius?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Sagittarius, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Sagittarius people are very strong, tall or very tall in most cases, with full and open features, often smiling lips, and thick hair. They radiate energy and charm. They become stout as they age because over-indulgence of all sorts is the cause of their weight gain when they reach their thirties. Their musculature is not particularly athletic. Sagittarius’ general appearance gives an impression of charisma, liveliness, and energy.

Their look is jovial, and their attire is casual but always in line with their generous nature and the context. Indeed, Sagittarius can adjust marvellously well.

Their favourite colours are all the hues of red, orange, and indigo.

Example : Actor Gérard Depardieu

Actor Gérard DepardieuActor Gérard Depardieu


Your health is very strong. During the first part of your life, your level of energy is very high. You are somehow invulnerable, and you take full advantage of it.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is synonymous with excess. In the long run, you may undergo drawbacks, which are the consequence of your intense lifestyle, in the areas of physical expenditure, sexuality, or food. The danger of becoming overweight is looming despite your activities which fortunately use up a big part of your intake.

Since Sagittarius rules the liver and the thighs, potential dangers come from an excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks or a diet too rich in fat, or… both.

It is strongly recommended that you tackle this issue in order not to suffer from high blood pressure or more severe disorders affecting the liver. It may also be that you experience some problems of sciatica or torn ligament in the thighs.


You have quite a hearty appetite because you are extremely active and you are used to eat consequently, particularly meat, but also dishes with sauce, and culinary specialities such as sauerkraut and cassoulet, a French heavy dish of stewed beans and meat… You are a bon vivant, and banquets are a very pleasant activity during which your appetite and your joviality can blossom unfettered.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: basil, beetroot, celery juice, dandelion, garlic, lime, essence of marjoram and pine, mint, olive, sage, green salad, thyme, and brewer’s yeast.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Sagittarius (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Sagittarius (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Capricorn or Sun in Capricorn

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Capricorn?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Capricorn?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Capricorn, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Capricorn people are quite slender, bony, and of small to average height. The features are fine and seem cut with a chisel, with deep-set and serious eyes. The general appearance gives an impression of sternness, solidity, deepness, and maturity.

Their look is marked by neutrality, sobriety, and ordinariness. Their concern is practicality and not aesthetics, which they pay no attention to. They often look like a scientist or a philosopher, a scholar or a wise person, and one perfectly understands that their interests always involve long term goals.

Their favourite colours are black and all the hues of gray, green, and brown.

Example : Actress Carole Bouquet

Actress Carole BouquetActress Carole Bouquet


Your health is more resistant than good, but it is enough to keep illnesses at bay and to enable you to live to a ripe old age safe and sound.

You are quite frail, but you have a good and reasonable nature. Therefore, you are most likely to avoid all weight problems and drawbacks caused by an excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks or too rich and fatty food. Actually, the more you age, the healthier you are. You belong to the category which produces the most wonderful elderly people!

Capricorn rules the skin, the bones, and the knees. Potential diseases may be related to joint rheumatisms, temporary paralysis, arthritis, or benign skin conditions.


Your appetite is not too strong because it is not in this area that you find pleasure. Besides, you can hardly take big meals. However, for the sake of your health, you ought to force yourself into eating more, particularly during the first part of your life. In the second part, you are very likely to be more fulfilled and start to enjoy your food. Simple and wholesome dishes may become a source of pleasure, even though it is obvious that you will never be a Gargantua, the legendary giant devised by French Renaissance author François Rabelais.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: anis, avocado, carrot, celery, cheese and dairies, cumin, fennel, linden, marjoram essence, pineapple, raisin, spinach, turnip, and wheat germ.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Capricorn (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Capricorn (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Aquarius or Sun in Aquarius

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Aquarius?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Aquarius?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Aquarius, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Aquarius people are often slim and of tall stature. They have regular and pleasant traits, dark and thick hair, and their hairstyle is either sober or unusual. The facial expression is nice with a shade of seriousness. The eyes are sparkling with life and seem to be on the lookout for anything odd. The entire appearance gives an impression of vivacity and originality.

Their look may be either eccentric or serious. In any case, it is always astonishing, and this is precisely what Aquarius people enjoy since it matches their nature.

Their favourite colours are indigo and all hues of dark blue.

Example : Rock Star David Bowie

Rock Star David BowieRock Star David Bowie


Your health is very good because you are rather slim and mobile and not too interested in food, which constitutes the very frequent cause of many problems.

Your behaviour is quite unusual in this field too. You are able to suddenly change your eating habits on a whim. Indeed, you regularly taste new foreign or exotic cuisines for some time, and then you keep on eating the same food for weeks.

Since Aquarius rules legs and ankles, falls may have severe consequences.

Your mind is in a state of perpetual alert, and therefore, burnout or nervousness problems may affect you. Your nervous system is excessively called upon, and your capacity to ask yourself questions is unreasonably high-strung. As a result, you are prone to neurologic disorders, brain tumour, epilepsy, or just unexplained periods of anguish. Nevertheless, you have every chance to live to a ripe old age in good health.


You do not eat like a horse, far from that, but you can be a perfectly nice guest and do justice to the most renowned tables at some moments of your life. Indeed, your nature is so nonconformist and original that you seem to give your eating habits a cyclic pattern. You shift from cravings for exotic and original dishes from Asia, Scandinavia, Central Europe, etc. to a total lack of interest in them, and then, you eat nearly anything. In this latter case, your meals are simple and light because your interest is definitely elsewhere.

The following foodstuffs and condiments are good for you: fatty fish, fruits and dried fruits such as almond, hazelnut, and nut, linden, liquorice, mint, mixed salads, parsley, sage, sunflower seed, green vegetables, and wheat germ.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Aquarius (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Aquarius (around 3000 people).

Ascendant in Pisces or Sun in Pisces

Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Pisces?Is your Ascendant or your Sun in Pisces?

Physique, Look, and Favourite Colours

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Pisces, you might take on the following characteristics:

Physically speaking, Pisces people are often plump and of average stature because they are a sign of absolute absence of differentiation. It is the only sign of the Zodiac which can take on many different appearances. The eyes are often large, attractive, quite fixed or slow, and almost hypnotic. The whole physique gives an impression which is somehow misty, mysterious, benevolent and quiet. Actually, Pisces’ outward appearance is impossible to classify, similarly to their personality which remains completely elusive!

An attempt to define Pisces’ look is a nearly impossible challenge… This is precisely how they can be recognized!

Their favourite colours are all the hues of purple, blue, and green.

Example : Actor, comedian and singer Jacques Dutronc

Actor, comedian and singer Jacques DutroncActor, comedian and singer Jacques Dutronc


Your health is quite frail because you are sheer sentimentality and your nature is not too physical. You are quite dependent and passive. There is a risk that you do not properly care for your food, and that you swallow anything junk food, which may cause overweight problems in the long run. This advice also holds true for addictions to dangerous substances such as alcohol, or even more noxious and illicit stuffs.

Pisces rules the feet and, in a more symbolic way, the psyche. Potential dangers are located in the feet, which may suffer from rheumatisms or circulatory problems. Sometimes, there is a propensity for anguish and neurosis owing to the total lack of connection with the real world. Moreover, you are particularly sensitive to high and low temperatures, and it is particularly recommended that you take all the necessary precautions in order to avoid colds and bronchitis.


In general, eating disorders, obesity or anorexia, constitute issues which you need to tackle quite early in order to avoid them. You often have a strong appetite. You are fond of hearty dishes, stews, sauces, ice creams, milky desserts, but also seafood and fishes. The contrary would take the biscuit… Actually, you have no limits.

The following foodstuffs are good for you: celery, cucumber, cereals, all sorts of crustacean, and seafood, dandelion, garlic, melon and watermelon, parsley, pear, radish, red fruits, rice, tomato, watercress, and wheat germ.

Here is a selection of people having the Ascendant in Pisces (around 1500-2000 people).

Here is a selection of people having the Sun in Pisces (around 3000 people).


Capricorn short

Scopion death

Aries  self



B j  Saturn

W c. Jupiter

I R mars

S MIT sun

G is Venus

Dis mucury

Ob moon


Saturn  greed

Jupiter  gut

Mars. Anger fart

Sun pride faith

Venus  lust  just


Moon charity



14  Horus


Lib. Super mild


Helios atom


The Five Elements

Ether  deca

Fire  Tera light hydrogen

Air Octo  gas  oxygen

Water  isco  liquid  nitro

Earth  hecta solid carbon


Plasm 84 sun and shield


Black z

Saturn hex


17 deg 30. Long Aphrodite belt


V me j m



Sep 15  nov 22

May 21


Sat lib

Sun  day night  moon

Ant  year  summer winter

Cl   G year  g s b I


The sun god of Egypt and it phase

Horus = Rising sun

Ra =  sun up in the sky

set = setting sun

osires = sun at the bottom



I b s g s b I Erastus



Procyon  cenis Majiour




Sacios   Drake

2 6







Eleven hand over date


Ear ring Saturn

S  47 N


T s





19 October 2 plus 4 day

Bow red scorpion


14 men

14 son

270 day



Ari vir

Hollow day

Sag feet





Luc. M e

Luce v p

Lucifer s a

M c


Cap goat sol

Sheep equi

30 Polaris foot

More than one blessed

4 to god o unknown


Ari weal

Tau bull

Gemini reproductive


Virgo bread

Libra wine


Tau consume

Leo dog day




Draco 2/3 Virgo


Leo sco aqu tau



We Latin are Saturn people

J thu ul

Ch sun

Venician venus


Vedic Virgo  opinix

West  Pisces

40 rest

G l r a g m a




Fersus. Mudesa Golden Fleece




  1. Leo

John    Aquarius


mars and saturn are responsibility 90 % of man diseases

Saturn 50% of diseases
Saturn is the general significator of disease, old age and death, representing the negative power of time. It produces chronic and wasting diseases, constitutional and congenital weaknesses, conditions of low vitality, weak digestion and poor resistance to disease.

Saturn causes overall depression of bodily and mental energy and hypofunction of all organs and systems. Diseases arising from the accumulation of waste-materials or the inability to discharge them from properly are under the domain of Saturn, from constipation to the build up of all manner of toxins. Saturn´s slowing and reducing effect causes numbness, stiffness, rigidity, spasms, tremors and pain. Afflictions of Saturn, particulary as combined with the Mars, can result in surgery, causing our body to be disfigured or our organs to be removed.

Saturn related diseases include arthritis, rheumatism, broken bones or osteoporosis, nervous disorders of various types, pain and paralysis, and hard to treat conditions like cancer. Saturn causes premature aging, deafness, failure of vision, emaciation, tremors, deformity and poor growth. It gives deficiency of vital fluids, infertility, impotence, dehydration, pain and itch.

Yet a well-placed Saturn provides good longevity, as well as resistance to disease or the ability to recover from disease. Psychologically, it grants coolness and calmness of mind and the strengths and virtues of discipline and self-control.

Mars 40% of diseases

Mars represents injury and accidents, particularly those that cause bleeding, including surgery. It indicates acute infectious diseases, with elevated temperature and the build up of toxins. It produces fever, inflammation and burning sensations of various types.

Mars causes liver and gall bladder disorders including hepatitis, jaundice and cancer of the liver. It produces toxic blood conditions including acne, boils and ulcerative sores, herpes and venereal diseases. It results in blood disorders like anemia and cancer of the blood or leukemia. It produces stress, hypertension, stroke and heart attack, covering most of the conditions of high Pitta.

A well-placed Mars, on the other hand, gives good physical and sexual vitality, athletic ability, work capacity and resistance to disease. It is an important indicator of positive health and vitality.


Red shield

Res. crues

Roth schild


Paris Isis

Rome ro on

Londen elonden



Dog star


Feb 29 2 3

May  30 1 2

Sep 16 19 21

Dec  14 15 19


Equinox Earthquake Circuit


For graphic illustration purposes only


O B S E R V A T I O N S: – The Golden Ratio geometry fits the geography of the New Zealand-Japan-Fiji 188 Day Pattern – Golden Ratio geometry to the geography of the Quakes in the opposite hemispheres mirrors each other  – The Chile Quake is now in correlation by way of its angle with the Energy Point to the Mexico Quake  – The Golden Ratio will fit the geography of the Chile-Mexico-SFO 188 Day Pattern – The Chile-Mexico-SFO potential 188 Day Cycle could thus occur on a future date, Sep 25, 2012 perhaps – The Latitudes of the 188 Day Quakes correlate to each other in several  mathematical equations

– Earth Vortices seem to be associated or are near the Earth Energy Points or (Chakras) – Geometric triangle configurations are taken from the Paris Meridian (Devils’ Line) – The scale will be derived from the Longitude of the Giza Pyramid plateau to the Paris Meridian  – Paris Meridian is referred to as the Devils Meridian, or called the ‘Masonic Axis’ – Triangular frequency increases to the East from the Devils Meridian (produce smaller triangles) – Triangular frequency decreases to the West from the Devil’s Meridian (produce larger triangles)

– New Moons occur on the 188 Day Cycle within days of the Quakes in the Eastern Hemisphere – Full Moons occur on the  188 Day Cycle within days of the Quakes in the Western Hemisphere – The Vortices & Earth Chakra points seem to affect & possibly influence this 188-Day Quakes Pattern

The Golden Ratio In mathematics and the arts, two quantities are in the golden ratio if the ratio of the sum of the quanti- ties to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. Φ/π x 365 Days = 188 Φ

Sep 15, 2011  + 188 Days = March 22, 2012

FULL MOON Mar 22, 2012 (2) Day

(7.1 + 9.0 + 7.3 = 23.4)

Mar 20, 2012  MEXICO *USGS downgraded to 7.6 then 7.4  **188 Days –was 21st in Eastern Hemisphere Not considering Leap Year

Sep 15, 2011

Mar11, 2011 Sendai JAPAN

Mar 20 2012  + 188 Days =  Sep 25, 2012 Yom Kippur

NEW MOON Mar 4, 2011 (7) Days

= Earthquake    = Earth Energy Point (Chakra)

= Earth Vortices Region

= 188-Day Earthquake Cycle

= 1.1618003399    = ‘Serpent’ Energy Lines

NEW MOON Sep 12, 2011 (3) Days

NEW MOON Sep 8, 2010 (4) Days

Sep 4, 2010  NEW ZEALAND

MEXICO Mar 20. 2012 Spring Equinox

EARTH ENERGY GRID THEORY This Theory basically ascribes the Earth as a living organism with similar ‘7 Pres- sure Points’ or Chakras as a human body has -down our spinal column, which coincidentally has 33 vertebrae.

Aside from the Ring of Fire zones of constant & daily quakes, the Vortices Grid Theory does lend credence to my Circuit Theory. As pressure or Quakes occur at one end of the Earth, the Vortices & Energy regions serve as relay points of the Earth that can have a direct affect on the other Energy/Pressure Points much like the nervous system of a human body.

My Circuit Theory presented here is just one other variable that may be also part of a large scope of the equation.

The purpose of this diagram is to further investigate the 188-Day Quake Cycle Hypothesis that was first presented in 2010. This study will try to ascertain that, in the even that a mega-quake were to occur in the North American corner of the Ring of Fire, where could it possibly occur? This will be looked at by examining the relationship between the 188 Day-count Pattern based on the following Earth Circuit Theory: 1) Certain Golden Ration proportions may be related to the latitude & longitude of previous 188-Day Earthquakes -on the opposite ends of the Earth’s hemispheres. 2) There may be a relationship with the 188-Day Pattern to certain Earth Geometric Vortices & Earth Energy Points or ‘Chakras.” A possible clue, as to the geography of the next 188-Day Quake, could have come from the Mexico 7.9* quake of Mar 20, 2012. If the starting point is the Chile 8.8 Quake & the pattern  traverses in its circuit next to the Christ Church, Japan & Fiji Quakes, & now Mexico, then the next circuit will traverse through San Francisco. The anticipated Quake occurred 2 days early (186-Days), so the count appears to be shortening. The Golden Ratio Pattern now holds a direct correlation between the geography of the 188-Day Quake of Chile & the Mexico one in the western hemisphere. Thus SF’s latitude seems to be in the path of the next possible >7.0 earthquake. Perhaps in might be as it approximates the 188-Day count -which would be around Sep 25, 2012. This study is not intended to predict that SF will be next. A Quake has yet to occur solely based on the corresponding latitude of the 4-Corner 188 Day Cycle Hypothesis. Perhaps if it does not occur within this 188-Day cycle, it could at some point in time in the future. This study interjects the Vortices & Energy Grids Theory that comes from the work of Robert Coon & Becker-Hagens. This study only attempts to overlay their Planetary Energetic Grid Theory with the188-Day Quake Patterns with a hint of Sacred Geometry. By themselves, the Earth’s Energy Points (Chakras) & the Earth’s Vortices do seem to correlated to each other. THIS INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED TO PREDICT A DATE/TIME FOR AN EARTHQUAKE.

‘322’ Mar 22, 2012



March 22, 2012 (322) There will be an alignment of  several Planets to include the


Uranus is in near alignment




Natal astrology

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Natal astrology, also known as genethliacal astrology, is the system of astrology based on the concept that each individual’s personality or path in life can be determined by constructing a natal chart for the exact date, time, and location of that individual’s birth. Natal astrology can be found in the Indian or JyotishChinese and Western astrological traditions.

In Horoscopic astrology an individual’s personality is determined by the construction of the horoscope or birth chart for the particular individual involved (known as the native), showing the positions of the sun, moon, planetsascendantmidheaven, and the angles or aspects among them.

Once the horoscope has been constructed the process of interpretation can begin, which involves building a complete picture of the personality of the subject, or native. Interpretation involves three main steps: noting the important features of the chart, and the processes of chart weighting and chart shaping. Chart weighting involves noting the distribution of zodiac signs and houses in the chart, and the significance of this to the overall personality of the native. Chart shaping involves assessing the placement of the planets by aspect and position in the chart, and noting any significant patterns which occur between them.

Astrology is generally considered a pseudoscience by the scientific community and what little statistical evidence exists fails to show a correlation between natal birth charts and real world consequences.

Important features

The important features of every chart that the astrologer must give special attention to are the positions of the sun and moon by sign and house; the sign on the ascendant, and the planet that rules that sign, called the ascendant ruler or chart ruler. Also important is the first planet to occupy the first, second, or third houses after the ascendant. Called the rising planet it will be particularly strong in the chart. If no planet occupies the first three houses, then a planet in the twelfth house close to the ascendant can be taken to be the rising planet. Planets that are in conjunction to (right beside) the primary angles of ascendant, midheaven, descendant, or IC (known as angular planets) must also be especially considered.

Chart weighting

Chart weighting begins by listing the sun, moon, planets, ascendant, and midheaven by categories of sign and house and noting the significant categories which appear. For example, a large number of planets appearing in fire signs will give importance or ‘weight’ to fire sign attributes in the native’s personality.[1]

Weighting by sign

Chart weighting by sign lists the zodiac signs by three main categories – by masculine or feminine signs; by element (fire, earth, air and water) and by quality (cardinal, fixed and mutable). Some astrologers use all ten or eleven planets in the list and nothing else; while others include the ascendant and midheaven, but exclude the modern planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto on the grounds that their influence is felt by whole generations and so their position by sign cannot have much significance in the individual chart [2]

These are the planets and their astrological glyphs as most commonly used in Western Astrology.

Sign Symbol Element Quality
Aries Fire Cardinal
Taurus Earth Fixed
Gemini Air Mutable
Cancer Water Cardinal
Leo Fire Fixed
Virgo Earth Mutable
Libra Air Cardinal
Scorpio Water Fixed
Sagittarius Fire Mutable
Capricorn Earth Cardinal
Aquarius Air Fixed
Pisces Water Mutable
  • Masculine(Fire and Air signs): The masculine signs are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. A native with these signs predominating will tend towards extroversion, confidence and assertiveness, and have the ability to solve problems with courage and enterprise.
  • Feminine(Earth and Water signs): The feminine signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces. A native with these signs predominating will tend towards introversion, shyness and passivity, and have the ability to nurture, conserve and solve problems by intuitive means.
  • Fire: The fires signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. A native with mainly fire signs will be energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic, with a need to be in the center of the action making things happen. They can be egotistical, headstrong and sometimes arrogant, but also can be generous, warm-hearted, and spontaneously kind. Fire subjects are independent and prefer to have control over their own lives, but they can also be sometimes autocratic. A subject lacking fire signs will be fearful or over-cautious, pessimistic and shy, and will lack enthusiasm, confidence and faith in the future. Planets in the 1st, 5th and 9th houses and an emphasis on cardinal signs in the chart will help to compensate for this lack.
  • Earth: The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. A native with mainly earth signs will be practical and cautious, sensible and capable and will be happier with concrete things than abstract ideas. They move slowly and carry out their work in a thorough and unhurried manner. Earth subjects are shrewd and careful and need emotional and material security, and will put up with quite a lot to get it. They are generous to those they love, but are otherwise careful not to waste time or money, though there can be a tendency towards meanness. Earth subjects tend to be shy in social situations, and to be slow to commit in love relationships, but are serious when they do. A subject lacking earth signs will lack common sense and practicality and find it difficult to finish anything they start. They may be scatty, unrealistic and clumsy, hopeless with money and unreliable. Planets in the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses and an emphasis on fixed signs in the chart will help to compensate for this lack.
  • Air: The air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. A native with mainly air signs will be an excellent communicator, concerned with ideas and theories of all kinds. They are looking for answers to life’s questions and make good teachers and writers. Air people are more tense than they appear at first sight and may live on their nerves. They have many friends and acquaintances but may not be particularly interested in family life. They are interested in the latest technologies and are able to do a number of things at once. Air subjects are also very imaginative and quick-witted, but may be sarcastic and rude. A subject lacking air signs will have little imagination and lightness of touch. They have an over-emphasis on practicalities and can lack a sense of humour, and be boring company. They can find it difficult to communicate or to assimilate and explain new ideas. Planets in the 3rd, 7th and 11th houses, and an emphasis on mutable signs in the chart will help to compensate for this lack.
  • Water: The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. A native with mainly water signs will be very emotional and find it hard to look at anything dispassionately. They tend to respond slowly to questions and need time to grasp a new concept. Water subjects can find it difficult to explain their feelings, and so can be difficult to live with, but they are also kind and sympathetic to those they love. They need to give and receive a lot of affection and will direct it towards family, close friends and animals. A subject lacking water may lack intuition and be unable to see the needs of others. They may be too full of ideas or too fond of the material world to consider their own spiritual needs or those of other people. Planets in the 4th, 8th and 12th houses in the chart will help to compensate for this lack.
  • Cardinal: The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. A native with mainly cardinal signs will not want to be held under anybody’s thumb, and will need to take charge of their own world. Their attention may be concerned with themselves or others, but wherever their energies are directed it is difficult to deflect them from their chosen course. Cardinal signs in a chart will add courage, initiative and self-motivation. Cardinal subjects are hard to influence because they generally believe they know best. A subject lacking cardinal signs may feel they are never in control of their own lives, but are manipulated by people and circumstances beyond their control. They may lack courage and initiative and may prefer others to make decisions for them. Planets in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses, and an emphasis on fire and air signs in the chart will help to compensate for this lack.
  • Fixed: The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. A native with mainly fixed signs has the strength and endurance to see things through and to uphold the status quo. They need stable homes, careers and partnerships and prefer the known to uncertainty. Fixed subjects are loyal and dependable but can be very obstinate. A subject lacking fixed signs cannot stick with anything or see anything through, and will tend to walk away from problems. They may be too easily bored or too busy chasing rainbows ever to make anything substantial happen. Planets in the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses, or an emphasis on earth in the chart will help to compensate for this lack.
  • MutableThe mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. A native with mainly mutable signs are adaptable, co-operative and friendly. They can fit into almost any situation, put up with anything and turn any situation to their advantage. Mutable people can steer projects through periods of transition and bring them to a successful conclusion. Although gentle and likeable, mutable subjects seem to have more than their fair share of problems and can be selfish and ruthless when they feel threatened. These subjects may devote their lives to helping others, but they can often paradoxically be surprisingly selfish at the same time. Subjects lacking mutable signs may be unable to adapt to any kind of change and be particularly unhappy when faced with uncertainty. They need lots of notice before they will commit themselves to anything, and lack flexibility and adaptability. They may also hold onto rigid and unchanging views. Planets in the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses will help to compensate for this lack, and water signs in the chart will make up for the lack of intuition.

Chart signature

Some astrologers summarise the process of weighting by sign through creating what is called the chart signature.[3] This involves noting which element and quality has the most signs and then combining them into a zodiac sign which is taken to be the signature sign of the chart. So for example, if a person has more fire signs than any other element, and more fixed signs than any other quality, then that person’s signature is Leo (the sign which is both fire and fixed).

In some cases there is no clear majority in either element or quality to give a clear signature. In these cases the ruling planet of the sun is noted for its position in the chart (alternatively, the ascendant can be added at this stage if it has not already been included). Whatever sign the ruling planet occupies is then added to the totals for element and quality. So for example, if the Sun is in Taurus, its ruling planet Venus is noted for its position by sign. If Venus is in, say, Pisces, then an additional ‘casting vote’ is given to the element water and quality mutable. This is usually enough to provide a signature. A ‘casting vote’ is given in this way on account of the extra importance of the Sun in the natal chart. The signature sign is regarded by those astrologers who use it as frequently having an over-riding influence in the natal chart, irrespective of what sign the sun or ascendant occupies.

Weighting by house

  • Angular houses: These are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. Planets in these houses exert a strong influence on the subject, and may compensate for a lack of cardinal signs, and strength, courage and enthusiasm elsewhere in the chart.
  • Succedent houses: These are the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses. These houses are concerned with possessions and creative pursuits, either by those of the subject alone, or with others. Planets in these houses may help to compensate for a lack of fixed signs in the chart.
  • Cadent houses: These are the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses. Planets in these houses have a lot to do with the subject developing their own unique talents and aptitudes; and may compensate for a lack of mutable signs, and general adaptability in the chart.

Chart shaping

The ascendant in this sample chart is marked Asc and is in the traditional nine o’clock position of the horoscope

Chart shaping involves examining the placement of the planets in the chart by the aspects they form and by their positioning in the chart relative to one another. Any significant patterns or ‘shapes’ which occur in the chart are then interpreted for their importance to the personality of the native.

Aspect patterns

While the astrologer must note every aspect formed by the planets, aspects can be grouped together into larger patterns which must be given particular attention in the chart. The main aspect patterns are as follows:[4]

  • Stellium: At least three planets linked together in a series of continuous conjunctions. The planets will act as if they are all in conjunction with each other, even if not all of them actually are. This pattern gives a huge emphasis to the sign occupied by the planets, regardless of the sun sign.
  • Grand trine: Three trine aspects together. Indicative of a person at ease with him or herself, with strong inner harmony, talents and abilities. However it may make a person unable to cope with any real adversity, and may produce a weak, apathetic and condescending character.
  • Grand cross: Two pairs of opposing planets squared to each other. Often proves to be a “make or break” pattern; either the person develops unusual strength of character, or feels crushed by life. Person will have “a cross to bear”.
  • T-Square: Two planets in opposition squared to a third. The tension typical of the opposition aspect is aggravated by additional problems introduced by the third planet. Often an obstructive feature blocking the normal flow of behaviour of the person. Person needs to develop activities represented by the “missing” arm of the T-square to achieve wholeness.
  • Yod: Two quincunxes together joined by a sextile. It indicates restlessness and instability. The person gets drawn into the lives of others in ways that are difficult to avoid, with periodic crises and urgent calls for assistance.


The houses are grouped into four main categories or hemispheres.[5] Horoscopes appear ‘upside down’ in relation to how the compass points usually appear, with the ascendant marking the eastern horizon traditionally appearing on the left hand side. For this reason the southern hemisphere appears in the upper part of the horoscope.

  • Upper (southern) hemisphereThe 7th, 8th, 9th 10th, 11th and 12th houses. A subject with most of his or her planets in this hemisphere will not be too deeply affected by the actions of other people. He or she will be able to distance themselves from those around them and from public events and movements, focusing firmly on their own needs and feelings, or the general cause of humanity that is important to them. If the planets are grouped in the 8th, 9th or 12th houses, the subject will have strong spiritual needs and values. Planets grouped in the 10th house will make the subject ambitious and politically astute; while if they are in the 11th house he or she will be interested in humanitarian causes and education.
  • Lower (northern) hemisphereThe 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th houses. A subject with most of his or her planets in this part of the chart will be sensitive to the moods and feelings of others, and may suffer a good deal as a result. The person may try to live though their family rather than for themselves, and may be too subjective in their thinking. They may also choose to do most of their thinking and working at home.
  • Eastern hemisphereThe 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd houses. A subject who has most of his or her planets in this hemisphere will be a self-starter who chooses their own path through life and sets their own boundaries. They are not happy being a burden to other people, or being kept by someone else. They also have the burden themselves of being an initiator at work and in their personal life, as little is likely to be done for them by others. When the planets are in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses, the subject is likely to be very self-absorbed and convinced that his or her own opinions are the only ones that matter.
  • Western hemisphereThe 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th houses. A subject with most of these planets in this hemisphere will need to be very diplomatic in order to keep those around him on their side. They may be looked after in some way by others, or else spend their lives supporting and motivating others. When the majority of planets are in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses he or she will use their energy to fulfil the needs to others. The subject may bring about a situation of being needed by bringing a number of children into the world to love and care for.

Jones patterns

The American astrologer Marc Edmund Jones has listed seven significant patterns which also occur in the chart, based on the positions of the planets relative to one another.[6]

  • Bundle: In this pattern the planets are grouped together so that they form a ‘bundle’ within the space of 120 degrees, or the equivalent of four signs of the zodiac. This intense concentration of planets produces a person who is equally intense and unrelenting in pursuit of personal interests. Perspective and understanding of others is limited, and it is difficult for this person to share their lives with anyone. The best course of life for such a person is to enter into enterprises that require deep concentration, persistence and commitment, or to specialise in one area of expertise.
  • Bowl: In this pattern the planets are grouped into a ‘bowl’ of one hemisphere of 180 degrees, or the equivalent of six zodiac signs. The pattern will have particular force if all the planets are contained within one hemisphere. A person with this pattern will be self-contained, and go in search of enterprises that are meaningful, fulfilling and personally relevant. They tend to have a ministerial quality that seeks the right kind of career or vocation that will produce the greatest benefit for themselves and others.
  • Bucket: This pattern is similar to the bowl except that one of the planets is in the opposite hemisphere to all the others. This lone planet, or Singleton, serves as a handle, thus creating a ‘bucket’ form. In the bucket pattern is indicated a desire to become associated with activity in the mainstream of society, so that the person feels they belong. However, what this often means is that the person expects the world to discover their own unique talents, rather than them trying to fit in. They will usually direct their efforts to a single purpose, and strive to achieve objectives rather than act solely for their own self-preservation. The person will probably behave according to the nature of the Singleton planet that forms the handle of the pattern. This planet will exercise a greater influence than normal in the chart, and will be an important part of the dynamic of the person’s activities and basic energy.
  • Seesaw: In this pattern the planets form two groups on opposite sides of the chart, the groups no less than sixty degrees or two signs apart. As its name suggests, this produces a person who behaves like a ‘seesaw’, with their life following a pattern of two distinctly contrasting alternatives. The person can find it difficult to integrate these two sharply different parts of their life, which are often in competition with each other. However, success produces the increased sophistication and polished, knowing demeanor of a person who is able to deal with most of life’s situations.
  • Locomotive: This pattern is produced when all the planets are contained within 240 degrees or nine signs of the zodiac, so that a whole 120 degrees is completely unoccupied. The planet that rises clockwise following the empty space will significantly influence the life of the person with this pattern, no matter what is indicated by the sun sign. It will act as the ‘locomotive’ of the natal chart, driving the individual to achieve goals through determined and unrelenting effort, with an exceptional drive and fund of energy at their disposal. Such a person will often be a loner, waiting for the public to discover the truth of what they have been saying all along.
  • Splay: This type of natal chart is noteworthy because of the presence of at least two, but usually three pairs (or conjunctions) of planets randomly distributed in a ‘splay’ shape around the chart. A person with this pattern will have enormous talent and potential that needs deliberate attention to be developed into worthwhile skills. The person will be an individualist, with no desire for a regimented or highly organized way of life, and they will seek to avoid becoming trapped in routine. However, there is often the difficulty that there is a lack of relevance between the different skill sets, so that the person may not derive the full benefit from them. Such a person needs to concentrate on ‘getting their act together’.
  • Splash: As its name suggests this pattern, or rather lack of pattern, occurs when the planets are randomly distributed around the chart in a ‘splash’. A person with this pattern will have diversification as their number one asset, with a universal and enriching mental outlook on life. The person will be eager to share their life and resources as universally as possible, wherever the need is greatest. However, as with the splay pattern, there is a danger of the person scattering their energy unproductively.

Scientific Appraisal

Carlson’s experiment

Shawn Carlson, the physicist behind a double-blind procedure to test astrology agreed to by panels of astrologers and physicists. The experiment led to the conclusion that natal astrologers performs no better than chance.

The Shawn Carlson’s double-blind chart matching tests, in which 28 astrologers agreed to match over 100 natal charts to psychological profiles generated by the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) test, is one of the most renowned tests of astrology.[7][8] The experimental protocol used in Carlson’s study was agreed to by a group of physicists and astrologers prior to the experiment.[9] Astrologers, nominated by the National Council for Geocosmic Research, acted as the astrological advisors, and helped to ensure, and agreed, that the test was fair.[8]:117[10] :420 They also chose 26 of the 28 astrologers for the tests, the other 2 being interested astrologers who volunteered afterwards.[10]:420 The astrologers came from Europe and the United States.[8]:117 The astrologers helped to draw up the central proposition of natal astrology to be tested.[10]:419 Published in Nature in 1985, the study found that predictions based on natal astrology were no better than chance, and that the testing “clearly refutes the astrological hypothesis”.[10]

Dean and Kelly

The scientist and former astrologer, Geoffrey Dean and psychologist Ivan Kelly[11] conducted a large scale scientific test, involving more than one hundred cognitivebehaviouralphysical and other variables, but found no support for astrology.[12] Furthermore, a meta-analysis was conducted pooling 40 studies consisting of 700 astrologers and over 1,000 birth charts. Ten of the tests, which had a total of 300 participating, involved the astrologers picking the correct chart interpretation out of a number of others which were not the astrologically correct chart interpretation (usually 3 to 5 others). When the date and other obvious clues were removed no significant results were found to suggest there was any preferred chart.[12]:190 A further test involved 45 confident[a] astrologers, with an average of 10 years experience and 160 test subjects (out of an original sample size of 1198 test subjects) who strongly favoured certain characteristics in the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire to extremes.[12]:191 The astrologers performed much worse than merely basing decisions off the individuals age, and much worse than 45 control subjects who did not use birth charts at all.[b][12]:191

Mars effect

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The initial Mars effect finding, showing the relative frequency of the diurnal positionof Mars in the birth charts (N = 570) of “eminent athletes” (red solid line) compared to the expected results [after Michel Gauquelin 1955][13]

In 1955, astrologer,[14] and psychologist Michel Gauquelin stated that although he had failed to find evidence to support such indicators as the zodiacal signs and planetary aspects in astrology, he had found positive correlations between the diurnal positions of some of the planets and success in professions (such as doctors, scientists, athletes, actors, writers, painters, etc.) which astrology traditionally associates with those planets.[13] The best-known of Gauquelin’s findings is based on the positions of Mars in the natal charts of successful athletes and became known as the “Mars effect“.[15]:213 A study conducted by seven French scientists attempted to replicate the claim, but found no statistical evidence.[15]:213–214 They attributed the effect to selective bias on Gauquelin’s part, accusing him of attempting to persuade them to add or delete names from their study.[16]

Geoffrey Dean has suggested that the effect may be caused by self-reporting of birth dates by parents rather than any issue with the study by Gauquelin. The suggestion is that a small subset of the parents may have had changed birth times to be consistent with better astrological charts for a related profession. The sample group was taken from a time where belief in astrology was more common. Gauquelin had failed to find the Mars effect in more recent populations, where a nurse or doctor recorded the birth information. The number of births under astrologically undesirable conditions was also lower, indicating more evidence that parents choose dates and times to suit their beliefs.[8]:116